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Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club

Lt. Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club is a sports club in Pakir Ali (201011)
Dhaka, Bangladesh based in the Dhanmondi area. It was
known as Dhanmondi Club before adding the founder's Saiful Bari Titu (2011)
name after turning into a limited company.[1] Lt. Sheikh
Jamal Dhanmondi Club is one of the most successful Mohammad Abu Yousuf (2011)
clubs in Bangladesh.[2]
Joseph Afusi (201214)

1 History Maruful Haque (20142015)

The club promised to play quality football when called up Joseph Afusi (2015)
for the Bangladesh Football Premier League in 201011
season over two other clubs playing in the Dhaka League Shaqul Islam Manik (2016)
second division.[3] The club was champion of the 2010
11 Bangladesh League.
Stefan Hansson (2016)

Joshimuddin Joshi (2016-Present)

2 Shirt sponsors

3 Stadium 7 Honours
Lt. Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club plays all its matches
at the Bangabandhu National Stadium which is in the
7.1 Winners
Motijheel area in the heart of the city.The Stadium had
a capacity of close to 55,000 before the work of renova- Bangladesh Premier League (3)
tion, making it then the largest stadium of the country .
After the renovation, it still remains the largest stadium 201011, 201314, 201415
of the country.

Federation Cup (3)

4 International Friendlies
201112, 201314, 201415

5 Squad
Budha Subba Gold Cup
Lt. Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club Limited Squad
for 201516 season.
Note: Flags indicate national team as dened under FIFA eligi-
bility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nation-
ality. Pokhara Cup

6 Coaching Sta
Kings Cup
6.1 Coaches
Zoran Kraljevic (2010) 2014[5]


7.2 Runners-up 10 References

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8.1 2012 AFC Presidents Cup [9] Stage set for 2016 AFC Cup draw. AFC. 4 December
The rst was in 2012 when they qualied for the third-tier [10] Stage set for 2016 AFC Cup play-o qualiers. AFC.
AFC Presidents Cup. However, before the tournament 29 June 2015.
started they withdrew,[7] citing security concern of play-
ing in Pakistan.[8] [11] Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club 4-1 Benca de Macau.
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8.2 2016 AFC Cup [12] Alga Bishkek 1-1 Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club. the-
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Four years later, having won the 201314 Bangladesh 2016.
Football Premier League, they qualied for the 2016
AFC Cup.[9] In the qualifying round, they were drawn in [13] AFC Cup 2016: Ocial Draw. AFC.
Group A along with hosts Alga Bishkek from Kyrgyzstan
and Benca de Macau.[10] They beat Benca de Macau
4-1[11] in their opening game and then drew with hosts
Alga[12] to qualify for the group stage without having to
go through the playo round due to a lack of teams in the
east region. They were drawn against Tampines Rovers
from Singapore, Ceres from the Philippines and Selangor
from Malaysia.[13]

9 Club records
Transfer Record (paid): $75 thousand to Sheikh
Russel KC for Sony Norde in 2013.

Local Highest Transfer Record : Monthly 350,000

Tk to Jamal Bhuyan for 201415 season.

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