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BULLETIN District 5: Elder Tom Karel Sr.

and Deacon Ron VanderBoon

July 11, 2010 • Next Sunday, seminarian Mr. Seth Huckstead will conduct our services.
• Allendale Outreach Services - 3:00 PM at St. John’s Lutheran, 9628
MORNING: The Wind of the Spirit
48th Ave. Brian Najapfour will lead the outreach service today.
Scripture: John 3: 1-21
Text: John 3: 8 • The consistory has begun the process of seeking the Lord’s way for
our congregation with regard to calling a minister. We thank the congrega-
tion for your prayers and letters of input. May the Lord give us clear direc-
EVENING: My Eyes have seen the King tion in seeking the pastor He has chosen for our congregation.
Scripture: Isaiah 6
Text: Isaiah 6: 5 • The consistory commends the family Kwekel, Arie (Jim), Judy, and their
son, Jack, to your love as they have been received as members in our

SONG SERVICE (5:50 PM) – Psalter 32: 1, 4 & Psalter 41: 1, 2, 3
• Candidate Tim Bergsma has received calls from our Chatham and Chil-
liwack congregations.
“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the
womb is his reward.” Psalm 127: 3 • Students Seth Huckstead and Rob VanDoodewaard are speaking an
edifying word throughout our denomination this summer.
• Pastor Henk Van Essen celebrated his 50th anniversary as a minister of
FROM THE CONSISTORY the gospel at a special service held at our Mitchell FRC July 2. A book
Visitors, welcome. scholarship fund for PRTS students has been started in commemoration of
We hope you are blessed through worshiping with us today. Our host fam- this blessing. If you are interested in donating to this scholarship fund
ily has prepared a meal to share and to visit with you in their home. In the please contact one of our deacons.
narthex, after the service, the hosts will introduce themselves and invite
you. • This past Friday, Pastor Henk Bergsma was installed as the pastor of
our Fenwick FRC.
• Today, Dr. David Murray is conducting our services and administering
the sacrament of baptism to three children of our congregation: Zachary • Pastor L.W. Bilkes is serving our Dundas FRC today.
Robert, son of Jason & Jamie Beeke, Aaron David, son of Chris & Heather
Engelsma and Julia Janelle, daughter of Gerrit and Suzanne Kleyn.
CALENDAR “The Lord willing...” James 4:15
• The 2010-2011 Church Directories are in your church mailboxes. Ad-
July 13 (Tuesday) 8 PM Family Camp Committee meeting and Jerry and
ditional copies are available in the narthex.
Michelle home.
• The consistory’s voting for their executive resulted in Elder Karel
July 17 (Saturday) 7 PM Young Adult Book Study. It will be game night.
serving as our Chairman, Elder Van’t Voort serving as Vice Chairman and
Elder Kleyn serving as clerk. Joel Markwat will serve as chairman of the July 21 (Tuesday) 7:30 PM Elders Meeting.
Deacons, deacon Osmun as secretary, deacon Kleyn as Treasurer and
July 24 (Saturday) 7 PM Young Adult Book Study at the seminary. We will
deacon VanderBoon as assistant treasurer. Please remember these broth-
be studying lesson 7 “Cause and Effect.”
ers and the full consistory in your family prayers that wisdom and enabling
grace would be given from the Lord. Advanced Notice: The Free Reformed Student Society will be hosting 3
fall sessions. The first will be held on Saturday, September 25. The
Our districts have been organized as follows:
speaker will be Rev. J. Schoeman. The second will be held on Saturday,
District 1- Elder Henk Kleyn & Deacon Joel Markwat October 23 with speaker Rev. D. Lipsy. The third session is scheduled for
District 2: Elder Andrew VandenToorn & Deacon Roger Osmun November 27 with speaker Dr. David Murray. These will be held at the
District 3: Elder Pete VanKempen and Deacon Gerrit Kleyn Dundas FRC meeting room at 8 PM. Young people in the work force,
District 4: Elders Ron Rittner & Bas Van’t Voort & Deacon Dwight Prince
university and colleges are invited to attend. Details will follow. See
brochure posted in the narthex.

Please Remember in Our Prayers:
• We commend the Bazen family to your prayers and care as they grieve
the loss of our dear sister Ellen who entered eternity this past Tuesday.
May God raise up prayer warriors among us who love His honor as Ellen
• Sherri Beute in Malawi. Sherri would like to thank you for the outpouring
of support and appreciates your continued prayers. You can follow her blog
at www.sherriandbeccagotoafrica.blogspot.com
The Sick:
Shut-ins: Mr. & Mrs. Rokus & Louise DeBlaay, Mr. Vincent Faasse, Mrs.
Dorothy Hitchcock, Mrs. Kay Kwekel, Mrs. Winifred Nordyke, Miss Henrietta
Sikkema and Mrs. Mina Wierenga.
Servicemen: Dan Arnoudse, Jacob Hubach and Tyler Prince.

This Week: Ron & Aileen Rittner Next Week: Tom & Meta Moerdyk
Mother In Charge – July: Laura DeJong
Today: AM A: Arleen Boven, Jacqueline DeBlaay
B: Rene VanderHart, Martha Markwat
PM A: Laura DeJong, Cheryl Moerdyk
B: Karen VanderSloot, Gabrielle Karel
Next Week: AM A: Betty Elliott, Jennifer Pennings
B: Lisa VanStrien, Hannah Karel
PM A: Emily Hart, Lydia Karel
B: Kathy Pols, Taunya VanDoodeward

Today AM Dave Huisjen PM Steve Kleyn
Next Week AM Dave Pronk PM Henry Boven

Today 1st collection: General
2nd collection: Education
Box at Exits: Benevolent
Next Week 1st collection: General
2nd collection: Guatemala Mission
Box at Exits: CMI (Christian Ministry to Israel)
July 11, 2010 LITURGY
Morning Service July 11, 2010
Evening Service
Votum & Salutation
Votum & Salutation
Psalter: 402
Psalter: 163
Apostles’ Creed
Scripture Reading: John 3: 1-21
Scripture Reading: Isaiah 6
Text: John 3: 8
Text: Isaiah 6: 5
Form for Baptism - Baptism &
Psalter: 362
Psalter: 425: 5 (ask congregation to stand)
Pastoral Prayer
Pastoral Prayer
Psalter: 71
Psalter: 373: 1-4
Sermon: My Eyes have seen the King
Sermon: The Wind of the Spirit
Psalter: 282
Psalter: 285
Doxology: 196
Doxology: 197 ******