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Emcee: In few minutes we will start the program.

I would like remind everyone that todays program

sequence is reflected in the program sheet. If you do not have a copy of the program sheet, you can
raise your hands so that we will hand you a copy. So, please find a seat and make yourself
comfortable. Thank you __________________________wait to

Emcee: to formally start our program, may I request everyone to please stand up for the invocation
to be followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem.

Emcee: please be seated. We have prepared variety of presentations for all of you to be performed by
our Senior High Students. So let us brace ourselves for the opening salvo.

_____________________- opening salvo______________________________

Emcee: Thank you so much my fellow classmates for the very energetic warm-up presentation.. Let
me first introduce our very caring, compassionate and very supportive School President Sister Julia
Yap, OSB.. good morning sister to our very determined, hard-working and also very supportive
Senior High School Principal, Dr. Flordeliza E. Navarettemorning mam.. to our very inspiring
teachers, to all the Grade 10 and Grade 6 parents who are here with us, thank you soo much for your
time.. good morning. Friends, my fellow senior high classmates. A very beautiful morning to all of us.

Today, in this Parent Orientation Program, our aim is to build a sense of community with you
parents as our guests. By providing you information about the K12 program, the rules, regulations,
different academic programs, facilities, and services that the St. Peter College of Ormoc has prepared
in order to ensure that your future Grade 11 students will be equipped and be catered with their
academic and personal goals and will have the best Senior High School experience.
To start, please let us lend our ears for the welcome remarks of our Dear president..
Sister Julia C. Yap.. a round of a plause please.

Emcee: thank you sister, at this juncture may I call on stage, our Senior High School Principal
Dr. flordeliza Navarette for the orientation of K12 program. A big hand please.

Emcee: we prepared different presentations by academic track for you to have a better picture and a
better understanding regarding to your expectations about the Academic programs of the Senior High
School. To start, is the presentation of the Accounting Business and Management Class. .
Next is the presentation of Humanities and Social Sciences Class
Finally, the Science, Technology, engineering and mathematics class

Emcee: at this juncture, we prepared a very soothing and beautiful sound and melodies to serenade
you this morning. may we call in Ms. Jessebelle Albano and Shelou Maga.
________________________ intermission___________________________________
Emcee: to formally close the program, may we call in again on stage Dr. Flordeliza Navarette
Emcee: wait theres more.. before we bid goodbye let us again witness our talented senior high
students for the Finale Production Number.