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Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives- TWO


Subject(s) Language Arts (English)

Topic/Unit of Study & Time Parts of Speech: Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs


Grade/Level Grade 1

Objective LOTS: The student will recall nouns, verbs, and adjectives in the context of reading, writing, and speaking.

HOTS: The student will compose a written sentence containing a noun, verb, and adjective.

Summary After briefly activating prior knowledge through reviewing our first parts of speech song and then introducing another, I will introduce and read
"Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?" During the reading, I will pause and ask students to tell me the various parts of speech. Following the
reading, I will introduce our sorting game. In the game pairs of students will be given pictures and words to sort into adjectives, nouns, and verbs.
When they are finished and I have check it, students will glue the images into the respective categories. Students will then use at least one of the verbs,
nouns, and adjectives from their game to construct a written sentence. I will allow students who finish early to draw a picture to accompany their

Easy Reading We will first review our part of speech song from Tuesday, then introduce a new one of their choice (from my three). I will first have the students read
the new song with me, then sing it to them, and finally we will sing it together.

Pre-Reading To continue activating prior knowledge, I will introduce our book "Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?" I will ask someone to tell me what a
noun is and then ask the students to predict some nouns that might be in the book. I will then say we are going to be looking to see what nouns, verbs,
and adjectives are in the story and begin reading.

Procedure 1) I will pair up the students and pass out the supplies.

2) I will model the activity for them by categorizing a noun, verb, and adjective in their respective places.

3) The students will categorize the parts of speech by reading the words or verbally telling of the image.

4) I will check the students work before they glue their pieces down and ask them to verbally construct sentences using the words with their partner.

5) The students will use the parts of speech from their game to construct a written sentence.

Applying Using the words from their game board, the student will compose a written sentence using at least one verb, noun, and adjective.

Differentiated Instruction During this activity, I will provide additional guidance and instruction for students with special needs or who are struggling.

Instructional Resources Attachments:

1. Parts of Speech-gameboard.docx

Standards TX- Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) (2012)
Chapter: Chapter 110. English Language Arts and Reading
Subchapter: Elementary
Grade/Course: Grade 1
(20) Oral and Written Conventions/Conventions. Students understand the function of and use the conventions of academic language when
speaking and writing. Students continue to apply earlier standards with greater complexity. Students are expected to:
Student Expectation:
(A) understand and use the following parts of speech in the context of reading, writing, and speaking:
(i) verbs (past, present, and future);

(ii) nouns (singular/plural, common/proper);

(iii) adjectives (e.g., descriptive: green, tall);

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Assessment/Rubrics Rubrics:

1. Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives- TWO

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