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New Testament Lesson #74

Jesus had been invited to a meal by a Pharisee. POINTS TO CONSIDER:

Jesus was not condemning associating
Other Pharisees were also present. They had been with friends but warned of ignoring those
watching Jesus to find fault in him, but he had also in need.
been watching them. They were choosing for them- In many places, the Bible speaks of caring
selves the most honored places at the table. for people in need. Examples: Matthew 25:40;
Jesus told them that when invited to a banquet, Proverbs 19:17; Isaiah 58:6-7.
they should not seat themselves in places of honor in
A Story About Humility
case someone more important came. Then, the host
I. A Pharisee invited Jesus to a meal.
might ask the first person to move to a less prominent A. Other Pharisees were also present.
seat and give the more prominent individual his seat. B. The Pharisees seated themselves in the
Better, Jesus said, to first take the lowest seat, so that most honored places at the table.
the host would come and say, Friend, move up high- II. Jesus commented on the seating
er. The guest moving up would then be honored before arrangements.
A. He said the guests should not take the best
the other guests. seats for themselves.
Jesus summarized: All who exalt themselves will B. The guest should first take a lower seat so
be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be the host could invite him to take a better
exalted. seat, rather than choose the best seat and
Jesus further advised that they should not invite be asked to move to a lesser seat.
their friends, families or rich neighbors to their ban- C. Jesus said that people who think theyre
the best will be humbled.
quets because these people could invite them in return, D. He said that the opposite is also true.
and they would be repaid. He told them to invite the III. Jesus gave additional advice about banquets.
poor and the disabled instead. These people would be A. The Pharisees should not invite their
unable to repay their host, and the host would be friends, families or rich neighbors.
blessed by being repaid by God at the resurrection of B. These guests can repay the host.
C. The Pharisees should invite the poor and
the righteous. handicapped.
D. They cannot repay the host, but God
would bless the host at the resurrection.


1. poor
2. handicapped
3. blessed
4. repay
5. righteous

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