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The UFCs

workouts to score
rules Her
buff Arms, Sport
Firm Legs &
a Solid core The Gym-Free
We Just 30

Sq uats! minutes!
how to Gourmet
finally superfoods
get those 5 delicious meals
shapely to fuel you

March/April 2016 $6.99

Meet the
Broke the
Internet pg 72 strongfitnessmag.com

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mar/apr Features/
Cover Stories
No gym required
An at-home workout that
doesnt suck? Thats what were
talking about. This 30-minute
full-body routine will have you
on the edge of your seat.

Dine in the Dark
Throw shade at sore muscles
with the recovery-boosting
antioxidants found in these
five dark superfoods.

Squatting to no avail? This
workout has all the right moves
Ladies, to fix your flat-butt frustrations.
we have
lift off.
Double tap if you love your
body! How one womans
positive self-image became
national news.

We go one-on-one
with the UFCs
famous underdog
to find out how she
thinks, how she
trains, and keeps her
eyes on the prize.
Those abs though!
Turn to page 38 to get her
winning moves for a core
that can take a punch.

2 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

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on the cover
COVER Athlete Holly Holm
Hair & MAKEUP Sarah Scotford
Wardrobe Sports Bra by Nike,
Shorts Models Own
On Location at Jackson Wink MMA
in Albuquerque, NM

Training nutrition MOTIVATION

24 Fit in a Flash 26 Buff Bites 34 Like a Champ
No gym? Pull up a chair and Turn up the turmeric for Girl crush alert! Our
get a 30-minute workout. tons of health benefits. exclusive interview with In Every Issue
Plus: A recipe for the UFCs Holly Holm.
31 Own It Cauliflower 2.0 12 Editors Note
A step-by-step guide to 54 Mental Muscle 6 Contributors
mastering the bench press. 30 Super Spreads Build a strong mindset
Spoon on some yum with with these five powerful 8 Advisory Board
38 Knockout Core one of our top six favorite practices.
10 Getting social
Hollys favorite exercises nut butters.
for building a strong core. 72 Get Inspired 17 The Circuit
40 Come to the One womans journey to
48 Shed the Fat, Dark Side total body acceptance. 28 Gym Beauty
Keep the Muscle These five unique
It can be done! Heres how. superfoods can fuel your 74 Women to Watch
workouts and recovery. Three real women we
56 The Total couldnt help but notice.
Package Workout
Dont miss a muscle with health 78 STRONGCAMP
this head-to-toe fat blaster. CAPTURED
62 Gut Instincts We head south for a
You know your gut bacteria
68 Glutes & Glory is connected to your
very special camp in
A muscle-building routine the Caribbean.
health, but fascinating new
for hardgainers.
research suggests your

76 Trainer Talk
microbiome could also
dictate your ability to
Snack Break!
Sticking to your resolutions stay lean. Grab some
Grab a spoon and dig in
with no results? Heres why. sauerkraut and read on. to our top six spreads.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 3

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get stronger SFM

@ strongfitnessmag.com
Hol t ,
S m!
Hol Outtakes from our
interview with the
champ herself.
Check out all the
action from our
photoshoot in
Hollys hometown
of Albuquerque,
New Mexico.
Stretch for Success
How can yoga improve your
efforts in and out of the gym?
Registered yoga instructor Celebrate Your Strength!
Join us at strong-camp.com for an
Jenn Pike gives you the low extraordinary weekend of workouts,
down on your downward dog. seminars and self-discovery.
Yoga Mat shutterstock.com/Sergiy Zavgorodny
Holly Holm photo by Sarah Scotford

Spring Training Butters Up! Fight Your Fears

Weve got new 30-minute Nut butter addicts, This killer mental workout
workouts and tons of beware! These DIY will help you erase
trainer tips for getting recipes will blow your doubts, obliterate fears,
shredded by summer. mind, not your budget. and boost confidence.

4 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

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Holly Holm photo by Sarah Scotford
Yoga Mat shutterstock.com/Sergiy Zavgorodny

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2016-02-08 1:52 PM

Felicia Romero, Sarah Scotford, Makeup Artist

CPT & Fitness Model Cover & Like a champ, pg 34
The Total Package Sarah started her journey in skin
Workout, pg 56 care, and received her diploma in
When it comes to fitness, Felicia has advanced athletics. She later went on
done it all. As a figure competitor, she to complete her BA in Fashion market-
competed at the Pro level with the ing. Sarah has spent the last 13 years
IFBB, then upon retiring from the stage, modeling, assisting photographers,
she started her own show, The Felicia working on film sets and applying
Romero Classic. She has graced a makeup. Her combined experience in
number of magazines including Oxygen both film and photography as well as
and Muscle & Fitness Hers, and is the having modelled herself, makes her an
proud owner of The Fit Method. invaluable asset on set.

Lindsay Kent, Master Trainer, ISSA CES

Shed the Fat, Keep

the Muscle, pg 48
Marianne Wren, Recipe Jenn Pike, RHN
A regular contributor to the pages of STRONG, Lindsay Developer/Food Stylist Advisory Board, pg 8
has been working professionally in the industry for Come to the Dark Side, pg 40

marianne wren photo pierre gautreau jenn pike photo nat caron photography Helen Vong photo by Wandering Eye Photography
As a busy, working mom of two,
the last eight years, but her fit lifestyle goes back to Toronto-based foodie Marianne Jenn understands that vital health
her teens when a kidney disease diagnosis motivated Wren has been developing deli- and well-being are a journey to
cious recipes and making them be enjoyed, and not a struggle to
her to take an active interest in her health. She later look beautiful for the camera for be forced. She is the bestselling
became captain of the Junior Olympic volleyball team 18 years. Her work has appeared author of The Simplicity Project:
where she first got a taste of helping people achieve in commercials, movies, and in a A Simple, No-Nonsense Approach

lindsay kent photo r.g. photography felicia romero, sarah scotford & Amanda Kotel photos paul buceta
number of magazines including To Losing Weight & Changing Your
their physical best. For her, it seemed only natural that Clean Eating, Canadian Living, Body Forever!, as well as a nationally
she would develop that skill into a career. and The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook. sought-after yoga specialist.
Today, Lindsay is a Professor for the International
Sports Sciences Associations College of Exercise
Science, and owns her own training business,
Lindsay Kent Fitness. She is a Master Personal
Trainer, specializing in fitness nutrition, strength
and conditioning, exercise therapy, youth and senior
fitness, and athlete and functional training.
For this issue, Lindsay created a unique training
program that utilizes a classic bodybuilding technique
for reducing bodyfat while keeping hard-earned Amanda Kotel, BSc, CPT Helen Vong, Writer

muscle called Peripheral Heart Activation Training, Pull Up a Chair, pg 24 Come to the Dark Side, pg 40
Have you met our new Fit in a Flash With years of experience as a writer
or PHA. PHA training is geared towards priming the columnist for 2016? Shes not just and editor in the field of health and
bodys key foundational fat-burning muscles, which any personal trainer; with a special- fitness, Helen has developed a keen
include the legs, chest and back, she says. These ization in athletic therapy, a degree eye for whats trending in the industry.
in exercise science and a passion for Specializing in skincare, nutrition
muscles are also integral in maintaining proper the improvement of biomechanics and beauty, her work has appeared
posture and body alignment during exercise and and strength building, Amanda is in a number of publications such as
everyday living. the whole package. Oxygen, Elevate and Inside Fitness.

6 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

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Take your
fiTness To The

next level SubScribe now

SFM15.indb 7 1 2016-02-08
2016-02-08 10:35 AM
1:52 PM
our experts
Expert Advice from HEALTH
Jenn Pike, Registered Aric Sudicky, BSc,
Holistic Nutritionist BED, CPTS, CFNS
Health, fitness and nutrition
expert; published writer and
fitness model; University of
You Asked: When is the Calgary, Faculty of Medicine

best time to eat fruit so I Advisory Joelene Huber,

MSc(A), PhD, MD

Pediatrician; staff physician,
dont spike my blood sugar? St. Michaels Hospital Toronto;
assistant professor, Faculty
Organic fruits are by far one of the healthiest foods we of Medicine at the University
of Toronto; founder of
can consume, yet they also tend to be vilified because of FITNESS uberhealthykids.com
recent low-carb diet trends, and the notion of what can
happen to blood sugar levels by consuming this naturally Gina Tacconi-Moore, Michael Hart, BSc, MD, CCFP
BLA, LMT, CFL1 Family Physician; Cannabinoid
occuring form of sugar. Founder and owner of CrossFit medicine; Nutritionist; Head
There are two important things to consider when Lowell and The Treatment Room, physician at Kilworth Medical
Lowell MA; licensed massage Clinic, London, ON
it comes to enjoying fruit: therapist and full body certified
1. Optimize digestion (and decrease gas, bloating and in Active Release Techniques
digestive upset) by avoiding fruit consumption with Cathy Savage
large amounts of other foods and meals, such as having Competition prep coach, owner Emily Satrazemis, RD, CSSD
fruit for dessert after a meal. The best digestive rule of Cathy Savage Fitness, online Sports Dietitian; Nutrition
nutrition and training program; Consultant; and Nutrition
for fruit is for it to be eaten on its own, or two to three founder of Camp Savage Communications Manager,
hours before or after your main meals. Sacramento, CA
Emily Pantaleo, BSc, BEd
2. If you currently have difficulty with your blood sugar Certified personal trainer and Jenn Pike, RHN
levels and are making efforts to control it, choose fruits fitness instructor; fitness model Holistic Nutritionist &
that are lower on the Glycemic Index, such as apples, Bestselling author of The
Fatima Leite Kusch Simplicity Project: A Simple,
pears, grapefruit and cherries, and try to consume Award-winning competition No-Nonsense Approach To
them with a small source of protein or fat to slow coach; certified sports nutrition Losing Weight & Changing
the rate at which the fruit breaks down and enters advisor; certified personal Your Body Forever!
trainer; founder of Team Blessed
the bloodstream.
Bodies and FitnessPrint
jens Mike T. Nelson,
PhD, MSME, CSCS Brad Baldwin, BA, DC
advice: Adjunct professor and member Chiropractor, Bayview
If balanced of the American College of Chiropractic Health Centre,
blood sugar Sports Medicine; PhD Exercise Toronto; certified contemporary
is your focus, Physiology and MS Mechanical acupuncturist; trained in
consume a bit of Engineering (Biomechanics) active release techniques
protein or fat with
James Ho, DC, BHSc

jenn photo nat caron photography fruit photo paul buceta

your fruit, such
as a small handful MIND & BODY Chiropractor, Athletes
Care Sports Medicine
of raw cashews
Linda Malone, BSc, E-RYT 500 Centres, Toronto; active
(approximately 12)
Founder and director, Iam Yoga release techniques provider;
or a tablespoon consultant to recreational
Inc., Toronto & Founder of
of nut butter. The Blu Matter Project and professional athletes

Michelle Armstrong,
Mindset Expert; fitness trainer;
bestselling author; motivational Kamal Patel, MPH, MBA, PhD
speaker; The Life Renovator Director at Examine.com,
a leading online resource
Zain Saraswati Jamal for nutrition and supplement
Certified holistic sports study analysis.
nutritionist; yoga teacher;
personal coach; founder of
yoga, fitness and lifestyle
blog Eve Post Apple

8 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

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SFM15.indb 9 2016-02-08 1:52 PM
getting social

You gotta
feed those
via Instagram
I did the unilateral leg
supersets today from the
Jan/Feb issue and I'll be
feeling it tomorrow!

Heidi, via Twitter

The Bicycle Ball Toss in
your last issue is my new
favorite exercise!

Kaycie, via Email

A nutrition plan for every workout I really love your
Check out our Pinterest Fuel board for these easy nutrition plans. magazine! It's so great
to see women dedicated

to having fit and
beautiful bodies that are
natural and strong. Very

Dianna, via Facebook

The number of times you viewed our I loved the last issue and
still reference it. The
announcement revealing our top new columnist Coach
secret photoshoot with Holly Holm! Andi is a great find. I'm
following her awesome

Most viewed @annisucre,

via Instagram
#Motivation Yeah, shes kind
of a big deal. You picked a great
Monday athlete for your January
Featuring our cover. Amber is not only
Jan/Feb 2016 strong but a motivation
to women who want to
cover athlete! be the total package.

via Instagram
I highly recommend
this magazine to any
woman, or man for that
matter, that wants to
read real information
about being healthy.
Everything from how
to work out properly
(yes, with weights!), to
eating right and living
a truly inspired and fit
life through the eyes of
Last months top women who practice
Got something to say? Send your feedback fitness, not just models
to yousaidit@strongfitnessmag.com weekend challenge! that look skinny.

10 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

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posts we love


Our Favorite Moment

Photo Amanda Kulik


Diondra Fryer, Sterling, Virginia

From the moment she witnessed her first strongwoman
competition hosted by womens weight lifting community
Ladies Lift Here, Diondra (known to friends as Dee Dee)
was hooked. In a little over a year, she has competed in
three strongman events, and has at least five more on the
horizon. In addition to lifting like a boss, Dee Dee is club
manager as well as a strength and conditioning coach at
BlackBench Fit training facility. I work with some of the
best and most hardworking athletes, she says. I couldnt
imagine a better job.
@beautythefitnessbeast photo Shot on location at Golds Gym, Largo, Maryland

@fitstl @jpchapman123
@sarahfittravels photo Brad Burrick @jpchapman photo @hung1.0


@sarahpaolini_fitchick @fitmom40fitness

Photo Edgar Artiga
Thank you for inspiring us with your fiercest moments in health and fitness. You are proof that
our readers are STRONG. Keep posting your pics with the hashtag #mystrongmoment.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 11

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editors note

Good Fight
They say everybody loves an underdog. I dont think anyone
would argue that this adage proves to be true again and again. After
all, its the very basis for some of the greatest love stories, movie plots
(Rudy! Rudy!), news headlines and of course, sporting events. Even as
I write this editorial, Im watching a similar scenario play out on my flat
screen (its currently 16-10, Broncos). Admittedly, I dont know much
about football, but each year as the Super Bowl approaches and its
time for me to pick a side, I almost always root for the team that isnt
favored to win. Maybe Ive seen too many episodes of Friday Night
Lights, but I figure they have the least to lose and the most to prove.
In a way, being the underdog can actually give you an edgelets
face it, we all work harder when the odds are stacked against us. And
no one knows this better than our cover athlete, Holly Holm, who, as
this issue goes to press, is the UFC womens bantamweight champion
(and at the risk of jinxing anything, hopefully still is). Her fight with the
infamous, 12-time victor, Ronda Rousey was the stuff sports flicks are
made of: a trash-talking, undefeated champ versus a lesser-known
preachers daughter from Albuquerque. Chances are if youre a
betting man, your moneys on Rowdy Rousey.
By now, we all know how this particular story ends (if you dont,
flip to page 34 to catch my exclusive interview with the new belt
holder), and its one we wont soon forget. When I asked Holly about
being the underdog in the match against Ronda, she said it only made
her more determined to win. I felt like the odds were definitely against
meRondas the most dominant fighter out there. But I wanted to
prove everybody wrong and show them Im here for a reason too.
And like any good tale of triumph over adversity, theres
an important take-home message that applies to us all: never
underestimate what youre capable of. Whether youre an underdog
or a champion, whether youre stepping into a ring or stepping up to a
300-lbs barbell, if you believe in yourself, youve already won.

Photos by Paul Buceta and Sarah Scotford

Stay Strong,
A very special Kirstyn Brown
thanks to Editor-in-chief
at Jackson
Wink MMA for
allowing us
to take over
your space.

12 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15_EdLetterMasthead.indd 12 2016-02-08 2:09 PM

on our radar

Kim Gunther

Kirstyn Brown

Creative Director
Erin Lutz Competitors have 75
seconds to move this truck
CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHer in the May Queen Strong-
Paul Buceta woman competition.

senior Designer
Jacqueline Hornyak

Andreia Pereira

Copy Editor
March Radness
Chelsea Clarke Gear up for spring by hitting one of these fitness events.
Advertising sales
Melissa Toulouse
289-232-1055 Mar Apr
director of special events
Chelsea Clarke
Hes Back
Kick off the fit season with one of the largest events Made for

Customer Service
of the year, the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus,
OH. Cheer on the athletes competing in dozens of
sports then hit up the expo to meet your fitness
a Woman
help@strongfitnessmag.com heroes, score tons of samples and maybe catch a If youre no
USA 323-206-5026
Canada 647-797-3886
glimpse of Schwarzenegger himself. stranger to
Legal Counsel
yokes and log
Scot Patriquin
Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP Mar presses, consider
competing in the
Janice de Boer, Rachel Debling, Lori Dont miss our first STRONGCAMP of 2016 2016 May Queen
Fabrizio, Lindsay Kent, Rob King, Amanda
Kotel, Dave Laus, Nichelle Laus, Valeria
in Burnaby, BC, hosted by one of our top
three Ambassador Search winners, Robin
Nova, Jenn Pike, Felicia Romero, Sarah
Scotford, Alexandra Smith, Helen Vong, Ball! Youll get two days of crazy workouts, competition hosted
Andi Martin Wagner, Marianne Wren. nutrition advice, yoga and amazing memories.
Register today at strong-camp.com. by Ladies Lift Here
Be Live Resort Punta Cana, CrossFit in Tysons Corner,
Colosseum Toronto, Forge Performance
VA. Divisions
Fitness Mississauga, Jackson Wink MMA
Academy Albuquerque, Jessica Mahnken,
Jessica Rinaldi, Ozone Fitness Boutique
Apr include Novice,
Vancouver. Go with the Flow Open and Masters.
If downward dog is your jam, youll want to
Distribution stop by the Yoga Conference & Show in
Disticor Magazine Distribution Services Toronto, ON. Check out over 250 exhibitors,
Office 905-619-6565 attend lectures and of course, do some yoga
(theres 20 hours of continuous practice!).
Main photo Ali Zagat Inset Gabby Brost
Ladies Lift here photos by Amanda Kulik

RR Donnelley Mark de Groot

Office 905-362-3245
Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.
This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical
condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your
healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription. Mad Dash
If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop and
consult your healthcare provider. If you experience any symptoms of
Challenge yourself by signing up for the
weakness, unsteadiness, light-headedness or dizziness, chest pain or Warrior Dash 5k obstacle course race in
pressure, nausea, or shortness of breath. Mild soreness after exercise
may be experienced after beginning a new exercise. Contact your Kansas City, MO. Take on 12 obstacles (like Chaotic
physician if the soreness does not improve after 2-3 days.
Cargo and Deadmans Drop), then celebrate your
victory with a giant turkey leg and a free beer.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 13

SFM15.indb 13 2016-02-08 1:52 PM

Photo by Paul Buceta

To be a champion you have

to believe in yourself,
because no one can do it but you.
-holly holm

14 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFMPA15.indd 14 2016-02-11 12:17 PM

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 15

SFMPA15.indd 15 2016-02-11 12:17 PM

SFM15.indb 16 2016-02-08 1:53 PM
Useful news, tips and facts from
the health and fitness world.

Aim for 30

watch your step?

In the last year, health trackers frequently. Sure enough, the walkers
like calorie and step counters have who were aware of their step count
become the biggest thing to hit the took more steps, but enjoyed it less
fitness scene since the yoga pant. But than those who had no idea how many
researchers out of Duke Universitys steps they had taken. Another test
Fuqua Business School are questioning that did not ask the students to check
whether clocking all that data is doing their pedometers while walking, but
Spotting: more harm than good. It may sound gave them the option of doing so,
The American counterintuitive, but the study found had similar results: The participants
College of Sports that while tracking our performance who reported checking their progress
Medicine (ACSM)
may encourage us to work harder, it can regularly (and 71 percent of them did)
recently predicted
that wearable also suck all the fun out of the activity. covered more ground than the rest,
technology, To come to these conclusions, but reported that the activity felt like
including fitness study authors conducted several work, and that they felt less happy by
trackers, smart
tests in which participants performed the end of the day.
watches and heart
rate monitors, certain tasks (such as coloring, These findings are slated to
photo paul buceta

will be the number walking or reading) and recorded appear in the April issue of the
one fitness trend their productivity as well as their Journal of Consumer Research, but
for 2016.
enjoyment. In one test, students until we know more about the impact
wearing pedometers, some of which of our beloved health gadgets, take
model Edith Werbel

were covered with tape, were asked heed: tracking your progress can
to log their thoughts while walking. certainly be a motivational tool,
Those who could see their display but at the end of the day, your
screens were asked to check it happiness is what really counts.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 17

SFM15_CircuitLead.indd 17 2016-02-09 4:00 PM

fitness SFM Find brand new workouts

at strongfitnessmag.com

Ease Your Pain

A new study published by
Cochrane, a global network of
researchers in the healthcare
field, may have revealed a
GIVE IT solution to your nagging
A REST: back pain. The study, which
Extra workouts may reviewed data from trials
not always burn involving more than 2,000
extra calories.
adults, found that those who
performed motor control
exercises (MCE) targeting
muscles that support the
spine, experienced less back
pain compared to those who
had minimal or no treatment.
Compared to other forms of
exercise, MCE showed similar
results in reducing pain and
disability related to back pain.

Moves for
Back Pain

photo paul buceta model carleen lawther

Do you
Try doing these motor
control exercises,
suggested by Brett Guist,
Doctor of Chiropractic:

1. Diaphragmatic Breathing
(aka abdominal or deep
2. Abdominal Bracing

3. Bird Dog
4. Side Plank

You know the saying, more isnt found that those who were most
always better? New research active burned the same amount of
published in the journal Current calories in a day as those who were
Biology suggests this could be only moderately active. But why? You reduce your risk of
especially true when it comes to Well, it turns out, the more we developing cardiovascular
exercise. The study examined exercise, the more our bodies disease by up to this much,
just by getting regular
the energy expenditure (calorie adapt. These findings could help moderate exercise,
burn) and activity levels of more explain why youve hit a plateau according to the American
than 300 men and women and despite those two-a-day workouts. Heart Association.

18 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 18 2016-02-08 1:53 PM

the Circuit fuel SFM Find more nutrition tips
at strongfitnessmag.com

Eye Candy
If you want to protect
your peepers from
Bread Winner
Not sure what to eat before meal or a meal consisting of
glaucoma, a recent
study published in
a long run? A new Australian carbs before and during the trial,
JAMA Ophthalmology study says: carb up! In an attempt along with nicotinic acid, which
suggests you might
want to start eating
to end the on-going debate about prevents the body from using fat
more kale. The data which is better for enhancing stores as energy. Turns out,
analysis of more than
100,000 individuals
exercise performance, fat or blocking the availability of fat had
over the age of 40 carbohydrates, researchers had no impact on performance, nor
found that those who
consumed nitrogen- experienced half-marathoners did it affect carbohydrate use.
rich diets had a 20-30 run on a treadmill at 95 percent The researchers reported that
percent reduced risk
of developing the of their best competitive pace carbs contributed to 83-91 percent
disease. Nitrates are to exhaustion. The runners of total energy, suggesting that
found abundantly in
leafy green vegetables, consumed either a zero-calorie carbs are the bodys preferred
carrots and beets. source of energyat least in high-
intensity endurance activities.

Findings from a
recent Canadian study
have wine lovers
everywhere rejoicing: According to a
One glass of vino has
similar heart benefits recent review study
as a session in the published in the
gym. While it sounds
too good to be true,
International Journal
of Sport Nutrition and
photo paul buceta

researchers credit the

compound resveratrol Exercise Metabolism,
for giving wine its
workout-esque side
endurance athletes
effects (ie: improved who sipped an
heart strength and average of 3-7 mg
muscle function).
of caffeine from
coffee per kilogram
of body weight prior
to exercise saw a
24 percent boost in

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 19

SFM15.indb 19 2016-02-08 1:53 PM

the Circuit health SFM Find more health advice
at strongfitnessmag.com

A recent study from the
University of North Carolina
suggests that social ties are
equally as important to your long-
term health as green smoothies
and gym sessions. Study authors
came to this conclusion after
surveys from Americans ranging
from adolescents to seniors showed
a link between strong social
connections and reduced risks of
cancer, stroke and other diseases.
Large social networks were most
important in the early and later
stages of life, whereas the quality of
friendships, not quantity, was what
mattered during middle adulthood.
The moral? Dont skip brunch with
your girlfriend to go to spin class.

If it takes you this many minutes (or less) to You vs The Flu
fall asleep, youre probably sleep deprived. In case you didnt know, you have
super powers. Okay, so maybe you
Ideally, it should take 10-15 minutes to
photo paul buceta cupcake illo shutterstock.com/Red_Spruce

cant become invisible or read minds,

go to dreamland, according to sleep but according to science, you can fight
off the flu. A new study published in
disorder experts at the Cleveland Clinic. the American Journal of Physiology
found that estrogen has anti-viral
effects on the influenza A virus, which
keeps it from replicating once its
Cant Sleep? It could be what you eat in your body, reducing not only its
When participants in a recent sleep study ate foods high in fat and sugar severity but also its ability to spread
and low in fiber, it took them 12 minutes longer to fall asleep than when to others. These findings may explain
why your guy gets hit harder by the
they ate high-protein meals that were low in saturated fats. They also
flu when you tend to bounce back.
had more restful, restorative slumbers after eating the healthier foods.

20 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 20 2016-02-08 1:53 PM

the Circuit Supplements SFM Find more supplement facts
at strongfitnessmag.com

If arthritis is in your
family, you might want
to start upping your
intake of Omega-3s.
Findings from a small
study published in the
journal Rheumatology
found that at-risk subjects
who consumed Omega-3s
were less likely to have
the autoantibodies that
lead to the development
of rheumatoid arthritis
(RA). Researchers con-
cluded that DHA and
EPA fatty acids may be
suppressing the antibod-
ies, but further testing
still needs to be done.

Fast Fact: Women are

three times more likely
to develop RA than men.

No [I] BS
Brand new research published
in the British Medical Journal
has revealed a possible link

Rush Flour
between vitamin D deficiency
and irritable bowel syndrome,
or IBS. According to the small
study, of the 51 participants,
82 percent showed insuf-
ficient levels of the sunshine
If youre a sucker for new and thereby maintaining most of the vitamin. While currently there
is no known cause or cure for
cool health products, be on concentration of the antioxidant the gastrointestinal disorder,
the lookout for this one in the chlorogenic acid (CGA). He this research opens doors for
near future. Dan Pearlman, then milled the beans using a potential treatment options.

a researcher at Brandeis chemical process to protect

University in Boston, has their health properties, creating
invented a way of packing an edible, antioxidant-rich
the benefitsand buzzof flour. While it cant be used to
photo paul buceta

coffee into flour. Pearlman make actual coffee, Pearlman Daily milligrams of spirulina
made the discovery by roasting sees the flour being both a in supplement form can
green coffee beans at a lower nutritional supplement and reduce LDL cholesterol by
up to 10 percent.
temperature and for less time additive for baking, smoothies, (Bonus: Its also a vegan
than traditional coffee beans, snack bars and soups. source of protein!)

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 21

SFM15.indb 21 2016-02-08 1:53 PM

the Circuit mind & body

Stress much? A new brain in heart rate and breathing
study published in the was very active in those
journal Biological Psychology who had reported having
suggests listening to your high emotional and physical
body could help you improve resilience, however, messages
your resilience (the bodys from those parts of the brain
ability to recover) to stressful to areas responsible for bodily
situations. In the study, arousal were minimal. In
researchers examined the other words, the brain was
brain activity of 48 healthy very aware of the bodys stress
individuals during a stressful signals, but didnt go into panic
experience (in this case, mode. So what does it mean?
they were wearing masks Perhaps that becoming more
that briefly restricted their in tune with your body could
breathing). They found that make you more equipped to
the area of the brain that cope with stress in the future.
receives signals from
Flip to page 54 for tips on
the body such as change strengthening your mental muscle.

model brooke harrison photo paul buceta football illo shutterstock.com/Brocreative

Meditation Nation
Roughly 18 million Americans practice some form of meditation, but a number
of recent studies on the subject suggest the stat should be higher. One 2015
study found that people who meditated had less gray matter loss in the brain
than those who didnt. Another study published by the Journal of American
Medicine, which reviewed over 47 trials, showed that as little as eight weeks of
mindfulness practices decreased levels of anxiety, depression and pain.

Tip: If youre new to meditation, begin with five minutes

a day. Sit quietly and focus on your breathing. If your
attention strays, bring it back to your breath and start over. Percentage of study participants
who reported feeling less
depressed after taking a walk
Fun Fact: At least 20 players on the Seattle outdoors. Of the subjects who
Seahawks practiced meditation regularly in walked indoors, only 45 percent
2014, the year they won the Superbowl. felt a reduction in depression.

22 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 22 2016-02-08 1:53 PM


This highly nutritious and delicious whole food shake provides you with 26 vitamins & minerals along with
16 grams of 100% plant-based protein, 1.5 grams of Omega-3 oil, 2 servings of fruits & vegetables,
4 grams of fiber, and 1 billion probiotics.

SFM15.indb 23 2016-02-08 1:53 PM

fit in a flash Get it done in 30 minutes!

Pull up
No time to hit the
gym? Heres an
effective at-home
workout you can do

a Chair
in 30 minutes flat. Trainer
Amanda Kotel, B.Sc
photography by Paul Buceta Exercise Science, online
nutrition and fitness
coach, Los Angeles, CA

The Goal
A quick fat-burning
Weve all experienced that feeling when there workout you can do at
just doesnt seem to be enough hours in the day. home (or anywhere).

Heres a quick routine you can keep on standby for those days the gym Equipment Needed
is out of the question, but a good, sweaty workout is still non-negotiable. Nothing but a chair (or
a bench) and your own
In just 30 minutes, you can crush this at-home routine before starting bodyweight.
your day. Youll boost your energy, rev your metabolism, and have one
Why it Works
less thing on your to-do list. This quick circuit hits
every major muscle
group and then some.
It will push your muscle
How it works: endurance and get your
heart pumping, giving
Perform 4 rounds of the you a head-to-toe fat-
following circuit with burning workout.
15-20 reps (per side
where applicable) of
the following exercises
one after the other with
no rest. Rest 60-75
seconds between sets. A
Complete 4 rounds. A

Bulgarian Split Squat

Set Up: Place one foot laces down on a chair that
is behind you. Hop your other foot forward so you
are approximately a lunge-distance away (A).
Action: Lower your hips until your back knee is a
few inches from the floor (B). Drive through your B
front heel to raise back up to standing and repeat. Hair & Makeup Sarah Scotford

Single-Leg Hip Raise

Set Up: Lie on the floor and place one
foot on the chair, toes pointed up,
with your knee bent. Raise your other
Model Dawn Armstrong

leg straight towards the ceiling (A).

Action: Press through your heel and
squeeze your glutes to raise your
hips (B). Hold, then slowly lower back
B down and immediately repeat.

24 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 24 2016-02-08 1:53 PM

Did you try this workout? Show us
how you did on IG! @strongfitnessmag

Single-Leg Decline Push-Up

Set Up: Get into high plank Action: Bend your elbows
position with your feet on a and lower your torso towards
chair. Raise one foot off the the ground (B). Keep the
B chair a few inches, keeping abs tight, bracing your spine
the leg straight (A). throughout the movement.

To make this
easier, bring your
heels closer to
the chair.

Chair Hop
Set Up: Stand facing the chair
and lean over and grab hold
onto the sides of the seat.
Bend your knees slightly and
shift your weight into the balls
of your feet. B
Action: Push off the ground
and jump your legs to one
side of the chair. Land softly,
then immediately jump back
to the opposite side. Continue
hopping back and forth as fast
as you can for all reps.
Triceps Dip
Set Up: Sit on the edge of a
chair with knees slightly bent.
Grip the front of the chair with
your arms straight and tight to
your sides (A).
Action: Bend your elbows and
lower your butt towards the
ground, keeping your elbows
a pointing straight behind you (B).
Extend your arms to raise back
B up to the starting position.

Seated Knee Tuck Fat-Burning Bonus

Set Up: Sit with your butt on the Action: Contract your abs to pull Add 1-2 rounds of this
edge of a chair, holding the sides of your knees towards your body (B). circuit to the end of
the seat for support. Straighten your Pause, then extend back out and your weight room workout
legs then raise them off the ground, immediately repeat. for a little extra burn!
leaning your torso back slightly (A).

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 25

SFM15.indb 25 2016-02-08 1:53 PM

BUFF BITES eat something new

Disease Fighter:
Add calorie-free flavor and tons of health benefits in participants with metabolic
syndrome, reducing their risk
with this exotic medicinal spice. of heart attack and developing
By Janice de Boer, RD type 2 diabetes.

Try it!
An ancient spice with a warm, slightly bitter taste, turmeric Youll find turmeric rhizome in the
produce section of many health
is best known for being a star player in curry powder and food stores or large supermarkets.
Indian cooking. But this exotic flavor-maker is more than Having it on hand lets you easily
just a South Asian staple: Its also a potent antioxidant with enhance everyday meals with flavor
and health benefits. Turmeric is
powerful anti-inflammatory properties. So if you tend to surprisingly versatile, just be sure to
shy away from anything outside your standard spice rack, add it early in the cooking process
to allow its pungent flavor to mellow
now is the time to get acquainted with turmeric. out. And heres an important tip:
wear kitchen gloves to prevent
What is it? environmental conditions, so staining your hands and nails while
Youre probably most familiar there is a keen interest in their peeling and grating.
with the ground version of potential to increase human Here are three ways to
turmeric found in the spice aisle health. Turmeric contains incorporate this powerful spice
of any grocery store, but its the specific types of phytochemicals into your favorite healthy meals:
rhizome (the root) that is the called curcuminoids, the most
most useful part for culinary well known being curcumin. 1. Drink it. Power up your morning
and medicinal purposes. Tur- Curcumin is the active compo- smoothie by adding tsp of
meric rhizome, with its tough, nent that creates turmerics dis- grated turmeric rhizome to any
light brown exterior resembles tinctive hue, and is also credited of your favorite combinations.
its relative ginger root, but the for its potential antioxidant and
bright yellow-orange flesh gives anti-inflammatory benefits. 2. Spice your rice. Add 1 tsp of
it away (its no surprise that its Turmeric has been used for grated turmeric rhizome to 1
name in Chinese medicine is thousands of years in Ayurvedic cups water for 1 cup brown rice.
jianghuang, meaning ginger and Chinese medicine. In the To make it more aromatic, saut
(jiang) that is yellow (huang)). last three decades, extensive the turmeric for a couple minutes
It can be used fresh in cooking, clinical trials have addressed first, with cup finely diced onion
or it can be boiled, dried, and its pharmacokinetics, safety, and 2 minced garlic cloves. Note: If
ground into the fine powder and efficacy against numerous you dont have turmeric rhizome,
you find in the spice aisle. pro-inflammatory conditions in use dried, but cut it back to tsp.
humans including some cancers,
Body Benefits arthritis, cardiovascular disease, 3. Make brilliant marinades.
Like all vegetables and fruits, diabetes, Crohns, neurode- Bathe meat, seafood or tofu in
turmeric contains phytochemi- generative disease, and more. this amazing marinade: 1 cup plain
cals (phyto means plant in Recently, an article published yogurt, 1 juiced lemon, 1 Tbsp
Greek). Scientists know that in the journal Clinical Nutrition canola or grapeseed oil, 3 minced
these naturally occurring showed that short-term (just garlic cloves, 1 tsp grated turmeric
chemicals give plants color, eight weeks) supplementation rhizome, 1 tsp grated ginger root,
support healthy growth, and with curcumin significantly 1 tsp ground cumin, 1 tsp paprika,
help keep them alive in adverse improved inflammatory status and tsp cayenne pepper.

26 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 26 2016-02-08 1:53 PM

These days, cauliflower is all the
rage. Everyone from fit foodies
to culinary wizards seems to
be realizing the potential of
this unassuming star of the veg
department. On its own, this
bland cousin of broccoli isnt
anything to write home about,
but spicy cauliflower steaks?
Now were talking. Try this
antioxidant-packed recipe as a
side dish to your favorite lean
protein or wow your vegetarian
companions and serve it up as the Spicy Tomato Sauce
Total time: 15 MIN Makes 7 servings
main course. Either way, at only
100 calories, its a winner. 1 Tbsp canola or 1 14.5 oz can diced
grapeseed oil tomatoes
3 cloves garlic, 1 small serrano chili
minced pepper, diced
1 Tbsp peeled and tsp cayenne

Turmeric Caulif lower Steak grated ginger root

1 tsp peeled and
3 Tbsp chopped
with spicy tomato sauce grated turmeric
fresh cilantro
Freshly ground
Prep time: 10 MIN Total time: 25 MIN Makes 2 servings
tsp ground cumin pepper

1 medium cauliflower 3. Heat 1 tsp of oil in large frying pan 1 tsp ground
and sear cauliflower steaks (both coriander
3 tsp canola oil, divided
should fit stem-to-stem) until golden
tsp peeled and grated turmeric brown, about 2 minutes per side. 1. Add 1 Tbsp oil to the same frying pan used
rhizome Gently transfer to baking sheet. for cauliflower over medium heat and add
the ginger and garlic. Cook, stirring, for
tsp peeled and grated ginger root 4. Mix together the remaining 2
Photo Paul Buceta

about two minutes.

tsp ground cumin tsp of oil, turmeric, ginger, and
cumin. Spread the mixture onto 2. Add turmeric, cumin, and coriander, and
tsp freshly ground pepper the cauliflower steaks. Add freshly continue to stir frequently, until fragrant,
1 Tbsp fresh cilantro, roughly chopped ground pepper to taste. another two minutes.

5. Roast in the oven until tender-crisp, 3. Add the tomatoes (including all juice from
Food styling Marianne Wren

1. Pre-heat oven to 400 F. Line about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the can), chili pepper, and cayenne. Using a
baking sheet with parchment paper prepare Spicy Tomato Sauce. wooden spoon, mash the tomatoes to break
and set aside. them up into a chunky sauce and simmer.
6. Serve on a bed of rice, quinoa, or a
2. Remove leaves from the cauliflower simple puree made from the extra 4. Add the cilantro and cook for another minute.
and trim the stem slightly. Cut cauliflower florets and top with 5. Season with pepper to taste.
straight down the core and remove Spicy Tomato Sauce. Garnish with
each rounded side to create 2 flat additional fresh cilantro. NUTRIENTS PER SERVING ( cup):
Recipe Janice de Boer

steaks about 2 cm thick (save Calories: 41, Fat: 2 g, Carbs: 5 g

florets removed for another use). NUTRIENTS PER SERVING Protein: 1 g, Fiber: 1 g
(1 steak with cup sauce):
Calories: 100, Fat: 6 g, Carbs: 10 g
Protein: 3 g, Fiber: 4 g

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 27

SFM15.indb 27 2016-02-08 1:53 PM

Follow Two Chicks on Instagram for more
GYM BEAUTY tips and tricks @twochicksandsomelipstick

Face Value
Suffering from a winter-ravaged complexion?
Our beauty gurus have the cure.
Written by Lori Fabrizio and Valeria Nova,
Beauty Experts at Two Chicks & Some Lipstick

With the beginning of spring upon us, youre probably noticing

that winter has left your skin looking (and feeling) a little dull.
Those months of chilly winds, sub-zero temperatures and indoor
heating take their toll on your skins natural moisture levels,
causing a dehydrated and lackluster appearance. Its no wonder Dont
that this time of year, brightening our complexions becomes as forget to
crucial as working on our summer bodies. Here are the steps we apply
your SPF!
take and the products we love to get our skin back to glowing.
Step 1: Step 2: Step 3:
While this step may seem Exfoliators promote skin Using a daily moisturizer
obvious to some, the cell turnover, so all skin is a must for keeping skin
reality is most women are types should be using hydrated. With so many
using a cleanser that is them. Whether using a formulas on the market,
either too harsh for their granular scrub, a peel, or a there is something out
skin or doesnt effectively facial brush, exfoliating is there for every skin
remove all the dirt and hands down the best way concern. The right product
grime after a long day. Up to score more radiant skin. can help combat dryness,
your cleanser game with Depending on your skin balance oil, fight wrinkles,
Dr. Roebucks Cleanse type, use an exfoliator up even skin tone, and help
Natural Nourishing to three times a week, in the skin feel softer and look
Creme Cleanser ($24; form of a peel or a scrub, brighter. Replenish your
drroebucks.com.au). or both. Get glowing with skins moisture with
We love this naturally Olay Professional Pro-X VICHY Idalia Day Care
hydrating and ultra-calming Advanced Cleansing ($45; vichyusa.com).
cleanser! Formulated with System ($40; olay.com). Enriched with vitamin E and
six powerful antioxidants Use this brush daily (or a kombucha (obtained from
and free of sulfates, couple of times a week) tea leaves), after one day, A little
parabens and all the bad with any cleanser to help our skin felt incredibly soft honey
stuff, it cleanses and gently exfoliate and renew and smooth. Within a week, and sugar
regenerates all skin types, your skin. Within a few we noticed fine lines and makes the
even the most sensitive. This uses, our skin was squeaky pores were minimized, skin perfect
cleanser works wonders clean, evenly textured and tone was more even and a at-home
on parched skin, plus it perfectly primed for our more radiant complexion! scrub.
removes all makeup and oil. favorite moisturizer.

Two Chicks tip Whip up a DIY exfoliator! Mix a tablespoon of honey (renowned for its moisturizing
and antibacterial properties) with a bit of sugar in a bowl, apply to your skin and rub gently in a circular motion
for 1-2 minutes to get rid of dead skin cells. Rinse and apply moisturizer appropriate for your skin type.

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SFM15.indb 29 2016-02-08 1:54 PM
get into gear SFM
Go online to strongfitnessmag.com
for DIY nut butter recipes!

Super Spreads Cash In

Peanuts arent the only show in town. Here If creamy is your style,
youll think you hit the
are the six best butters we could find (and the jackpot with Maisie
Janes Cashew Butter.
most addictive). Dont say we didnt warn you. It has zero added salt and
sugar, and a few cents
from every purchase is
donated to bee research.
Toast Topper Its a win-win. $11 for
Pecans are one of the Serve
with apple 12oz; maisiejanes.com
most desired and
decadent nuts out there. or pear
Combine them with slices! Crunch Time
cashews like in Artisana The winning combo
Organics Pecan Butter of seven different nuts
and youve got one hell and seeds in NuttZo
of a stellar spread. Visit Organic Original
Peanut spread delivers
artisanaorganics.com major heart health
Tough Cookie for retailers. benefits plus a satisfying
If a bakery and a gym
crunch. $15; nuttzo.com
had a baby, it would be
this stuff. Buff Bake Honey Trap
Protein Almond Spread No nuts here! Wild
combines healthy Friends Organic Honey
ingredients like whey, Sunflower Butter
almonds and chia with is simply the perfect
cheat-day flavors like harmony of roasted
cookie, snickerdoodle sunflower seeds and
and red velvet. sweet clover honey.
$14; buffbake.com $9; amazon.com
Loco for Cocoa
Kolat Superfood
Fusions Dark Chocolate
Coconut spread is a
blend of almonds, dates
and coconut, ramped up
with vitamins A through E.
But who are we kidding?
They had us at chocolate.
$11; thinkolat.com
Photo by Paul Buceta

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SFM15.indb 30 2016-02-08 1:54 PM

own it Improve your lift

How to
do a... Barbell Bench Press 4
Your Expert:
This is a
full body
lift - keep

Robert King, CPT, Strength

Coach & Transformation
Expert, Founder & CEO of
Heavyweights Fitness

Of the major lifts

in strength training
squat, bench, and deadlift
(known as The Big
Three), the bench is per-
haps the most technical.
It requires a great deal of
upper body focus, espe-
cially when lifting heavy,
which is why proper form
and technique are critical
for a strong and safe bench
press. Heres how you can
master this classic muscle
builder, so you can work
towards heavier loads and
improved strength.

Use This 1. SET-UP: Lie back on

the bench and adjust
tight, engaging your
core and glutes. Lift
45 degree angles from
your body.
Move! the bar height so it is the bar from the rack 4. THE PRESS: When you
Heres a sample bench approximately halfway and hold it above you 2
press, you want to
press workout designed between your wrist with arms straight engage everything, not
to help increase strength. and elbow when you and locked. Make sure just your upper body;
Warm-Up straighten your arm. your shoulders are a proper bench press
3 x 10 Scapula Push-Up Now position yourself pulled back and your is a full body lift. Drive
on the bench so that chest is lifted. Take
Photography Paul Buceta Shot on location at forge performance fitness

3 x 15 Band Pull-Apart your hips back and push

your nose is below the a deep breath in and away from the ground
3 x 15 Glute Bridge bar. Grab the bar with hold, creating tension to engage the lower
hands in a neutral grip throughout your body. body. As you begin to
The Workout (slightly wider than
A1. Bench Press 5x5 3. LOWERING: As you start press, slowly exhale and
shoulder-width). Pinch to lower the bar, think think about pushing
@ 80% of your 1 rep max
hair & makeup alex smith

your shoulder blades about pulling it down, yourself away from the
Rest 1:30 together and walk your bar, instead of pressing
as this will increase
feet back under you (or engagement in your the bar away from
A2. Bent-Over Barbell
plant them flat on the upper back and lats. youthis will keep the
Row 5x8
floor) until you feel good Using control, lower the shoulders and lats down
B1. Bar Floor Press 4x8 and stable. bar all the way down which is important for
@ 60% of your 1 rep max
2. UNRACKING: You can until it makes contact strength and shoulder
Model Angela Gargano

Rest 1:30 have a spotter behind with your chest (or just health. Maintain full-
B2. Horizontal Row 4 x8 you to help you lift before). It is important body tension until your
the bar, or you can you do not let your elbows are locked and
C1. Push-Up 3 sets the bar is in a stable
unrack it yourself. elbows flare out to the
to failure position at the top.
Make your whole body sideskeep them at

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SFM15.indb 31 2016-02-08 1:54 PM

SFM15.indb 32 2016-02-08 1:54 PM
SFM15.indb 33 2016-02-08 1:54 PM
cover athlete
fit in a flash

34 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 34 2016-02-08 3:09 PM

Holly Holm isnt
afraid of hard work.
Or perhaps more accurately, Holly
Holm isnt afraid of non-stop,
three-a-day workouts, physically
demanding, crazy-hard work. We
meet the UFC bantamweight fighter
at her training camp in Albuquerque,
New Mexico where shes just finishing
her first training session of the day.
Soaked with sweat, she grabs a quick
shower (as quickly as someone can
with waist-length hair), a coffee, and
steps on set for our five-plus-hour
photoshoot. Were lucky to get her
for an entire afternoonthe champ
has focus mitt training with her
coach Mike Winklejohn immediately
after we wrap, then plans to go for
her daily run around 9pm. Her grueling
schedule isnt for the faint of heart,
but Hollywho has just come off
a four-day press tour in Las Vegas
and New Yorktakes it all in stride.
I just go one day at a time, hour by
Written by Kirstyn Brown, Editor-in-Chief | Photography by Paul Buceta hour, she says. The next day comes,
I reset, and figure out what I have to
do. I just constantly remind myself

Like a Champ
that what Im doing is because of the
fight and thats what it all comes
back down to.
Its precisely that kind of work
ethic that has recently helped make
the 34-year-old Albuquerque native

UFC fighter Holly Holm one of the most revered women in her
sport. A former professional kickboxer

shocked the world

and boxer, Holly catapulted into the
mainstream spotlight when she
faced Ronda Rousey last November

when she dominated in a modern-day David-and-Goliath

scenario that ended with her knock-

the sports undefeated ing out the undefeated champ with a

kick to the head in the second round.

champion to claim the

The stunning defeat earned her four
accolades at the 2016 World MMA
Awards this February, including

womens bantamweight Breakout Fighter of the Year and

Knockout of the Year. (Not surpris-

title. Now shes out to ingly, Hollys training camp, Jackson

Shot on location at JACKSON WINK MMA

Wink MMA also happened to take

home Gym of the Year).
prove that shes a force

But in spite of the sudden fame,

Holly remains focused on what got

to be reckoned with no her here. Without fighting, none of

the other opportunities would fall

matter what it takes.

into place, she says. The whole
reason Im doing this is because of

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 35

SFM15.indb 35 2016-02-08 3:09 PM

my passion for the fight. At the time of this interview, Holly was
gearing up to face Miesha Tate in Vegas on March 5th, her first fight SFM: Whats going through
since the Rousey upset. And while she feels the pressure, she doesnt your mind in the ring? Are
you aware of the crowd?
let it break her concentration. After all, she still has a job to do.
HH: I try not to pay attention to
SFM: How does your mindset the crowd. Its just myself and my
change with each fight? I knew she was beatable; thats opponent, regardless of whos
why I took the fight. As far as out there. I just focus on whats in
HH: I feel like the mindset is dominating the whole fight, I wasnt front of me. Its go time, lets go.
different for every fight. Every
sure I would dominate that much. The weeks leading up to it, this
fight is different, every fighter is
You never know how a fight is is what practice is for. Youre
different, every training camp is
going to go. It was something I thinking: If they do this, then
different. So I try not to compare
trained for and when I get in there Im going to go this way. Thats
because that could set you up
I just believe that I can do it. where your training comes into
for a mental breakdown if youre
place. It should all flow.
thinking Oh my gosh, this isnt
going like it did before! I just try I dont feel a SFM: Whats it like to be HOLLYS
to learn from what I did wrong,
try to retain what I did right, and
need to create a woman in such a male SPEED AND
take it one day at a time. drama over a dominant sport? FROM HER
HH: I like to fight because I like CORE.
SFM: How does all the hype
fight. I just want to fight, not to make a point that
affect you? Is it a lot of to win and I want women can do it or not. Im in
there simply because I love to do
to stay focused this. I think thats going to show
HH: Of course theres a lot of
pressure, I put a lot of pressure
on the victory. that women are competitive too
;that if youre truly passionate
on myself. But thats what makes
about it, youre going to put your
the win so rewarding. The win SFM: Going in, did you feel heart into it. I think thats what
makes it all worth it. Peoples like the underdog?
helps bring womens boxing out
comments dont bother me at
HH: I knew I was the underdog, there. I hope it helps it expand the
all. I just choose not to let other
I felt like the underdog. But with sport more for other women, but
people control my happiness.
that comes wanting to prove its not something I focus on.
everyone wrong. I felt like the
SFM: Some other athletes odds were definitely against me SFM: Do you see yourself
talk a pretty big game. How
shes the most dominant fighter as a positive role model for
do you stay so humble?
out there. But i wanted to prove other women?
HH: I truly respect every one everybody wrong and show them
HH: I dont really think about
of my opponents and dont feel a Im here for a reason too.
how others think of me. I guess
need to create drama over a fight.
I just want to be the best version
I just want to win and I want to SFM: What did it feel like to of me and I want to be passion-
stay focused on the victory. I win that fight?
ate about what I do. I want to
feel that some of the drama
HH: I dont think anybody can put accomplish things that people
surrounding fights can just be a
that into words. When you look at dont see as possible. I want to
distraction and I see it as wasted
our sport, theres so much on the take chances in life, even if it
energy. I also never want talk a
line, millions are watching. puts me in a vulnerable position.
big game and get beat. I dont
You could be a hero in front of I hope that chasing my goals and
want to make a fool of myself!
millions of people or you could believing in myself inspires others
be embarrassed in front of to give themselves a chance to
SFM: Were you at all millions of people. You think, push the envelope, to believe in
surprised by the outcome
why would anybody want to do themselves, to succeed, to not
of the Rousey fight?
that? The reason the taste of be afraid to put themselves
HH: I wasnt surprised but I did the victory. Theres no way to out there, even if its a little
think it would go a little longer. explain what it feels like. intimidating.

Fast Fact:

Holly Holm is the first person ever to become

champion in both boxing and mixed martial arts.

36 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15_CoverGirl.indd 36 2016-02-11 12:19 PM

Hard Core
When youre watching Holly Holm face an the center of everything in a fight, says
opponent in the octagon, a few words come to our cover athlete. The stronger the core,
mind: strength, precision, speed and power. the stronger the punch, the stronger your
The majority of that power comes from the takedowns, the stronger your clinch game,
solid foundation she has built through years of the stronger you are to get up when someone
dedicated trainingthe brickhouse between else is on top of you, the stronger the kicks.
her shoulders and hips that helps her punch, Here are a few of her favorite exercises for
jab and roundhouse her way to victory. Core is developing a knockout core.

Punching Bag Crunch: Hits both One-Armed Med Ball Throw: Lying Rocky Abs: Fires up your
your intrinsic and superficial Develops power in the hips and stabilizers, works every part of
abdominal muscle. Bonus core, targets the obliques, rectus your abs, and hits your back,
benefit: Your quads and hip flexors abdominus, shoulders, and back. glutes and quads.
will get a serious workout, too.
Plank: Strengthens the transverse turn the page to
Diagonal Plate Twist with Lunge: abdominus (the deepest layer
Provides a full-body blast, work- of your abs that supports your get these moves in
ing your obliques, quads, glutes, spine) and even hits the glutes a sample workout.
hamstrings, back and shoulders. and adductors (inner thigh).

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 37

SFM15_CoverGirl.indd 37 2016-02-11 12:19 PM

Do this workout twice per week for four weeks:
Perform the following exercises as a circuit, doing one after the other with
little to no rest. At the end of the circuit, rest a full minute, then repeat.


Week 1
Reps (per side where applicable)
Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Incorporate Hollys favorite
Punching Bag Crunch
Diagonal Plate Twist with Lunge
core exercises into your own Lying Rocky Abs 12 15 15 15
fitness routine by using this
sample workout created by Plank 45 sec 45 sec 45 sec 45 sec
Graeme Prue, MS Sports One-Armed Med Ball Throw 12 15 15 15
Science, owner and head
Rest 60 seconds
coach of Combat Fitness and
Team Phoenix in Greensboro,
NC. Exceptional core strength
is a requirement for all sports, a
he says. It is what connects A
the lower body to the upper
body and thus transfers energy
from the ground to the arms.
If you have a weak core a lot of
the energy generated by the
legs will be lost and the useable
power becomes irrelevant.

b b

Punching Bag Crunch Diagonal Plate Twist with Lunge

Grab the bag by the straps at the top and jump up, Stand holding a weight plate in front of
wrapping your legs around the bag as high as your torso with feet wider than shoulder
you can. Slowly lower your torso towards the width apart. Bend both knees and twist
ground until you feel a stretch in your abs (A), to your left (A), then twist to your right,
then contract your core and perform a sit up (B). straightening your legs and pressing the
Lower back down and repeat. weight up towards the corner (B).

Modification: Obviously this is an COACHS TIP: Make sure the move-

advanced move. To make it easier, ment is coming from the spine and
or if you dont have a bag, use a core. Do not let the knees buckle or
decline bench on the lowest setting. twist in the direction of the rotation.

38 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15_CoverGirl.indd 38 2016-02-11 12:19 PM

start Try not to fall into the
throw. Make sure to keep an
upright position and make
sure the rotation is
from the core.

Lying Rocky Abs One-Armed Med Ball Throw

Lie on your back with your legs straight Stand sideways to a wall holding a
and hold onto something behind you for medicine ball in front of your torso.
support. With your legs straight, raise your Using power from your hips, rotate your
hips, and torso so you are balancing on torso and thrust the ball towards the
your shoulders. Keeping everything tight,
plank wall with hand furthest from the wall.
Position yourself on the floor with your
slowly lower to the ground inch by inch. Catch the ball and repeat. Complete
forearms down and your legs extended,
Raise back up and repeat for all reps. all reps then switch sides. S
forming a straight line from your head to
your ankles. Brace your core by pulling
Too tough? Start with your navel towards your spine. Hold for SFM Find more on Holly Holm
reverse crunches on the the prescribed time. at strongfitnessmag.com
floor and work up to these.

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SFM15_CoverGirl.indd 39 2016-02-11 12:19 PM

Is your grocery list lacking
shades of purple, red and black?
These healthy, gourmet recipes,
each featuring a deeply hued
superfood, should help you get
over your fear of the dark.

to the

Written by Helen Vong Recipes and styling by Marianne Wren

Photography by Paul Buceta

40 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15_DarkFoods.indd 40 2016-02-11 12:20 PM

Whenever you see
a dark-colored
food, you can be
sure of one thing:
Mother Nature jam-packed
it with antioxidants to
protect it against free-
radical cellular damage,
caused by environmental
stressors like the wind and
sunrays. Antioxidants act
like scavengers, seeking
out the free-radicals and
rendering them harmless.
Dark-hued fruits,
vegetables, grains and
even dark chocolate are
naturally equipped with
this antioxidant armor,
and when you eat them,
you also benefit from the
protective power of the
plant compounds. But you
dont have to take our word
for it. Science has shed
some light on how dark
foods can lead to health
boosts like better workouts
and faster recovery to
fewer sick days and
decreased risk of disease.
Here are five research-
approved foods to add to
your grocery cart, plus a
few elegant recipes that
will have you embracing
your dark side.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 41

SFM15_DarkFoods.indd 41 2016-02-11 12:20 PM

Black Rice
Brown rice is better than white,
but black trumps them both
when it comes to nutritional
value. Less refined, the bran
hull in black rice is packed with
higher amounts of feel-full fiber
and cell-protective vitamin E.
Scientists who studied samples
of black rice from farms in the
southern USA discovered that
it contains even higher levels of
anthocyanins than blueberries.
Furthermore, experimental
studies published in the journal
American Chemical Society
found that when black rice
bran extract was injected into
mice, it suppressed the release
of histamine, which causes
the inflammation involved in
allergies, asthma, and skin
irritation. Brown rice extract
failed to produce this effect.

Black Rice Salad with Coconut

Crusted Mahi Mahi
Prep Time: 25 min Total Time: 1 hr 30 min Makes 6 servings

3. Combine celery, red pepper,

 cup black rice  cup golden raisins green onions, pineapple, raisins,
1 cup chicken broth  cup raw cashews cashews, carrots and bean
 Tbsp safflower oil  cup coconut milk sprouts with rice. Add dressing
 Tbsp sesame oil  cup shredded and toss gently to combine. Set
aside until serving.
1 tsp maple syrup unsweetened coconut
1 tsp natural peanut butter 6 4-oz mahi mahi fillets, 4. Place coconut in a shallow dish
and coconut milk in a medium
1 tsp hot garlic chili paste (look skinned and fine bones removed
sized bowl. Dip fish into milk and
for it in the Asian section of your 2 Tbsp coconut oil then into coconut, coating all
local grocer or at Asian markets) sides. Set on a plate.
1. In a large saucepan combine rice
1 Tbsp orange juice 5. Heat coconut oil in a skillet large
and broth and bring to a simmer
1 Tbsp lime juice over high heat. Cover, reduce heat enough to fit all 4 fish fillets over
 Tbsp low-sodium soy sauce to low and simmer until rice is medium high heat. Add fish and
tender, 40 minutes. Remove from cook, turning once, until firm
Pinch salt and pepper
heat and let stand 10 minutes. and opaque, 10-12 minutes total.
1 stalk celery, thinly sliced To serve, divide rice between
Transfer to a bowl and allow to
2 green onions, thinly sliced four serving plates and top with
come to room temperature.
 cup red pepper, finely diced 1 piece of fish.
2. In a medium bowl whisk together
 cup diced pineapple oils, maple syrup, peanut butter, Nutrients per serving:
 cup shredded carrots orange and lime juices, chili paste, Calories: 317, Fat: 14 g, Carbs: 25 g
 cup bean sprouts soy sauce, salt and pepper. Protein: 25 g, Fiber: 3 g

42 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 42 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

Espresso Chocolate Mousse
Prep Time 15 min Total Time 4 hr 30 min Makes 6 servings

6oz dark chocolate (70-85%), stainless steel) combine

broken into small pieces chocolate, espresso, butter
 cup brewed espresso and espresso powder. Set the
bowl over the pot making sure
1 Tbsp unsalted butter the bottom of the bowl does
1 tsp instant espresso powder not touch the water, and allow
the chocolate to completely
3 eggs, yolks and whites melt, about 15 minutes.
2. Remove the bowl and stir
2 Tbsp evaporated cane juice the chocolate with a wooden
spoon until smooth and
1. Fill a large saucepan with 2 glossy and allow chocolate to
inches of water and bring to a boil come to room temperature.
over high heat. Turn off heat. In a Stir in egg yolks with a
large heatproof bowl (preferably wooden spoon.
3. In the bowl of a stand mixer
fitted with a whisk, beat egg
whites until soft peaks form.
Add evaporated cane juice and
beat until whites are glossy
and form stiff peaks. Stir of
egg whites into the chocolate
mixture with a wooden spoon.
Fold in remaining whites with a
rubber spatula until no streaks
remain. Cover with plastic
wrap and chill 4 hours.

Dark Chocolate
Its no secret that raw dark Nutrients
chocolate, with 70 percent cocoa per serving:
content or higher, is lauded for its Calories: 235
Fat: 16 g
high amounts of disease-fighting
Carbs: 17 g
antioxidants. But you may not know Protein: 5 g
that dark chocolate is also freakishly Fiber: 3 g
full of six-pack-friendly minerals
magnesium, chromium, zinc and
copper. Minerals help metabolize
glucose and keep insulin levels on
an even keel, two factors which
contribute to weight maintenance.
The American Journal of Clinical
Nutrition recently published a
review of over 40 studies and
found a connection between dark
chocolate consumption and weight
gain prevention.
As if you needed more reasons
to love this perfect cheat food (in
disguise), the zinc found in dark
chocolate preserves nerve and brain
tissue, bolsters the immune system,
and helps metabolize food, while
copper makes it possible for your
body to unlock energy-revving iron.

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SFM15.indb 43 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

Herbed Pork
with Dark
Prep Time 15 min Total Time 45 min
Makes 4 servings

1.5 pound pork tenderloin,

trimmed of all fat and
silver skin
tsp sea salt
tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp dried thyme
2 tsp olive oil
1 large shallot, minced
cup red wine, such as
cup chicken broth
2 cups pitted black cherries,
thawed if frozen
1.5 Tbsp organic unsalted
butter, chilled

1. Set oven to 400 F. Rub

tenderloin with salt,
pepper and thyme. Place
in roasting pan and roast
until meat thermometer Black Cherries
registers 150F, about
35 minutes. Remove to a If taking the stairs seems impossible after leg
carving board and let stand
day, then stock up on cherries. Sweet and tart in
5 minutes before slicing.
taste, black cherries are packed with quercetin and
2. Meanwhile prepare sauce: anthocyanins, antioxidants that have been linked
In a medium saucepan heat
to reducing inflammation at levels comparable to
oil over medium heat. Add
over-the-counter pain medications. A study from
shallots and cook, stirring
frequently, until softened, the Journal of the International Society of Sports
3-4 minutes. Add wine, Nutrition showed that marathon runners who drank
broth and cherries and tart cherry juice daily for seven days prior to racing
bring to a simmer. Reduce had significantly less muscle soreness and a faster
heat and simmer until liquid recovery, compared to a placebo group.
has reduced by 2/3 and the And new research continues to support this
sauce has become syrupy. stone fruits super powers. A recent study from
Remove from heat and
Oregon Health & Science University followed
quickly stir in cold butter.
women aged 40 to 70 with osteoarthritis for three
3. Slice pork and divide weeks, and gave them tart cherry juice twice
between four plates. Top daily. At the end of the trial, the women who had
with sauce, dividing evenly.
the highest levels of inflammation had significant
reduction. Why is this important? Rigorous
Nutrients per serving:
Calories: 334, Fat: 11 g,
training causes breakdown in cartilage, which per
Carbs: 14 g, Protein: 37 g, the Arthritis Foundation, places athletes at
Fiber: 2 g a greater risk for developing osteoarthritis, the
most common type of arthritis.

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SFM15_DarkFoods.indd 44 2016-02-11 12:21 PM

1. Preheat oven to 350 F. Beets
Cut greens off beets leaving
1 inch. Place beets on a double Beetroot juice became a pre-workout
layer of foil and drizzle with elixir among elite athletes around
2 tsp olive oil. Wrap tightly
2006 when the first studies on the
and place pouch directly on
cookie sheet. Roast until beets impact the red stuff had on exercise
are tender when pierced with performance were published. Past
a sharp knife, about 1 hour. research has shown that beets can
Remove from oven and cool
slash minutes off your run time and
to room temperature.
enable exercisers from weekend
Roasted Beet 2. Meanwhile make dressing by
combining remaining olive oil,
warriors to Olympic athletes to
Salad with orange juice, vinegar, honey, better tolerate high-intensity exercise.

Mint and Feta salt and pepper.

3. When beets are cooled, remove
The secret weapon in beets is the
nitrates, which your body converts
Prep time 20 min Total Time 2 hours
(with cooling time) Makes 4 servings skins by rubbing with paper to nitric oxide (NO), a molecule that
towel. Cut beets into bite sized enhances blood vessel dilation on the
6 large red beets, washed wedges. Toss with dressing, arterial walls. When relaxed, blood
2 tsp olive oil plus 1 Tbsp mint, shallots and feta. Divide
evenly between four plates. flow throughout the entire vascular
olive oil, divided
Garnish with pistachios, system is improved, reducing blood
 cup feta cheese
dividing evenly. pressure and minimizing the workload
2 Tbsp fresh mint, chopped necessary for the heart to pump blood.
Nutrients per serving:
1 shallot, thinly sliced Calories: 221, Fat: 13 g, Carbs: 21 g Since oxygen is in relatively short
2 Tbsp orange juice Protein: 7 g, Fiber: 4 g supply during exercise, having this
2 Tbsp white wine vinegar vasodilation effect has been shown
1 Tbsp honey to help muscles work more efficiently
during intense exercise. A study in the
 tsp salt and freshly
ground pepper Journal of the Academy of Nutrition
and Dietetics found runners who ate
 cup pistachios,
chopped about a half pound of cooked beets
two hours before a run ran faster
over 5 km than those who didnt;
and yet their heart rates were the
same. If borscht is not your idea of a
pre-workout meal, consider juicing or
blending raw beets into a smoothie.

A group of plant compounds
most famously attributed
to giving berries their red,
purple and blue hues.
Anthocyanins are potent
scavengers of free radicals
and exhibit strong
anti-inflammatory and
anti-microbial properties,
shown to help stave off
diseases including cancer
and heart disease.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 45

SFM15_DarkFoods.indd 45 2016-02-11 12:21 PM

Spicy Eggplant
& Cauliflower
Prep Time: 20 min
Total Time: 2 hrs 30 minutes
Makes 6 servings

2 inch piece ginger, peeled

4 cloves garlic
1 tsp honey
3 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 Tbsp garam masala
2 tsp yellow mustard seed
2 tsp ground cumin
2 tsp whole coriander seed
1 tsp turmeric
 tsp each: red chili
powder, ground cloves,
and ground nutmeg
1 large purple eggplant,
cut into inch cubes
2 cups cauliflower florets
1 large onion, diced
1 Tbsp safflower oil
2 cups cooked chickpeas, drained
2 cups crushed tomatoes Bonus Benefits:
Eggplant contains
1 cinnamon stick cholesterol-lowering fiber
and numerous minerals that
1. In the bowl of a food processor aid muscle contraction
fitted with a steel blade, pulse (potassium) and energy
ginger, garlic, honey, vinegar, per (B
metabolism serving:
mustard seeds, coriander seed, Calories: 235
Fat: 16 g
cumin, red chili powder, cloves
Carbs: 17 g
and nutmeg until a paste forms. Protein: 5 g
Place eggplant and cauliflower Fiber: 3 g
in a large bowl and add paste,
tossing with your hands to coat the
vegetables. Set aside for 1 hour.
2. In a large deep skillet, heat oil
over medium heat. Add onion
and cook, stirring frequently,
until very soft and golden,
10 minutes. Add eggplant
mixture and cook, stirring
frequently, 5 minutes. Add
chickpeas, crushed tomatoes
and cinnamon stick and stir
to combine. Eggplant
3. Reduce heat and simmer, stirring
occasionally, until vegetables are
tender, 1 hour. If curry is starting Eggplant comes in a variety of shapes every year. Consumption of
to stick during cooking add a and colors, however, the traditional anthocyanins have been clinically
splash of water. To serve, remove
purple variety is replete with nasunin, shown to play a major role in lowering
cinnamon stick and divide
between 6 plates and serve with a unique antioxidant responsible for the risk of cardiovascular disease in
naan if desired. Note: this curry is the purple pigment, and may help keep women. In the Harvard Nurses Health
not a wet curry; it should look your brain as fit as your body. Nasunin Study, researchers tracked the diets
a bit dry when cooked. is part of the anthocyanin class of of 93,600 women aged 25 to 42 for
antioxidants and animal studies have eighteen years. What they found was
Nutrients per serving: shown it prevents fats in the brain from that those who ate more than three
Calories: 118, Fat: 3 g, Carbs: 22 g
Protein: 4 g, Fiber: 7 g turning rancid (lipid peroxidation), and servings of fruits and vegetables,
generally what is good for the brain is particularly high in anthocyanins, had
also good for the heart. In the U.S., one a 34 percent decreased risk of heart
in four women dies of heart disease disease than those who consumed less. S

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SFM15.indb 46 2016-02-08 3:00 PM


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SFM15.indb 47 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

the Fat,
Keep the
Discover the time-honored
technique that does it all.
Written by Lindsay Kent, ISSA Professor, Master
Trainer and owner of Equilibrium Bodylab
Photography by Paul Buceta

Model Angela Gargano Hair & Makeup Alexandra Smith

Sports Bra Fabletics Shot on location at Forge Performance & Fitness

48 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15_PHATraining.indd 48 2016-02-11 12:22 PM

Burning unwanted body
fat while simultaneously
avoiding muscle loss is a
coveted combination in
the world of training
one that can be tricky to achieve
without the right program. But
there is one method of training
that provides the perfect storm
of calorie-blasting compound
movements, resulting in both
improved body composition
and muscle maintenance. Were
talking about PHA training.
If youre looking for a trendy
weight loss technique, this aint
it. In fact, PHA, or Peripheral
Heart Action training, is pretty
old school, utilizing some of
exercise sciences best practices
for achieving a workout that can
accomplish both your fat loss and
muscle maintenance goals. But
theres just one catch: youll have
to put forth continuous effort
with almost no rest periods to
reap the maximum benefits. Still
interested? Read on to find out
how it works and why its been
used by some of the worlds most
notable bodybuilders. Then, try it
for yourself using the program on
the following pages.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 49

SFM15_PHATraining.indd 49 2016-02-11 12:22 PM

What it is
PHA training was developed in the 1940s by revered exercise Dumbbell
physiologist Arthur Steinhaus. But this effective technique
Bench Press
wasnt brought to the forefront of fitness until the 1960s, when Set up: Lie on a flat
bodybuilding legend Bob Gajda used it to win not only Mr. America, bench holding a
but also Mr. Universe, defeating Arnold Schwarzenegger. dumbbell in each
So what makes it so unique? PHA training focuses on avoiding hand at shoulder
height with elbows
blood pooling, a common side effect of body-split workouts (such bent at 90 degrees,
as chest and back), in which blood accumulates in isolated areas palms facing out.
of the body. Instead, PHA keeps the blood pumping throughout the Action: Keeping
entire body by supersetting upper and lower body exercises. If that your shoulders back,
sounds brutal, it is. This type of circuit training is extremely taxing press the dumbbells
on your cardiovascular system, but the rewards are well worth it. straight up, locking
out your arms at
The benefits the top. Pause, then
slowly lower back
PHA workouts burn a ton of calories and boost your metabolic
down and repeat.
rate. The exercise selection uses compound movements versus
isolation exercises, which means your workouts will be centered
on the big, fat-burning muscles of the chest, legs and back.
Bonus: by focusing on compound, or multi-joint exercises,
and multiple planes of movement, youll also enhance your Weighted
bodys athletic performance and muscle mechanics. Sumo Squat
Another advantage of compound movements is that they Set up: Place a
innervate a larger spectrum of muscle fibers, increasing loaded barbell across
strength and overall performance, while producing enough your upper back and
lactic acid to stimulate growth hormone, which is necessary lift it off the rack.
Stand with feet wider
for muscle-building and fat loss. The major advantage that
than shoulder-width
PHA provides is the prevention of lactic acid buildup, thanks apart and toes
to the peripheral exercises, decreasing the onset of fatigue turned out slightly.
significantly. PHA training also allows for plenty of variety
Action: Push your
in terms of exercises, keeping your workouts diverse, and hips back then down,
certainly never boring. And finally, due to the nature of high tracking your knees
intensity and minimal rest periods, these workouts will over your toes. Lower
improve your cardiovascular training with much less of a time until your hips are
commitment than clocking hours each week on the treadmill. just below knee level,
then drive through
your heels and return
How to: Perform this workout as one large circuit, three to standing. Repeat.
times through. You should be lifting between 75 and 80% of
your max. Once you complete one superset, rest no longer
than 30 to 60 seconds and move on to your next superset.
These workouts can be done three to four times a week.
You can include a different circuit each time you train, or Kneeling Cable
you can repeat this circuit. Just be sure to increase your Lat Pulldown
load or reps each week. Set up: Begin on
your knees in the
center of a cable
SUPERSET REPS apparatus, holding a
A1 Dumbbell Bench Press 8-12 handle attached to
high pulleys in each A
A2 Weighted Sumo Squat 8-12 hand above your head
with palms facing
Rest 30-60 seconds
forward (A).
B1 Kneeling Cable Lat Pulldown 8-12 Action: Retract your
B2 Lower Body Prowler Push 25 yards shoulder blades and
pull your elbows down
Rest 30-60 seconds towards your torso
until the handles are
C1 Decline Push-Up 8-12 shoulder-height (B).
C2 Weighted UFCs 8-12 per side Slowly raise your
arms back up to the
Rest 30-60 seconds starting position and
repeat for all reps.

50 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 50 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

Set up: Load a
prowler with weight
plates and stand
behind it at one end
of the turf. Place
your hands low on
the handles as to put
more focus on your
legs and glutes. Keep
your arms straight.
Action: Drive through
the ground and start
moving forward,
focusing on using
your glutes to power
the movement.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 51

SFM15.indb 51 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

Set up: Get into a high
plank position with
your feet elevated on
a bench behind you.
Action: Bend your
elbows to lower your
upper body towards
the ground. Extend
your arms to press
back up to the starting
position and repeat.

If youre looking for a trendy weight-

loss technique, this aint it.

52 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15_PHATraining.indd 52 2016-02-11 12:23 PM

some of
for losing
fat and

Set up: Begin kneel-
ing on a mat holding
a medicine ball in
front of you in both
hands in front of
your chest (A).
Action: Keeping
your upper body
stationary, bring your
left foot onto the
mat (B), then your
right, so you are now
in a low squat (C).
Immediately return
your left knee to the
mat, then the right.
Continue for all reps,
then repeat on the
other side (beginning
A b c with the right). S

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 53

SFM15_PHATraining.indd 53 2016-02-11 12:23 PM

Inner Strength

Not all strength training
requires a gym. These five
powerful practices will
teach you to turn your
focus inward and boost
your mental muscle.
Written by Michelle Armstrong, certified personal
trainer, bestselling author, and mindset expert

54 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 54 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

Your mind is
like a muscle: If
you dont train
it, it will only
become weaker.
So in the same way you
diligently train your body to
perform at its best, you need to
train your mental muscle so it
will perform at its best too. Did
you know that the thoughts you
think repeatedly are reflected
in your body and your life?
Your body hears every word
you say in your mind and
responds according to your
direction, whether its nega-
tive or positive. Take the time
to train your mental muscle so
Taking a five-minute
you can achieve the goals you mental break can
want both inside and outside of boost awareness and
the gym. Here are some simple
mental workouts you can start
increase positivity.
today to strengthen your mind
and boost your positivity.

1. Meditate
According to the National
Center for Complementary and
Integrative Health, meditation
not only reduces stress and
improves the immune system, those you cannot control instance, the next time youre have happen, we can help cre-
it also helps us to become more (such as your mothers illness) on your third or fourth set ate that experience in reality.
present to our mental activity. and work to change those you in the gym and youre ready Remember, in order to create
When we slow down for a few can (such as hating your job). to quit, tell yourself to push the result you want, you first
moments a day and observe Let go of your past and focus through do one more set, have to believe it is possible.
our thoughts, we become more on the present. and grow past your comfort Your mind has to align with
aware of whether they are posi- Secondly, be sure to take zone. Always listen to your your goals in order to bring
tive or negative, and then we mental breaks. Just like you bodys cues, but simultane- them to pass.
can change them. A daily dose take rest days for your muscles, ously, know that you have the
of meditation can help you
identify limiting beliefs that
take time each day to rest your
mind. Do something relaxing.
ability to keep going and push
yourself that little bit further. 5. Declare
dont serve you, and select new Go for a walk. Watch an Victory
beliefs that do.
Sit comfortably for 5-10
uplifting movie. Take a bath.
Laugh with a girlfriend. Listen 4. Visualize When you say what you want to
experience out loud, it not only
minutes a day. Close your eyes.
Breathe deeply and observe
to soothing music. Spend time
in nature.
the Result sends a powerful message to
Visualization is when we see, the universe that you are ready
your thoughts. It can be help- hear, feel and experience the and deserving to receive what
ful to write down what you
observe so that you can choose 3. Push result we want in our minds
eye. When asked about her
you declare, it also strength-
ens your beliefs about what is
Photography by Paul Buceta Model Annette Milbers

to change what is limiting your

potential. The more you prac-
Through recent victory over world UFC possible, and sends a message
When the going gets tough, champion Ronda Rousey, MMA to your nervous system to
tice, the stronger your mental the tough get going. Clich, fighter Holly Holm said, I visu- respond according to what you
muscle becomes. maybe, but one of the ways alize the victory, but I visualize believe. For example, if you
you can really strengthen your myself being in a really bad want to win a fitness competi-
Hair & Makeup by Monika Kalra

2. Chill Out mental muscle is to persevere situation and coming out of it. tion, tell yourself out loud: I
Stress doesnt serve you or your when things get uncomfort- Because our brain doesnt am a winner. I have won the
body, so learn to manage your able. Over time, your mind will know the difference between competition. Get clear about
stress in healthy ways. To start, learn to tolerate more than it whats happening in our mind what you want, declare it ver-
make a list of all the stressors could previously, and youll be versus the real world, when we bally and expect that it will
in your life. Choose to accept able to go the extra mile. For visualize what we want to become your reality.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 55

SFM15.indb 55 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

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SFM15_FelicaWorkout.indd 56 2016-02-11 12:25 PM

This super sculpting, head-to-toe
routine will help you build your fiercest
body everjust in time for summer.

Total The
Workout Routine by Felicia Romero, CPT, Coach
& Owner of Felicia Romeros Fit Method
Photography by Paul Buceta

Model Felicia Romero Hair & Makeup Alexandra Smith Shot on location at CrossFit Colosseum, Toronto March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 57

SFM15_FelicaWorkout.indd 57 2016-02-11 12:25 PM

shoulders, a
carved core,
sleek arms
Perform this routine 2-3 times per week for maximum benefits.


set of legs. Lateral Burpee 3* 20, 18, 15
If thats your definition of the
TRX Pike 3 10
ultimate summer body, then
youve come to the right place. Jumping Lunge 3 15 (each side)
This workout will get you all
of the above, and then some
TRX Single-Leg Burpee 3 20 seconds (each side)
(like a fired-up metabolism), Spiderman Push-Up 2 10
in time for you to hit the sand
or the surf, field, or track Kettlebell Swing with Sumo Squat 3 15 Lateral
with total confidence. *Rest 20 seconds between sets Burpee
And the best part? You From standing,
wont need to navigate a bring your hands to
the ground and hop
dozen different machines
your feet straight
through a sea of sweaty out behind you and
meatheads just to get in your perform a push-up (A).
workout. This routine requires Hop your feet back
minimal space and equip- This move is to your hands and
ment so you can do it almost raise your torso (B),
performed like
then explode off both
anywhere. What it does use a regular burpee, feet and jump to the
is a lethal combination of but with a side side (C). Immediately
training techniques from HIIT jump instead of bring your hands
and plyo (hello cardio!), to vertical. To make to the ground and
strengthening and stability it easier, skip repeat, jumping in the
exercises, to challenge your the push-up. opposite direction.
body in every possible way. In Continue for all reps.
just six moves youll be hitting
every muscle especially
your core while launching
your metabolism into orbit.
And if seeing your abs was
on your list of resolutions
in 2016, this routine is your
ticket into six-pack city.
But it wont be easy. The
high reps and advanced, full-
body movements youre about
to endure are not for the faint
of heart. So if youre up to the
challenge, all the power to
you. If youre not quite there
yet, modify the exercises or
reduce the number of sets as
needed until you progress;
youll still get a killer workout
and will definitely see the
difference in your body after
a few weeks. Either way, as
long as you put in the work,
a stronger, leaner body is A B
within your reach.

58 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 58 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

To make this move
easier, skip the
pike and just tuck
your knees into
your chest.

TRX Pike
Begin in a high plank position
with your feet in TRX cradles.
Your body should be parallel with
the ground (A). Keeping your
legs straight, contract your core
and drive your hips towards the
ceiling (B). Lower back down
with control, and repeat.


For best results,

Jumping Lunge perform these as
From a deep lunge position (A), jump quickly as possible.
straight upwards, switching your feet in
the air (B) and landing in a lunge with the
opposite foot in front. Immediately repeat.
Continue alternating for all reps.

Want to work out with Felicia Romero? Now is

SFM your chance! Felicia will be hosting STRONGCAMP
Arizona, April 16-17. Go to strong-camp.com to register.

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SFM15.indb 59 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

If seeing your abs was on your list for 2016,
this routine is your ticket to six-pack city.


Begin standing with
c your right leg bent
and placed in a TRX
cradle (A). In one fluid
motion, place your
hands on the ground
(B) and bring your
left foot up towards
the ceiling, extending
your right leg (C),
then lowering your
left foot and coming
back up to standing.
Continue for all reps
then switch sides.

60 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 60 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

Get into high plank position
with arms and legs extended
(A). Lower into a push-up
while simultaneously bring-
ing your right knee to your
right elbow (B). Press back
up and return your foot to Keep your abs
the starting position. Repeat tight to protect
on the left side, and continue your spine.
alternating for all reps.

with Sumo
Stand with feet wide
apart holding a kettle-
bell straight down with
both hands. Squat
down while bringing
the kettlebell between
your legs (A) then
explosively extend
your legs, swinging the
kettlebell up in front of
your face (B). Lower
back down and repeat.

power tip!
Use the power
from your
hips and legs
to swing the
weight, not
your arms.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 61

SFM15.indb 61 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

your health

Instincts Written by Rachel Debling
Photography Paul Buceta
model angela Gargano hair & makeup alex smith

62 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 62 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

Since the dawn of dieting,
there has been a simple
formula that nearly
everyone has followed:
more calories out than
calories in equals weight
loss. But a growing field
of science is showing that
this may not necessarily
be the case. Researchers
are starting to believe that
microscopic warriors deep
inside your body, known
as gut flora, microbes
or microbiota, are the
reason why some people
can eat all they want and
not gain weight, while
others struggle on a daily
basis to keep healthy.
But to what degree?
Well, were on the cusp
of finding out.

March/April2016 strongfitnessmag.com 63

SFM15.indb 63 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

One look at current
Spector. scientists
are now looking at
ways in which levels

box office numbers of christensenella can be

built up in people, and what

and its pretty clear: foods may affect its growth.

But until an answer comes to

tales of good versus

light, if youre born with
it, consider yourself lucky.
Another unexpected revela- them more likely to survive.

evil still manage tion to Spectors work: obesity

generally comes with fewer types
Plus, Gail Hecht, Professor of
Medicine of Microbiology/

to capture all
of gut bacteria. That means that Immunology and Chief of
the more robust and varied your Gastroenterology and Nutrition
intestinal bacteria, the healthier at Loyola University Medical

our imaginations. you generally are. Spector likens

it to a well-kept English garden
Center, explains that gut micro-
biota actually educates your
versus a junk-filled lot: taking body. How? Gut flora communi-
But youll often find its the SKINNY GENES care of your environment means cates with your immune system
movies that rely on a more Tim Spector, world-renowned there is less of a chance that and identifies itself as one of
nuanced approach to morality researcher and author of The Diet weeds bad bacteria the good guys so that effort is
questioning who, or what, is Myth (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, will be able to invade. focused on the truly harmful
truly good that really shine. 2015), has been looking at Before you start to point the bacteria, therefore improving
(Were looking at you, Sicario.) the effects of gut bacteria for finger at your microbiome (the your bodys efficiency at keep-
Where are we going with years, but one recent study in internal environment in which ing sickness at bay.
this? Well, you may not realize particular has put him on the the bacteria inside you thrive) This exposure to allergens,
it, but as we speak, a similar map in the gastrointestinal for any difficulties you may have antigens and illness is not only
storyline is being played out on world of whos who. Perhaps losing weight, hold up. Even an important part of fending off
an imperceptible level in your to the surprise of some, it has though more and more con- disease, it also helps you main-
body inside your gut, to be also captured the attention of nections are being established tain a hardy and competent gut.
precise, wherein 100 trillion the weight-conscious media, between it and your weight, Douglas G. Adler, MD, professor
units of bacteria are growing an arena in which the affairs
and living and multiplying, of the digestive tract are rarely The more robust and varied
as they have been since a few
weeks after your birth. Some
synonymous. But, as Spectors
study showed, they should be. your intestinal bacteria, the
of these bacteria have favor-
able characteristics; others can
His research on over 400
pairs of identical and fraternal
healthier you generally are.
become dangerous if their num- twins revealed two distinct scientists arent ready to shout of medicine at the University of
bers grow out of hand. But good links between gut microbes and a concrete conclusion from the Utah School of Medicine notes,
or evil, your body needs both, human health. The first is that rooftops until more research People who grow up with
as its the harmony and tension there is a modest genetic com- can be conducted. Its a great exposure to animals, pets and
between these populations that ponent to gut bacteria; that is, start, but not the weight-loss farms, as opposed to those who
can affect you in ways you may your balance between good and panacea some may be looking live in cleaner environments,
have never imagined, from your bad bacteria is partially what for yet. tend to have a lower incidence
ability to fight illness to your you are born with, and partially of inflammatory bowel disease.
likelihood of being overweight. what you get exposed to. The YOUR IMMUNITY COMMUNITY Much like how your muscles
Yep, these tiny bacteria are second and perhaps more One thing experts can agree get stronger after a tough work-
calling the shots on the biggest interesting link is that those on is the link between the out, your gut bacteria thrives
aspects of your health. But twins who were the lucky eat gastrointestinal (GI) tract and when put up to an immunity
heres how you can get back in whatever you want, dont gain immunity. You are constantly challenge one of the reasons
the drivers seat. a pound types tended to have taking in allergens and harmful why there has been some
more of a specific type of bacteria throughout the day, recent debate as to whether
bacteria in their gut called: chris- and they have to be processed antibacterial products are all
tensenella, and about one and more than 70 percent of they are cracked up to be.
in 10 people are home to that processing happens in the
Photography Paul Buceta

it. This discovery has gut, an immune organ. A healthy

led to an exciting bacterial population prevent bad So why havent we looked
new horizon in stuff from coming in by taking closely at the link between
gastrointestinal up space and being better at the GI tract and overall health
medicine, says processing nutrients, making previously? Simply put, it

64 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 64 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

wasnt possible. Its only in mainly through the use of

the last three years we have healthy diet (see page 66 for
been able to measure these a gut-healthy recipe), exercise,
microbes properly, explains and using probiotics and
Spector. In the past, we prebiotics to manipulate the
could only measure about numbers of the good bacteria
Approximate one percent of them. But with versus bad. However, when it
number of diseases DNA techniques, scientists comes to the trendy topic of
that have been can accurately identify
different types of bacteria
probiotics, he notes that
relying on pills and fortified
linked to bacterial and, therefore, link them foods to get your quota may
imbalance. Cancer and their populations to
various diseases and
not be in your best interest.
The majority of studies on
is one of them. maladies. Still, even though probiotics are conducted on
we have some idea as to mice, which means that, while
what these teeny players are promising, they dont translate
capable of, there are still many to concrete connections in
questions to be answered. humans. Plus, Spector points
Hecht notes that, while we out that in the research that is
may not have the explana- conducted on humans, there is
tions we need at the moment, no evidence that your average
research down the line is person will benefit more
certain to lead to the therapeu- from probiotics than they
tic use of specific microbes. would a placebo.
One small shining light
CORRALLING THE HERDS in this matter is that there
If persistent bloating, consti- have been positive effects
pation or (ahem) diarrhea has measured in populations that
you worried about a topsy-tur- would need gut help the most:
vy bacterial imbalance, take the young, old and those on
heart. Unlike disease, there antibiotics, all demographics
is actually something you can whose immune systems are
do about it, explains Spector, generally not as strong as

could whats going on in
your gut determine the
number on the scale?

There are this many more

microbes in your body
than actual human cells.
One of the most interesting developments in concedes Douglas Adler, MD, but the hard transplant black market, rife with promises
the study of gut microbes is that a healthy truth is that they really work, and the data of everything from treating stomach issues
population in one person could be migrated behind their efficacy is pretty darn ironclad. to curing obesity. Though not illegal, it can
to another, less-healthy person by means Disgusted? Keep in mind these are controlled be dangerousdonors arent screened
of transplantation. But how that transplant medical procedures that are administered for STDs, obesity or even IBS, which Adler
occurs is the intriguing part: these internal by a doctor and, for the most part, have says could, in theory, be transmitted. Until
environments can be affected by means of only been used in the United States for further research is conducted, its best to
a stool, or fecal, transplant (yes, you read reoccurring C. diff infections. But that hasnt leave matters of feces to those who know
that correctly). They sound ridiculous, stopped some from trying to create a stool fecal matter (that is, doctors).

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 65

SFM15.indb 65 2016-02-08 3:00 PM

Dinner with
a Side of
Gut Health
The next time you need a
side dish, turn to this tummy-
friendly recipe. The veggie tian
is made with good healthy oils,
no gluten or gut irritants, so it

makes it easy on the gut, says
Hilary Boynton, co-author of
The Heal Your Gut Cookbook
(Chelsea Green Publishing,
2014), along with writing
Sauerkraut has partner Mary Brackett.
20 times the amount
of bio-available Vegetable Tian
(serves 6 to 8)
vitamin C as
1 eggplant, sliced
fresh cabbage. 1 red onion, sliced
1 zucchini, sliced
2 tomatoes, sliced
3 tablespoons of ghee or
fat of choice
1 teaspoon sea salt
teaspoon fresh cracked
Handful of fresh thyme,
stripped off stems
your average adult. Wait, back it pills time and time again can and yogurt are also ideal
3 cloves garlic, smashed
up a minute why would be affected in the long run. options. And though youre
or chopped
antibiotics be detrimental to probably already ahead of the
your gut health? Good ques- PLAYING A GUTSY GAME curve on this one, exercise has
tion. Like a factory reset of Thankfully, there are simple, been shown to have a posi- 1. Preheat the oven to 425F.
your iPhone, antibiotics dont everyday ways in which you tive effect on the magnificent 2. Place the vegetables in a big
discriminate what they are can help your healthy gut internal forest that is your gut bowl, and drizzle with fat. Add
the sea salt, pepper, thyme
destroying and will often wipe bacteria to flourish. Avoiding though no study has concretely
and garlic.
clean an entire area of your gut. unnecessary antibiotics (talk been able to figure out why.
 sing a large spoon, gently
3. U
Adler says certain antibiotics to your doctor or get a second With a surge in interest toss to coat. In a round,
could potentially alter concen- opinion before making that in the microbiome, its only a well-greased baking dish,
trations of gut flora and change call, obviously) and eating a matter of time until we will be place the vegetable slices
the balance in such a way that varied diet with plenty of com- able to custom design our in- in a repeating pattern of
concentric circles. You
could cause big, big trouble. plex, fibrous carbohydrates and ternal environments to fend off
can also use a rectangular
disease and help us maintain dish and make a pattern
Gut flora communicates with your a healthier weight. For now, if of alternating rows. Add a
youre following a clean diet, bit more fat on top of the
immune system and identifies itself rich in the aforementioned vegetables, and cover
with foil.
as one of the good guys so that effort foods, and making it to the
4. Cook for 20 minutes, remove
gym regularly, youre doing
is focused on the truly harmful your part in tending to your
the foil, and baste the
vegetables with the juices in
bacteria, keeping sickness at bay. microbe garden. And the next the bottom of the pan. Cook
time someone warns you about for an additional 20 minutes,
Not only does it make you life- fermented foods are both great the perils of bacteria, whisper basting once again halfway
through. Remove from the
threateningly ill in some situa- ways to make sure your gut covertly that they should watch
oven and serve.
tions, its also hard to treat. Of flora is up to snuff. Hecht notes their mouth; that bacteria they
course antibiotics have their that enzyme-rich grub like speak of is great in number, Reprinted with permission from
The Heal Your Gut Cookbook by Hilary
place in medicine, but people trendy sauerkraut and kimchi always around, and even better Boynton and Mary G. Brackett
(Chelsea Green Publishing, 2014)
who are prescribed rounds of are often your best bet; kefir to have on your side. S

66 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 66 2016-02-08 3:01 PM SFM15

STRONG Killer Workouts
Nutrition Seminars
Revived Motivation
MARCH 19-20, 2016

APRIL 9-10, 2016

APRIL 16-17, 2016




*To attend STRONGCAMP, a registration fee of $50 per camp applies. This product will automatically renew each year. All prices in USD.

67 1 2016-02-08
2016-02-08 3:01
Get strong,
shapely glutes
in six weeks with
this muscle-
building routine.
Hump day wont
know what hit it.

Nutrition ti
building m for
on pg 71!
Makeup Luisa Duran Shot at Ozone Fitness Boutique, Vancouver BC
Model Jen Jewell Hair Lori Fabrizio

Routine by Nichelle Laus, CPT & Coach | Text by Kirstyn Brown, Editor-in-Chief | Photography by Dave Laus

68 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 68 2016-02-08 3:01 PM

How to: Begin with three warm-up sets using light weight. Next,
Its perform straight sets of the following exercises using moderate-heavy
weight (the last few reps should be difficult). Rest 90 seconds between sets.


big butts WARM-UP:

are in. Kneeling Cable Kickback

Wide Stance Barbell Squat
Gone are the days of spending
hours on the treadmill, Stiff-Legged Deadlift 3 8-10
striving for a lean lower half
and a thigh gap. Now, what Sumo Squat on Bench 4 8-10
a fit girl wants is a bodacious
backside that signals to the Cable Pull-Through 3 8-10
world, I squat. Not only
Bulgarian Split Squat 4 8-10
does it help create gorgeous,
feminine curves (and fill out Barbell Hip Thrust 3 8-10
your favorite pair of jeans),
but nothing shows off your
dedication to the gym like a Follow this program for 6 weeks, decreasing the rest
strong, healthy booty.
But squat or not, many time between sets by 30 seconds every two weeks.
women struggle to develop
shape and size to their glutes.
In most cases, a flat butt is
thanks in part to genetics,
metabolism, hormonal changes
and aging. But before you
blame Mother Nature for your
lack of junk in the trunk, lis-
ten up: With the right training
program, a little extra effort,
and a solid nutrition plan (that Kneeling Cable
means no cutting carbs!), you Kickback
can absolutely change what
Set up: Place a bench in
your mama gave you. front of a cable station with
This glutes-targeted a low pulley and attach the
training routine created by cuff to your right ankle.
fitness expert Nichelle Laus, Place your left knee and
is designed to help build both hands on the bench.
lean, strong muscle in all the Keep your right leg straight.
right places, even if youre a Action: Raise your right leg
hardgainer. Incorporate this straight out behind you until
workout into your current fully extended, squeezing
weight training program for your glutes at the top of
six weeks (making sure your the movement. Lower
back down with control,
diet is on point), and youll
then immediately repeat.
definitely see positive devel- Complete all reps then
opments in your posterior. repeat on the other side.
Just a warning thoughyou
might have to go out and get
yourself some new jeans.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 69

SFM15.indb 69 2016-02-08 3:01 PM

Wide Stance
Barbell Squat
Set up: Place a loaded
barbell across your upper
back and stand with feet
wide apart, toes turned
out 45 degrees (A).
Action: Push your hips
back, then lower down,
keeping your chest lifted
and making sure your
knees are in line with your
toes (B). Straighten your
legs and raise back up to
the starting position, then
immediately repeat. A B

Sumo Squat on Bench

Set up: Position two flat benches side-by-side at least a foot apart.
A Stand with one foot on each bench, holding a dumbbell with both
hands in front of you, arms extended (A).
Action: Lower your hips into a deep squat until your quads are parallel
with the bench or lower (B). Raise back up to standing and repeat.

Set up: Stand with
feet hip-width apart
holding a pair of
dumbbells at arms
length in front of
your thighs (A).
Action: Keeping your
legs straight and back
flat, hinge at the hips
and lower the weights
towards the tops of
your feet until you
B feel a stretch in your
hamstrings (B). Raise
back up to the starting
position and repeat.

70 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 70 2016-02-08 3:01 PM

Pull-Through Feed the
Set up: Attach a rope to
a low pulley and stand
facing away from the
cable apparatus. Squat
Having an expert-created training
down and grab the rope
routine is all well and good, but
attachment between your
legs (A). Make sure there when it comes to building lean
is tension in the cable. muscle mass (whether on your
booty or elsewhere), the fitness
Action: Straighten your
legs and drive your part is only half the battle. Without
hips forward, while a solid nutrition plan to fuel your
simultaneously raising efforts, youll never get those
your arms until they are gains. Thats why we enlisted
parallel with the ground holistic nutritionist and medical
(B). Lower back down exercise specialist Jenn Pike,
with control and repeat. to provide these muscle-making
A B nutrition tips:

Do not cut carbs!

In fact, if youre already a little
carb-shy, you may need to increase
your intake. Think of glycogen as
an energy stockpile, says Pike.
To maintain that supply as you're
Bulgarian trying to gain muscle, you need a
Split Squat slight positive intake in carbohy-
Set up: Holding a drates at each mealthat is, you
dumbbell in each hand, have to eat more carbohydrates
stand approximately than you burn. Your best carb
two or three feet from a options include starchy veggies
bench. Place one foot on like squash and sweet potato, rice,
the bench, laces down (A). oats, quinoa, and legumes.
Action: Lower your hips
until your back knee is a
few inches from the floor
Protein, protein,
(B). Press through your protein.
front heel to come back Youve likely heard it time and
up to standing and repeat. again, but this point bears repeat-
Complete all reps then ing: Protein is essential for repair-
repeat on the other side. ing the muscles at a cellular level
and providing the amino acids and
nutrients needed to help synthe-
size both recovery and building.
Reach for high quality protein
Barbell Hip sources like grass-fed beef, organic
Thrust eggs, wild-caught fish, fermented
and sprouted soy, and plant-based
Set up: Begin sitting on
the ground with your or whey protein powders.
back to a bench and roll a
loaded barbell over your
legs to your hips. Bend
Yes, you need fats.
It may seem counterintuitive, but
your knees and press
your upper back against
a lean, healthy body needs fats to
the bench. thrive. Fat is important because
every cell in your body is covered
Action: Press through
by a lipid layer and is involved in
your heels and lift
your hips towards the nearly every bodily process. Fats
ceiling, squeezing your are also essential when training
glutes. Slowly lower because they support proper
down without touching hormone synthesis and function.
the ground, then Get it from avocados, raw nuts,
immediately repeat. grass-fed butter and ghee, and
high-quality oils. S

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 71

SFM15.indb 71 2016-02-08 3:01 PM

Unstoppable women get inspired

Im not
interested in
changing how
my body looks.
After years of struggling with her weight, Molly Galbraith
is on a mission to help women love their bodies.

On New Years Day, Molly Within minutes, her post is to tell our own stories, says up for another one. Soon, she
Galbraith sat at her computer, received dozens of likes. A few Molly. This is hers. was relying on the stage to be
trying to write a Facebook post hours later, it had thousands. the catalyst for her weight loss.
about body acceptance. As she And in the weeks to follow, her Where the Trouble After every competition my
stared at the accompanying story would be shared more Started body would rebound, she says.
photo of herself on a beach in than 20,000 times, receiving At 511, Molly has never felt I felt like the only way I could
a bikini, it suddenly occurred attention from media outlets totally comfortable in her skin. get my eating under control was
to her that for the first time in worldwide, including People.com So when her weight hit 185 to commit to another show.
as long as she could remember, to the UKs Daily Mail online. I lbs in college, her confidence In 2008, Molly returned
she hadnt made any resolu- love that this is the message the sank to rock bottom. In 2004 to the stage with a new game
tions that involved changing the world picked up, says Molly,
way she looked. Thats when
it clicked. This is my body,
a strength and conditioning
coach in Lexington, KY, and
I was 24 years old and felt
she wrote. This is not a before
picture. This is not an after
co-founder of online womens
fitness resource Girls Gone
like I couldnt get off the
picture...its a LIFE picture. Strong. I also cant believe that couch to get a glass of water. Beach & gym photos by Casey Sasek Flexing photo by Andrew Fore

In the post, she revealed Woman Likes Her Body,

how she had pushed her body to is international news. she started lifting weights with plan. Instead of her usual post-
extremes, leaning out for figure But like most women, her then-boyfriend who was a show binge, she reverse-dieted,
competitions and training for Molly has struggled with issues bodybuilder, and decided she strategically increasing her carb
powerlifting meets. How her related to her weight since a needed a goal to help motivate intake week by week. But her
body had been called too fat, young age (she remembers her. I wanted to do a figure plan backfired. My body just
too thin and everything else thinking she was fat at age competition because I desper- wasnt having it, she says. I
in between. Today, this is a seven), and getting to a place ately wanted my body to look gained a ton of weight back and
body that is loved, adored and of acceptance hasnt been easy. different. was physically depressed. Over
cherished by the only person Now, her experience has sent Molly achieved her goal of time, her lethargy became al-
whose opinion matters, she her on a mission to empower competing in 2006, but when most paralyzing. I was 24 years
wrote. Me. other women. The best way she instantly gained weight old and felt like I couldnt get off
Post. to educate and inspire others back after the show, she signed the couch to get a glass of water.

72 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 72 2016-02-08 3:01 PM

chronic back pain), and a few
months after that, she ended
a six-year relationship with
her boyfriend. Inevitably,
her training suffered and the
weight started to creep back
up. I was feeling really down
and was doubting myself. I
thought, Who am I to be run-
ning a company called Girls
Gone Strong? When a male
coworker insinuated she was
fat, it was the last straw. I was
getting really rough criticism
from all sidescolleagues,
community, the internet. Every-
one had something to say about
my body.

Compassion Project
That summer, Molly took to her
website to share her struggles
with negative body image.
It would be the first of many
articles that would garner an
enormous positive response
Other peoples from readers. I let myself be

words dont really vulnerable and it resonat-

ed with other women who just
determine needed to hear that theyre not
alone, she says. That was the
my worth. shift for me. I realized I dont
just want to help women feel
and look good, I want them to
have grace and compassion and
fall in love with their bodies.
Since then, shes continued
to be an ambassador for body
above: acceptance through Girls Gone
The bikini Strong. She says one of the
photo from organizations top priorities
Mollys post
that went is to fight the multi-million
viral. dollar weight-loss industry
below: that preys on insecurities and
Molly showing
what her help women realize theyre
strong body good enough without being a
can do.
certain shape or size. I think
That task seemed insurmount- you can love your body and still
able to me. The following set goals to look or perform dif-
spring Molly was diagnosed ferentlyas long as its from a
with Hashimotos Disease, sustainable and compassionate
Adrenal Dysfunction and PCOS. standpoint.
I had pushed my body way too improved her stability and and strong, she says. As for Molly, her relation-
hard for way too long. And it mobility, and built a solid But it all came crashing ship with herself has never
fought back. foundation for muscle. Slowly, down when in January of 2012, been healthier. Whether some-
she started hitting new PRs in she unexpectedly lost her dad. one tells me Im gorgeous or
The Year From Hell the gym. During that time she It rocked my world pretty someone tells me Im fat, none
For the next two years Molly co-founded Girls Gone Strong hard. Three weeks later, Molly of those comments mean any-
focused on rehabilitating and was learning to manage hurt her back while deadlift- thing about me unless I decide
her battered body. Working her health problems. I was in a ing in the gym (an injury that they do, she says. And Ive
with physical therapists, she place where I was feeling healthy would initiate two years of decided they dont.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 73

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Unstoppable women
Her tip

for busy
Plan your
meals and
for the week
on Sunday

to Watch
and make
time for
each day!

Find out how these real

women are changing
the face of fitness.
Written by Chelsea Clarke

Age: 37 Hometown: Perry Hall, MD
Gig: Stay-at-home mom Sport: Bikini

STAGE MOM: After having her

second child, Magdalena was tired of
being tired. She was so fatigued, she had
almost no energy for everyday tasks.
She knew she had to do something but
admits she was intimidated to join a
gym. So when a new CrossFit space
opened up, she decided it could be an
opportunity to give fitness a try and
it wasnt long before she was hooked.
I loved the adrenaline pump before
every WOD, and the competitive nature
of the sport,says Magdalena. Soon
after, she started paying attention to
eating a cleaner diet, and she says the
combination made her quickly feel
stronger and more empowered.
Now, Magdalena uses four to five
weight training sessions per week to
allison photo Joanna Floyd - 2J Photography
stay in top shape. She also likes to mix
things up with cardio, yoga, boxing,
and outdoor training. Magdalena has
Magdalena photo Edgar Artiga

competed in numerous shows, earning

michelle photo paul buceta

her IFBB pro card, consistently ranking in

the Top 3 in her division, and even taking
an overall title in her first National show.
Magdalena has been featured in several
fitness publications, and her aspirations
dont stop there: shes currently working
to complete her certification as a strength
and conditioning specialist, with plans to
open her own training business so she can
help other women to live their best lives
(especially new moms! she says).

74 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

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Do your job
well and
perform with

Allison Fahrenbach
Age: 31 Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Gig: Owner of Alli-Fitness Systems Training Sport: Figure, Weightlifting, CrossFit

NATURAL EVOLUTION: weightlifting competition, a goal shes

Allison competed in her first Figure looking to accomplish this year.
show at the age of twenty, and her In high school and college,
presence in the fitness industry has Allison trained in track and field
only grown since then. She continued and cross country, but changing
competing in Figure in the NPC her focus to strength training has
for several years before making made all the difference on stage.
the decision to switch to a natural Now, Allison uses Olympic lifts, core
organization where she was eventually compound movements, plyometrics
awarded her IFPA Figure pro card and bodyweight exercises to build
in 2015. On a personal level, Allison the physique shes after. Allison also
experiences a true sense of self when owns and operates her company,
shes training, and feels grateful that Alli-Fitness Systems, where she trains
fitness has become such a large clients both remotely and hands-on
part of her daily life. I believe that at her facility in Lancaster, PA, and
being an athlete is my truest form of although her business is a success,
expression, she says. Allison now has she continues to aspire to progressing
her sights set on competing in her first as a coach and trainer.

Age: 32 Hometown: Toronto, ON

Michelle Soares Gig: Personal Trainer & Life Coach
Sport: Figure Bodybuilding
Her advice:
trust the
process and
COACH WITH THE MOST: Saying that Michelle found her
put your
Michelle admits she was a bit of a handful calling would be an understatement,
heart into it.
growing up. I was a ball of energy it and her numerous accolades are
was hard for my mom to keep up with proof. Shes been awarded Fitness
me! Not only did she play nearly every Professional of the Year by CanFit Pro,
sport offered in school, she also boasts and received multiple recognitions with
winning multiple awards including MVP the Stevie Award as Coach/Mentor
and Athlete of the Year (twice!). Later, of the Year, among others. But if her
she even trained in the Brazilian martial entrepreneurial spirit wasnt enough,
art, Capoeira, became a lifeguard, and Michelle is also a successful national
competed in marathons. Figure bodybuilder, competing in
It was only natural that as she got various shows in Canada, and recently
older, Michelles passion for sport would placing first in her division at the
turn into a full-fledged career, but that Toronto Championship, earning the
didnt happen overnight. In any job that title Ms. Figure Toronto. Michelle is
I had, it always felt like something was currently training for her next show in
missing. After struggling with feelings of August 2016, and working to launch a
fulfillment, I turned to the one thing that self-development retreat for women
made me happy: I went to school to learn looking to cultivate their inner resilience
about the fitness industry. and confidence.

SFM Find out how to be the next woman to Watch at strongfitnessmag.com

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trainer talk

When it
comes to
coach andi
Effective training advice to take your
health and fitness to the next level.
the scale

1.Youre not working hard you can eyeball proper

enough. Sorry, but it had to portions, and limit cheat
be said. Going to the gym or off-plan meals to a
just to cross it off your to-do minimum of once or twice
list wont get you anywhere per week. Finally, cut back
unless youre really on the booze. Alcohol can
challenging yourself. Sure, inhibit your fitness goals
you may have worked up a tremendously, especially
sweat, but were those last if fat loss is at the top of
few reps difficult to complete your list.
with good form? Did you do
those intervals with maximal 4. Youre overtraining.
effort? In order to make your A brand new training
time in the gym count, you program is exciting, but
have to push yourself beyond avoid overdoing it in the
your comfort zone. Try beginning. Doing too much
training with a partner who too soon may get you results
motivates you to go a little at first, but eventually it can
harder, or wearing a heart lead to soreness, injuries
rate monitor to measure and even burnout. Make
exertion. sure to schedule rest days
into your routine, and always
2. Youre underprepared. warm-up and cool down
In order to succeed, you before and after a workout.
need the proper tools. So
before you even step foot in 5. Youre on information
the gym, do your research. overload. I know I said to
If you can, seek out an do your research, but
expert who has experience reading too much on the
working with others who internet or listening to a
have similar goals. For number of experts can

Are You
example, if you aspire to run become confusing. To avoid
a marathon, hire a running contradictory info, stick to
coach. If your goal is to one expert at a time and
improve your eating habits, follow her program only.

get yourself a nutritionist. If you must use multiple
However, if paying for coaches, be sure they are
outside help is not in your aware of each other so they
budget, use reputable can work together to get you

Your Success?
resources to educate to your goals.
yourself, then create your
6. Youre in the wrong
own plan.
frame of mind. Dont
3. Your diet needs serious compare yourself to others.
These six common mistakes could be tweaking. Eating chicken Everyone is different! This
is your journey and as long
standing between you and your fitness goals. and broccoli is great, but
as you stay emotionally and
if youre underestimating
portion sizes, or forgetting physically committed to your
Here we are, nearly a alone. Even when they think to account for that goals, your results will come.
quarter of the way into 2016! theyre going by the book, so mochaccino with whip,
So, how are those resolutions many people fall short of their youre in trouble. To avoid Happy Training!
coming along? Are you starting fitness goals, making it hard accidentally blowing Andi
photography by Paul Buceta

to see changes in your body to stay focused and motivated. your calorie budget, keep
and energy? Or, are your extra But dont give up! Time to take a detailed food log for a
efforts to eat clean and hit the a step back and reevaluate the few weeks, and be honest
gym failing to deliver the results last few months to see if one of about what goes into your Andi Martin-Wagner, MS, is an
you hoped for? If you answered these common mistakes could mouth! Start weighing and Exercise Physiologist & Head
yes to the latter, youre not be sabotaging your efforts. measuring your food until Coach for Cathy Savage Fitness

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3:01 AM
strongcamp captured

With Senior Ambassadors
jessica rinaldi and
jessica Mahnken

Held at
be live resort,
punta cana,
Dominican republic

Photos by
paul buceta

love to
hate those
lunges in
the sand.

78 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

SFM15.indb 78 2016-02-08 3:01 PM

a morning jog
on the beach to
get the heart

jessica Mahnken
leading yoga by
the surf.

March/April 2016 strongfitnessmag.com 79

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the fit list

Running Lacing up for race season?
Read up on these fun facts
before you hit the road.
4 Tips for
Your First
Follow this advice from race
We Asked You
Is running a
coach Jon-Erik Kawamoto, MSc,
CSCS before putting on the bib.
Race Day Checklist part of your
Research the race route at Dont leave the house without these necessities:
least a week before and make
fit lifestyle? Ive got a few
a mental image of it. Bike or Photo identification Sunglasses marathons
run/walk it if you can. Hair ties Antiperspirant under my belt.
Choose easy to digest foods as Race bib & pins Charged iPod & earbuds
a pre-race meal. A slice of toast Timing chip Anti-chafe gel or tape 23% 12%
with peanut butter and banana I ran out of Its my goal
Sunscreen Energy gels or sports drink coffee once. It to do a 5K
is a staple for many runners,
was horrible. this year.
but find what works for you.
Stick to the plan. This isnt the 17% 10%
time to experiment with new Sprints are Im just
foods or new shoes.
Minimum number of minutes you my jam. starting out!
should continue moving after a long
Get there early so you have
time to warm-up and focus distance race to avoid stiffness and
without feeling rushed. return your heart rate to normal.

Run 2. Reggae Mara- 3. Great Wall 4. The Worlds 5. SSE Airtricity

the thon, Jamaica Marathon, China Best 10K, Dublin Mara-

Models Annette Milbers and Tiffani Lee Chase

This mostly flat course in Compete in one of three Puerto Rico thon, Ireland

Negril is a fast runners distances atop this world Island life may be laid Dubbed The Friendly
paradise. If youre not famous landmark. With back, but not when it Marathon for the
ready to go the distance, more than 5,000 steps, comes to this annual thousands of cheering
Cross the finish line the half marathon and its considered one of the 10K in San Juan. Ranked supporters that line the
Photo by Paul Buceta

and get a stamp on 10K courses might be toughest marathons out among the 20 most route. Dont forget to
more your speed. Be sure there but come on, the competitive races in the carb up with a frothy
your passport with to stick around for the scenery is worth it. world, its sure to chal- Guinness after crossing
one of these top beach bash and coconut lenge even the most elite the finish line.
destination races. water after the race. road warrior.

1. Marathon du Medoc, France

The race course through Pauillacs vineyards has 23 wine-tasting stations nuff said.

80 strongfitnessmag.com March/April 2016

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As tough As
you Are.
Well, almost.
Apparel Available at STRONGFiTNeSSMAG.cOM

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R E S U L T S .
I F YO U D O .

Take the CocoaVia Results or Refund three week
challenge. The cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia supplement
maintain a healthy flow of oxygen and nutrients to
your blood vessels, important for your overall exercise
performance. 100% money-back guarantee if you dont

ISO 12647-7 Digital Control Strip 2009

feel a difference in three weeks.

Learn more at CocoaVia.com/results

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

/ Trademarks Mars, Incorporated. 2015.

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