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1. The vessel has 7 fuel oil storage tanks ( 1P,1S,2P,2S,3P,3S,4S) and 2 DO storage
tanks(No 1 DO (P), No 2 DO (P)).
2. There are 2 DO service tanks (Capacity 7.5 M3 each) and an FO settling tank (Capacity
18 M3, ) and FO Service tank.(Capacity 18.2 M3).
3. The total volume of the whole fuel oil system (M/E & A/E) including the mixing column is
approx 0.6 m3.
4. The diesel tanks are topped up prior to change over.
5. The normal fuel oil consumption per day is 33 MT @ 87 % load( 1.375 MT /Hr).
Considering the fact that M/E rpm would be reduced to about 50% load at the time of
change over, the fuel consumption is taken as 0.6 MT/Hr. Hence consumption of HSFO
in the line would take about 1Hr
6. Taking safety margin, the tanks are changed over 6 Hrs before entry to ECA area.
7. 7Hrs before the entry, heating steam to the heaters are closed,steam tracing lines shut.
Considering a uniform temperature drop of 1 Deg/ 2 Min, it would take 60 minutes from
this point to reach the FO temperature of 95 Deg. To facilitate uniform temperature drop,
the M/E rpm is reduced to full ahead.
8. Once 6 hour notice is received from bridge, the position, ROB of FO,DO tanks is noted
down in logbook. All HFO transfer lines are shut and HFO transfer pump put in manual.
9. At this time the FO and DO valves can be changed over as follows.
10. Valves 001 VOM & 002 VOM are kept open. When the temperature reaches 95 Deg,
open 106 VOM, shut 102 VOM. The valve 404 VOM ( Return line to HFO service tank )
Is kept shut, 402 VOM ( Recirculation line to mixing column) is kept open.
11. Shut the valves 602 VOM, 603 VOM.
12. Once the changeover is complete( Only diesel in the line), valve 402 VOM will have to
be regulated, keeping an eye on the FO pressure in the line.Make sure the pressure is
always above 8 bar .
13. Now the main engine rpm can be gradually increased.
14. Monitor DO service tank levels. It will have to be topped up every 2 hrs once the main
engine runs at full rpm.
15. The tracing steam lines are all kept shut once the changeover is completed.
16. Once changeover is complete, the time, position, ROB of FO tanks to be recorded in
E/R logbook, ORB.Completion of changeover to be informed to bridge.

1. 15 Minutes prior leaving ECA area,Open the tracing steam lines. Crack open steam to the
FO heaters. The increase in temperature of DO should be very slow. Bring M/E rpm to full
2. When the temperature reaches 85 Deg, open 102 VOM, shut 106 VOM .Open valves
602VOM, 603VOM keeping an eye on FO pressure.Adjust the FO pressure by regulating
3. After sometime, Valves 001 VOM & 002 VOM can be shut.
4. Once the changeover is complete, M/E rpm can be gradually increased to normal

Changeover of Aux Boiler To LSMGO.

1.The boiler FO line has about 0.05 M3 fuel oil in its lines.

2.Changeover boiler also alongwith M/E and A/E. 15minutes before changeover is to be done,
stop boiler heating from the boiler control panel.

3.When the temperature reaches about 85 Deg, open valve 201 VOB, shut 001VOB. Shut the
tracing steam lines.

4. In case boiler FO consumption is less, fire the boiler supplying steam to bunker tanks so that
atleast 0.1 MT LSMGO is consumed prior entering ECA and full line is filled with LSMGO .

Changeover to HSFO.
1. Switch on the boiler FO heater from the panel.
2. Once the temperature reaches 85 Deg C, open valve 001 VOB, shut 201VOB. Open the
tracing steam lines.