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Gumamela Petals and Banana Peelings as a Dishwashing Liquid


Washing dishes is one of the household chores people are doing every day. The

tough stains and grease thats all over the kitchen utensils is a nuisance. In order to

minimize the time of removing those dirt, people usually use commercial dishwashing

liquids. Many commercial household cleaning products contain effective ingredients that

are really hard to get but these are also not good for our health. It is labeled harmful if

swallowed. Each time people wash their dishes, some residue is left on them which

gathers together with each washing. Your food picks up part of the residue, especially if

your meal is hot when you eat it. This lends the researchers to produce an organic

dishwashing liquid made of gumamela petals and banana peelings.

Stop throwing away the banana peelings after being consumed. Stop plucking

gumamela flowers. These two organic materials have their own significance. In this

study, they have essential constituent that are good in removing stains and grease from

kitchen tools. Gumamela contains mucilage that effectively removes stains while the

Banana peeling has its fibrous part which is the cellulose.

Gumamela Petals and Banana Peelings as a Dishwashing Liquid

Statement of the Problem

This study will produce a high quality alternative dishwashing liquid from

banana peelings and gumamela petals.

Specifically, this study attempt to:

1.) Assess the Banana Peelings, Gumamela Petals and Commercial Dishwashing
Liquid in terms of its odor, cleaning agents and the effectiveness in greasiness
and oiliness of an individual plate.

Significance of the Study

Through this study, one would be aware of the potential of otherwise be thrown

away materials like peels of fruits like those in bananas. This study can reproach people

to stop plucking flowers like gumamela without even knowing its significance. It would

benefit those hygiene-punctilious people and environmentalists as this study aims at

producing all-natural dishwashing liquid. The other beneficiaries of this study are wives

who are left at home when their husbands and children are out as it will encourage them

to create their own healthy organic cleaning material. Moreover, this study will be

promoting awareness on the significance of recycling materials. Furthermore, this will

promote health awareness to protect the children from chemical-based cleaning

products. This can also prevent accidents like being slid by the thrown banana

Gumamela Petals and Banana Peelings as a Dishwashing Liquid


If people use an all-natural dishwashing liquid than commercial dishwashing

liquids, it will be more effective and easy to use without harming their health.

Theoretical Background

Dishwashing Liquid

According to merriam-webster.com, liquid soap that is used for washing dishes.

According to lawaspect.com, it is a highly-foaming mixture of surfactants with low skin


Banana Peelings

Banana Peelings fibrous part which is the cellulose is good in removing stains.

(Gonzales. 2014)

Bananas are in the top 5 of most nourishing fruits.


Gumamela Petals

This contains mucilage that effectively removes stains or grease present in common

kitchen tools. (Pineda. 2009)

Gumamela Petals and Banana Peelings as a Dishwashing Liquid


Research Design

This study pertains to experimental design. Aimed at the effectiveness of testing

the banana peels and gumamela petals as dishwashing liquid.

Research Environment

This study was conducted at Don Sergio Osmea Sr. Memorial National High


Research Participant

3 plates, spoons, and forks were used in testing the 2 homemade dishwashing

liquids and the commercial one.

Research Procedure

This study used the following materials ; weighing scale , blender, Beaker,
Stirring Rod, scissors, boiler(pot), and improvised bottle(as a container).

The ingredients are 15 gumamela flowers, 15 bananas, 1/3 cup of white vinegar.

The procedure for banana peels as dishwashing liquid:

1) Peel the bananas. Separate the skin or the peel of the banana from the fruit

itself using a peeler or a knife.

2) Heat the banana peels. Put in a pot six (6) cups of water then add the peels. Heat the

mixture of water and banana peels until hot enough. Dont let it reach boiling point. Stir


3) Strain out the peels. When the mixture is warm enough, strain out the peels.

4) Mix all ingredients. Put one-third (1/3) cup of white vinegar in the mixture. Stir the

mixture until all ingredients are completely mixed.

5) Cool it down. Let the mixture cool down for 8-12 hours on the counter. Mix


The procedure for Gumamela Petals as a Dishwashing Liquid

1.) Heat the gumamela petals

2.) Put 1/3 cup of vinegar into the stove
3.) Cool it down.

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