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Parivartan Yoga or Exchange Yoga is one of the
most searched topics in Vedic astrology but
nothing much is written by anyone which can
be helpful to understand it properly, except the
same old basic rules for it.
Parivartan Yoga or Exchange Yoga have a
special meaning and that is why it is
mentioned by sages separately. Technically it's
just a way how two planets makes planetary
relation with each other but still, they got a
separate mention in classical work by our

Parivartan or Exchange Yoga is of three

1.Maha Parivartan Yoga.
2.Khala Parivartan Yoga.
3.Daniya Parivartan Yoga.
To identify different kind of parivartan yoga
knowledge on role of planets for various
ascendants is very necessary.
Let see how these three Parivartan/Exchange
Yoga takes formation.


auspicious Parivartan/ Exchange Yoga where
auspicious lords of Kendra or Trines are
making an exchange with each other and if you
know about the theory of Rajyoga then you
know what happens when Kendra
and Trine houses make relationship with each
other and this is what happens here also.
1. Exchange of ascendant lord with the lord of
any of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th
2.Exchange of the second lord with the lord of
any of the 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th houses.
3.Exchange of the fourth lord with the lord of
any of the 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th houses.
4.Exchange of the fifth lord with the lord of
any of 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th houses.
5.Exchange of the seventh lord with the lord of
any of 9th, 10th, 11th houses.
6.Exchange of 9th lord with the lord of any of
10th, 11th houses.
7.Exchange of 10th lord with the lord of 11th
Any of the above Parivartan will give good
results and point no 2 will be strongest DHAN
YOGA especially the exchange between 2nd
and 11th lord.
Here, the results will be of a greater effect
since it is an exchange here and due to that
resulting Rajyoga will also bring great
results. The exchange is the strongest kind of
planetary relationship planets can have.
For example, exchange btw 9th and 10th lord
i.e Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga will bring more
auspicious results
then dharmakarmadhipati yoga formed by the
union of 9th and 10th lord or mutual aspect of
9th and 10th lord. The reason for this can be
explained like this:
All planets except for Sun and Moon have
lordship over two zodiacs, now suppose in
Pisces ascendant Mars is in 10th house and
Jupiter is in 9th house generating Dharma
Karma Adhipati Yoga. Here, Mars lordship
over 2nd and Jupiter lordship over ascendant
should be ignored and only their 9th and 10th
house lordship will come into force which will
generate a potent Dharma Karma Adhipati
2.KHALA YOGA: Khala yoga is formed when
3rd lord makes an exchange with the lord of
any of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and
11th lord.
Khala actually means wicked and this yoga is
said to bring some kind of wickedness to the
native. Though the word wickedness is used
here but if we look into the deep meaning of
this yoga, you will find that this yoga can lead
to success also. Here, wickedness can be
related to passion also.
These rules were written long ago even before
the birth of Jesus and Messenger of Allah.
At that time especially in India people were
very organized and society was divided into
layers based on which caste they took birth
and khala yoga would have lead to breaking
society norms.
But in the current world, Khala Yoga can be a
blessing especially for business people,
sportsman, and politician. It makes a person to
do things which might not liked by others.They
can be a trend setter if good Rajyoga is forming
in the horoscope. Here, 3rd house is the pillar
for Khala Yoga and 3rd house in the horoscope
is most important when it comes to excelling
in your professional field.
Here, 3rd house is the pillar for Khala Yoga
and 3rd house in the horoscope is most
important when it comes to excelling in your
professional field.
A great example of Khala Yoga where
wickedness and excellence are clearly visible is
Evel Kniviel. He was the greatest bike stunt
performer world ever saw and will see.
His Khala Yoga made him able to perform
stunts and allowed him to go beyond known
human limits.

Evel Knievel Horoscope


This is the Parivartan which you don't want to
have in your horoscope.
Following are the ways Dainya Parivartan Yoga
1.Sixth lord exchange house with the lord of
any of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th,
10th, 11th and 12th house.
2.Eight lord exchange house with the lord of
any of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th,
10th, 11th and 12th house.
3.Twelfth lord exchange house with the lord of
any of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th,
10th and 11th house.
Here, as mentioned before planets and their
ruling house gets connected deeply and due to
the involvement of a malefic house lord other
house suffers very negatively.
In the definition of Dainya Parivartan Yoga,
you will see the exchange of 6th house lord
with 8th house or 12th house lord is
mentioned. Many might say this is a Vipreet
Rajyoga but BPHS doesn't say so. Same
way parivartan between two debiliated planets
never gives Neechabhanga Rajyoga.
One good example of Dainya Parivartan Yoga
is Joesph Stalin where he abused his powers
generated by other Rajyoga in his horoscope.
His horoscope is given in end of this article.

Since I have a planetary exchange between

Venus and Mercury and Nakshatra exchange
between Jupiter and Sun.
I was always looking for the proper meaning of
these Parivartan or Exchange Yoga during my
learning days and after so many years I finally
think I can write a meaningful article on it.
First of all Parivartan/Exchange Yoga is the
strongest planetary connection two planets can
have. Here, two house lords are involved with
each other where significations of the houses
and it's ruling planet's both natural and
functional are affecting each other.
But Parivartan/Exchange Yoga is more than
that. What I am going to write here is from my
experience on chart readings and quite,
fortunately, I encountered a good no of
exchanges. Not to forget there are many public
figures with Parivartan/Exchange Yoga and
their horoscope can teach you a lot.
The best example of Parivartan/
ExchangeYoga is Late Indira Gandhi.
She has three exchanges in her horoscope and
she made a special place for herself in Indian


One very important trend you will see that

natives with Parivartan of planets have very
distinct life pattern and they don't live a
regular life, they think different, they act
different and makes bold decisions which a
normal Joe or Jonny can't make.
They have sudden rise and falls in life and in
plain simple words they live a heavy karmic
As mentioned before Parivartan Yoga is one of
the many ways for a planetary relationship and
should be dealt same way like you read any
other planetary combination but with few
extra tricks.
First, see the rulership of planets
involved parivartan yoga and see where it is
forming. Then make a holistic interpretation
on it. Suppose 5th and 7th house are in
exchange yoga. The very few things which will
pop in your mind is Love Marriage, Success in
business, Kids living a good life and abroad
opportunities for them etc. This interpretation
is same like when 5th lord is placed in the 7th
Now, here due to exchange between 5th and
7th house, their signification will mix deeply
and a shadow effect of 5th house will fall on
7th whereas 7th house will make an
impression over your 5th house.
Now during Dasha of any of these lords, both
houses will give results simultaneously. For
sake of convenience suppose Dasha running is
of 7th house lord and follow the steps given
1.Include 5th house Dasha results
independently along with 7th house Dasha
In normal circumstances like union of 5th and
7th house lord, we take mix significations of
5th and7th house signification to predict
results. Moreover, we do a synthesis of the
union here using bhavat bhavam etc.
But as said before before, here in exchange
yoga you need to bring 5th house signification
completely into 7th house. In simple words,
you need to calculate Dasha results of two
houses separately.
That is why in mahaparivartan yoga results are
amazing for native because Dasha results of
two auspicious houses are active at same time.
Parivartan Yoga between 5th and 7th house
and with active Dasha of any of those. You will
be enjoying results of two benefic houses
where marriage, kids, honors, success, gains
from business, gain from kids and speculations
and a lot of other good results will come to you
and since it's a Rajyoga, the results will be
greater than results of another kind of
planetary association between 5th and 7th
Also, this kind of auspicious Parivartan Yoga
will improve the strength of horoscope
For example, in Indira Gandhi horoscope there
is an exchange between 5th(Mars) and
2nd(Sun) house.
Now, to interpret this Parivartan Yoga you can
follow these steps.
1. The exchange between 2nd and 5th lord
resulted in birth in a powerful family.
2.This exchange also gave her a huge status
and position.
3.5th house is the house of honor and 2nd
house is the house of gains.
4.Treat 5th house as ascendant here and you
will see there is an exchange between
ascendant and 10th house. It shows a great rise
of her kids. Here, 5th is for kids and 10th is for
Her second son was Prime minister of India
and is still one of the talked about Prime
minister ever.
5.Her both son died a violent death. Though it
is a mahaparivartan yoga and gave good rise to
her kids but due to the involvement of malefic
planets resulted in the death of her children.
6.Sun in the 5th house not for kids and being a
Maraka due to its second house lordship, it
affected the longevity of her kids.
7.Sun in 5th house in an exchange with Mars
also shows how she interacted with people in
general and her image was of a hard task
master where many consider her as a ruthless
leader when she declared an emergency, which
is considered as a black mark on democracy of
Though the 5th point here is not only due to
exchange between 5th and 2nd exchange, her
other exchange 6th and 11th house have a big
say in it. Let's interpret her other exchange I
just talked now.
6th house is the house of Enemies and 11th is
the house of achievement in general.
This Parivartan Yoga in the chart can be
dissected like this:
1.If you will look into her life you will find that
she had to face a lot of opposition in her
political career and she got victory over her
enemies very time people went against her.
It's all due to exchange between 6th and 11th
house lord. Where Victory over enemies is
seen after a hard fought battle.
2.This Parivartan Yoga made her very
courageous and she took some bold decisions
like war with Pakistan which resulted in the
creation of Bangladesh.
This exchange yoga between 6th and 11th
houses gave her Victory over enemies and
made her bold enough to take extreme steps
for it.

1.Rajesh Khana the first superstar of India and

was known for immense popularity.

2.Julia Roberts, the hollywood actress who is

known for great acting and her interest in
Hinduism also she have a
strong Neechabhanga Rajyoga in her

3. Mao Zedong was a Chinese communist

revolutionary and founding father of the
People Republic of China, apart from
Mahaparivartan yoga
he have Panchmahapurush Sasa Yoga.

4.Joesph Stalin, in his

horoscope Dainya parivartan yoga which made
him cruel and a ruthless leader. He
also have two other Rajyoga i.e Ruchaka
Yoga and Vipreet Rajyoga.
Joseph Stalin Horoscope.

5.Michael Douglas, in his horoscope there is a

exchange between 10th and 11th house, giving
him world wide recogination.

Michael Douglas Horoscope

6.Richard Nixon have exchange between 7th

and 10th house which is
a traditional rajyoga but due to exchange the
results were magnified.

Richard Nixon Horoscope

With these examples of her Parivartan Yoga,

you will realize that, if you have Parivartan
Yoga in your horoscope then your whole life
will revolve it and you will be remembered for
events related to it.
Parivartan Yoga leaves a deep mark on
someone identity and they mostly thrive for
significations of houses involved in Parivartan

So far we have discussed the exchange of

planets and there is another kind of exchange
which happens between nakshatra and is
called as Sookshma Parivartan.
It can be identified easily and for example, if
Sun is in Jupiter nakshatra and Jupiter is in
Sun nakshatra then it is called as Sookshma
Here, planets are related to each other on the
nakshatra level and you need to see lord
ship of nakshatra lords from D-1 chart.
Suppose in a Pisces ascendant horoscope,
there is a nakshatra exchange between the 6th
house(Sun) and 1st and 10th house(Jupiter)
lord. Here, during Dasha of Sun there will be
progress in career and during Dasha of the
10th lord, there will be health issues.
Parivartan Yoga or Exchange of planets should
be given a good attention and always ready to
face some surprises during their Dasha