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7th Division (Iraq)

The 7th Division is a division of the Iraqi Army. First [2] Bomb attack kills ocers in Iraqs Anbar province. BBC
formed in the 1960s or 1970s, it was disbanded in 2003. News. Retrieved 11 October 2014.
It was reformed after 2004. It is now headquartered at
[3] 7th Division, Iraqi Army. Globalsecurity.org. Retrieved
Al Asad. This division was trained by the United States May 25, 2015.
Marine Corps. It played a part in the defeat of Al Qaeda
in Iraq (AQI) in Anbar province in 2007. It was trans-
ferred to the Iraqi Ground Forces Command (IGFC) on
November 1, 2007.[1] 2 External links
Division Units:

26th Motorized (AAslt) Brigade

27th Motorized (AAslt) Brigade

28th Motorized Brigade

29th Mechanized Brigade (operational since April

3, 2008)

In accordance with the standards of training Iraqi forces

the divisions brigades or battalions will be committed at
all times in other units. This was tested by detaching
units of the 7th Division south of Baghdad in early of
2008. The 29th is the last brigade formed in the desert
of western Iraq, is based in Rutbah, it may be in line to
be equipped with wheeled armour like the 37th or 17th
In May 2008, the 26th Brigade participated in operations
in Basra.
On 21 December 2013, Maj Gen Mohammed al-Karawi,
the Commander of the division, was killed during a secu-
rity operation in Rutbah against al-Qaeda training camps.
In the incident, several suicide bombs had gone o as
Karawi was entering a deserted building, killing Karawi
alongside several ocers, and wounding up to 32 sol-
diers. More than 60 militants had been in the area at the
Throughout late 2014 and early 2015, some 320 US ad-
visers trained the troops of the 7th Division, which oc-
casionally engaged in skirmishes with militants of the
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).[3]

1 Notes
[1] ""7th Iraqi Army Division now Controlled by Iraqi Gov-
ernment, MNF-I Press Release November 03 2007. Re-
trieved 11 October 2014.


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