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STD:2ND SUB: Science assignment semester 2

Ex.1 Fill in the blanks :

1. Marble is a hard rock.

2. Granite is used in making monuments.
3. The red fort in Delhi is made from sandstone.
4. Shale is used to make bricks.
5. Rocks break up from soil.
6. Graphite is used for making lead in pencils.
7. Glass is cut with a diamond.
8. Emerald is a gemstone.
9. The sun is a big ball of fire.
10.Sun is the star nearest to earth.
11.The sun gives us heat and light.
12.Light travels in a straight line.
13.A shadow is formed on the opposite side of light.
14.Shadows are long in the morning and evening.
15.All around the earth there is air.
16.High lands are called hills
17.Many people live in plains.
18.Very few plants grow in a desert.
19.Many animals live in forests.
20.On the coasts , the air is wet.
21.Coconut trees are found near coastal areas.
22.Eskimos live in houses made of ice.
23.Most cities and towns are build in the plains
24.Large number of wild animals lives in forests.
25.Coconut trees are found in the coastal regions.

Ex.2 True or false:

1. Sun is a cold ball of ice. False

2. We cannot look straight at the sun. True
3. Heat of sun evaporates water and makes rain possible. True
4. When light passes through an object a shadow is formed. False
5. The shape and size of our shadow depends upon the position of the sun in the
sky. True
6. Very few plants grow in deserts. true
7. The ice houses in which Eskimos live are called mountains. False
8. The lowland between two mountains/hills is called a valley. True
9. Chalk is a hard rock. false
10.Granite is used in buildings. true
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Ex.3 Multiple choice questions:

1. It is an important mineral a) brick b)paint c)coal

2. It is used for making jewellery a) chalk b)gold
3. It is a soft rock a) marble b) sandstone c) chalk
4. This mineral is used to produce electricity. a) coal b) mica
5. It is a big ball of fire. a) sun b)moon c)cloud
6. Shadows are formed. a) in the shade b) by a source of light
c) on the same side of light
7. Shadows are shortest a) in the morning b) at noon c) in the evening
8. Vast areas of flat land are called a) plains b) mountains c)
9. Forests have many a) people b) buildings c) trees
10.Desert have a) heavy rainfall b) less rainfall c) heavy
11.Land area near the sea is called a a) forest b) coast c) polar
12.Igloos are made of a) cement b) straw c) ice slabs
13.Polar bears are found in a) hot places b) cold places c) near
the beaches
14.Rock used in making tiles. a) shale b) slate c) sandstone
15.The sun is a star. a) star b) cloud c) planet
16.When light is blocked by an object a shadow is formed. a) darkness
b) shadow c) light
17.Coast is a land beside the sea. a) coast b) slab c)
18.Which of the following is a hard rock? a) slate b) pebbles c)
19.Which of the following is a soft rock? a) slate b) pebbles c)marbles
20.Light travels in a straight line. a) zig-zag b) upside-down c)

Ex.4 Name Them:

1. Types of rocks found near a river- Big rocks , pebbles

2. Name two minerals Gold, coal
3. Name two gemstones- ruby, Emerald
4. Name two hard rocks Marble, Granite
5. Name two soft rocks Slate , Chalk

Ex.5 Answer in one word:

1. It is used for making bricks ,paints and plastic A. Shale

2. Used for making writing chalks. A. Chalk
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3. Used to flavour food. A. Rock salt

4. Used in making crockery. A. China clay
5. Used in talcum powder. A. Talc
6. Used in making jewellery. A. Ruby
7. It covers most of the earths surface. A. Water
8. It is a house made office slabs. A. Igloo
9. It is very big and very high land. A. Mountain
10.It is very hot and dry place with lots of sand. A. Desert
11.It is a small high land. A. Hill
12.It is a lowland between two mountains. A. Valley
13.The dark shape formed when light is blocked by an object. A. Shadow
14.Grains, fruits or vegetables grown in large quantity. A. Crops
15.A thick , flat piece of solid substance. A. Slab

Ex.6 Answer the following questions:

1. Why do we need a house?

A. We need a house to live with our family and to store our belongings. We also
need a house to protect ourselves from sun, wind, rain, cold, thieves and wild
2. What are the different parts of a house?
A. The different parts of a house are walls, rooms, door, windows, and a roof.
3. What are permanent houses made of?
A. Permanent houses are made of bricks, stones, cement, steel and wood.
4. What is a hut?
A. A house made of mud and straw or bamboo is called a hut.
5. What is the roof of a hut made of?
A. The roof of a hut is made of grass, leaves, straw or tiles.
6. What is an igloo?
A. A house made of slabs of ice with a dome-shaped roof is called an igloo.
7. Why do we wear clothes?
A. We wear clothes to cover ourselves and protect us from sun, wind, rain and cold.
8. Why should you not cover your face while sleeping?
A. We should not cover our face while sleeping because we may not be able to
9. What care should be taken if your friend is swinging in the swings?
A. We should not go near the swings if our friend is swinging on the swings.
10.Why should you not tease animals?
A. We should not tease animals because they may bite us.
11.Give two safety rules you should obey when you are in or near a swimming pool.
A. 1. Always go with an adult. 2. Do not go in deep water.
12.Write two safety rules to be followed in a moving bus.
A. 1. Do not lean out of a bus. 2. Do not put your hands out of the window.
13.What should you do if you get hurt?
A. If we get hurt , we must always inform an adult.
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14.Why do we need air?

A. We need air to breathe.
15.What does air contain?
A. Air contains many gases , water vapour, smoke, germs and dust particles.
16.How does a germ mix with air?
A. When we cough or sneeze without covering our mouth, the germs from our body
come out and mix with air.
17.Why should we plant more trees?
A. To get clean air , we should plant more trees.
18.What is weathercock used for?
A. A weathercock is used to find the direction of the wind.
19.How is a river formed?
A. A stream flowing down a mountain becomes bigger and bigger as it flows down
and forms a river.
20.How is water taken out from under the ground?
A. Water is taken out from under the round by digging wells.
21.Why should water not be wasted?
A. Water should not be wasted, to overcome shortage of water.
22.What is our main source of water?
A. Rain is our main source of water.
23.What happens when water vapour is cooled?
A. When water vapour is cooled , it changes in to water.
24.How does water from a river go up in the air?
A. The sun heats the water in the river and changes it into water vapour. The water
vapour rises up in the air.
25.Where are rocks found?
A. Rocks are found on the surface of the earth, under the ground and below the sea.
26.Give two uses of granite.
A. Granite is used in making floorings and statues.
27.Write two uses of slate.
A. Slate is used in making tiles and writing slates.
28.How is soil formed?
A. Rocks break up into very small pieces and form soil.
29.What is the main use o coal?
A. Coal is used to burn fire and produce electricity.
30.What is the sun made up of?
A. The sun is made up of many gasses.
31.What would the earth be if there was no sun?
A. If there was no sun, the earth would be a very cold and dark place.
32.How is the sun useful to plants?
A. Plants need sunlight to make food. So, the sun helps the plant to get food.
33.How is a shadow formed?
A. When an object blocks the path of a light , a shadow is formed.
34.At what time of the day is your shadow the shortest?
A. Our shadow is the shortest at noon when the sun is at top of our head.
35.Why do many people live in the plains?
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A. Many people live in the plains because many different kinds of crops grow there.
So, they get plenty of food.
36.What do you see in a forest?
A. In a forest , we see many animals and different types of trees growing close to
one another.
37.What are deserts?
A. The land in some parts of the earth is very, very dry. It is covered with sand.
Such a place is called a desert.
38.Why do only a few people and animals live in deserts ?
A. The deserts are dry places with very little water. Therefore, people and animal
find it difficult to live in deserts.
39.Why do houses in hilly areas have sloping roofs?
A. It rains very often in hilly areas. So, the houses on hills have sloping roofs to let
the water flow easily.
40.Where do you find most of the water on the earth?
A. Most of the water on the earth is found in vast water bodies called oceans and
41.What happens when there is a storm?
A. Storm can uproot trees , damage buildings and sink ships.

Ex. 7 Short notes:


1. All living things need water to live.

2. Rain is the main source of water.
3. Drinking water is purified in the water works.
4. We must not waste water.
5. Water is used for drinking , farming , cooking, washing , and cleaning.


1. Air is all around us.

2. It is a mixture of gases.
3. It has speed and direction.
4. It takes up space.
5. It has weight.

Ex. 8 Match the following:

1. Plain flat land

2. Forest trees and animals
3. Coast land near the sea
4. Desert dry land
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