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Chinese intermarriages in Flushing

Intermarriages that happened in Flushing between Chinese and US were fake marriages

(Ko-lin Chin 132). Americans were offered an amount of money if they accepted to marry a

Chinese. Most of the Chinese women went for the idea of marrying a white because of the green

card. The majority of these women who were engaged in these activities had husbands, and so

they never shared anything with their spouse for this illegal act. A person who was found in scam

marriages were frequently identified because the majority of the individuals who are marrying

each other were of the same sex. International business people sent a significant amount of

money for the purpose of getting the intermarriage immigration paperwork for the purpose of

marrying a gay. Safe-haven is what they call the flushing state because the Chinese flee from

China in search of greener pasture through same-sex marriages (Peterson, W. J 123).

Some of the Chinese also practiced gay marriages for the purpose of getting flushing

citizenship with aims of settling down with the whites. Since the majority of the Chinese dont

know how to read and write, some of them chose to get married in Flushing for the purpose of
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education (Jones, G. W 87). The research was recently done, and it was discovered that about

80% of the immigrants had smartphones and yet they did not know how to use them, but they've

retained the gadgets because they will be taught by their new couples in flushing. For the lucky

ones who had managed to land in the flushing county for visitation purposes, they opted to get

married so that they could get the U.S citizenship for the purpose of petitioning their families.

The immigrants in Flushing were the Chinese people chose to practice gay marriages for their

benefits or for the purpose of starting a family with a white man. These practices also brought

unwanted pregnancies since some of them married the different partner.

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