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1. Pnotporn Jantarakolica (5861115) Milly

2. Nattawin Chompooteep (5861074) Boom

3. Korakoch Thangsombat (5861306) Wern

4. Pornpitcha Akkapaiboon (5861119) Pingping

5. Kanthamart Laoapasuwong (5861308) Noey L.

6. Natcha Aphichoksathaphorn (5861067) Meii

What is a rocket? According to NASA, the word rocket can be understood in various ways. Most
people think that it is a thin round shape vehicle that lands on an object called launcher before
the energy is at the point that it is ready to take off. In the early days, one of the first device that
was successful to flight a rocket used a principle of a wooden bird.
The objective of this experiment is to learn more about physics and chemistry by
creating a rocket experiment. This project involves designing the rocket and base,
calculating how far the rocket needs to go and hit the target, and using baking soda and
vinegar to create a chemical reaction which will then help in launching the rocket.
Furthermore, we use our knowledge that we have studied from our classes and apply
them to make this rocket successful.
Materials Pipe
Vinegar Baking Soda

Pipe connectors

Spray paint Food coloring Pepsi bottle (1450 ml)

Play dough
Materials Tape
Tissue paper

Rubber lit

Clothes hanger String Plastic sheet

Prepare materials

For launcher :

Use 20 cm. Of water pipes (8)

2 of them stick with the 3 ways connector in the middle, other sides stick with the
90 degrees connector in the bottom then, two more stick with the 3 ways connector
and put two more stick together.
Put 13 cm of water pipe inside the 3 ways connector + stick them together.
Cut to make holes in the 13 cm pipe.
Cut 2 pieces of hanger
Cut a very thin piece of water pipe
Put a rubber lit into the 13 cm water pipe.
Stick the thin piece of water pipe with the
rubber lit inside the 3 ways connector pipe.
Decorate it!

For a rocket,

use 1450 ml. of pepsi bottle

Fold a piece of plastic into a cone and put
some play dough inside the top of a cone
Stick a cone to the bottom of bottle
Cut 4 pieces of plastic board and stick it with
a body of rocket
Decorate it!
Ready to flyyyyyyyy

More details*

Use any kind of rope (can be any size)

Cut a piece of hanger and bend it (tie it with a
It is flying dude
Discussion of Physics Concepts


Mks- system or the metric system

Meter is the unit of length,

Kilogram is the unit of a mass

Second is the unit of time

Discussion of Physics Concepts
-Newtons 1st, 2nd, 3rd laws of motion
Discussion of Physics Concepts
-Linear motion (free fall)
Discussion of Physics Concepts
Discussion of Physics Concepts
-Impulse and Momentum
Momentum is a property of moving things. It is inertia in motion.

Law of conservation of momentum:

Momentum before = Momentum after

Impulse is the change in momentum:

Discussion of Physics Concepts

Work is done when force is applied to an
object and moves that object.

Power is the rate of doing work.

Unit of power is joules per second which is

known as watt.
Power is a scalar quantity which means that
it has no direction.
Energy is the ability to do work
Unit of energy is joules
Potential energy is known as an object that has
stored energy.

Kinetic energy is energy possessed by movement.