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Design and Implementation of Mobile Health

Consultation between Doctors and Diabetes

David P Irsan Jaya Simarmata Suhono Harso Supangkat
Student in School of Electric and Information Lecture in School of Electric and Information
Technology Technology
Bandung Institute of Technology Bandung Institute of Technology
Bandung, Indonesia Bandung, Indonesia
dav3_br4k3@yahoo.com suhono@stei.itb.ac.id

Abstract In general, consultation among doctor and Insight Mark Plus mentioned that currently there are
patient is done by the patient went to the doctor in real 29 million mobile Internet users in Indonesia [1].
situation. Therefore, patients must provide time and Advancement of mobile Internet penetration can
cost to consult with a physician. Nowadays, everybody be used in the world of health, including the
can communicate with one another by use smart phone
relationship among doctor and patient. Doctor-patient
through internet connection. Particularly in Indonesia,
nearly 54 % people use the internet and mostly of them relationship is a very close relationship, cannot be
use the internet by phone or smart phone. Because this separated, where both these actors need one another.
phenomena, this research has purposed to designed Communication among doctor and patient can have a
consultation system among doctor and patient by using positive impact for both parties if the communication
smart phone through internet connection. The is done in continuity.
consultation can be done in anytime, anywhere since we However, in Indonesia, some doctors felt they had
connect with internet connection. In this research, we no enough time to talk with patients, so just ask if
choose the specific patient. We pick diabetes patient that necessary. As a result, doctors may not have
because in Indonesia, the number of diabetes patients
enough information to make a diagnosis and
has the fourth highest ranking in the world according
from WHO database. determine the further planning and action. Patient
point of view, most patients feel in a position lowers
Keywords Mobile Internet; Consultation; Smart phone;
in the presence of a doctor (superior - inferior), so the
Diabetes fear of asking questions and telling stories or just
answer the questions according to the doctor [3].

I. INTRODUCTION B. Research Objective

A. Background The objective of this research is to produce a
design application that can help diabetic patients to
Currently the Internet is now accessible using a consult with a doctor by using mobile and can be
mobile smart phone. According to research done anytime and anywhere. So, it gives a time
conducted by Insight MarkPlus of 2161, mentioned efficiency, distance efficiency and cost efficiency for
that the number of internet users in Indonesia in 2011 both parties.
has reached 55 million people, showed an increase in
2010 which reaches 42 million. Mark Plus Insight
Research shows that average Internet users in II. BASIC THEORY
Indonesia access by using the smart phone and A. Knowledge of the relationship between doctor
notebook. Mobile Internet penetration in Indonesia is
at 57 percent. In terms of population data from and patient.
Doctor and patient relationship is a relationship One hour after the meal, sugar in the blood will reach
that is closely related to each other. On the relation of the highest levels, normally not to exceed 180 mg per
doctor and patient will be a process of information 100 cc of blood (= 180 mg / dl). A level of 180 mg /
exchange, where the patient will notifies the dl is called the renal threshold. Kidney is the place
complaint, the state of illness, what is perceived to where urine made, may only hold the sugar when
doctors, and doctors will give the reasons that cause levels are only up to that number. The kidneys cannot
disease, and ways to cure this disease. This process is retain the sugar if higher than the threshold value of
called a consultation. Consultation will occurs when the kidney and the excess sugar will come out with
the patient understands any changes or abnormal state urine. It's called diabetes.
of health; as a result patients will find information
and help to get treatment for his health [2]. Doctor
C. Mobile Web
and patient consultation process can be described
from the plot as follows: Mobile Web as an application that used to gain
access the internet service through web browser that
connects to the internet connection or also can be said
as the access to the internet using browser-based
mobile devices, like smart phones or tablet computer
which is connected through the network without
wires. Some examples of the many mobile browsers
currently available:
1) Existing browsers on mobile devices.
For example: Android Browser, BlackBerry Browser,
Firefox for Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, Opera
Mobile, Safari, and others - others.
2) The previous browser must be installed first.
For example: Bolt Browser, Firefox for Mobile,
Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Skyfire, and others -


Fig. 1 Consultation Process Flow[5] Designing application architecture refers to the
three-tier architecture model of client / server. This
architecture is structured into three main parts, the
B. Diabetes
client, application server and database server. The
architecture is designed to be viewed in the following
Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood
sugar levels. This happens because the body's
"shortcomings" of the hormone insulin, a substance
produced by the pancreas gland. High blood sugar
can always occur because of three things:
1) Can be caused by diseased pancreas cannot
produce insulin.
2) Insulin may also be due to the experiencing
barriers to employment
3) Or the worst case where the pancreas cannot
produce insulin at all.
Target or primary purpose of treatment of diabetes
1) Maintain health by controlling blood sugar.
2) Prevent and delay the occurrence of diabetic
In the blood sugar levels are always fluctuating
depending on the amount of food consumption.
Highest sugar content reached one hour after meals. Fig. 2 Architecture System EDC
A Application Requirement

The Requirement of this application will be

explained with 4 categorized such as :

1. Diabetes Patient
The parameters that need to be analyzed by
the doctor with this application is:
- Glucose
Diabetic patients should alert with blood sugar
changes. The content of sugar in the blood has
to be always in check. Patient conditions will Fig. 5 Add Activity
get worse if the levels of sugar in the blood - Weight
high. The amount of sugar in the blood should Weights also have an influence on the stability
not exceed 180 mg / dl. Patient can add of blood sugar. Many diabetics are
glucose with specific time with this overweight. Patient can add weight.

Fig. 6 Add Weight

2. Doctor
Fig. 3 Add Glucose User Interface for doctor will be like this :
- Blood Pressure
Condition of Blood pressure wills effects to
the patient. When blood pressure and blood
sugar gets high at the same time, this is make
diabetic patient will easily to get complication
with another disease. Patient can add blood






Fig. 4 Add Blood Pressure 0%

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun

- Activity
Diabetic patient will do activity for keep
maintaining the weight. Patient can add
Fig. 7 User Interface for Doctor
The doctor will have PIN that only known by
him. So if patient want to be add the doctor, they
need the PIN that doctors has gave. They input that
PIN, and doctor will confirms that request.

3. Admin
Admin have the capability to update the
application and add the doctor. So this application
will be need cooperation among patient and doctor.

4. Others
The other feature of this applications are chart,
overview, setting, profile and diabetes FAQ.

In this paper we have described a system
consultation architecture that we designed in order
make consultation more flexible. The feature of the
application has been represented with the need of
diabetes patient if they consult to a doctor in real life.
We are planning to carry out experiments using by
implementation of the application. We are test the
application and find the opinion about this
application. Last but not means last, in the future, this
application not only for diabetic patient, but with the
same architecture will be build for other disease, such
as, heart attack, stroke and the others disease.


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