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ALDS 2203

Not Beginning Developing Competent Exemplary %

d 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10


Conte Includes Does not use any Uses some course Uses some Uses course content 10x0.7
nt incomplete course content. content, does not course to frame ePortfolio, =7
content. define terms, and content, defines all terms,
or/meaning is defines most explains ideas in own (70%)
unclear. terms, and/or words.
explains most
ideas in own
Includes artifacts Includes Includes a variety of 10x0.1
Artifa Does not Includes artifacts in limited media artifacts in a artifacts in different 5-=1.5
cts include in only one media formats. Some few media media formats. (15%)
artifacts. format. Artifacts artifacts are formats. Artifacts are
are not related to inappropriate or Artifacts are appropriate, effective
purpose of distracting. generally and enhance
ePortfolio and are Some artifacts appropriate, ePortfolio.
inappropriate/ illustrate students effective and Artifacts illustrate
distracting. Most knowledge of enhance students knowledge
artifacts do not course concepts portfolio of course concepts
illustrate and/or showcase experience. and showcase
students relevant skills and Most artifacts relevant skills and
knowledge of abilities. illustrate abilities.
course concepts students
knowledge of
and/or showcase course
relevant skills and concepts
abilities. and/or
relevant skills
and abilities.

Conte Does not Describes few Describes some Clearly and Clearly and concisely 5-=1.5
xt describe artifacts. Does not artifacts. Explains concisely describes all artifacts.
artifacts. explain artifacts some artifacts describes Explains all artifacts 15%
relevance to the relevance to the most artifacts. relevance to the
concepts in concepts in Explains most concepts in ePortfolio.
ePortfolio. ePortfolio. artifacts
relevance to
the concepts
in ePortfolio.
Total (100%)