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Accomplishments May 2015


Disseminated RDC XI Resolution No. 2


Finalized and disseminated to all members MFC Resolution No.3

Finalized MFC Resolution No.2 and converted to RDC Resolution No. 17

Advisory Committee Meeting May 25

Sending of all notices of meeting

Prepared updates on matters arising from the previous meeting with presentation
Finalized the program
Finalized activity design
Finalized advisory to all members re AdCom meeting venue (including advisory for
Congresspersons Piamonte, Ilagan, and Zarate)
Drafted invitation letters for Congresspersons Piamonte, Zarate, and Ilagan
Prepared attendance sheet, nameplates and certificates of appearance
Documentation of the meeting (discussion minutes)

RDCom-MAC Meeting May 28

Finalized layouting of the MSSDF (including finalization of cover page and preliminary
sections of the plan)
Assist in the documentation of meeting

Regional Advocacy Forum May 29

Finalization and printing of the program

Prepared nameplates for the meeting

Visit of Dr.Sicat

Prepared narrative re 2014 Davao Region Socioeconomic Performance (GRDP,

Investments, Foreign trade, labor and employment, prices and inflation, tourism, and
agricultural production sections)

RDC XI Communicator

Revised graphs and narrative of Chapters 1 to 5 as input to the report on the 2014 Davao
Region Socioeconomic Performance

NCO Records Management

Accomplished NAP Form No. 1 re inventory of records in PFPD