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KVS (PGT-Computer Science) MOCK TEST - 06

Time Allowed: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 200

ijh{kkfFkZ;ksa ds fy, funsZk INSTRUCTIONS FOR CANDIDATES

1. OMR mkj i= bl ijh{kk ds vUnj j[kk gSA tc vkidks ijh{kk iqfLrdk 1. The OMR Answer Sheet is inside this Test Booklet. When
[kksyus dks dgk tk,] rks mkj i= fudky dj i`"B&1 ,oa i`"B&2 ij /;ku you are directed to open the Test Booklet, take out the
ls dsoy uhys ckWy isu ls fooj.k HkjsaA Answer Sheet and fill in the particulars on Side-1 and
Side-2 carefully with blue ball point pen only.
2. ijh{kk dh vof/k 3 ?kaVs gS ,oa ijh{kk esa 200 izu gSA dksbZ _.kkRed vadu 2. The test is of 3 hours duration and consists of 200
ugha gSA questions. There is no negative marking

3. bl i`"B ij fooj.k vafdr djus ,oa mkj i= ij fukku yxkus ds fy, 3. Use Blue Ball Point Pen only for writing particulars on
dsoy uhys ckWy ikWbaV isu dk iz;ksx djsaA this page/marking responses in the Answer Sheet.

4. ,l iqfLrdk dk ladsr gS A. ;g lqfufpr dj ysa dh bl iqfLrdk dk ladsr] 4. The OCDE for this Booklet is A, Make sure that the CODE
mkj i= ds i`"B-2 ij Nis ladsr ls feyrk gSA ;g Hkh lqfufpr dj ysa dh printed on Side-2 of the answer sheet is the same as that
ijh{kk la[;k vkSj mkj i= la[;k feyrs gSA vxj ;g fHkUu gksa rks ijh{kkFkhZ on this booklet. Also ensure that you test booklet no. and
nwljh izu iqfLrdk vkSj mkj i= ysus ds fy, fujh{kd dks rqajr voxr answer sheet no. are the same. In case of discrepancy, the
djk,aA candidate should immediately report the matter to the
invigilator for replacement of both the test booklet and
the answer sheet.
5. bl iqfLrdk esa nks Hkkx Hkkx&1) vkSj Hkkx-2) gSa] ftuesa 200 oLrqfu"B 5. This test booklet has two parts (Section-1 & Section -2),
izu gSa] tks izR;sd 1 vad dk gS% consisting of 200 objective type questions, each carrying
1 mark:
Hkkx-1 Part 1

vaxszth iz- 1 ls iz- 20 English (Q. 1 to Q. 20)

fganh iz- 21 ls iz- 40 Hindi (Q. 21 to Q. 40)

djsZaV vQs;lZ iz- 41 ls iz- 60 Current Affairs (Q. 41 to Q. 60)

rdZkf ifj{k.k iz- 61 ls iz- 80 Reasoning (Q. 61 to Q. 80)

fk{k.k vfHk{kerk iz- 81 ls iz- 100 Teaching Aptitude (Q. 81 to Q. 100)

Hkkx-2 Part 2

dEI;qVj lkbal iz- 101 ls iz- 200 Computer Science (Q. 101-200)
,Q dk;Z ijh{kk iqfLrdk esa bl iz;kstu ds fy, nh xbZ [kkyh txg ij djsaA 7. Rough work should be done only in the space provided in
the Test booklet for the same.
lHkh mkj dsoy OMR mkj i= ij gh vafdr djsaA vius mkj /;kuiwoZd 8. The answer are to be recorded on the OMR answer sheet
vafdr djsaA mkj cnyus gsrq 'osr jatd dk iz;ksx fuf"k) gSA only. Mark your responses carefully. No whitener is
allowed for changing answer.

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Direction: Read the following passage carefully and barriers etched deeply within our minds, within our
answer the following questions given below it. consciousness as to who and what we are and to whom and
No man is an Island, entire of itself And therefore never what we belong. The first, haunting picture of a blue earth
send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee. taken from outer space gave us an enduring emblem of the
John Donne What are the borders of the human spirit, the fragility of our common destiny. The photograph of a three-
contours which shape what we call the soul? That year-old sacrificed on the altar of mind-made borders now
metaphysical question gained viral urgency worldwide when shows us just how endangered that destiny has become
a photograph of the corpse of a three-year-old boy washed 1. What does Mutating diagrams signify in the given
up on a beach spread like wildfire over the Net. The child, passage?
whose body was picked up and carried away by a) Borders b) Maps
an anguished border patrolman was, together with other c) Drawings d) Boundary
members of his refugee family, drowned when he was trying 2. Which of the following can be the suitable title of the
to cross into Europe in an overcrowded and unsafe vessel passage?
from war-torn Syria. The boy is just one of the many a) Borders of the soul b) Political boundaries
thousands of illegal migrants from countries as disparate as c) Military disputes d) All the above
Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and various parts of Africa who 3. Which of the following statement is Not True according
are desperately literally at the cost of their lives fleeing to the given passage?
murderous civil war, rape, torture and starvation to seek a) Borders divide not only countries but also humanity
sanctuary in a Europe already besieged by a host of its own b) With the growth of Trans border organsations,
internal problems, including bitter social and political fratricidal fanaticisms force faces loss of life.
dissension and, in many cases, dire economic distress and c) The photograph of the dead body of a three-year-old boy
unemployment. Even as individual nations and organisations got viral on internet.
try to grapple with the problem in terms of law enforcement, d) Nations and organizations are trying to deal with the
emigration legalities and ethical compulsions, a number of problems of law enforcement, emigration legalities and
questions arise which go beyond those constantly mutating ethical compulsions.
diagrams , crisscrossed by arbitrary manmade lines called 4. Which of the following statement is/are true according
borders. to the given passage?
Borders demarcate not just where one or more countries end I. Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran are among the
and where others begin; they divide where one definition of countries from where illegal migrants move to other
humanity ends and another begins. A refugee,often called a countries.
displaced person, is one seeking entry, often unsanctioned, II. A Europe is besieged by its own internal problems.
not just into another country but into the common domain of III. Generations who have lived and died on the Indian
all humanity. It is this landscape of our human spirit, of the subcontinent more than 70 years have been victims of
soul if you prefer, which all of us inescapably share with one border phobia.
another. Geographical and political borders are the illusory a) III b) II & I
fault lines which conceal this essential oneness, this c) II d) II & III
indivisibility. For almost 70 years, generations who have 5. What is the central idea of the passage?
lived and died on the Indian subcontinent have been victims a) Terrorist attacks create borders and boundaries
of a psychosomatic disorder which has yet to find mention in b) Borders vilify the humanity
any dictionary of geopolitical pharmacology, but could one c) Individual disputes among leaders create political unrest
day come to be defined as border phobia, a form of intense d) All the above
paranoia which makes us believe that those who live across a 6. Choose the correct preposition
line of demarcation, often drawn overnight, are to be The river flows.. the bridge.
demonized, or at least denigrated and despised, as morally, a) below b) under
culturally and perhaps even genetically different from we c) into d) to
who live on this side of the mythical meridian which 7. Find out the word correctly spelt
separates us. A line is drawn in the shifting dust of history a) Accesible b) Accesibel
through military might, colonialism, the rise and fall of rulers c) Accessible d) Acessible
and one people become two antagonists; a single Earth 8. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the Bold word
becomes a segregation of strife. Even as an interdependent to till in the blank
network of electronic communication seeks unity to make People often prefer ambiguity to ..
whole again a planet cruelly vivisected by economic and a) clarity b) perversity
environmental exploitation, the forces of a fratricidal c) rationality d) certainty
fanaticism gain ground through the cancerous growth of 9. Pick out the correct synonym to the given word
trans border organizations like al- Qaida, IS and other unholy OBSCENE
alliances against humanity. Such forces reveal all too clearly a) Objectionable b) Indecent
that far more perilous to the human legacy than the borders c) Displeasing d) Condemnable
marked on our maps are those unmarked 10. Fill in the blank from out the most appropriate word-
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Since one cannot read every book, one should be content c) At night. The thief was in the garden
with making a selection d) Night fell. The thief came into the garden
a) normal b) standard Directions (16 -20) : Which of the phrases given against the
c) sample d) judicious sentence should replace the word/phrase given in bold in
11. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the
TRANSPARENT sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is
a) Coloured b) Childlike required, mark 'No correction required' as the answer.
c) Opaque d) Imminent 16. When a man knows he is to hung with a fortnight. it
12. Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be concentrates his mind wonderfully.
Substituted for the given words a) to be hanged in b) to hang over
A workman who fits and repairs pipes c) going to be d) hang out in
a) Mechanic b) Blacksmith 17. Supriya took a look at the economics and decided it was
c) Plumber d) Technocrat lunacy in forgo the revenue.
13. To fill in the blank, from out the most appropriate word - a) leniency to have b) lunacy to forgo
In hot weather I like lying in the.of a tree. c) sheer to forgo d) helped to lunacy to
a) shadow b) shelter 18. We have to ponder the question when considering a
c) protection d) shade college major or embarking on a career.
14. Choose the alternative which expresses the best a) have had ponder b) have pondered out
meaning- c) ponder to d) No correction required
The given word: 19. Many people want to make a lot of money, but the
To give up the ghost benefits of having a high income is ambiguous.
a) To die a) was ambiguous 2) were ambiguous
b) To make false appearance c) are ambiguous d) in ambiguous
c) To terrify others by acting in suspicious manner 20. Some people are willing to make lifestyle changes
d) To leave useless pursuits because the intrinsic awards of following a passion or
15. Split into simple sentence making a difference are more important than a high
In the night the thief came into the garden. salary in an unenjoyable career.
a) It was night. The thief came into the garden a) rewards of all b) on following
b) Night came. The thief came into the garden c) award for d) rewards of following


(21-23): -


a) b)
c) d)
22. 15 ______

a) b) 1857
c) d)
23. ______

a) b) 1869
c) d) ,


- 1860
17 1917 .

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33. a) b)
24. - ? c) d)
a) b) 34. a) b)
c) d) c) d)
25. ? 35. a) b)
a) b) c) d)
c) d) (A-5) : (A),(B),(C),(D) (E)
26. ?
a) b)
c) d) (1) - ,
27. ?
a) b) (2) , , , , ,
c) d) -
28. , (3) - , ,
? ,
a) b) (4)
c) d) (5) -
29. - .................
36. - ?
a) b) a)1 b)2
c) d) c)3 d)4
30. ................... 37. - ?
a) b) a)1 b)2
c) d) c)3 d)4
38. - ?
31. ......... --
a)1 b)2

c)3 d)4
a) b)
39. - ?
c) d) a)1 b)2
(32-35): c)3 d)5
, 40. - ?
32. a) b) a)1 b)2
c) d) c)3 d)4


41. Name the Ahmedabad based detergent maker that has 44. In 1989, the Governing Council of the United Nations
agreed to acquire Lafarge Indias 11 million tonnes per Development Programme recommended to observe 11
annum (mtpa) cement assets for Rs 9,300 crore ($1.4 July as World Population Day. This year's (2016) theme
billion). is......................?
a) Surf Excel b) Sunlight a) Investing in teenage girls
c) Nirma d) Ghari b) Information about their health, human rights and
42. The Finance Ministry has imposed definitive anti- reproductive
dumping duty on purified terephthalic acid (PTA) imports c) Aim to end child marriage
from five countries recently. Which of the following d) Leaders and communities must focus on Population
countries is not them? 45. Name the former India footballer and the country's first
a) China b) Iran full time 'diamond' coach has died recently?
c) Kenya d) Indonesia a) Sanjay Dhyani b) Liaqat Ali
43. Which ministry has constituted a cyber-cell to check the c) Amal Dutta d) Sreejith Kamal
online abuse and harassment of women and children on 46. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the
social media platforms? disinvestment of how much per cent paid-up equity in
a) Ministry of Minority Affairs NBCC India Ltd out of Governments 90 per cent
b) Ministry of External Affairs shareholding recently?
c) Ministry of Home Affairs a) 12 per cent b) 25 per cent
d) Ministry of Women and Child Development c) 20 per cent d) 15 per cent

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47. Which of the following Private Sector Bank opened it's August. What is the overall percentage of hike made in
IFSC Banking Unit (IBU) at the Gujarat International the 7th Pay Commission?
Finance Tec-City (GIFT City) to meet the requirements of a) 15.00 percent b) 13.55 percent
offshore banking operations from India? c) 12.25 percent d) 23.55 percent
a) Axis Bank b) ICICI Bank 54. Part of the Hinduja Group, Hinduja National Power
c) HDFC Bank d) IndusInd Bank Corporation Limited (HNPCL) has commissioned its 1,040
48. Which of the following companies has launched a short- MW coal fired thermal power project on the coast of Bay
term corporate deposit scheme, which offers interest of Bengal at Palavalasa village in...............?
rates ranging from 7.55 per cent to 8.40 per cent, a) Darbhnaga, Bihar b) Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
depending on the tenure? c) Ludhiana, Punjab
a) Reliance Home Finance d) Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
b) Tata Consultancy Services Limited 55. Which of the following cricket player has surged to the
c) Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd top of the ICC Player Rankings for Test Bowlers?
d) Wipro Limited a) JM Anderson, England b) SCJ Broad, England
49Which state government signed a MoU with Bangkok- c) R Ashwin, India d) Yasir Shah, Pakistan
based Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) to 56. The first woman chief of aviation regulator __________ was
implement the Roadmap for Disaster Risk Reduction named as the new Union Labour Secretary recently?
(2015-30)? The move will help reduce disaster risk a) CK Mishra b) Sunil Kant Munjal
management in the state. c) AK Mital d) M Sathiyavathy
a) Kerala b) Bihar 57. Which of the following Japanese payments company has
c) West Bengal d) Assam installed 600 automatic teller machines with cash
50. Name the prize-winning scholar who wove the stories of recycling abilities for country's largest lender State Bank
civilizations worldwide into the landmark The Rise of of India across the country?
the West and helped pioneer the history of disease and a) OKI b) BitPay
epidemics in Plagues and People, has died at age 98 c) GoCoin d) Stripe
recently? 58. The Centre government announced the formation of
a) William H McNeill b) Al Pacino District Development Coordination and Monitoring
c) Robert De Niro d) Sylvester Stallone Committee (DDCMC) to be named ____________ for effective
51. Online fashion marketplace ___________ has announced that development coordination of almost all the programmes
it has acquired its rival Jabong from Global Fashion Group of Central Government, whether it is for infrastructure
to create Indias biggest fashion shopping destination. development or Social and human resource development.
a) Snapdeal b) Amazon a) Pragati b) Light
c) Myntra d) Fashion bazaar c) Disha d) Marg
52. In an attempt to double the income of farmers by 2022, 59. Name the tabla maestro, who has recently passed away in
which of the following states government plans to bring Varanasi at the age of 72?
in latest technological innovation and introduce best a) Trilok Gurtu b) Kishan Maharaj
farming practices by inviting experts? c) Afaq Hussain Khan d) Pandit Lacchu Maharaj
a) Rajasthan b) Odisha 60. Name the Indo-Thailand Military Exercise,which
c) West Bengal d) Bihar concluded Krabi, Thailand. The exercise had commenced
53. The Centre has published the implementation notification on 15 July 2016 under the aegis of the Royal Thailand
of the 7th Pay Commission, stating that central Army.
government employees will get the revised pay from a) INDRA b) SHAKTI


61. In English alphabet, which will be the eighth letter from 64. Find out the next one in following series: BDF, CFI, DHL,
the left of the fourth vowel? EJO
a) H b) I a) EIN b) JEN
c) G d) M c) CFI d) FLR
62. Find out the missing one 65. If in a certain code BQMBAY is written as MY MY MY,
U, 0, I, ? then how TAMIL NADU would be written?
c) S d) G c) MNUMNUMNU d) None of these
63. Which will be the next in following series? 66. If in a certain symbolic language DOG is written as GOD
AZY, BYX, CXW, DWV and FOG is written as GOF, then how would MOB be
a) EUT b) FUT written?
c) EVU d) GHS a) NOB b) OBM
c) BOM d) DOM
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67. If in a certain code UMBRELLA is written as 12345678, a) Most of the bright students only preferred campus
then how would BEAR be written? interview.
a) 3684 b) 3594 b) Now campus interview becomes a trend in hiring
c) 3584 d) 3585 process in the private companies
Directions (68-72): In each question, four words are given. c) Campus interview is the only process to hire talented
Out of these four words, three are related in some way and people
one is different. Find the different word. d) Both 1 and 2
68. a) Girl b) Boy 78. Statement: The prices of the onion and other vegetables
b) Woman d) Teacher have substantially increased due to the prolonged
69. a) China b) Nepal drought situation in some part and heavy downpour in
c) Bhutan d) Kolkata some other part of the country during the monsoon
70. a) JanuaryJune b) MarchSeptember season.
c) JuneNovember d) April-September Which of the following could be a logical course of action
71. a) SitarPt. Ravishankar to be pursued?
b) TablaAllahrakha a) The government should set up a committee to review
c) BansuriHari Prasad Chaurasia the alarming situation
d) KathakaliMrinalini b) The government should ban on the export of the
72. a) Prison b) Hand-cuffs onion and vegetables
c) Court d) Uniform c) Government should import onion and vegetables in
Directions (73-75): Read the following information adequate amount
carefully and answer the questions: d) Only 1 and 3
P is father of N, N is son of S and S is sister of L. J is father of L 79. Statement: Due to oversupply in global markets, a slump
and L is married to K. in demand, and OPEC countries decision not to curb
73. How is K related to S? production, crude oil prices have fallen to a four-year
a) brother b) sister low.
c) brother-in-law d) father Which of the following may be an effect of the above
74. How is N related to K? cause?
a) Niece b) Nephew a) Urban People will buy more vehicle as prices of the
c) Father d) Father-in-Law fuels has fallen.
75. How is J related to P? b) The fall in international oil prices will reduce
a) Sister b) Brother-in-law subsidies that help sustain the domestic prices of oil
c) Sister-in-law d) None of the above products.
76. Statement: Numbers of students qualified for IITs from c) Countrys current account deficit will substantially
state X are comparatively higher than the number of reduce.
students from state Y. d) Only 3 and 2
Which of the following may indicate that the result of the 80. Statement: Crops acreage in India during the current
state Y is not in line with the general trend? year has fallen substantially as the encroachment of
a) The students of state X are qualitatively better than human habitats over the cropland has increased and this
those of the State Y will lead to fall in the production of food grains and
b) The school curriculum of state Y is very tough vegetables.
c) In the past years the share of seats in IITs from state Y Which of the following may be the effect of the above
were always remained high. statement?
d) Only 1 and 2 a) The prices of food grains and other essential
77. Statement: Now a day most of the candidates recruited commodities may increase compared to previous years
in private companies are directly hired from campuses of b) Government will import food grains in huge quantity
various business schools and engineering colleges. from abroad
Which of the following substantiates the fact stated in c) Lack of investments in agricultural development has
the above statement? played a crucial role in this levelling of yield decrease.
d) Only 1 and 2


81. What should be the main objective of teaching? b) Researches lead to discovery
a) Prepare students to pass the examination. c) Invention and Research are related
b) To dictate good notes. d) None of the above
c) Provide required information related to the subject. 83. While on a trip to a hill-station, one of your students
d) To develop thinking power of students. misbehaves with an old lady, you would
82. Which of the following statement is correct ? a) not accept his fault as you all are from a very reputed
a) Discoveries are researches school.
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b) argue with lady and ask her to call the police.
c) make your student apologise and say sorry to the old 94. One of the aims of the scientific method in research is to :
lady. a) improve data interpretation
d) all of the above. b) eliminate spurious relations
84. Which of the following is NOT the characteristic of a c) confirm triangulation
research ? d) introduce new variables
a) Research is systematic 95. Teachers should conduct reviews before testing for all of
b) Research is not a process the following reasons EXCEPT
c) Research is problem oriented a) to refresh students on objectives taught early in the
d) Research is not passive unit.
85. If when called, some parents/guardians of the students b) to provide a final opportunity to practice important
do not come to see the teacher, the teacher should behaviors and skills.
a) write to the parents/guardians. c) to teach students the answers to specific questions
b) go and meet them. that will likely appear on the test.
c) punish the student. d) to provide students an opportunity to ask questions
d) start ignoring the student. about concepts that are unclear.
86. Research problem is selected from the stand point of : 96. Which of the following is the most important preparation
a)Researchers interest b)Financial support for formal achievement testing?
c)Social relevance a) Providing students with good instruction
d)Availability of relevant literature b) Teaching students testwise skills
87. What should a teacher do to develop spirit of labour in c) Providing students with chapter reviews contained in
students? textbooks
a) Give example of people who put in labour. d) Using effective oral questioning techniques during
b) Teacher should indulge in labour. reviews
c) Give detailed lecturs on importance of labour. 97. The depth of any research can be judged by :
d) Give opportunities to students to do labour often. a) title of the research.
88. Which one is called non-probability sampling ? b) objectives of the research.
a)Cluster sampling b)Quota sampling c) total expenditure on the research.
c)Systematic sampling d) duration of the research.
d)Stratified random sampling 98. Research can be conducted by a person who :
89. Which of the following statement is correct ? a) has studied research methodology
a) Reliability ensures validity b) holds a postgraduate degree
b) Validity ensures reliability c) possesses thinking and reasoning ability
c) Reliability and validity are independent of each other d) is a hard worker
d) Reliability does not depend on objectivity 99. Which of the following testing scenarios would result in
90. Formulation of hypothesis may NOT be required in : invalid test results?
a)Survey method b)Historical studies a) A teacher conducts a review session that covers many
c)Experimental studies d)Normative studies of the same questions that will appear on the actual test.
91. Teachers use teaching-aids for b) Although Jake hasn't mastered the content knowledge,
a) impressing the students. he uses good testwise strategies and performs well on
b) making teaching interesting. the test.
c) making students attentive. c) A teacher includes test questions that were covered in
d) all of the above. textbook content but weren't addressed during actual
92. Authenticity of a research finding is its : classroom instruction.
a)Originality b)Validity d) All of these.
c)Objectivity d)All of the above 100. Which of the following indicates evaluation ?
93. Which technique is generally followed when the a) Ram got 45 marks out of 200
population is finite ? b) Mohan got 38 percent marks in English
a)Area Sampling Technique c) Shyam got First Division in final examination
b)Purposive Sampling Technique d) All the above
c)Systematic Sampling Technique
d)None of the above

101. Overall System architecture is derived in which phase- c) Go to d) Move to

a) Coding b) Design 103. Which feature help to insert the contents of clipboard as
c) Testing d) Maintenance text without any formatting?
102. Which command is used to move to a particular page a) Paste special b) Format painter
number in a file. c) Page set up d) Style
a) Move b) Go
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104. The multiple use of input or output operators in one a) Precision b) Scale
statement is called c) Float d) None
a) Overriding b) Overloading 123. The number of attributes in a relation is called-
c) Cascading d) None of these a) Degree b) Domain
105. When a function is defined inside a class, it is called c) Cardinality d) String
a) Inside function b) Inline function 124. Which of the following is not a type of formatting in MS-
c) Class function d) None of these Word.
106. The problem of variable delay in video conferencing is a) Character b) Paragraph
removed using c) Document d) Line
a) Packet filter b) Timestamp 125. Which command gives virtual table with no data, but can
c) Gateway d) None of these be operated like any other table.
107. When two enteries about same data do not agree, the a) SELECT b) CREATE
database is said to be c) CREATE VIEW d) None of these
a) Inconsistent b) Unsecured 126. Which tag is used for adding comments-
c) Intended d) Integrated a) ! b) //
108. Which of the following smallest sorting key is taken again c) -! d) * *
and again in unsorted array. 127. Which operates the highest layer of network abstraction-
a) Insertion b) Selection a) Gateway b) Repeater
c) Bubble d) Heap c) Router d) Bridge
109. TCP connection is available at which port on HTTP? 128. A GUI is a -
a) 80 b) 60 a) Hardware b) Language interpreter
c) 70 d) 92 c) Software interface d) Operating system
110. Which gate does not the following circuit represent? 129. In CREATE TABLE SQL command, how many number of
a) OR b) AND columns in each table have?
c) XOR d) ORAND a) 0 b) 2
111. Which function gives the total number of rows in a table? c) 3 d) 1
a) Variance b) Max 130. Which function is used to read string in java
c) Sum d) Count a) nextline( ) b) sacnf( )
112. What is an operating System? c) nextchar( ) d) gets( )
a) Application software b) Utility program 131. The requested files used by web are stored in which
c) Program Development tool d) System software memory?
113. What is the last column of a worksheet? a) RAM b) ROM
a) AV b) IV c) Cache d) None of these
c) VI d) VA 132. In which generation of computers was rhe first to store
114. Encapsulation is a way to implement- instruction in their own memory.
a) Inheritance b) Polymorphism a) 2nd b) 3rd
c) Data abstraction d) Overloading c) 4th d) 5th
115. A CPUs processing power is measured in - 133. Which document acts as a contract between the developer
a) IPS b) CIPS and the customer.
c) MIPS d) Nanosecond a) SDD b) DFD
116. Which of the following macros are run or executed from c) SRS d) None of these
menu? 134. Collection of data sent as a single message is a -
a) Tools b) Insert a) Datagram b) Protocol
c) Format d) Data c) Switch d) None of these
117. Which of the insertion & deletion takes place only at top? 135. The ability to modify the data structure and not have to
a) Queue b) Sorting change the program using data is called:
c) Link List d) Stack a) Data Independence b) Data dictionary
118. A numbered list can be created by c) Data integrity d) Refrential integrity
a) <ul> b) <list> 136. Decimal Conversion of (11A.62)16 gives
c) <li> d) <ol> a) (182.282)10 b) (202.382)10
119. If every non-key attribute is functionally dependent on c) (182.382)10 d) (282.382)10
primary key, then the relation is in 137. What is a Firewall in Computer Network?
a) 3 NF b) 2 NF a) The physical boundary of Network
c) 4 NF d) BCNF b) An operating System of Computer Network
120. In which generations microprocessor based computers c) A system designed to prevent unauthorized access
started ? d) A web browsing Software
a) 1st b) 2nd 138. Which of the following is the fastest media of data
c) 3rd d) 4th transfer?
121. Universal gate is a- a) Co-axial Cable b) Untwisted Wire
a) AND b) NOT c) Telephone Lines d) Fiber Optic
c) NOR d) XOR 139. Which operating system is defined as self-contained in
122. In SQL decimal data type, _________indicates the number of device and resident in ROM?
significant digits the number is to have. a) Multiprocessing OS b) Batch Processing OS
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c) Multi-threading OS d) Embedded OS c) 3rd d) 4th
140. 30,000 bytes is nearly equal to _________. 155. When a user does not enter a value for a column, a value is
a) 30 KB b) 3 MB automatically inserted in the field using _______________
c) 3 GB d) 3 TB constraint.
141. ________ is a self-contained step-by-step set of operations to a) Unique b) Primary
be performed. c) Check d) Default
a) Algorithm b) Application software 156. Exit-controlled loop is an-
c) Network topology d) System Software a) do-while b) while-do
142. Which among the following options is the line that c) for d) if then
describes the contents of the message while sending an e- 157. Which of the following characters is used as punctuator?
mail? a) # b) <
a) BCC b) to c) % d) ++
c) subject d) cc 158. Which of the keyword is used to eliminates duplicate rows
143. What is the function of control unit? from the results of SELECT statement.
a) Providing resources to another node on a network a) ORDER BY b) DISTINCT
b) Performing complex task of logical and arithmetic c) ALL d) WHERE
functions 159. Which of the following is not a type of database?
c) Managing memory usage a) Hierarchical b) Relational
d) Directing the operation of the other units by providing c) Network d) Transition
timing and control signals. 160. A __________ is an organized collection of data about a single
144. ________ is usually recorded and played, displayed, or entity.
accessed by information content processing devices, such a) file b) database
as computerized and electronic devices, but can also be c) None of these d) library
part of a live performance. 161. Which of the following is not a DBMS software?
a) Virus b) BIOS software a) dBASE b) FoxPro
c) Multimedia d) C++ c) Oracle d) Database2000
145. _________ is a pool of values from which the actual values 162. DBMS helps to achieve
appearing in a given column are drawn. a) data independence b) more redundancy
a) String b) Domain c) centralized manner to control of data
c) Cardinality d) Degree d) Both (a) and (c)
146. What function display row data in a column & column data 163. A Data Base Administrator (DBA) is a
in row? a) program b) person
a) Hyperlink b) Index c) application d) operating system
c) Row invert d) Transpose 164. _________ means that the data contained in a database
147. Which of the file contains data about data- isaccurate, consistent and reliable.
a) Object b) Database a) Data redundancy b) Data integrity
c) Data dictionary d) None c) Data reliability d) Data consistency
148. FTP is a mechanism, in which layer of TCP/IP- 165. The feature that database allows to access only certain
a) Application b) Physical records in database is __________.
c) Data link d) Network a) Query b) Forms
149. To introduce special effects in a slide which option is used- c) Reports d) Tables
a) Overheads b) Letters 166. Which of the following is not aggregate function?
c) Slide transition d) Slide animation a) MIN b) MAX
150. The size of 1-D array with UB as upperbound and LB as c) AVG d) None of these
lowerbound is given by 167. For each attribute of a relation, there is a set of permitted
a) Array size (length) = UB LB + 1 values, called the __________ of that attribute.
b) Array size (length) = UB LB a) Domain b) Relation
c) Array size (length) = UB + LB 1 c) Set d) Schema
d) Array size (length) = UB LB 1 168. The __________ operation performs a set union of two
151. Which of the following is a set of rules that are applicable similarly structured tables.
for a network- a) Union b) Join
a) Data b) Protocol c) Product d) Intersect
c) Message d) Receiver 169. The most commonly used operation in relational algebra
152. Names of variable, function, array and Class created by the for projecting a set of tuple from a relation is
programmer, refer to- a) Join b) Projection
a) Identifier b) Keyword c) Select d) Union
c) Constraint d) String 170. In relational database, a field is a
153. How many assignments in two similar structures? a) label b) table of information
a) == b) = c) group of related records d) category of information
d) != d) =! 171. Which one of the following is a set of one or more
154. In which generations of computers started the use of attributes taken collectively to uniquely identify a record?
operating systems. a) Candidate key b) Sub key
a) 1st b) 2nd c) Super key d) Foreign key
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172. A __________ is a property of the entire relation, rather than d) Language used to hack into other systems
of the individual tuples in which each tuple is unique. SQL is a language used to communicate with database.
a) Rows b) Key 186. The most widely used type of database management
c) Attribute d) Fields system is the:
173. A __________ is an abstract model that describes how the a) Flat database b) Network database
data are organized and represented. c) Relational database d) Hierarchical database
a) data model b) instances 187. LANs can be connected by devices called which operate on
c) schema d) database the data link layer.
174. Which layer 1 devices can be used to enlarge the area a) hub b) bridges
covered by a single LAN segment? c) HDLC d) tunnel
1. Switch 2. NIC 3. Hub 188. Encryption and Decryption are the functions of __________
4. Repeater 5. RJ45 transceiver layer.
a) 1 only b) 1 and 3 a) transport b) session
c) 3 and 4 d) 5 only c) application d) presentation
175. Which of the following describe router functions? 189. IP addresses are converted to
a) Packet switching a) a binary string
b) Packet filtering b) alphanumeric string
c) Internetwork communication c) a hierarchy of domain names
d) All of the above d) a hexadecimal string
176. A __________ is a computer network that usually spans a city 190. The layer is the layer closest to transmission medium.
or a large campus. a) transport b) network
a) LAN b) DAN c) data link d) physical
c) MAN d) WAN 191. What is not a physical tag?
177. MAN stands for a) <B> b) <S>
a) Micro area network c) <Small> d) None of these
b) Metropolitan area network 192. Who was first proposed the process of normalization.
c) Macro area network a) Edward Stephen b) Edward Codd
d) Mix area network c) Edgar W. Codd d) Edgar F. Codd
178. How long is an IPv6 address? 193. Which of the Following is used as physical addresses.
a) 32 bits b) 128 bytes a) Router b) Repeater
c) 64 bits d) 128 bits c) Gateway d) Bridge
179. P2P stands for 194. C++ was developed by-
a) Peer To Peer b) Peek to peek a) Dennis Ritchie b) Edgard Codd
c) Past to past d) Pair to pair c) Ivan Bayross d) Bjarne Stroustrup
180. By an intranet we mean 195. Class interface is also called
a) a LAN of an organization a) Member function b) Program access level
b) a Wide Area Network connecting all branches of an c) Data Member d) Class tagname
organization 196. Half Duplex System is an example of
c) a corporate computer network a) Keyboard b) Monitor
d) a network connecting all computers of an organization c) Telephone d) Walkie-Talkie
and using the internet protocol 197. Which shortcut key is used to insert a new slide in the
181. LAN stand for document presentation.
a) Lane Area Network a) Ctrl + N b) Ctrl + O
b) Local Army Network c) Ctrl + M d) Ctrl + F
c) Local Area Network 198. A file which contains readymade styles that can be used in
d) Local Area Networking a presentation is called
182. If you wish to extend the length of the network without a) Auto style b) Template
having the signal degrade, you would use a __________. c) Wizard d) Pre formatting
a) repeater b) router 199. Data items that never change the values during a program
c) gateway d) switch run are-
183. When your computer stops working suddenly, it is a) Integers b) Variables
referred to as a __________. c) Literals d) Float
a) crash b) die 200. Which of the following is a way to bind the data & its
c) death d) penalty associated functions together which allows them to be
184. Which of the following is a storage device that uses rigid, hidden.
permanently installed magnetic disks to store a) Structure b) Enum
data/information? c) Class d) None of these
a) Floppy diskette b) Hard disk
c) Permanent disk d) Optical disk
185. What is SQL?
a) Language used to communicate with database
b) Language used for object oriented programming
c) Language used to program system software
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