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Larry the Frog

Larry the Frog. Larry is green with brown spots. He loves to

play in the pond. Sometimes Larry catches flies. He likes to
eat flies foe dinner. After Larry catches flies, he hops around
the pond.

1. What is Larry?

2. What color is Larry?

3. Where does Larry love to play?

4. What does Larry like to eat for dinner?

The Little Birds

Chirp, chirp! the little birds sing. The little birds are thirsty.
Where is Mama bird? Kirk is the first bird to jump out of the
nest. Splat! He land in the dirt. Shirl flaps her wings. She
twirls to the dirt. Dirk jump out third. He hits the dirt and
squirms. The little birds are thirsty! They see a bird bath that
squirts out water but there is a big bird on it. She turns and
smirks It is Mama bird! Kirk and Dirk chirp.


1. Who jumps first?

2. How many little birds were there?

3. Where was Mama bird?

4. Why do the birds hop out of the nest?

Big Balloons

Lou loves balloons. At the circus, a clown gave Lou five big
balloons. Lou told the clown, Thank you. Two balloons are
red. Two balloons are green. One balloon is yellow. Lou holds
the balloons tightly so they will not fly?

1. What is the title?

2. Where did Lou get the balloon?

3. Who gave the balloons?

4. How many balloons does have Lou?

5. Why does Lou hold the balloons tightly?

Baby Chicken

A mother chicken sat on her nest. She was a big chicken with
yellow feathers. She was sitting on some eggs. One day the
eggs cracked open. Then some little chicks popped out of
the eggs. Now the chicken had six chicks.

1. Where did the mother chicken sit?

2. What color were her feathers?

3. What was the mother chicken sitting on?

4. What came out of the eggs?

5. How many chicks were there?


The King Pigeons tried to stop the young pigeons from going
down. They did not listen. The young pigeons were hungry
and so they came down. Wow! The party was fun! Now let us
fly away. O-o-ops! What is this? Why cant we fly? O-o-o-o! It
hurts! The pigeons were trapped in the net! What to do?

1. Who tried to stop the young pigeons from going down?

2. Who did not listen to the King pigeon

3. Why did the young pigeons come down?

4. What happened to the pigeons after the party?

Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterfly has orange, black and white wings.

These butterflies cant survive cold winters. Starting in
October, they migrate to spend their winter in Mexico and
Southern California. The adults eat nectar from flowers.
Monarchs live from 2 to 6 weeks

1. What color are monarch butterflies?

2. What month do monarch start migrating?

3. Where do they migrate?

4. What do adult monarchs eat?

5. How long to monarch butterflies live?

The History of Cats

Cats have a long and interesting history. In fact, the cats was probably
the first animal keep as a pet. The Egyptians worshipped cats. In
Europe cats were praised for their ability to catch rats and mice. They
were much in demand during the Black Plague illness of the 11th
century. In the Middle Ages, cats lost must of appeal because they
became connected with devil worship. Many cats lost their lives and
gave rise to superstitions still held by some people today. The
American indian did not appear to keep cats as pets, so it wasnt until
the white settlers came from Europe that cats were kept as pets in
America. Colonist, like the Europeans, found cats helpful in controlling
rats and mice.

What is title of the story?

What is the animal on the story?

Who worshipped cats?

When cats is in demand?

How cats can be helpful?

Louis Armstrong
Have you heard jazz music played? One of the worlds
greatest jazz players was Louis Armstrong. Armstrong was
born in New Orleans, Louisana, on August 4, 1904. As a
child, he learned to play an instrument called the cornet. He
loved it! He decided to make music his life. Armstrong went
on to record thousands of songs. He known for his trumpet-
playing and singing. He also acted in more than 20 movies.
Today, Armstrongs home, in New York City, is a museum.

Who is the character of the story?

Where was Louis Armstrong born?

What instrument did Armstrong play?

How many times he acted on movies?

Nelly the Nurse

Nelly is a nurse. She is tall and thin. She works at the
hospital. She looks after sick people. She gets up at six o
clock in the morning. She takes a shower and puts on her
clothes. Then she eats breakfast at half past six. At seven o
clock, she drives her car to the hospital.

Who is the character of the story?

What she is?

Where she works?

What she drives?

Art Class
One of the things I like the best about school is my art class.
We have a great teacher named Mrs. Hilbert. She is a
wonderful artist. I love to watch her draw and paint. She
taught us how to paint. He taught us how to mix paint to
make just the right colors for our painting. She plays good
music while we draw and paint. We draw and paint almost
every day in class.

1. Who is the great teacher?

2. What they do?

3. What is one of the favorite of classes of the student?

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