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Technical data MIE - MobiInfoedit

System requirements Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Highly user-friendly: easy

Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework and dynamic editing of route
Hardware requirements minimum: Pentium 800 MHz processor, 256 MB information text and graphics.
RAM, 20 GB hard drive, USB port
Triple language support with
recommended: Pentium 1.4 GHz processor,
individual layouts for text editing
1 GB RAM, 20 GB hard drive, USB ports
in any language.
Versions MIE Basic for destination sign systems
MIE Advanced for complete route information In the style of Windows: easy to
systems including automatic vehicle localisation via learn, with standard copy/paste
GPS or odometer signal function for quick editing.

Text auto formatting.

Supports international Windows

language settings and keyboard

Map-aided route planning tool to

simulate edited routes.

FastInput mode to populate

multiple signs with the same data
supported by templates and auto
formatting of the text.
Doc. No. 02029-R4-EN 2013

Unlimited trigger conditions to

automatically change passenger
information along the route
depending on GPS or odometer
Subject to technical changes that serve the interests of progress. Mobitec AB.

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