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Teacher: Ms.

Date: 11-2-16 District: Northwest School: Haslet

Leitschuh UNT Lesson Plan ISD Elementar
Subject Science Grade 3 rd Unit Title Earth and Lesson Sun and
area: Level: grade Space Title: Earth and
oh my!
Purpose and Lesson
Standard(s): Understanding goals(s): Essential Question(s):
3.8 The student knows there are Leading questions, questions that
recognizable patterns in the natural The student will understand: address the heart of the discipline,
world and among the Earth, Sun, questions that provoke interest and
and Moon systems. The student is - Where the planets are in thought
expected to: relationship to one another
- construct models that Why cant we see the sunset night?
demonstrate the relationship of the What is the difference between
Sun, Earth and the moon including rotation and the revaluation?
orbit and position Whats the reason for the seasons?
3.4A- Sun, Earth and Moon system
Student Assessment of Lesson Steps/Activities including Timeline & Grouping
Objectives: Objectives:
Students will be How will you know if ENGAGEMENT: To illustrate and reinforce the day/night concept
able to students have met use a globe. Locate your city, state or country on the globe and
the objectives place a sticker with your school name on it to mark the spot.
-explain the (formal/informal)? Then using the lamp as the sun, slowly rotate the globe and show
relationship students how the Earth rotates, resulting in day and night. Using
between the Sun, I will know they the globe we will identify which countries are in daylight while
Moon, and the understand if they are our city is in darkness and vice versa.
Earth able to correctly EXPLORATION: Say, Many of us know that the Earth and Sun
-construct models create and label the interact to create day and night. Another way they interact is
that demonstrate planets and their they create seasons. Use a flashlight and a piece of paper. Show
the relationship of functions during the students that as you shine the light straight on the paper, light is
the planets to one seasons. concentrated. This is what happens in summer. Slowly tilt the
another paper and point out how the light spreads out. This is what
happens as the seasons change from summer to fall to winter.
EXPLAINATION: Show the video Reasons for the Seasons 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUU7IyfR34o and discuss as

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