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How does Linda/other black females not conform to the virtues defined in the

cult of true womanhood?

AGAINST & THROUGH = not entitled to the same elements of the definition of
true womanhood & needs to work alongside the black female in order to see
discrepancies in the way they are portrayed, without being able to have some
co-dependent reference of the white woman against the black woman, we
cannot clearly define black female sexuality or white womanhood.

Black female sexuality & slavery V ideologies of white womanhood

Both are an institution abused by the white man. The white man is also essential
in the construction of white womanhood. In order to create this holistic view of
womanhood, domestic space and motherhood are foregrounded and both are
facilitated by the white man. This is emphasised in the critical virtues of the
ideology of women piety, purity, submissiveness and domesticityWith them
she was promised happiness and power this is the word I find problematic, as to
be promised something, this suggests that a third party is involved in a womens
personal progress to womanhood. So this arbitrary acquisition of womanhood
perhaps can only be broken down by a personal engagement with the context of
slavery that coincides with the Cult of True Womanhood

This may be the white equivalent to the economic/political struggle that slavery
produced for black female individuals.

Black female sexuality and white womanhood are meshed together by this genre
of sentimentalism. Through Jacobs writing there is this feeling of shared
experience of the white and black woman that cannot be ignored; without this
definition of common ground between them, the novel would be dominated by
the institution of slavery and the need to create divisions between black and
white women. This is done through the means of domestic space/different laws

Try and relate the pedestal functions from Carby to occurrences in Incidents in
the Life of a Slave Girl (as this will show that some sort of other functions work
against slavery in order to redefine black sexuality/white womanhoodthe
context of these functions is facilitated by slavery, but this outcome is something
not intended by the political/economic aims of slavery)

This has not left me much leisure to make up for the loss of early opportunities
to improve myself Slavery has not offered black females the chance to better
themselves; at the heart of white womanhood. EVIDENCE

A Perilous Passage in the Slave Girls Life

Refers to slavery as a physical demon that detains her & her female sexuality is
embroiled in this and aids in further entrapping her. By separating this aspect of
slavery from herself, Linda is perhaps able to more accurately appeal to the
woman in the North: I wanted to keep myself purebut I was struggling alone in
the powerful grasp of the demon Slavery

In relation to white womanhood, there is the mention there was considerable

gossip in the neighbourhood about our affairs, to which the open-mouthed
jealousy of Mrs Flint contributed not a little. Thus, slavery/black sexuality is
making the white woman feel she must intervene she is not the distant,
domestic figure of the antebellum South. Refers to white women But, O, ye
happy women, whose purity has been sheltered from childhood

Writes about her sexuality being a confession, how tender feeling crept into her

the condition of a slave confuses all principles of morality, and, in fact, renders
the practice of them impossible think of this in relation to the different
principles that make up white womanhood


Look at other female characters. Think of them in relation to Linda and

ultimately the entire question.

Linda feels that she cannot tell her grandmother: I was no longer
worthy of her love & once grandmother finds out, she is mortified &
disgusted she has broken familial bonds etc

Linda also has a confrontation with Mrs Flint focus is on Lindas

sexuality being used against Mrs Flint

Female black sexuality is depicted as a sin, something that is an issue to more

than the black female. This interest, I feel, upsets the power structures that
operate behind the institution of slavery. Ultimately, this changeable concept of
black female sexuality has the premise to be more damaging than one may have