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Brief to support a Pre-Feasibility Scoping Study on how a

sustainable community facility could be provided in Farley Hill

Farley Hill is a post war housing estate in south Luton with a population (at the 2011
census) of 11,996. It has been awarded 1m funding as part of the Big Local
programme. Farley Big Local is led by a partnership of residents. Farley Big local is
using the 1m to make a lasting positive difference to the local community. It is
doing this by bringing together all the local talent, ambitions, skills and energy from
individuals, groups and organisations who want to make the area an even better
place to live. They have consulted with the local community about their visions and
priorities for the future.

Our vision
In 10 years Farley Hill will be an improved, safer community with more opportunities
and facilities. Farley Hill will be community-led with a healthier and more qualified

Our Aim is that Farley Hill will be considered a great place to live and work.

Our objectives
Are that the community will be better able to identify local needs and take
action in response to them
People will have increased skills and confidence so that they can continue to
identify and respond to local needs in the future
The community will make a difference to the needs it prioritises
People will feel that their area is a better place to live

Farley Community Centre is owned by Luton Borough Council, this is a multipurpose

community centre in Farley Hill.

Luton Borough Council also recently bought a development site following the closure
of the Parrot Public House with the intention of building a new housing scheme.
Internal discussions have started within the Council on its long term use and the
possibility of combining a residential scheme with other community benefits.

Alongside this the demands for community facility space in Farley are changing.
What do we need and when do we need it?

We require a consultant/consultancy to work closely with the Big Local Partnership

Group to undertake a Pre-Feasibility Scoping Study on how a sustainable community
facility could be provided in Farley Hill that explores the opportunities from all
potential sites. The time scale for completing this is project is 30 th April 2017

Project Requirements

Farley Big Local Partnership is seeking a Consultancy/Consultant with a proven

track record in community facilities, business planning, financial modelling,
community led design, with an ability to integrate socio economic needs into the
overall possible use, design and management of a sustainable community facility.
The work will include:

A demand & supply analysis for a community facility in Farley Hill

Community centre space requirements
Organisation & Management options including legal aspects
Financial projections that ensure sustainability.
Potential site/space layout and design
Development partnership opportunities

Your proposals should indicate your budget for this task and your final figure should
include VAT, if applicable. The external costs of tasks such as building surveys can
be indicated separately to be funded by Farley Big Local but these are unexpected at
this stage.

The successful bidder will ideally need:

Feasibility study experience
Proven experience in community consultation, production of business plans
for community organisations/activities, financial projections.
Experience of community led design
Experience of community centres
Experience of working with diverse communities
To be reliable, enthusiastic and committed and can self-motivate
To be willing to work alongside residents in order to share and build skills
If you meet all the above criteria and are interested in taking on this project and
working with a group committed residents and partners to develop ideas for
community facilities in Farley Hill and improving life and opportunities within the local
community then please follow the steps below.

Please send the following information to

Vera McNamara
Farley Big Local Worker
Email- vera.mcnamara@lutonculture.com
Postal Address- Farley Community Centre, Delphine Close, Luton, LU1 5RE

1 An outline of your methodology (no more than eight sides of A4), plus indicative
2 Company profile and CV of relevant staff, highlighting relevant experience, as
listed above;
3 A summary of relevant successful projects recently delivered (No more than two
sides of A4)

You should direct any questions that you have about the project to

Selection Process
Deadlines for applications: 12pm Tuesday 4th April 2017
Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview and asked to present their
proposals. Details regarding the format of the interview process will be sent to the
successful applicants. Interviews will be w/c 10/04/17
Report submitted by Monday 5th June 2017