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Name: Nicole Deciantis Cohort: A1

Lesson Plan
Lesson Title: ____Help Im trapped in a snow globe! Art work____ Grade: __5__ Date: __December 9, 2016__

Subject/Strand: ___Arts___Unit:___Visual Arts__ Location: __Classroom__ Time: (length in minutes):

__35 min__

Lesson Plan Description (What are you teaching? How does it fit into the context of the unit? What are
the big ideas/essential/enduring understandings?)

Students are creating themselves standing inside a snow globe. For this multi media project, students will be
using photographs, plastic plates, paper, coloring utensils, and Styrofoam balls to develop a 3-D snow globe

Ontario Curricular Overall Expectations (numbers from documents and details)

D1. Creating and Presenting: apply the creative process (see pages 1922) to produce a variety of two- and
three-dimensional art works, using elements, principles, and techniques of visual arts to communicate
feelings, ideas, and understandings;

Ontario Curricular Specific Expectations (numbers from documents and details) selected & listed from
the Ont. Curriculum, refined when necessary, has verbs that are observable & measureable, has realistic
number of expectations (1 to 3), have expectations that match assessment

D1.4 use a variety of materials, tools, and techniques to determine solutions to design challenges

Learning Goals Discuss with students: What will I be learning today? (clearly identify what students
are expected to know and be able to do, in language that students can readily understand.)
Today I will learn
How to use a variety of materials to create a visually appealing piece of art.
Success Criteria Discuss with students: How will I know I have learned what I need to learn?
(Clearly identify the criteria to assess students learning, as well as what evidence of learning students will
provide to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and thinking, in language that students can readily
I can: assemble my snow globe using various materials.
I can: decorate the interior of my snow globe.
I can: use an image of myself within the snow globe to make it seem as if I am trapped.
I can: make my art work reflect the written portion of this assignment.
Assessment How will I know students have learned what I intended?
Achievement Chart Categories (highlight/circle the ones that apply):
Knowledge and Understanding; Thinking; Communication;
Assessment For, As, Of Learning (Circle One) (Describe way(s) you and/or your students will assess.)

Assessment Mode Assessment Strategy and Assessment Tool - Instrument used to

Written, Oral, Task for Students- What are the assess task and record learning e.g., rubric,
Performance students doing to show their checklist, observation sheet, turn/talk, role play
(Write, Say, Do) learning? e.g. turn and talk, role etc.
Indicate whether play/individual, cooperative, etc.

Lakehead University Orillia, 09 02 15

FOR Students will work on Students will be assessed based on the
creating an appealing art written portions of this assignment, but
work that gives the illusion of will also be assessed based on their
someone being stuck in a artistic creativity.
snow globe. Students will use
multiple materials to create
this affect.


Prior Learning: Prior to this lesson, students will have

* Students have worked with mixed media art assignments previously in accordance to the
Ontario Arts Curriculum.
Differentiation: Content, Process, Product, Environment, Assessment/Accommodations,
M- May require further verbal or translated explanation on what the activities objective is.
J- May require assistance keeping on task for this assignment. Is encouraged to perform a
majority of needed work independently.
Learning Skills/Work Habits Highlight/circle ones that are assessed: responsibility, organization,
independent work, collaboration, initiative, self-regulation
As students will be given the opportunity to work with multiple medias, they are to display their ability to
self regulate within the classroom. Students are to display that they are on task, not being distracted, or
distracting toward their peers at this time. Students will be expected to keep a moderate classroom
Vocabulary (for word wall and/or to develop schema)
Multi media

Resources and Materials /Technology Integration List ALL items necessary for delivery of the lesson.
Include any attachments of student worksheets used and teacher support material that will support
communication of instruction. Include the use of Information Technology (ICT) in your lesson plan where
Prior student examples

Clear plates
Photographs taken and printed
Completed written portion
Glue/ hot glue
Snow (Styrofoam balls)
Colouring utensils.

Lakehead University Orillia, 09 02 15

Learning Environment (grouping; transitions; physical set up)

Students will work independently unless in need of assistance.

When students begin completing their own assignment they may move on to assisting peers.

Cross Curricular Links

Language Arts: Written portion will be completed in language class, but will be combined with
this art assignment to create a final product of story and illustration.

Three Part Lesson

Identify what the students are expected to think about or do. Write the lesson description with
enough detail that another teacher could replicate the lesson without a personal discussion.
What Teachers Do: What Students do:

Minds on: Motivational Hook/engagement /Introduction (5-15 min)

Establish a positive learning environment, connect to prior learning, set the context for learning, pre-
determine key questions to guide lesson.
Time: ______-__10 minutes__ (Indicate time
breakdown of instructional elements)

Teacher will begin by demonstrating

prior student examples.

This is an example of a prior students work.

They did a similar activity to what you will all
be doing now.

You will be using the pictures that we took the

other day to illustrate your stories that you
wrote in language.

You are going to trap your image within a

snow globe just like this student has. You will
be cutting your picture out to put underneath
a plate that symbolizes the globe.
I suggest you trace the plate on the page so
you know where you have to put yourself.

After this, you will be drawing a back group

that illustrates something you talked about in
your story. That could be someone or an
animal you mentioned.

You may want to write in some onomatopoeia

words you used such as BURR. A snow fort. A ice castle. A frozen lake or pond.

Or you could draw the setting where you

ended up whether it is at the North Pole or in
a snowstorm.
What are some other good background ideas?

You can use pencil crayons to do this, or you

can just do it in black and white with pencil

When you are done the background, you will

be putting foam balls in the center of your
image before attaching the plate. Remember
not to move your image around after
attaching the plate or else the foam balls

Lakehead University Orillia, 09 02 15

might stick to the glue.
Everyone can come up to the projection table
and take one of each item a blue paper, and a
plate. You will be using your own colouring Lets get at er!
utensils, or you can borrow them off of the
teachers desk.

Are there any questions about this activity

before you begin?

Pitter Patter
Action: During /Working on it (time given for each component, suggested 15-40 min)
Introduce new learning or extend/reinforce prior learning, provide opportunities for practice & application
of learning.
Time: ______-__25 min_ (Indicate time
breakdown of instructional elements)

At this time students will begin working

on assembling their snow globes.
At this time students will work independently on
Teacher may approach M and assist her their assignments. They will focus on self
with additional verbal instruction. regulating their work abilities.
Teacher may check on J to ensure he is
on task. Teacher may need to remove
any personal reading material if he is
unwilling to begin working.

Teacher may circulate and assist any

students in need.

Teacher will work on gluing plates for

students as they complete their images.

Consolidation & Connection (Reflect and Connect) (5-15 min.)

Help students demonstrate what they have learned, provide opportunities for consolidation and reflection.
Time: ______-__10 minutes__ (Indicate time
breakdown of instructional elements)

Give me 10.

At this time you will be doing a gallery walk to

see everyones art works.

After this, we will talk about some things you I really liked _____ because it was funny. I liked ____
liked about peoples work. because it was colourful and clever.

What was one artwork you really enjoyed and I liked being able to fill the plates up with foam balls to
why? make it look like a snow globe.
I didnt like having to trace the plate.
I didnt like that it was so small. I wanted more room to
Things you liked or disliked about doing the
We could make real snow globes!

Lakehead University Orillia, 09 02 15

Where could we go from here? What activity
could we do next in relation to the stories of
art works you made tody?

Extension Activities/Next Steps (where will this lesson lead to next)

Personal Reflection (what went well, what would I change, what will I have to consider in my next lesson
for this subject/topic)
The Lesson:

The Teacher:

Lakehead University Orillia, 09 02 15