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By Julmar Joseph B. Misa of STEAM-J

I am what I am. I exist not only because I have a body but also because I am a being, and I
am a being in the world. I am capable in being a being-in-the-world because I have the freedom,
power and the will to be so.

The being of a thing is nothing but belonging to the material cosmos.

A thing can be fully explained based on the forces that have been acted upon it and it
becomes the end result. Basically, if you knew and understood the forces that acted upon a
certain thing which resulted to that thing, then you know the totality of that thing. The fact that a
thing is only but a blind result means that it is created because it is needed. Comes in
determinism, the common denominator among all things, and it answers the questions what,
when, where, how, why and whatsoever that pertains to the creation of all sorts of things and it
is the one responsible for a thing being a blind result. In general, determinism governs all things.
How is a person different from a thing? Through subjectivity, man from being-a-thing rises on to
being -a-self. Things have no subjectivity, they do not exist for themselves nor do they exist for
other things which are in contrast to the existence of men who has subjectivity. They can exist
for others and for themselves accordingly to their free will. Basically, subjectivity is the aspect
of mans reality by virtue of which he rises above being the blindly determined result of
processes and forces.

Mans being-subject is a being-free as the letting be of the cosmos.

Having freedom lets a man or woman of subjectivity stand up for himself or herself or do
the opposite which is to be a drag-down, someone who simply goes with the flow and does
nothing to improve his or her status quo which would equate to the letting be of ones
subjectivity and from being-a-man steps down to being-a-thing, a blind result. Mans freedom
creates some sort of autonomy towards oneself, in his/her decisions which would provide results
which would affect him/her directly. These decisions creates the individuals image of self being
perceived by oneself and by others, it creates ones originality or uniqueness. It creates the
being of a person.

Ones being as a being in itself is an issue oneself.

A beings choice that affects his/her reality is never unreserved. He/she can never fully
say yes to something even though it is something which he/she really wants or needs or even
fully say no to something which he/she entirely dislikes. This is because a human who has
subjectivity distances himself/herself from unreserved affirmation and consent. This is probably
because of human instinct wherein it tells it not to fully adhere to something as a form of
precautionary measure because as blind the forces that acts upon a thing so as the
unpredictability of reality. As a being of subjectivity humans are always concerned with
himself/herself, the people around him/her, and his/her environment unlike a thing that lies as it
I am a human person with subjectivity thus, I am who I am, I am who I was, and I am who I will
be. I have freedom and I will make use of such gift from God to follow his will and person as best I
could to serve my community and lastly serve to the fulfillment of my desires. I will use this gift
to make responsible decisions because after all the decisions I have made and will make portray
my being as person. This is who I am, THE HUMAN PERSON THAT I AM.