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Greek Alphabet Charts

alpha a father
beta b big
gamma g God / = ng (angle) / = nk (ankle)
delta d door
epsilon e met
zeta z zeal or kudzu
eta obey
theta th thing
iota i pit or police
kappa k keep
lambda l law
mu (moo) m mother
nu (noo) n number
xi (ksee) x fox
omicron o not [Note: o-micron = small o]
pi (pee) p poor
rho r, rh rod, rhythm
sigma s save [the form occurs only at end of word]
tau t time
upsilon u, y French u or German
phi (phee) ph phone
chi (khee) ch/kh German ich
psi (psee) ps tipsy
omega vote [Note: o-mega = big o]

Diphthongs Breathing Marks

ai aisle smooth = a; = n
ei neighbor rough (h) = ha; = hn
oi oil
uee queen Accents
ow cow acute
oo food or circumflex
e+u met+rude (~feud) grave
+u obey+rude
Combinations of Accents & Breathings
Punctuation , or , / or /
Comma, period: Same as in English
Raised dot () = Colon or Semicolon Iota Subscript
Semicolon () in Greek = Question mark Only with 3 vowels:
Has no effect on pronunciation
Ultima last Diaeresis (dee-eye-re-sis)
Penult next to last Keeps 2 vowels separate ()
Antepenult third from last Examples: = (Isaiah)
= (Cain)

Elision apostrophe () marks an omitted letter