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Onsite Technical Lead for CRM - Scottish Power

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Shariful has more than ten years of experience in SAP development including business analysis, solution
design, product testing, implementation and support of application software. He has deep expertise in in
SAP CRM 7 including WebUI design and enhancement, GenIL Programming, BOL Programming, WebUI
Customization and Navigation, Transaction Launcher, BSP, WebDynpro, SAP BRF plus, SAP Workflows.

He has extensive experience of implementing SAP CRM Service Module including integration with ISU
(Billing, Meter Reading and FI-CA) by Middleware and MDT (Master Data Template). Shariful was the main
solution architect for design of Customer Service Management, Contract Management including CRM Product
Enhancement and Campaign Management in multiple customer engagements. He architected the solution for
Product proposal, Quotation Management and Contract Management for Scottish Power. He played a crucial
role as Business Analyst that includes gathering business requirements, mapping into SAP and designing
the technical solution. He designed and delivered the solution compatible with UK regulatory laws as Price
Protection, Ofgem etc.

Shariful worked in integration of SAP with digital media which was a big win for IBM. He did the design and
coding to build up the integration of social media in SAP WebUI, so that call centre agent would have 360
degree view of the interaction in WebUI. As this part was delivered in agile mode, he built up a close relation
with Client to understand the business requirement and deliver the module very effectively.

Shariful's experience spans key industries as Energy & Utilities, Medical Instrumentation and IS Media. He
has got deep knowledge in Sales and Distribution, FI-CO, Asset Management, cProject, cFolder and ISU as

Shariful played a key role in system stabilization in terms of measuring system performance. He did the coding
which are performance effective, modularized and scalable. Shariful proposes solution to client and implement
which has performance benefit to run the business by optimizing dialog module, background module and
parallel threading. He is the key contact point to client to optimize long running batch job and tune it accordingly
for business benefit.

Shariful is inclined on new age technology as SAP HANA, SAP FIORI, SAP UI5. He has an expert knowledge
of HANA views (Attribute Views, Analytic Views and Calculative Views), CDS programming, AMDP (ABAP
Managed Database Procedure), ADBC (ABAP Database Connectivity) for OPEN SQL. He has got a fair extent
of knowledge in SAP UI5 including Boot Strap, MVC and SAP FIORI to develop Transactional Apps, Factsheet
Apps and Analytic Apps with integration with SAP HANA Database. Shariful has deep technical knowledge in
OData service and integration with SAP FIORI.
Willing to relocate to: Sydney NSW - New South Wales


Onsite Technical Lead for CRM

Scottish Power - August 2011 to Present
Environment: SAP CRM2007 with ISU integration
Description: Scottish Power is the UK Based utility project of IBM. Scottish Power is
Energy supply company with its head quarter in Glasgow In 2006 it
became a subsidiary of the Spanish utility company 'Iberdrola'. 'Scottish
Power is implementing SAP in areas -

Solution Architect and Business Analyst

IBM India Pvt. Ltd - January 2005 to Present
Joined IBM as senior developer. Gradually I was promoted to Technical Team Lead and then to Project Lead,
Solution Architect and Business Analyst.
Worked from onsite (USA and UK) as onsite co-ordinator.

Business Partner
Contract Management - BADI, MADHYA PRADESH, IN - 2007 to 2007
CRM 2007 and integration with Digital Social Media-
For CRM 2007 worked on WebClient UI 7.0 including enhancement of component, BOL Programming, Process
Framework, transaction launcher, Action Profile, ERMS setting etc. Most of the CRM experience is in ISU
sector. Have wide spread knowledge in Business Partner, Product maintenance, Contract Management. Have
deep technical knowledge in WebUI including customization of Business role, Navigation Bar configuration
and ABAP enhancement of BOL, GeniL and BSP Component.
Worked on integration of Social Media, e.g, Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn with CRM WebUI. Built up service
from SAP to be consumed by Social Interaction and create interaction record in SAP to track all interaction
details with customer over social media

ABAP OOPs using global classes and local classes, event handling, GUI control
(ALV Grid Control, Tree Control, Text Edit Control).
Report writing, Module Pool, Smartforms, SAP Script, BAPI, BADI, BDC.

BSP & Web-Dynpro-

BSP with page with flow logic and MVC application including navigation to pages.
Web-Dynpro for creating the controller class, views, binding data with the context controller, user interaction,
navigation to next page, event handling with inbound and outbound plugs.

Configuration of ALE/EDI. Creating Basic Idoc type, extension of Idoc, segment, message type. Configuring
partner profile. Triggering Idoc from change pointer and message control. Processing inbound Idoc using
process code.

Triggering workflow from event or calling function module. Executing task based on BOR method or class

Assignment History

Meter Management - 2007 to 2007

Meter Reading, ISU Billing, FI-CA


Technical Lead for implementation of CRM

Meter Management - 2007 to 2007
Working as Onsite Technical Development co-ordinator for CRM design of Customer Service, Contract
Operation, Sales and Marketing.
Worked on integration of Digital Social Media with SAP CRM. Developed service to create interaction record
capturing details of interaction like social media type, description of interaction, URL of the social interaction
etc. These interactions are displayed in customer Account Fact Sheet in chronological order, so that call center
agent can have 360 degree view of customer correspondence. The URL of the social interaction is disaplayed
in CRM WebUI through iFrame in Work Centre.
It comprises Enhancement of Customer identification, Technical Object Enhancement (Connection Object and
PoD Enhancement), Payment Process Enhancement, Product proposal, Quotation and Contract Management
( With Product and Package) etc. The Enhancement comprises the scenarios like COS (Change of Suppliers)
gain, COS Loss, Home Move.

Client: Thames Water (UK)

Duration/Size: 01-Mar-2011 - 19-Aug-2012
35 member team
Role: Technical Lead for CRM
Environment: SAP R/3 ECC with ABAP/4 Programming Language
Description: Thames Water is the UK Based utility project of IBM. TW
supplies water for house hold use as well as commercial use in UK.


Technical Lead for implementation of CRM

CRM WebUI - 2007 to 2007
My work constituted of providing the technical solution for CRM functionalities. Some of the examples are to
build up new components for Service Notification, Service Order in CRM WebUI without calling the transaction
launcher, implement different Actions to be triggered in CRM, BOL Programming to update the transaction via
transaction context, provide technical guidance for ERMS setting and Alert Context setting etc.

Client: NPower (UK)

Duration/Size: 01-Feb-2011 - 01-Mar-2011
50 member team
Role: Technical advisor for CRM
Environment: SAP R/3 ECC with ABAP/4 Programming Language
Description: NPower is the UK Based utility project of IBM. NPower
supplies gas and electricity for house hold use as well as commercial use in UK.


Technical advisor for CRM

CRM WebUI - 2007 to 2007
My work constituted of filling the gap between the technical feasibility and functional requirements in NPower
project so that in integration testing there should not be any major gap.

Client: Severn Trent Water (UK)

Duration/Size: 15th July, 2009 - 31-Jan-2011
25 member team
Role: Technical Lead from Onsite (UK, Birmingham)
Environment: SAP R/3 ECC with ABAP/4 Programming Language
Description: Severn Trent Water is the UK Based utility project of IBM. STW
supplies water for house hold use as well as commercial use in UK.

Technical Lead for cFolder implementation from onsite - My job comprised of enhancing the BSP application
for cFolder, designing new screen layout for Place Holders, enhancing the notification functionality based
on roles of receiver and issuer of the notification, conversion program to upload document in cFolder from
Business Collaboration (Legacy System).

Technical Lead for technical solution for PS modules from onsite - My responsibility comprised of
the enhancement of Project and WBS element screen in CJ20N transaction, design Custom Cost Plan
(Functionality of CJ40 and CJ46) as per business requirement, triggering workflow on change status of the
WBS, designing different interface with different vendors

Technical Lead for implementation of CRM

UI and SURVEY - 2007 to 2007
My work constituted of Enhancement of component e.g. ICCMP_BT_INR, ICCMP_BP_SEARCH,
ICCMP_SURVEY etc, incorporating the drop down in some field in the view using V-getter and P-getter
method, appending new field in the search object and modify result list, BOL programming to get the entity of
objects(Root Objects, Access Objects, Dependent Objects), Questionnaire application to be displayed on the
UI and SURVEY_SUBMIT method to populate the Question Answer in the text, Alert Modeler to populate alert
in the context area, populate the context area for Account related information

Achievements: Received huge client appreciation.

Client has requested IBM program manager to extend my stay in onsite for the support part of the ASM module.

Technical Lead from Onsite (USA, Minneapolis)

Medtronic - May 2006 to 2007
for 8 months
Technical Lead from offshore for delivery of objects
Environment: SAP R/3 ECC with ABAP/4 Programming Language
Description: Medtronic is the world's leading medical technology company, providing lifelong solutions
for people with chronic diseases. This implementation is one of the major SAP implementations in IGSI
and is aimed at developing common processes and data definitions for consolidating the existing15 JD
Edwards implementations into a Single Global Instance of SAP. This implementation was for USA, Europe
(Netherlands), Japan, China.
Technical Lead for ABAP delivery - Analyzing the functional requirement, designing the optimized technical
solution, guiding the team members in coding and developing the solution, Quality review of code and delivering
for functional testing after technical unit testing.

Technical Lead for designing and developing client specific module (LOANER) - Loaner is the unique
module specific to medical instrumentation Company. Functionality wise it comprises Kit Built (Handling Unit),
Replenishment, Audit and QA and billing. This is an Object Oriented module pool development with SD module
as back end. I was leading a team of 5 developers to design and develop the whole scenarios.

Technical Lead for implementation of CRM 2005 - Medtronic implemented SAP CRM 2005 to handle post
sales complaint. They regarded the implementation as GCH (Global Complaint Handling). I have worked
as project lead for this implementation. My responsibility was to design the technical solutions in PCUI,
implementing required BADIs and conversion of legacy data into SAP CRM.

Quality Reviewer of code - Medtronic Project had a resource pool to review the quality of deliverables. I
was part of the team, I used to review the codes for performance tuning and provide the solution for best

Apart from those deliverables, I provided training on different ABAP modules in organization level.

Achievements: Received client appreciation.

Rewarded as Top Rater as trainer
Received 'Bravo Award' from IBM for my delivery excellence.

Client: IBM
Duration/Size: 10th January 2005 - 31st May
Role: Application Programmer.
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7
Description: IGA (IBM Global Account) supports IBM products and internal
applications and is the flagship project of IGSI. The Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) is IBM's most mature
transformation initiative and continues to break new ground in building the world's first and the most advanced
and cost-effective on demand supply chain to enable IBM to gain market share, grow revenue and profit,
improve cash flow, and enhance customer satisfaction. The entire program spans over multiple service lines
and involves a multitude of technology platforms. The PCD Transformation Project entails the systems, tools
and methodologies to improve IBM's Personal Computer Division's supply chain:

To design the End to End Business Flow.
Provide IT Post Production Support


Project Name: SD Customization and System Implementation

Systems Analyst
ABP Pvt. Ltd - December 2005 to May 2006
Environment: SAP R/3
In ABP Pvt. Ltd. Business is run in SAP. When two new Business Areas were opened, the total configuration
for these two Business Areas were customized. It involves creation of new Business Areas, New material, new
Sales Group, new Pricing Condition, new

Account Assignment group etc.

Development and Testing
Worked on various sections of ABAP (Executable Report, Module Pool etc)
Worked on batch data upload using BDC, FTP technique
Worked on SAP Script, Smart Forms

Date: January 2, 2017


Software Engineer
ABP Pvt. Ltd - December 2002 to January 2005
1) Worked as System Executive
2) Involved in SAP SD implementation for ABP Pvt. Ltd.
3) Developed many critical objects for the business requirements.

Key Skills:
Skill sets in SAP:


Have good knowledge in SAP HANA S4 including in-memory database structure, creation of view through
CDS or HANA studio, Database Procedure and AMDP (ABAP Managed Database Procedure), SQL Script,
ADBC method (ABAP Database Connectivity)


Have fair knowledge on SAP UI5 including UI5 library, Bootstrap, MVC in UI5, integration of Java Script and
JSON model in UI5. Have fair knowledge in SAP FIORI Transactional Apps, Fact sheet Apps and Analytical
Apps, OData Service, SAP IDE


Bachelor of Technology in Instrumentation

University College of Science & Technology (University of Calcutta) - Kolkata, West Bengal