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Dear Sir/Madam,

Gopaul Hansraj, employer of Enclosia GROUP since 25 july 1988 as a farm worker at
Beau Climat.
Further to my previous conversations with Mr Huet and Mr Rughoo, please see
below the details for my monthly expenses and income.
Monthly Income Monthly Expenses Yearly
Particulars In MUR In MUR Expense
Monthly Basic Salary 10,875
Overtime & Allowance 2415
Housing Loan 4,825
CEB Bill 750
CWA Bill 250
Bread (Rs 2.70 x 14 x 30) 1134
Groceries 4500
Kitchen Supplies (Bonbonne de gaz &
Vegetable) 1270
University Fees 20,60
TOTAL 13,290 12,729 20,60

As per the above, you may see that my monthly income is not enough for my
monthly needs. I would be grateful if you could please consider the matter.

Thank you,
Gopaul Hansraj.