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Muhammad Amir
Son of Ghulam Rasool,
R/o House No. 360, Mohalla. DC Colony, Kacheri Muree Brewry,



My client handed over your notice referred on the subject and instructed
me to reply the same as follows;

Paragraph No. 1 is incorrect as stated. used/ Kabuli car A/C was

installed in your car at my clients shop, Fact of the matter is that

my client is running a business of selling car parts and accessories

under the name and style of Waqar Car A/C & Battery Centre near

Zahid Hospital Glass Factory Road for last couple of decades. His

business has got a great reputation and all the workers/ employees
including my client are expert of their field. It is pertinent to

mention here that not a single complaint has been filed against the

business as of yet. On 30th March 2016, you brought your 1990

model Nissan Car in the above said centre to get the A/C installed.

My client treated you with courtesy and consideration during the

whole time and as per your instructions installed the best available

kabuli/ used A/C in the lot. Out of courtesy and because of your

repeated persistence my client offered you a 15 day warranty only

to the extent of leakage of the gas in the A/C or if the A/C did not

cool properly, he will provide free maintain ace services including

free recharge of gas. However, before installing the A/C he did warn

you several times about the old condition of your car especially its

tendency to get over heated. He further recommended you to only

get the A/C installed after getting the over-heating problem fixed

from a mechanic. You on the other hand completely ignored my

clients advice and ordered him to install the A/C in your car,.
It is further denied that my client misbehaved with you when you

visited the shop a few days later. However he treated you with

courtesy and explained to you that it was because of the over-

heating of your old car that the compressor got over-heated and

ultimately broke down. He further explained to you that it cannot

be covered under the warranty and offered you his free services, to

which you became aggressive and misbehaved with my client and

humiliated him in front of his staff. You then threatened him that

you are a reader of a Judge and that my client should be ready for

the dire consequences.

Paragraph No. 2 is denied vehemently in view of the submissions

made above. The A/C only got broken because of your own

negligence and because of the poor condition of your car. It is not

covered under warranty and my client cannot be held liable for it.
You are, accordingly, required to withdraw the notice under

reference on the subject.