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Useful language

Letters objecting to someone's plans
I am writing to express my concern /disappointment / alarm at
hearing ...
I was extremely alarmed/sorry/distressed to hear about your plans
to ...
As I think you know,
May I point out that
I feel I really must object to ...
I am extremely concerned at the thought that ...
It must be very clear that ...
If these proposals go ahead, ... will happen.
Another threat to ... , if these proposals go ahead, would come from ...
I dread to imagine what damage this will cause.
May I respectfully suggest that you ...
I was wondering if you had considered this alternative?
Would it not be possible to ... ?

Letters of complaint
I am writing to complain about ...
I am writing to tell you how disappointed/annoyed I feel about ...
I was amazed/distressed/horrified to find that ...
As you must realise, ...
I am sure you will appreciate that ...
It goes without saying that ...
At the very least, I look forward to receiving ...
Unless you ... , I am afraid that I will have to take this matter further.

Letters of recommendation
I am writing to you on behalf of ...
I have known X for ... years.
She / He has shown herself/himself to be extremely ...
X would seem to fit the requirements of this job perfectly.
I have no hesitation in recommending X as a ...

Letters to the editor

I am writing about the article on ... , which appeared (in last night's
I am writing with reference to the article you published (in last
month's issue).
I have just read your article on ... and I feel I must ...
You raised some issues which I feel strongly about.
At the start of your article, you appear to claim that ...
I am afraid I totally disagree.
I am completely in agreement.
I am sure readers will agree with me when I say that ...

To Whom It May Concern,

(most typical beginning since we do not specify the person to whom the
letter is addressed and in this way it can be further used).

I am writing this letter of recommendation for _________________ who has

worked as a ______________ in ___________ for quite some time.

As the ______________, I have observed her and have spoken to her about her
philosophy of _______________ and her strategies in working with
At each stage in her career here _______________has shown great enthusiasm
for her work and has always managed to combine a friendly, outgoing
nature with a dedicated, professional approach. Her willingness to respond
to circumstances and work extra hours if required has been a major asset to
the company
In addition, we were fortunate to have her in _______________ because her
contribution in ___________________________ was very helpful for _____________.

She is an outstanding model of ___________________ at many different levels.

Her keenness to learn and dedication to work are two of the main
characteristics which paved the way to success.
Indeed, her ability to work accurately and with attention to detail is one of
her greatest strengths, particularly in this field of work

I am in no doubt that ____________ has the makings of an excellent

______________. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she also has a
talent for ____________, with an enthusiastic combination of___________.
She is at all times very approachable and enjoys the affection and respect of
her colleagues. She is also extremely adept at dealing with difficult
She would make a valuable contribution to _______________

My colleagues and I were impressed by her wealth of knowledge, her level

of experience, and her unbridled enthusiasm for ________________.

Not only is she a highly talented ________________ but she is also an

exceptionally gifted ____________
She is a skilled __________
She is a proficient ______________
She is an expert ____________
She is a promising ___________
She is an accomplished ______________
She has a talent for ___________
She has a flair for ____________
She has a gift for ___________
She has acquired outstanding computer skills.
She has the necessary managerial skills
She has developed the necessary interpersonal skills.
She has advanced problem-solving skills
She has excellent organizational skills

Naturally, with her experience she is familiar with all aspects of ___________,
and quickly assimilates new developments.

In addition to her obvious passion for ____________, ________________ has a

very warm, friendly manner and always shows great patience and sensitivity
towards others. These qualities enable her to communicate easily and
effectively with _______, and he would be just as at home talking to
_____________ as he would be to _______.

She has a helpful nature

She has an outgoing nature
She has a sensitive nature
She is highly approachable
She is attentive
She is caring
She is dedicated
She is easy-going
She is flexible
She is industrious (Diligent and hard-working)
She is likeable
She is loyal
She is outgoing
She is responsible

She is also an excellent listener and voracious reader, capable of

assimilating large amounts of new information with great ease. This would
undoubtedly help her acquire the relevant background knowledge about
_________________ in a very short space of time.

She has a determined nature

She has all the necessary personal qualities.
She shows great patience
She shows great sensitivity towards others.
She shows great enthusiasm
She shows great potential
She shows strong leadership qualities
She has adopted an enthusiastic approach to her work

I have continued meeting up with ___________________ with regard to her

project in ________________________. __________________ has continued to
demonstrate that spirit that has always been so evident in her. She believes
in _____________.

She is committed to _________________ and is passionate when talking about

all aspects of ______________. She is well liked by my colleagues and she
shares her knowledge with all of us through her interesting ____________ and
with me through our meetings. She is indeed a very good resource for the

She settled into this position quite easily in ___________ because of her
enthusiastic response to new experiences.
She displays the right personal qualities_____________
These qualities enable her to ___________________
For these reasons I am more than confident that ________ has the necessary
qualities for this job and she would be a great asset to your _________. She
has always been a faithful and trustworthy ___________ and I am sure she
would make an equally loyal and reliable ______________.
In light of my personal experience with her, I am confident that she is well
suited for the post in your company.
I wish that she were staying in _____________ next year but I wish her well in
her new post.