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Name: ______________________________ Date: __________ English, Pd.

: ____

Cornerstone Task
The Assignment: For this Cornerstone Task, you will practice the steps of researching from start to finish in order
to research an act of injustice from history long ago or more recently. You will present your newfound
knowledge with the class through a multimedia presentation. You will be graded on the notes you take, your works
cited page, your multimedia product, your presentation and a research reflection.
You must address the following questions in your research/product:
What are the important details about the injustice?
Who (groups/individuals) is/was effected by the injustice?
Who (groups/individuals) is/was fighting against the injustice?
What were the direct cause(s) of the injustice?
What were the indirect cause(s) (contributing factors) of the injustice?
What was/is the historical context of the injustice?
What are/were the consequence(s) of the injustice?

What can we learn about a persons character in his response to injustice?

What is the value of learning about injustices throughout history?
How can ordinary citizens help prevent injustices like this from
happening again?
How can we ensure that all people are treated equally under the laws
of a country?
Name: ______________________________ Date: __________ English, Pd.: ____

FACING INJUSTICE Cornerstone Task Research Guide


Research What it entails: My Notes:
Step :
TASK What am I being asked _______________________
DEFINITION _____ ____ ?
What _________ to be done? _______________________
What ________ do I need? _______________________

Step : _______________________
INFORMATION What resources can I
SEEKING __________ ?
STRATEGIES _______________________

Step : _______________________
LOCATION & __________ can I find the
ACCESS sources? _______________________

Step : _________ can I ______ from _______________________

USE OF the sources?
INFORMATION What should I ______ with _______________________
the _________ ? _______________________

Step :
SYNTHESIS What __________ can I create
to show what I ___________ ? _______________________
What am I _____________ to
do? _______________________
Step :
EVALUATION _______ did I do? What could
I have done _________ ? _______________________
Name: ______________________________ Date: __________ English, Pd.: ____

FACING INJUSTICE Cornerstone Task Reflection

Rate your response to each question on the scale. Then choose 2 of the
questions on which to elaborate.

No, absolutely not Sort of Yes, absolutely

(1) Overall, I feel confidant about following the steps of the research process. I could follow the steps
by myself and conduct research independently.


(2) I feel comfortable using online databases like SIRS and History Reference Center.


(3) I feel confidant in selecting reliable websites for my research.

(4) I am able to successfully take notes from sources. I am able to select important details,
paraphrase the information, and use note-taking strategies like bullets, abbreviations, and organizing
my notes by like information.


(5) I am happy with my final product how I chose to share the information I learned. I wouldnt do
anything differently if I were to do it again.

(6) I am happy with the presentation I gave in class. I wouldnt do anything differently if I were to do
it again.


(7) I regularly checked the assignment description, rubrics, and research guide to make sure I was
doing everything I was supposed to.

(8) I used the generous amount of time I was given to work in school well. I used all available
resources and stayed on task to make sure I did as well as possible on this project.


# ______ : _____________________________________________________

# ______ : _____________________________________________________
Name: _________________________________________________ TOPIC: _____________________________________


40 - Excellent 35 - Good 30 - Fair 25 - Needs Improvement

NOTES Mostly, if not Mostly paraphrased Somewhat paraphrased Not at all

entirely paraphrased paraphrased
[Class- (except for direct
work quotes) Mostly uses bullets and Somewhat uses bullets and
grade] Consistently uses short notes short notes Does not use
bullets and short notes Abbreviates most of the Abbreviates a few of the bullets and short notes
Abbreviates frequently used words frequently used words Does not
frequently used words Mostly clearly organized Somewhat organized it is abbreviate frequently
Clearly organized it is mostly clear which somewhat/inconsistenly clear which used words
it is clear which question the note is question the note is addressing No clear
question the note is addressing Somewhat/inconcsistenly organization it is not
addressing Mostly cites the sources cites the sources it is clear which question the
Cites the sources it is mostly clear which inconsistenly clear which source note is addressing
it is clear which source the info. came from the info. came from Does not cite the
source the info. came Mostly legible Inconsistenly legible source
from Not legible

40 - Excellent 35 - Good 30 - Fair 25 - Needs Improvement

PROJECT addresses all the Addresses most of the Addresses some of the Addresses very few of
PRODUCT research questions research questions research questions the research questions
all info. is delivered in Most of the info. is Some of the info. is Very little of the info.
[Major short notes delivered in short notes delivered in short notes is delivered in short notes
Project/ (expanded upon in Info. is mostly clearly Info. is somewhat Info. is not clearly
Assess- presentation) organized; it is mostly clear clearly organized; it is organized; it is not clear
ment info. is organized clearly; which question the info. somewhat clear which which question the info.
grade] it is clear which question the addresses question the info. addresses addresses
info. addresses Includes many Includes some Includes none to very
includes a multitude of
appropriate visuals appropriate visuals few appropriate visuals
appropriate visuals
Is mostly neat and easy Is somewhat neat and Is not neat or easy for
is neat, easy for the for the audience to view and easy for the audience to view the audience to view and
audience to view and reflects a good deal of effort and reflects some effort reflects very little effort
reflects extensive effort

PROJECT PRESENTATION [Major Project/Assessment grade]:

4 - Excellent 3 - Good 2 - Fair 1 - Needs Improvement

Delivery Speaks with Speaks with Speaks in uneven Speaks in low

fluctuation in volume and satisfactory variation of volume with little or no volume and/or
inflection to maintain volume and inflection inflection monotonous tone,
audience interest and which causes
emphasize key points audience to

Content/Organization Demonstrates full Is at ease with Is uncomfortable Does not have

knowledge by answering expected answers to all with information and is grasp of information
all class questions with questions, without able to answer only and cannot answer
explanations and elaboration rudimentary questions questions about
elaboration Has somewhat clear Attempts to define subject
Provides clear purpose and subject; purpose and subject; Does not clearly
purpose and subject; some examples, facts, provides weak examples, define subject and
pertinent examples, facts, and/or statistics that facts, and/or statistics, purpose; provides
and/or statistics; supports support the subject; which do not adequately weak or no support of
conclusions/ideas with includes some data or support the subject; subject; gives
evidence evidence that supports includes very thin data or insufficient support for
conclusions evidence ideas or conclusions

Audience Awareness Significantly Raises audience Raises audience Fails to increase

increases audience understanding and understanding and audience
understanding and awareness of most knowledge of some understanding of
knowledge of topic; points points knowledge of topic
convinces an audience to
recognize the validity and
importance of the subject


Works Cited page [Major Project/Assess

Reflection [Writing grade] _______ /10
grade] _____ /15
all 8 questions are rated on the scale
separate slide or
2 questions are chosen and clearly
page.. ___ /1
identified; scale response is thoroughly
at least 6 sources, 3 of which are print
elaborated upon (Why did you score yourself
sources. ___ /4
what you did? What did you do well? What
every entry follows proper MLA
would you do differently next time? What did
formatting.. ___ /4
you learn that you will apply the next time you
entries are in alpha order ..
do research? Etc.)
.. ___ /1