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Deleting the existing navigation partition (optionalunless the install fails due tolack of space) Switch on your MMI —don't switch theignition on, justpress the volume knob to wake itup. Wait a minute or 2 for itto baot fully. Make sure Radio or another non-settings menu are selected, Press and hold [Car] and [Setup] for several secondsuntil the green menu popsup. If thescreen changesas soonas you press the buttons to the caror setup screen youhaven't quite got the button pressing coordinated enaugh, so press [Radio] and try again. Oncein the green menu youwillseethis screen Scroll down to‘nav' and press the click wheel nto select. Select clatabaseupdate’ and click Select’ Delete Nav HDD partition’ and click |__| Screen willthen change to ‘stopping application’ Then ‘please reboot to read new initialized partition’ and ‘afterwards install navigation database’