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!"#"$%"$#&#'$("$) I am neither religious nor a Pacquiao fan

*+,-.*&/-&/0*&123/*3/&45-6784&3*4.*8/&78&/0*&78/*58*/& but i sure am so happy that somebody
9&/0*&*.*54784&&:8+78*&!*;72&<8-68&23&/0*&=>:#)&71& has finally put GenSan in the internet
?-@&02A*&?*/&/-&*BC*57*8,*&(-@/0&D*8/52+&!78;282-E3& map. I love reading your posts and it
$@.F*5&G&F+-4H&#*8(28/-3I,-.H&/0*8&2CC25*8/+?&/02/&/7.*&023&,-.*) has been feeding my homesickness (in a
good way) these past few months.
-Sankt, The Netherlands.
& #*8(28&$*63&:8+78*&!24&623&*3/2F+730*;&78&$-A*.F*5&JKKL&
2&3-@5,*&-1&781-5.2/7-8&2F-@/&/0*&M@82&D2C7/2+&-1&/0*&N07+7CC78*3&8-/& Good day! I always read your posts and
-8+?&/-&/0*&4*8*52+3&+7A784&0*5*&-5&2F5-2;&F@/&/-&/0*&/0-@328;3&60-& articles. I use them to tell and expose my
25*&,@57-@3&2F-@/&/0*&C+2,*I students to important things and events
about GenSan.
& O/& 023& 2+3-& 5*,*7A*;& 2625;3& 15-.& 8-/2F+*& N78-?& F+-4&
-Kozet Licas
School Principal, Quantum Academy Inc
$-)<.).%H& /0*& 4,&'# @,&'-).'-%)# 4/%3# 5%2# $-)<.).%& 28;& -8*& -1&
A/%B,#C.''%%D&#@-3-'./#C2-B,#>?.2<,,&78&/0*&JKKU&N07+7CC78*&=+-4& Hi! Am staying here in Dubai, UAE and
"625;3I I am goin home on September for a
vacation. I’m so thankful that we have
& O/&023&F**8&V@-/*;&28;&+78<*;&8@.*5-@3&/7.*3&/-&-/0*5&F+-43H&
this! I can catch up on things about
GenSan. It feels like home - a home
-@/+*/3&-8&;*A*+-C.*8/2+&3/-57*3&2F-@/&#*8*52+&(28/-3&D7/?I away from home... Keep it up! Long live
& M0*& 2@/0-5H& =257+*3& 73& 2+3-& /0*& @8-1W,72+& +*2;*5& -1& /0*& Gensan!
GXKY3/5-84& EF88EGE>;A0H# 4IFAA0;EH& 607,0& 0*& 0*+C*;& C@/& -Aireen Amantillo Gile
How will I ever forget Gensan News
Online Mag? First of all, it’s where
& #*8(28&$*63&:8+78*&!24&023&02;&-A*5&L\KHKKK&A737/-53&28;& I’ve been getting fresh and important
023&2&#--4+*&N24*Z28<&-1&\]GKI updates for two years now about my
beloved city while I’m many thousand
Reader !"#$%&'()*+, miles away from home. And with this,
I can tell my two kids being born in
*+,-',$.#)/.0%2'#%2'3%.4+5%!"#$###%4"#"$.5#%#",/+%67781 Gensan about the rich history of their
!"#$%"&'(")(* birthplace.
!"+,%"&'("&-(."/0"1(&'2"3'"45-4(' -Nice A, Thailand
!"0:%"&'(";'3<(2253*&72"&*."(=(6895>(2 Gensantos.com is a very good example of
!":%"&'("(*9'(;'(*(8'2 how blogs can transform the image of a
place. It answers the call of the need to
!"/,%"&'("298.(*92 show the other side of Mindanao, in this
!"#$?,+%"&'("5*"94("@4575;;5*(2 case, the other side of General Santos.
!"A/?+B%"&'("C&2(."5*"94("DEF From an “unsafe” place where it only
!"+?0B%"&'("G3'H('2"5*"94("I5..7("J&29 gets the spotlight when a bomb explodes,
!"/?/,%"&'("5*"K&*&.& we have now this to make the world see
that there is beauty in GenSan. If I were
the Mayor of GenSan, I would put Bariles
!"A?,:%"&'("5*"94("D*59(."M5*-.3) as the tourism head of this city.
!"A?B#%"&'("5*"N&;&* -Migs, Compostela Valley
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