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IV Computer 1


1. Microsoft Word is ______ type of application software.
a. Word processing b. presentation c.spreadsheet d.DTP
2. Which of these can not be produced in MSWord file?
a. Letters b.books c.presentation d. notices
3. To select a sentence using mouse, hold down the ____ key and click anywhere on the sentence.
a. Shift b. Alt c.Ctrl d.Tab
4. Which underlined colour indicates that a word is misspelt?
a. Green b.Blue c.Pink d.Red
5. _____ is the shortcut key to exit a document.
a. Alt + F4 b. Alt + F5 c. Alt + F2 d. Alt + F8
6. Which tab contains the Spelling and Grammar option?
a. Insert b. Home c.Review d. None
7. Which option is used to copy the information stored on a Clipboard to another place?
a. Copy b.Cut c.Pasted.Special
8. Which group contains the Thesaurus option?
a. Proofing b.changes c.edit d.clipboard
9. Which option helps to improve our vocabulary by providing a list of synonyms for any word?
a. Grammar b.Spelling c.Translate d.Thesaurus
10. Word uses the _______ feature to automatically move the words that do not fit in the current
line to the next line.
a. Text b.Word Wrap c.Adjustment d.None
11. The ______ task pane opens when we select Review tab>Proofing group>Thesaurus option.
a. Tool b.Speech c.Research d.None
12. The selected text appears on the screen in a _______ bar.
a. Selected b.Highlighted c.Menu d.Formatting
13. ______ option of the Review tab checks he spelling and grammar of the text.
a. Language b.Spelling and Grammar c. Check d. Correct
14. The shortcut key to check spelling and grammar is _____ key.
a. F6 b.F7 c.F8 d.F9
15. Making changes in a document is called _______
a. Copying b. Selecting c.Editing d.Drafting
16. The shortcut key combination to close a document is_______
a. Ctrl+S b.Ctrl+W c.Ctrl+C d. Ctrl+X
17. The shortcut key combination to print a document is_______
a. Ctrl+S b.Ctrl+P c.Ctrl+V d. Ctrl+C
18. The shortcut key combination to open a document is_______
a. Ctrl+C b.Ctrl+V c.Ctrl+O d. Ctrl+B
19. Which file extension is given when we save a file in MSWord 2007?
a. .docx b..jpg c..wrd d..fil
20. Which button contains the save option?
a. Office b. File c. Insert d. View
21. ______ is the parent software of MSWord.
a. MS Excel b. MS Office c. MS PowerPoint d.MS Access
22. The Word application opens a blank document with the name ______
a. Doc 1 b. Document 1 c. 1Document d. File 1
23. Grammatical errors are indicated with a _____________
a. Red wavy line b. Green wavy line c.Blue wavy line d.Yellow wavy line
24. Which key combination will you use to select the entire document?
a. Shift + Home b. Shift + End c. Ctrl + A d. Ctrl + S
25. Which is the shortcut key for Undo command?
a. Ctrl + Y b. Ctrl + U c. Ctrl +Z d. Ctrl +S
IV Computer 2

1. ___________ command on the Home tab is used to set the paragraph spacing.
a. Font b. Change case c. Line spacing d.Styles and
2. ___________ button on the Home tab makes the text darker than the rest of the text.
a. Italic b. Underline c. Bold d.Font size
3. There are ___________types of alignments in MS Word.
a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four
4. By default, the text is aligned to the ___________ margin.
a. Right b. Center c. Left d. Justify
5. ___________ command makes the text slanting to the right side.
a. Bold b. Italic c. Font d. Underline
6. _________ is used to move the cursor of certain spaces.
a. Spacebar b. Shift c. Tab key d. Enter
7. What is the default setting of Tab Stops?
a. 0.4 inch b. 0.3 inch c. 0.5 inch d. None
8. Line spacing tool is present in the ________ group.
a. Paragraph b. Editing c. Font d. Style
9. We click on the ________ to set the Tab stops.
a. Scrollbar b. Rulerbar c. Menubar d. Formatting bar
10. Which alignment is suitable for titles purpose?
a. Left b.Center c.Right d. Justify
11. We find formatting commands on _______ tab.
a. Home b. Insert c.review d. Mailings
12. ________ means changing the appearance of a document and to make it attractive.
a. Editing b. Selecting c. Formatting d. Copying
13. The characters of a specific size and design used for typing the text are called ________
a. Writings b. Fonts c.characters d. Design
14. ________ group contains the text styles commands.
a. Fonts b. Clipboard c. Paragraph d. Styles
15. ______ option emphasizes the text by placing a line under it.
a. Bold b. Italic c. Underline d. Superscript
16. ________ is the small graphic symbol that sets off an item in a list.
a. Bullet b. Symbol c. Iron d. Picture
17. Which alignment is often referred for date on letter heads?
a. Right b. Left c. Center d. Justify
18. Dropcap option is on _______ tab.
a. Home b. Insert c. Review d. View
19. _______ alignment option places the text evenly between the left and right margin.
a. Right b. Left c. Center d. Justify
20. _______ option is used to give shape between paragraph.
a. Paragraph b.font colour
c. Dropcap d. Line spacing
21. ______ is the default setting of line spacing.
a. Single b. Double c. 1.15 d. 2.50
22. By default, what is the font style of MS Word?
a. Arial black b. Times New Roman c.Comic Sans d. Calibri
23. ______ is the shortcut key combination used to insert blank lines in a bulleted or numbered list.
a. Shift+Tab b. Alt+Tab c. Shift+Enter d. Alt+Enter
24. To give a graceful look to a document we apply ______effect to the starting letter of a
a. Spacing b. Dropcap c. Border d. None
25. Font Size box is available on the ______ tab.
a. Insert b. Font c. Home d. View
1. MS PowerPoint is software introduced by ______ company.
IV Computer 3

a. Supersoft b. Microsoft c. Minisoft d. Megasoft

2. ______ are the boxes with dotted or hatch marked borders that are part of most slide layouts.
a. Slides b. Presentation c. Place holders d. None
3. A ______ is a collection of slides which are arranged in a sequential manner.
a. Title b. Pages c. Presentation d. Slides
4. To open PowerPoint, click on the ______ button on the Taskbar.
a. Microsoft Office b. All Programs c. Start d. Control Panel
5. We can press ______ key to view the SlideShow.
a. F2 b. F8 c. F5 d. F6
6. Press ______ key along with the corresponding keys of tabs to open various tabs using
a. Shift b. Alt c. Ctrl d. Home
7. We can close the PowerPoint application by clicking on ______ option on Office Button.
a. Edit b. Exit PowerPoint c. Close d. Print
8. We can close a presentation by clicking on ______ option on Office Button.
a. New b. Exit c. Close d. Save
9. To start a new presentation, click on ______key combination.
a. Ctrl+P b. Ctrl+F c. Ctrl+N d. Ctrl+M
10. The ______ tab displays the text content of each slide.
a. Slides b. Outline c. Notes Panes d. Insert
11. Which component of MS Office is used to create simple and appealing presentations?
a. Word b. Excel c. PowerPointd. Tuxpaint
12. A page of PowerPoint presentation that displays some information about a brief topic is called a
a. Page b. Sheet c. Document d. Slide
13. A collection of slides is known as ______
a. Document b. Presentation c. Spreadsheet d. Database
14. What type of software is MS PowerPoint?
a. Word Processor b. Spreadsheet c. Presentation Graphics Software d. DTP
15. When we save a file in MS PowerPoint 2007, the file extension is ______
a. .pptx b. .doc c. .powd. .msp
16. The new slide button is on ______ tab.
a. Home b. Insert c. Design d. Animation
17. The Shortcut key combination to insert a new slide is ______
a. Ctrl+N b. Ctrl+M c. Ctrl+S d. Ctrl+ O
18. ______ slide is highlighted by default when we open PowerPoint.
a. Title Slide b. Blank c. Two Content d. Comparison
19. ______ is the temporary name given to the blank presentation in PowerPoint.
a. Slide 1 b. Presentation 1 c. PowerPoint 1 d. File 1
20. The ______ shows a thumbnail version of each slide shown in the Slide pane.
a. Slide Pane b. Slides Tab c. Outline Tab d. Notes Pane
21. The _______ has seven tabs on it.
a. Titlebar b. Slide Pane c. MSOffice Button d. Ribbon
22. The Ribbon is placed at the _______ of the document.
a. Left area b. Right area c. Top area d. Bottom area
23. We can type notes for ourself about the current slide in _______
a. Slide Pane b. Notes Pane c. Title bar d. Outline tab
24. A PowerPoint Presentation can include _______ .
a. Charts b. Videos c. Animation effects d. All of these
25. To enter text in a placeholder, _______ inside it.
a. Click b. Double-click c. Triple-click d. None
26. The _______ contains commands that you may want to use quite often.
a. Ribbonb. Tab c. Quick Access Toolbar d. Title bar
1. _______ is a collection of web pages.
IV Computer 4

a. E-Mail b. Web Page c. None d. Website

2. Name the term used for information stored on digital pages.
a. Web Browser b. Website c. WebPage d. WWW
3. WWW stands for ____________________________
a. World Web Wide b. World Wide Web c. World with Web d. Wide with Web
4. What does Internet stand for>
a. Intermediate Network b. Inter connected Network c. International Network d. None
5. An_______ address does not contain any space and is always in small letters.
a. E-mail b. Web Page c. Website d. Internet Explorer
6. When you visit any site, the first page that opens is called the _______
a. Web Browser b. Home Page c. Main Page d. Information Page
7. Where do we type the address to visit any website?
a. Standard Toolbar b. Menubar c. Address bar d. Status bar
8. ISP stands for ____________________________
a. Internal Service Provider b. Internet Social Provider c. Internet Service
Provider d. India Service Provider
9. URL stands for ________________
a. Unity Resource Locator b. Uniform Resource Locator c.
Uniform Resize Location d. Universal Resource
10. ______ is a sequence of keyboard characters that symbolize facial expressions.
a. Emoticons b. attachment c. Folder d.WebPage
11. ______ is used to connect a computer with the telephone line.
a. Modem b. E-mail c. Website d. Search Engine
12. ______ program allows us to access any website.
a. Network b. E-mail c. Web Browser d. Modem
13. ______ button is used to go back to the previous page.
a. Home b. Back c. Forward d. Close
14. ______ button is used to view the next page.
a. Home b. Back c. Forward d. Close
15. E-mail stands for ____________
a. Emoticon Mail b. Engine Mailc. Emergency Mail d. Electronic Mail
16. ______ are used to look for or find out any information on internet.
a. Find b. Search Engines c. Emoticons d. E-mail
17. ______ is the founder of World Wide Web.
a. Shabeer Bhatia b. Tim Barners Lee c. Larry Page d. Sergey Brin
18. ______ is the company that gives us access to the Internet for a free.
a. WWW b. URL c. ISP d. None of these
19. The name of the person or organization in an e-mail address is called ______
a. Username b. Clientname c. IDname d. Password
20. Which among these is the most popular search engine?
a. Airtel b. Reliance c. Tata d. Google
21. In the ______, we get a symbol when a computer is connected to the Internet.
a. Notification area b. Titlebar c. E-mail d. None of these
22. Each website has a unique address known as ______
a. WWW b. ISP c. Emoticons d. URL
23. An e-mail address does not contain any ______
a. Letter b. number c. symbol d. space
24. ______ is a fast and convenient way to communicate with others.
a. Messages b. E-mail c. Letters d. None of these
25. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the founders of______
a. WWW b. Google c. Hotmail d. Tuxpaint
26. ______ is the founder of Hotmail.
a. Larry Page b. Sergey Brin c. Tim Berners Lee d. Sabeer Bhatia