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A. Interacting Emerging Expanding Bridging
Collaborative: Ask and answer Contribute to Contribute to
I. Oral, yes and no discussions by asking conversations by
collaborative questions and adding relevant building on responses.
discussions on Use simple information. Extended and
a range of phrases Longer complex
topics Basic conversational conversations.
II. Various forms conversations exchanges Negotiate and
of written oral Basic expression of Expanding personal persuade using
and media ideas ideas, views in personal arguments
communicatio Adjusting language communication. and indirect reported
n to social setting Adjusting language speech.
III. Sharing to purpose. Adjusting language to
opinions and task.
IV. Adapting
Interpretive: Active listening in Active listening in Active listening in oral
I. Close listening oral presentation. oral presentation presentation
and reading of Ask and answer Ask and answer Ask and answer
texts basic questions. detailed questions detailed questions
II. Evaluating Explain ideas with with moderate with minimal
writers and support. support. prompting and
writing. Use context, word Express inferences support.
III. Analyzing knowledge and and conclusions Express inferences
writers and reference tools to based on close and conclusions based
writing. determine word reading of text. on close reading of
meaning and uses Use word knowledge text.
with substantial strategies to Use word knowledge
support. determine word strategies to
meanings and determine word
shades of meaning meanings and shades
with moderate of meaning with light
support. support.
Productive: Plan and deliver Plan and deliver Plan and deliver oral
I. Expressing brief oral reports. longer oral reports reports on a variety of
Information Short literary and using detail and topics, using
and ideas. informational texts evidence to support reasoning, evidence,
II. Presenting, written ideas. and growing
describing, collaboratively and Longer written texts understanding of
explaining. independently. using appropriate register.
III. Justifying Brief summaries text organization. Longer and more
opinions and using complete Increasingly concise detailed literary and
arguments. sentences and key summaries. informational texts
IV. Selecting and words. Justify opinions using using organizational
applying Justify opinions relevant text strategies suited to
appropriate purpose.
with some textual information, and
vocabulary Clear and coherent
evidence. background
and language
Explain attitudes knowledge, with summaries.
and opinions with moderate support. Justify opinions by
some basic modal Explain attitudes and referring to specific
expressions. opinions with a text with light
variety of modal support.
expressions. Explain attitudes and
opinions with a
variety of nuanced
modal expressions.
B. Learning
about how
Structuring Apply basic Apply growing Apply increasing
Cohesive texts: understanding of understanding of how understanding of how
I. Structure how different text different text types different text types
II. Cohesion types are are organized to are organized to
organized to express ideas to express ideas to
express ideas. communicate with comprehending texts
Apply basic increasing cohesion. and writing cohesive
understanding of Apply growing texts.
language understanding of Apply increasing
resources for language resources understanding of
referring the for referring the language resources
reader back or reader back or for referring the
forward in text forward in text. reader back or
Apply basic Apply growing forward in text
understanding of understanding of how Apply increasing
how ideas, events, ideas, events, or understanding of how
or reasons are reasons are linked ideas, events, or
linked throughout throughout a text reasons are linked
a text using a using a variety of throughout a text
select set of connecting words or using an increasing
everyday phrases. variety of academic
connecting words connecting and
or phrases. transitional words or
Expanding and Use a variety of Use various verb Using verbs and verb
Enriching: verbs, and tenses types, tenses phrases Use various
I. Verbs/verb (e.g., present, appropriate to the verb types and tenses
phrases past, future, task, text type, and appropriate to the
II. Nouns/noun simple) discipline on an task, text type, and
phrases appropriate to the increasing variety of discipline on a variety
text type and topics. of topics. Expand
discipline on Expand noun phrases noun phrases in an
familiar topics. in a variety of ways increasing variety of
Expand noun to enrich the ways to enrich the
phrases in simple meaning of meaning of sentences
ways to enrich the sentences and add and add details.
meaning of details. Expand sentences
sentences and add Expand sentences with a variety of
details about with an increasing adverbials about a
ideas, people, variety of adverbials variety of familiar and
things, and the to provide details new activities and
like. about a familiar or processes.
Expand sentences new activity or
with simple process.
adverbials (e.g.,
phrases) to provide
details about a
familiar activity or
Connecting and Combine clauses in Combine clauses in Combine clauses in a
Condensing a few basic ways an increasing variety wide variety of ways
to make of ways to make to make connections
connections connections between between and join
between and join and join ideas, for ideas, for example, to
ideas. Condense example, to express express a reason, to
ideas in simple a reason, or to make make a concession, or
ways (e.g., by a concession. to link two ideas that
compounding Condense ideas in an happen at the same
verbs, adding increasing variety of time.
prepositional ways. Condense ideas in a
phrases, or variety of ways.
through simple
C. Using Foundational Literacy Skills
I. Print concepts
II. Phonological awareness
III. Phonics and word recognition
IV. Fluency

Native language and literacy should be assessed for potential transference to English language and
Similarities between native language and English should be highlighted.
Differences between native language and English should be highlighted.