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Mr. Muhammad Hanif Bhatti

Sub Divisional Officer (Civil)


Subject: Construction of overhead water tanks (100,000 gallons) in

Block-N Phase-II WECHS Ltd Multan

Kindly refer to your memo No. WECHS/822-25 dated 25-02-2017 wherein you have
intimated that you have observed cold joints in the tension beams (braces of the
columns) which can become the cause of cracks in the near future.

In this respect we beg to say that the concrete in the braces was placed as per
specifications of placement of cement concrete and in the presence of the sub
engineer in-charge. The concreting in the brace beams was started from one point
and was continued to complete the entire brace connecting all the eight columns by
reaching the point of start in one go. No gap in the laying of this concrete was
given. However on reaching the point of start cement slurry was laid on the original
concrete before laying the new concrete and compaction of the new concrete
assured with vibration.

No honey combing has been observed in any joint. If at all these are to be treated
as construction joints even then as per specification (attached) these joints should
not fall in the center or middle third of the beam which is not the condition

These braces are provided for elimination of the buckling of columns in case of high
air pressure on the structure or in case of earthquakes and behave as compression
or torsion struts. These are subjected to very small tension because of positive
bending moments at the center only due to their own dead loads and hence there is
no possibility of the tension cracks as envisaged in your memo.

Further we accept full responsibility for any problem if developed in future due to
these joints.
For Tahir &


(i) The copy is forwarded to the secretary WECHS Ltd Multan for information.
(ii) Convener of Development Works Sub-committee Phase-I, Phase-I (Ext) &
Phase-II WECHS Ltd., Multan