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Apply tools for the preservation of equipment and supplies

The protection of information using antivirus and firewall

The antivirus born as a simple tool whose goal was to detect and eliminate virus
es, during the 1980s. Over time the virus has evolved into more advanced program
s that not only aim to detect a computer virus, but block it to prevent infectio
n by them.
The operation of a virus varies from one to another, but their normal behavior i
s based on having a list of known viruses and ways to recognize them (the so-cal
led signatures or vaccines), and analyze from the list the files stored or trans
mitted from and to a computer.
Some antivirus worth try: Norton Kaspersky NOD32 Panda in any version
A firewall is a piece of software that is used in a computer network to monitor
communications, permitted or prohibited according to network policies that have
defined the organization responsible for the network. A properly configured fire
wall adds security to a computer facility, but in no case should be considered s
Anti spyware
It is also a need for an antivirus antispyware or be updated to remove just that
, the spyware. Some symptoms are: Bars Alexa, Google, Yahoo can not remove. With
out being connected to the internet, we are windows and pop-us own a website The
computer is becoming slower onset of files or folders without names or content
Defragmentation is the process whereby files are arranged on a disc so that each
is in a contiguous area and no unused spaces between them.
When leaving constantly writing and deleting files on the hard drive, they tend
not to be in contiguous areas as well, a file can be "broken" into many pieces a
long the disk, then says that the file is "fragmented". By having files scattere
d around the disk, it becomes inefficient access to them.
The disk defragmenter accommodates files stored in contiguous memory addresses f
or the PC took less time to find them. Should use it regularly, especially if ma
ny files are deleted or programs
Disk Cleanup
This tool allows us to delete the files or documents are not used by the user. T
he Disk Cleanup shows how much hard drive memory podemoslibera r. Ta m b i e n n
o s m u e s t r a l o s
There are three options to free space: Windows Components: To remove Windows com
ponents that do not use. Installed programs: To eliminate programs that do not u
se the user. System Restore: To remove all but the most recent restore point.
Search PC problems Through a specialized program
There are specialized programs to search for errors in the computer, the alcohol
, is a program used to look for problems with the programs, whether widely used
or not widely used.
These programs simply have to go to start a program to search the entire PC to s
earch for factors that affect the functioning of it.
There are other programs that look for problems such as lack of memory for folde
rs that contain no information and / or files, problems related to improper clos
ure of programs, among other things.
Scheduled Tasks
With Scheduled Tasks can schedule any script, program or document to run at a da
te and time certain, as you wish. Scheduled Tasks starts every time you log on a
nd run in the background. Start each scheduled task at the time you specified wh
en you created the task.
ï Click Next and then Finish
after checking the options you have selected