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Popular events like the football World Cup and other international sporting

occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic

emotions in a safe way.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

nternational sport competitions have been held since ancient times.Some people
believe that popular events like Olympic games and other sporting occassions are
crucial in easing international tensions and displaying patriotic emotions in a safe
way.There is no doubt that, sports, especially footbal can facilitate international
tensions and reduce patriotic emotions.However, sport events can increase advert
feelings between hostile countries.

To begin with,the football world cup is one of the best way to illustrate positive
and friendly examples to the world.In the football world cup people will gather to
one country from all over the world.In this case,people from other
countries,cultures and religions will meet each other and gain more information
regarding each other traditions and cultures and it will help them to reduce
international tensions and patriotic emotions.Moreover,footballplayers also can
give message to the world by shaking hand and wearing logos.For instance, in
2010 North Korea demonstrated friendly act against their enemy South
Korea.Thats why sport events are imperative in abreviation international tensions
and patriotic senses.

On the other hand,sport events can worse conditions and patriotic feelings between
states.After match there can be collision among fans since one team can lost and it
will increase conflict among audiences.For instance, games between Greece and
Turkey are always intensive and there can be even death among spectators.

In my opinion,big sport affairs can assist people to be friendly and shorten patriotic
emotions and international tensions.But at the same time it can explode feelings
among countries and situations can worsen.In conclusion, not only sport
occassions and also music,painting and other fields can make healthy,happy and
peaceful life among people from diparate countries,religions and cultures.
ncreasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and
pollution problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree? what other
measures do you think might be effective?

Traffic and pollution are the main problem in some countries in modern society.
Some people claim that the best method to solve traffic and pollution hardships is
grow the cost of petroleum. There is no doubt that it will not solve difficulties and
on the contemporary will lead to some problems such as non-oil countries will
depend on petroleum countries, the price of goods will increase and it will bring
unfairness to society.

To begin with,there are many ways to deal with traffic and pollution. Increasing the
price of petrol is not good concept since non-oil countries will depend on
petroleum states.In this case, condition of the country will worsen and and they
will need more money to purchase petroleum. Thats why it will increase the worth
of goods such as foods,houses and other things. Moreover, rich people will be able
to buy petrol and it will bring unfairness to society since poor people will not have
enough money to gain petrol. For instance, the price of public transport also will
grow and it will bring an opinion to society that if you are poor you can travel by
bicycle or on your foot.

In the second stage,there are some measures which can be effective. Maintaining
and broadening old ways might be helpful. Furthermore, building new modern
ways and bridges can reduce a number of traffic. On the other hand, goverment
should encourage people to healthy life for example, travelling by bicycle and
walking since it will decrease pollution.

In conclusion, increasing the worth of petrol is not a good way to solve growing
traffic and pollution since it will lead to certain problems in modern society.In my
opinion states should think regarding alternative modes to handle these problems.
t is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents,for
instance for sport or music and others are not.However,it is sometimes
claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or

Prosperious people have existed since ancient times.Some people belive that if a
person have aptitude in some fields it means he has inborn talent.However,other
people claim that children can learn certain skills in their early ages to become a
successful sport person or musician.

To begin with,There are many talented persons in different fields in the modern
society.There is no doubt that some people are burn with certain talents and these
people are completely different from others.They can feel or see what others can
not feel and see.Such people own incredible aptitude and they do not need to learn
something .For instance,Turkish singer Murat could play difficult songs in the
piano when he was 3 years old and it was impossible for his peers.Thats why some
people think that people are born with certain talents.

On the other hand,children can easily learn some abiliies in their early ages to
become a good sports person or musician.There are many eminent people in the
modern society who learned some capacities when they were children.For
example,footballplayer C.Ronaldo is taught to play football when he was 5 years
old in Portugal Sport Centre.Morevover,many well-known and flair singers learnd
to sing from their instractors.Therefore,some people belive that it is not hardship to
learn such abilities to become a succesful person in some fields.

In my opinion,some people have inborn aptitude and it is also ossible to learn

certain talents during childhood to become a pprosperous huuman.
People in all modern societies use drugs,but today`s youth are experimenting
with both legal and illegal drugs,and at an increasingly early age.Some
sociologists claim that parents and other members of society often set a bad

Discuss the causes and some effects of widespread drug use by young people in
modern society.Make any recommendations you feel are necessary to help
fight youth drug abuse.

The number of drug users are increasing day after day in modern society. Some
sociologists believe that young people take bad examples from relatives and

Firstly, purchaseing of drugs are great and illegal business all over the world.
Salers try to expand it among teenagers especially at schools. That`s why
surrounding of people is crucial. If you didnt opt right friend in this case he will
stray you and will be bad example for you. Such persons always offer to use
narcotic to their friends and acquaintances. Morever, problems and difficulties at
early ages such as death of relatives, deserting of friends, financial hardships can
contribute to utilize stimulant since they fear to face problems and want to escape
from them. For example, in Mexico member of adolescents rise by the problems
social life. Therefore, parents should control their children and assist them in
makeing friends. Adults should also help them to handle difficulties which youngs
face in modern society.

On the other hand, juniors consume stimulant for enjoyment. They think that it is
very enjoyable and with it they can feel pleasure of the life. These circumstances
reach them depending on drugs and they lost everything in their life such as status,
career, friends and relatives. In addition, few restrictions in trade of drugs promote
to boost it. In this case number of suffers enlarge every year. For example, in Italy
and other european countries people can legally gain drugs from shpos. There is no
doubt that government should ban it and encourage people to healthy life such as
creating competitions and educateing people.
In conclusion, this is one of the major problem of the people. As a result, all
members of the society have to help to prevent rising of narcotic users.

It is important for travellers and business people to understand the cultures

they come into contact with,however briefly.What are the main advantages of
doin so?what do u think is the main disadvantage of not doing so?

There are many cultures which have existed since ancient times.The understanding
cultures is vital aspect of travelling as u can easily get in touch with people and it
will make your journey fascinating.However,on the contrary it can spoil trip and
create completely fallicious image about you nd your country.

In the first phase,it is imperative to acquire other cultures for travellers and
business people.In this case they can confidently contact with people and make
friends from other cultures.Otherwise,they will not face to problems and their
travelling will striking and interesting.If you are businessman or businesswoman it
can assist u to succeed in your business.For instance,awerness about Japan culture
helped to my uncle to gain alluring contract.

In the second pase,unless you are not knowledgeble about other cultures it means
that there are certain drawbacks for you.Then u can spoil your trip such as making
arguement with people or you can lost in the city.Likewise,misunderstanding other
cultures bad image about you and your country.It is also can fail your business
date.For example,when i was in India with my friends we striked monkeys and we
had agruement with indian people.Since they think that monkeys are holies.

In conclusion,these advantages and disadvantages will improve people's experience

and knowledge about trvelling.In my opinion,travellers and especially business
people should get more information about other cultures and country before
It is important for travellers and business people to understand the cultures they
come into contact with,however briefly.What are the main advantages of doin so?
what do u think is the main disadvantage of not doing so?

Submitted by yas 2014 on Tue, 10/29/2013 - 17:29

There is no doubt that the number of visitors, businessman and women who are
traveling abroad has been increasing in recent years. However, not surprisingly,
understanding the culture of local people brings a large number of benefits for
visitors as well as problems for those who do not understand the new culture.

I, for one, believe that no one can deny the importance of breaking down barriers
between countries. By this I mean, cultural exchange between countries without
middleman gives birth to socialize effectively in addition relate emotionally. The
communication of people from various countries gives rise to decrease of hatred in
societies, besides people will have mutual understanding from traditions, culture,
politic, sport, so on and so forth. Other people put forward the view that, the
communication between nations via culture may be more effective than politic.

The another advantage is that, in the event that tourists and businessman in
addition to trip and trade become acquainted with other aspects of countries,
undoubtedly they will earn a great deal of information, moreover they will be more
successful at their journey and trade. For example, a businessman with knowing
these features can get more income. It should be noted that, in case that persons
take time to learning language, furthermore, study of books around different
countries culture in travel to other places will not confront with specific problem.
On the other hand, the lack of understanding cultures and traditions of diverse
countries people would lead to misunderstanding and even can increase tension
between them. Owing to the fact that, the background of society can act as the
mirror to reflect behaviour and nature of people.

To sum up, cultures and traditions have pivotal role in communications, travels,
businesses and something like that between varied nations.

Essay topics: individuals can do nothing to

change society. any new developments can
only be brought about by governments and
large institutions. How far do you agree or
Submitted by yas 2014 on Fri, 11/15/2013 - 16:46

There is little doubt that the governments and large institutions carry out a lots of
inventions in our society. However, I, for one, believe that they are only able to do
with the help of ideas from individual citizens.

Its crystal clear that every part of society, including governments and institutions,
contains of individual members. The governments have rights to the further use of
new ideas and should always listen to them for development and progress of
society. For instance, an Iranian engineer offered a scheme for building a bridge
across the river of Karoon, according to strategic importance of bridge the
government provided funds to build it. Hereupon, the whole of society benefited of
advantages of scheme.

In addition In London, the mayor announced a scheme to find a new way for air
conditioning of underground system which can be entered by individuals. It is
another example that large organizations rely on the creativity of individuals.
Some people put forward the view that big organizations have strength, power,
besides money to realize and introduce new ideas on their own. Moreover, large
institutions are of many facilities and equipment. I would say that these are not
enough for development of societies. This is where creativity and outstanding ideas
come in. It should be noted that, individuals and organizations are supplement of
each other. So, under circumstances that individual ideas are combined with the
governments properties, there would be many beneficial changes for everyone.

From what has been discussed we can draw the conclusion that individuals ideas
and large organizations including governments and institutions need to work in
partnership so as to bring about useful effects.

Essay topics: The number of elderly people in

the world is increasing. What do you think
are the positive and negative effects of this
Submitted by Anish Joseph on Thu, 12/18/2014 - 03:54

With the advancement of medical science, the world have been witnessing a new
trend. Among this, the average life span has increased and as a consequence of this
the ratio of elderly individuals have significantly increased. From one perspective,
there are many advantages and from another perspective, there are disadvantages.
Quite notably, a senior citizen's wisdom and professional experience is an asset and
can be leveraged for positive outcome, while there can be some challenges in
providing health and palliative care. A diligent approach is needed to balance the
two factors.

On one hand, it is quite evident that the diligence and wisdom of elderly people
can certainly enlighten and enrich the new generation. The knowledge which had
been accumulated for a life time can be transferred to the young people. For
instance, educational institutions and academic sector will greatly benefit; elderly
people would be able to perform as change agents. Furthermore, as senior citizens
are more cognizant about the history and cultural evolution, they can teach the
children about the significance of these aspects. Apparently some of the senior
citizens are associated with non profitable organizations and upholds the value of
philanthropy.These are the values which makes us more humane.

On the other hand, elderly people may have to confront some concerns in health
front. With the increasing age, the human body is vulnerable to many diseases and
sickness. Apparently, to survive this condition, requires a lot of financial
assistance. As elderly people will be more prone to these conditions, they might
also require assistance and support from medical staff and their near and dear ones.
Government and medical staff need to adequate themselves to provide this support.

In conclusion, a holistic approach for graceful aging needs to be adopted. This

indeed will nullify the above negative factors and will allow the elderly people to
positively contribute to society.

The widespread use of the Internet has

brought many problems. What do you think
are the main problems associated with the
use of the web? What solutions can you
Give reasons for your answer and include
any relevant examples from your own
knowledge or experience.
Submitted by Anish Joseph on Mon, 12/15/2014 - 03:36

The invention of internet have been a blessing to the mankind. Along with the plethora of
advantages provided, it also has a set of disadvantages. Among these, plagiarism and
circulating the information with the intent to defame another individual tops the list. An
effective regulation from the government and administrative agencies is required to curb
this menace.
One of the main issues evident after the internet flourished has been the data theft and
plagiarism. To exemplify, one can steal a piece of story, poetry or essay and can publish it
as his own creation. Apart from this, a great threat has been the circulation of videos and
MMS ( Multimedia Messaging Service) clips without the consent or approval of the
concerned individual. Also it can be seen that, many people are lavishly spending a lot of
time in using internet, which inadvertently leads to a mundane and sedentary lifestyle.

To resolve the above mentioned problems, efforts are required at both government and
personal levels. For instance, government can strengthen the cyber-security laws and
bring new reforms on need basis. Along with this, an educational program to create a
sense of awareness on how to use the internet can be envisaged. On the other hand, an
individual can ensure the right use of internet at his office premises and at his home. it is
also the prerogative of the parents to ensure that their children and using the internet in a
positive manner.

Finally to conclude, the dangers associated with the use of internet needs to be effectively
tackled. For this a holistic approach in the form of legal, ethical and moral means is

Many children these days have an unhealthy

lifestyle. Both schools and parents are equally
responsible for solving this problem.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with
this statement?
Submitted by Anish Joseph on Fri, 12/12/2014 - 04:17

Children in modern world tend to develop various characteristics and behavior.

Among these, some of the habits are unhealthy. These habits include eating non-
healthy foods and developing a sedentary and mundane lifestyle. I completely
assent that academic institutions and parents should endeavor to resolve this issue.
Developing an energetic, enthusiastic and a creative citizen is the collective
responsibility of all well-wishers.
One of the bad habits which are evident in children is eating non-healthy foods.
Incidentally, they are consuming a lot of junk foods which includes fried-foods and
fast foods. Along with this, they also consume food more than what is required.
Parents can provide an effective environment at home where children have access
to healthy food; schools can provide awareness on eating healthy food.

Another bad habit which requires attention is leading a mundane and sedentary
lifestyle. As children are having more access to technology, they tend to spend their
time engaging in playing computer games and also using tablets and mobile. This
in fact, can affect their mental health incredibly. As a consequence, they tend to
become less energetic. Parents and schools can play a predominant role here,
taking necessary steps to reduce the impact of technology on children.

In conclusion, everyone has a role in upbringing tomorrows citizen. Parents along

with schools should be the drivers in eradicating the bad behavior and they should
act as leaders who will propel and instill healthy lifestyle and habits in children.

The government should control the amount of violence in films and on television
in order to reduce the amount of violent crimes in the society. Do you agree or

Submitted by halleybachelor on Fri, 05/08/2015 - 03:12

Nowadays, films and computer games are often designed with violent content,
which tends to attract a great number of followers. While I admit these are just
forms of entertainment, I do not think it should be made available for everyone.

Some people argue that violent films and games are harmless because they think
they are not real. Scenarios in films and games are way from reality, and most
rational individuals are unlikely to copy these activities given their ability to
distinguish them from their own lives. Moreover, since these forms of recreation
can help people relax and gain vicarious pleasure from the heroic stories, it should
be everyones right to consume them. In this sense, these kinds of virtual violence
are not only innocuous, but also beneficial in terms of enriching peoples life, so
the idea of banning them seems unreasonable.
However, I believe violence in films and games can cause damage to vulnerable
undeveloped minds. Although this sort of violence only exists in imagination, the
adverse impact on peoples emotion can be great because it encourages aggressive
behavior and criminal conduct. For example, children who are not mature enough
to judge between fantasy and reality may be desensitized to fights and murders
after being fed a daily dose of violent content. Many children thus become
interested in dangerous fighting and weapons, perhaps in emulation of films and
games, thereby posing a threat to the safety of other individuals and the society as
a whole.

To conclude, violent films and games are harmless to responsible adults, but they
should not be accessible to everyone, especially children.

Some people think news has no connection to

people's lives. So then it is a waste of time to
read the newspaper and watch television
news programs. To what extent do you agree
or disagree?
Submitted by mz970 on Tue, 06/23/2015 - 05:03

The topic of whether it is necessary to learn current news is of concern for many
people. Some believe that news is irrelevant to peoples lives while others disagree.
As for me, I do not agree the former.

Those other assert news reports hold the following reasons. Firstly, news is a
power sauce for audience to update the latest events and international affairs. By
reading newspaper or watching TV programme, people will gain the wealth of
global information and knowledge without walking out of the house, allowing
them to broaden horizons in a very effective way. Secondly, news can also be
considered a tool for people to relax and entertain. It is common to find that some
elderly spend quite a few hours on reading the daily newspapers as a form of
recreation. Also, as numbers of office workers and students are busy with their jobs
and study during day time, news programmes provide them a method to relax and
escape from sophisticated work so that they can enjoy a few laughers after
watching the amusing news.

However, there are opposing voices. Some others claim that it is a waste of time to
read newspaper. To start with, this news is too far away from ordinary people. For
example, high school students do not have the chance to involve in political voting,
thus, it is unnecessary for them to learn domestic elections. Besides, some of the
news focuses on the disasters and crime commissions which give adverse influence
to audience. When people are exposed to news about earthquakes or robbery, they
may be panic and terrified and loss the sense of security. Therefore, reading this
kind of news can only cause the feeling of anxiety to people.

I personally agree that everyone should read current news to expend their
knowledge and gain more insight, although some news reports may deliver
negative emotions to audience. I would strongly recommend people to read
newspaper every day to keep up with the progress of social development.

Some people think news has no connection to

people's lives. So then it is a waste of time to
read the newspaper and watch television
news programs. To what extent do you agree
or disagree?
Submitted by jeffzhou on Tue, 06/10/2014 - 00:31

For centuries, the news media have played a significant role in peoples' lives.
However, it has been argued that the general public should no longer read the
newspaper or watch TV news. From my perspective, I tend to disagree with the
argument; however, the negative influence of being exposed to news needs to be
closely considered.

To begin with, it is often the case that readers find the news is just vain and
contributes little value to their lives, such as the gossip of a movie star and his/her
affair. However, news media provide consumers an effective mean to divert their
attentions from heavy working stress. This is particularly true for employees in the
big cities, who are less likely to spend time on recreation and entertainment
activities. Therefore, being exposed to entertainment news allows them to relieve
themselves on their way home or during the lunch break.

Although TV news sometimes may be exaggerated in terms of content and detail, it

enables media consumers to keep pace with the trend of the society. Especially for
people who work in the financial industry, they need to be aware of the latest
economic trend in order to make accurate investing decisions. If they failed to do
so, then perhaps the financial loss would be drastic. Furthermore, students can
acquire more information from TV programs than from schooling and parenting.
For example, the unemployment rate of their countries demonstrates the cut-throat
competition and potentially, stimulating younger generations to study harder.

To conclude, it is understandable to claim that news these days may be irrelevant to

individuals due to the exaggeration and vagueness of content. However, I would
like to point out that the exposure of all kinds of news can enrich our lives and
bring positive results to the society.

Some people think that the teenage years are

the happiest time of most people lives. Others
think that adult life brings more happiness,
in spite of greater responsibilities.
Submitted by jeffzhou on Sun, 06/29/2014 - 04:47
Being happy constantly appears to be the ultimate goal for everyone. It has been argued
that teenage period is the happiest period of one, while others indicate that the adulthood
is rather happier. In this essay, both views will be discussed.

On one hand, there is a widely accepted notion that the younger generations are less
stressful in terms of life. They are financially and emotionally supported by families,
making it possible for them to concentrate on their studies and to hang out with friends.
For example, they could spend several hours on playing video games without worrying
how much money they have to pay for the mortgage. However, this model is not always
the case. Students sometimes have to confront with fierce peer pressure and intensive
parenting in order to be outstanding academically, making it less possible for them to
relaxing themselves. For instance, school boys and girls who are studying in Japan are
forced to take extra curriculum activities on the top of their heavy study-load. In some
extreme cases, they are prone to finishing their lives because of the endless force-fed

On the hand, once people start to make earnings and taste the financial independence for
the first time, thus their lives will become more interesting and enjoyable. By having a
full time job allows consumers to buy anything they want and plan a holiday, which
fulfils their dreams and satisfies their needs. Secondly, the perspective towards happiness
changes as age. For instance, the desire to have a baby enables people to full of passion in
their lives. This great happiness means the extension of family histories and honours
alongside with the social status, although upbringing of a child is time and energy
consuming. Lastly, the maturity gives people greater confidence in their lives. They are
not afraid of expressing their opinions when others disagreed.

In conclusion, both teenagers and adults have their hay days, but life is so unpredictable
that there is no guarantee that which period is much happier than others. But personally
speaking, I think adulthood is more appealing as people can dominate their lives more.

we are seeing a significant increase in online shopping today. What are the
advantages and disadvantages of this trend? Give your opinion and relevant
examples(revised version)

Submitted by jeffzhou on Tue, 06/24/2014 - 02:54

Since 1994, the information highway has been dominating most sectors of the
society, ranging from education to scientific research. Similarly, the rise of online
shopping appears to pose a greater impact on people's daily lives. However, this
development can cause both positive and negative influences, which would be
discussed in this essay.

On one hand, there are two advantages that related to this phenomenon. The first
point is that online shopping has increased people's living standards. As consumers
can save more time on browsing the products and make the comparison of items if
they make a purchase over the Internet. This is particularly true for modern
working families who are generally occupied with heavy work-load and house
chores, leaving little time for visiting shops. In addition to this, another advantage
is that online purchasing creates more job opportunities. For example, the website,
Amazon has offered thousands of positions in the fields of packaging, advertising
and manufacturing, due to its business expansion.

On the other hand, critics argue that e-commerce should be responsible for the
disappearance of traditional shops. Consumers can buy the same product on the
website with a much lower price than the retail price, which makes it less possible
for long-lived retail industry to survive from this unfair competition. Sociological
findings report that there are six book shops are closed every week in the UK, as
the result of the growing popularity of online stores, such as Ebay. Apart from that,
people need bear the consequences if they ordered products on the website. More
often the case, they will be having problems in exchanging or returning products if
there is a flaw on the goods, which may violate the consumers' rights.

In conclusion, from the bright side of this phenomenon, shoppers can enjoy
efficient purchasing services with this modern technology, while more jobs are
created in order to feed more families. However, I believe customers need to be
aware of their personal rights and governments should consider closely regarding
the falling of the traditional retail industry.

Advertising encourages people to buy in quantity rather to consider quality.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Submitted by jeffzhou on Thu, 06/19/2014 - 03:01

With the fierce competition, these days, most companies may not be able to
promote their products and increase their sales without marketing campaigns.
Therefore, it has been argued that advertising lure people to purchase impulsively
rather than focusing on the quality of the product. From my perspective, I am in
favour of this statement.

Firstly, there is a widely-accepted fact that advertising is recognized as the most

effective way to boost the sales of the company. This is particularly true in this
commercial world, where those fancy and well-designed advertisings are more
likely to attract customers attention so as to encourage them to purchase products.
For example, the Apple Company has successfully dominated the smart-phone
industry because of their advertising that showing on TV or other media.

Secondly, it is more important to remember that many purchases are not made
rationally. Our choices of products are mainly based on emotions and personal
preference, and advertisers are expert at manipulating these. Our concerns over our
appearance and social status are used by advertisers to sell products regardless of
the actual quality or our need.

Lastly, advertising does provide information regarding the product quality. Tough
regulation that imposed on the advertisement industry means exaggerated and
misleading information of the product will not exist. This is particularly true in the
food industry, where all food products are required to list the nutrition and expiry
date to ensure the health of consumers. In some cases, potential customers can
compare different products before they purchase, or provide feedback to the
advertiser to improve the quality.

In conclusion, the role of advertising is to sell the product effectively for the
companies rather than focusing on the quality of products. As consumers, people
should check the quality by themselves.

Nowadays, many families have both parents working. Some working parents
believe other family members like grandparents can take care of their
children, while others think childcare centers provide the best care. Discuss
both views and give your own opinion.

Submitted by vjtca28 on Tue, 10/06/2015 - 00:05

In todays world, many families have changed to become working parents. Modern
parents do not have so much time to raise their offspring anymore, thus parents
have to rely on other family members or relative to help take care of their kids
instead. However, some argue that it would be a better idea to bring kids to
childcare organizations. Both views will be discussed carefully.

To begin with, people who believe that family members such as grandparents can
be a great baby-minder for their kids than others assert for a couple reasons.
Firstly, as grandparents have passed parenting for their own kids before and also
have a lot of live experiences, they will have a better idea about childcare skills
and be able to look after little kids. Secondly, grandparents who are family
members are definitely appreciated to spend time and all effort to taking care of
their grandchildren than other childcare centers. Elder people will have a high
patience, know how to calm their youngsters when they cry and treat their
youngsters properly. Lastly, if also creates the sense of a happy family and family-
oriented as youths who are raised by grandparents will have a stronger relationship
with their elders than typical children.

On the other hand, others still argue that the childcare centers have many
advantages to youths in several aspects. First and foremost, in childcare
organizations, employees are professional in babysitter skills and are trained well
in this task so they would know how to cope with kids in various situations such as
unexpected accidents or unsafe circumstances. For example, if children fall and get
themselves injured, childcare staffs can rescue kids immediately as they already
learned the first-aid skills. Moreover, meeting other children in childcare places
encourages kids to develop appropriate socially behaviors in society. Kids who are
around with their peers also can boost the communication skills as well.

To conclude with my opinion, even though sending kids to childcare organizations

provide a chance to build communication skills and other benefits for them,
personally I still assert that grandparents will still take care of them the best from
their love and compassion.

Some believe elderly people should live in nursing homes, others think they
should live with the younger family members. Discuss both views and give
your opinion.
Submitted by Harish89 on Mon, 10/05/2015 - 01:52

Certain things are inevitable in life; apparently, growing old too. In the last part of
their life, people have to undergo several difficulties, right from financial struggle
to health issues. People who once lived dependently cannot resist depending on
family members or nursing homes during in their 70s. Even though few argue that
old people should live in nursing homes, I am convinced that, it is every family
members responsibility to be a care-giver to elderly people.

Admittedly, living in a nursing home in unavoidable circumstances has some

benefits. Firstly, nowadays, life has become busier than ever. To cater to ones
needs, he/she has to work round-the-clock, which eventually refrain them from
spending time with elderly family members. Secondly, nursing home for crippled
elders has essential facilities to render to their needs, whereas some people cannot
afford to have these facilities in houses. Finally, nursing care centers have their
own medical consultants to monitor people on a 24/7 basis, which keeps elderly
people safer than being at home

However, elderly people expect the utmost care and affection from their family
members. As per the statement, Blood is thicker than water, peoples instinct is
to live in groups, especially with their family members. There should be a care-
giver from a family for elderly people to give unconditional care, since after all
everyone eventually will have to pass through old age sooner than later. Further,
elderly people love to live with their grandchildren; similarly, children learn their
conscience from their grandparents.

To conclude, in my view point, I totally support senior citizens living with their
younger family members. On the other hand, during unavoidable circumstances,
staying at a nursing home is also safer.

Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding
change. Others, however, think that change is always a good thing. Discuss
both these views and give your own opinion.
Submitted by manikn10 on Fri, 10/02/2015 - 02:32

'Change' is the only thing that does not change, everything else changes with
respect to time. In due course, some people adapt and enjoy doing the same things
they normally do without looking for a change. On the contrary, some people think
exercising a variety of options at their disposal is always necessary in this
contemporary world. In this essay, both these points of view will be discussed and i
will opine my perspective.

At the outset, on one side, it is seen that some people have made up their minds to
spend their lives like robots. Firstly, they tend to work in the same organization for
the rest of their lives till retirement and so their boundary of exploration is very
narrow. Secondly, these kind of people tend to spend their weekends in the very
same way like meeting the same people, going to the same pub for drinks, touring
the same place again and again to name but a few. Because of their static way of
living, they miss out a lot on excitement and miss many wonderful opportunities to
explore new things that they might never come again in their lives.

Nevertheless, in striking contrast to the above view, some people think that life is
short and it must be explored completely. Going by this motto, at first, they often
prepare to change their employers and their environment not only for salary
increment but also for relieving stress and exploring the new things they encounter.
In addition, they engage in different kinds of recreational activities and travel to
new places. To be specific, they enjoy meeting and making new friends. Therefore,
these people who consider change as a good aspect, learn and become better

To recapitulate, after analyzing both the views, in my opinion, opting for changes
regularly would teach lessons and benefit us to a great extent whereas doing the
same thing over and over again would make us bored and our thinking would
become redundant. Hence 'change' is always a good thing to opt for.

Museums are often thought to be boring, and many people perceive visiting
them a waste of time. What do you think is the importance of museums, and
how can they be made intersting?
Submitted by pratik_dkr1 on Mon, 11/23/2015 - 13:10

In recent years, museums do not have real meaning in human life and people
always take them for granted. However, they represent our history and culture and
because of that thay are equally important. Museums play crucial role to preserve
our traditions and rich heritage.

Even though museums have veriety of collections like clothes, coins, souvenirs and
ancient weapons which are invaluable in today's world, children and youngsters do
not have real interest to explore them. Instead of spending quality time in the
museum, they prefer to watch movie in the multiplex or to enjoy shopping at
shopping mall. Moreover, parents are equally responsible for this trend as they
raise them in such an environment that youngsters always avoid to visit such
places. Further, authorities also failed to take necessary measurements to spread
real meaning of museum among the public. For instance, in India, we can find
shopping centers and multiplexes crowded, while musuems only have limited
attendance everyday.

To overcome this hurdle, government should implement proper methodology using

which we can present true value of these places. We should follow developed
nations and allocate special department for national museums. Besides, instead of
representing valuable things in old fashion, we should use latest technologies like
audio, video and creative arts to make the experience fascinating. Governments
should appoint NGOs to organize exhibitions and monitor publicity campaigns, so
that we can reach to more people and teach them essential lessons.

In conclusion, musuems are equally important as schools and universities. So by

including latest interective methods we can makeover their image and make such
places informative, enjoyable and memorable.

There are social, medical and technical problems associated with the use of
mobile phones. What forms do they take? Do you agree that the problems
outweigh benefits of mobile phone?
Submitted by pratik_dkr1 on Wed, 11/04/2015 - 13:28

Even though mobile phone is revolutionary invention of 21st century, it has also
created social, medical, and technical problems as well. I strongly believe that
extensive use of this gadget made our life more problematic than comfortable.

Firstly, constant use of mobile phone results into unavoidable social problems. Cell
phone can help us to make virtual friends through social networking; however it
can also gradually cut down real contacts. Many youngsters spend their valuable
time on Mobile Internet for surfing unnecessary contains which may sometimes
misguide them from their ambition. Such practices can sometime transform into
addiction and can change their attitude towards the life. Further, privacy is also
major concern among the users. For example, in India, core motive behind brutal
crimes is unnecessary exposure of mobile phone to young generation.

Secondly, scientific research concluded that radiation emitted from cell phone and
mobile towers increase chances of cancer and other life threatening diseases.
Obesity, headache and lack of concentration are most common problems of phone
users because mobile signals create adverse effect on human body. Moreover, it
can be dangerous if we use it while driving or walking on the roads and can have
greater risk of getting into accident. For instance, even though we have strict rule
not to use mobile phone while driving, most people neglect it and then face serious

Thirdly, mobile phone is virtual bomb which we carry with us everywhere. It is

explosive if exposed to fuel, water or other radioactive material. Besides, it can
also damage valuable belongings too. Extreme use of phone has made life of
mobile companies tough because they are not able to meet huge demand of calls.
As a result, people are facing call drop, connectivity issues and quality problems.
Further, government has been forced to capitalize the increasing demand by
expanding mobile frequency band at the cost of other important spectrum.

In a nutshell, as per my opinion, if we closely evaluate present scenario then

mobile phone has created many consequences than resolutions.

Air traffic is increasingly leading to more noise, pollution, and airport

construction. One reason for this is the growth in low-cost passenger flights,
often to holiday destinations. Some people say that government should try to
reduce air traffic by taxing it more heavily. Do you agree or disagree?
Submitted by TSEB on Wed, 11/04/2015 - 00:01

In recent time, aviation sector is becoming more and more popular. More and more
people nowadays are using air travel in almost all of fields. As a result, there are so
many cutthroat competitions in this sector trying to attract a wider customer, this
causes rise in noise, pollution and air construction. I, however, believe that the
ideology of taxing flights enormously to reduce air traffic is not a deficient policy.

On one side, in education, air travel is primary transportation for international

students continuing further degree in other far countries. Perhaps, due to the air
travel becoming expensive, they will refrain from studying abroad, though many
scholarships in the world providing to cover all their accommodation, not few
international students financing their own study. Thus, the need for air travel is
pivotal in education, particularly for studying abroad.

Moreover, in rural areas, sometimes flights are main necessaries, where all kinds of
transports are not able to reach those regions, to exemplify, in Indonesia, an
archipelago country consisting of thousands of islands, people will find it difficult
to give and transact the basic needs one another. Also, when natural disasters are
afflicting those areas, it is not easy to evacuate the people to evacuation places.
Therefore, most people use planes for some important reasons, such as, evacuation,
transaction and even health reason.

In a nutshell, taxing flights is not the best way to reduce noise, pollution and air
construction. The government should prepare other solutions of the problems, such
as, to reduce airports outskirts of cities so that the impact to local residents is low,
to reduce the use of private transports in order to minimize noise and pollution.

Many people in the under developed world die from diseases that are curable
because they cant afford the medications to treat themselves. Do you believe
that drug companies in the developed world be obliged to make their products
available at reduced prices in these undeveloped countries so that people do
not die unnecessarily.

Submitted by krrish2 on Mon, 11/02/2015 - 14:20

It is undeniable fact that, as much the science and technology grows dramatically,
the deleterious health issues are in the upward trends as well, which leads to many
death. The other fact is, most of those diseases and disorders are curable and it is
not affordable for buying for Third world people. There is an argument that
whether the pharmaceutical industries should reduce the price or remain same.
However, I strongly opine that more than looking into profits drug companies
should act on the sake of humanity.

First and foremost, enormous people die in the underdeveloped nations for just
they could not afford for the medicines. Moreover, the governments are responsible
for this treatable cause were they show less interest. For instance, in some part of
South Africa many people dead due to the dangerous disease called Ebola just
because they could not afford for the medications.

In addition to that, poor people from developing countries seek government

hospitals for treatment where even the basic antibiotics are not available. For
example, in Indian government hospitals it is impossible to get high graded
antibiotics and it leads many people to complications.

To site another example, now a days many people die due to cancer, then how
could cricketer Yuvaraj Singh survive from it? Who had diagnosed as brain tumour.
Undoubtedly it shows that money matters in treatment. Thus, drug companies
should take initiatives in bringing medicines reasonably.

To conclude, it is the fundamental right to the citizens to get all medical aid and
drug companies should have mercy to make medicines to reach the needed people

Women will play an increasingly important role in the workplace of the future. To
what extent do you agree with the above?
Submitted by pratik_dkr1 on Mon, 11/02/2015 - 13:04

Many people believe that women will perform critical role in the future in working
life. Up to certain extent I agree with the above statement because in todays world
of women empowerment, women have better exposure to technology and other

To begin with, some people argue that even though women have technology at
their hands, they do not have body structure or physical stamina to compete against
men. Besides, they lack visibility and do not have ambition in their career. Ergo,
they overly depend on their counterpart and spend their entire life as slave instead
of leader.

On the other hand, women have exceptional quality to work under pressure. They
are not only trained to handle multiple jobs but also have ability to cross the
deadline before the time. Many women today play pivot role to avail financial
assistance to their families. Further, they always create strong impression through
their work and mostly stick with their employer throughout their career to provide
long term visibility to the company. For example, currently many women are
leading their respective nations as a elected leader or serving as a president or CEO
of the top level organizations.

Moreover, women always have extraordinary creative minds and often think
beyond convectional methodology. Such curiosity and dedication towards their
duties help them to create strong image among colleagues. Besides, sectors like
Bio-technology and Information Technology have strong presence of them. Apart
from that, there are many women who achieved higher growth and position than
men in the same interval of time. For instance, in India almost 35% staffs on Indian
Foreign Service are women, which show their strong commitment towards their

In a nutshell, women have greater role to shape the current century and excluding
some poor countries, they already have started to work in this direction.
Women will play an increasingly important
role in the workplace of the future. To what
extent do you agree with the above?
Submitted by manikn10 on Sun, 11/01/2015 - 14:03

The rapid pace of economic development has increased the demand for educated
female labor force almost in all fields. Women are increasingly and, gradually seen
marching into domains, which were previously reserved for males. Therefore, from
my perspective, I opine that future industries would have more positive influence
of women.

The position and status of women across the world have risen incredibly since the
20th century. They have demanded equality with men in terms of education,
employment, inheritance,marriage and politics. To exemplify, two empowered
women, namely M/s. Jayalalitha and M/s. Mayawati became the chief ministers of
their respective state, overcoming all the males who ...
Children do not respect their parents as much as they did in the past. This
behaviour is now having a negative impact on society. Discuss

Submitted by Anu_31 on Fri, 10/30/2015 - 11:02

With the increase in mordernisation of our society and exposure of kids to

technology and internet, many parents have been complaining about change in
behavior of children toward's them. The moment kids start going to colleges or
even jr. colleges, they expect full freedom from their families and want to live life
on their own terms. This results in children disobeying their parents and thinking of
them as their enemies.

The question here arises, why does this happen? The parents obviously want their
children to be self dependent and confident and they are ready to give their kids
whatever they want. However, youngsters specially teenagers do not like
interference in any matter from their parents. When kids watch TV shows or
movies where teenagers are shown having independent lifestyles and are portrayed
as heroes and heroines, they see them as their idols and want to mimic them. And
when they face any objection from their parents, they see this as a way of blocking
their freedom. Thus they start disrespecting and neglecting their parents.

Such behaviour from kids is actually creating differences within families and is
dangerous to society. Teenage is a period where an individual feel's that he/she has
already grown up and is ready to take on the world.In such situations, sometimes
the person take's a wrong step and that brings harm not only to oneself but to
family as well. At times just out of curiosity or to prove a point, youngsters indulge
in activities like drug abuse and sexual crimes. Today we see a number of such
crimes being executed by youngsters.

It is very important to understand the psychology of teenagers and it's the

responsibility of parents to keep a check on what their kids are being exposed to.
Many psychologists have suggested that it's best to be a friend to your children
rather than being a parent then they are in teenage. Providing advise and
suggestions in a friendly manner goes a long way in making them understand the
good and bad. Children can also be encouraged from a very young age to read the
biographies of great people so that it has a positive influence from their stories.

Last but not the least, elders should try to set an example for their young one's by
showing them how to respect and love parents. As it is rightly said, as you bow, so
shall you reap.
Few people devote time to hobbies nowadays. Say why you think this is the
case and what effect this has on the individual and society in general.

Submitted by Anu_31 on Fri, 10/30/2015 - 10:13

In today's world we spend most of our time as adults either on work or on

household activities. We hardly spend any time on our hobbies due to our busy

Hobbies are essentially activities that gives us peace of mind, motivation and
stimulate's our creative side. Hobby could be anything from playing a sport or
cooking or any art work like painting, craft work, dancing or even as simple as
listening music or reading. Doing an activity that take's you away from your stress
is a hobby.

There are a number of reasons for people not giving enough time to such activities.
One of the main reason is busy and hectic schedule for most of the working people.
Not just working people even students today do not take up hobbies either due to
study load or sometimes the way they are being brought up. Kids today spend more
time in front of their laptops, ipads, smartphones or TV's. To a certain extent
parents are also responsible for kids not taking interest in extracurricular activities.
All parents want their kids to score more marks in exams rather than getting a
medal or certificate in other activities like sports or cultural activities. As a result,
children spend more time in tution classes than on playground.

Another important reason is that we are so busy and stressed in our day-to-day life
and chores that whatever free time we get, we just want to sit and relax. Also, with
rising cost sometimes it is difficult to enroll or engage ourselves in hobby classes.

As discussed earlier, hobbies help us destress and relax. This inturn help's in
having a healthy mind. A healthy mind is a source of positive thinking and creative
thoughts. When people do not indulge in extra activities, their creativity takes a
backseat and life become's dull and mundane. Certain hobbies like playing sports
makes us physically fit. People today are less fit and creative. When people do not
go out, the networking and connection among the humans also get affected.

Thus, after slicing and dicing the topic I have come to a conclusion that it is very
important to pursue a hobby as it not only help's an individual, but also help's
people connect with each other which would benefit society as whole.
Should long-term job-seekers in receipt of government benefits be made to do
voluntary work so that they give something back to the community?

Submitted by Anu_31 on Wed, 10/28/2015 - 13:48

A number of countries provide special benefits to the people who are jobless or
have lost their jobs due to some reason. I believe it is a good practice and this
actually helps provide in their tough times.

However, their is also a flip side to it. Some individuals take advantage of such
policies and take these benefits for granted. To overcome this, job-seekers should
be made to do some kind of community service so as to give something back to
society and inturn to the government and country.

Doing community work will not only help in improving the condition of
underprivileged but will also help the person himself. People would grow in
confidence when they see themselves working. It also imparts a sense of
responsibility and achievement.

Doing community service will also help people in better networking with
individuals from different walks of life. This will enhance their chances of re-
starting their careers and getting new job.

When doing voluntary work such as teaching to children in remote villages, a

person directly contributes to the betterment of society and lives of children who
are deprived of basic education.

I would like to cite example of one of my neighbour Mr. Sharma. Mr.Sharma lost
his job as a marketing executive in an MNC during economic crisis. He was given
special benefits from the state government. He however started teaching in a
school in nearby village. While doing so, he realised that though he was working as
a marketing executive, his true passion was teaching. Slowly he started his own
coaching institute and today his is one of the biggest names in education sector in
the city. He also has special batches for children from weaker section where they
are given free education.

Thus, in my opinion job seekers when made to do voluntary work, will be able to
help not just the society, but might also create new avenues for themselves.
some people think personal happiness is directly related to economic success,
while others believe this depends on other factors. Discuss both sides and give
your own opinion.

Submitted by lzhong47s on Wed, 11/25/2015 - 04:58

There is a heated debate as to whether individuals happiness relies on how affluent

they are. Some people think the more money one person has, the happier he or she
is, while others disagree. In my opinion, happiness is indeed relative to the
economic success before the economic success reaches a certain level.

People who think the economic success is directly related believe that wealth
brings both the physical and mental satisfaction which increases the degree of
well-being. Without enough money, people even have to worry about how to
ensure their basic needs, let alone enjoying life. However, if people have excessive
money, they can use that part to do whatever they are interested in to improve the
sense of happiness. The economic success endows individuals with ability to
follow their true hearts which may not be easily influenced by the tough life. For
example, it is fairly common that some families in the rural area in China have to
deprive the educational right of one of the children because they need labours to
earn more income and also cut the cost to support the family. This behaviour
makes that child feels unhappy due to the unfairness.

Nevertheless, the opponents consider that the personal happiness depends on

factors other than economy. They do not believe the sense of well-being will keep
on increasing as the personal revenue is rising. The rich can be extremely unhappy,
for example, in order to protect their wealth, the affluent may be overcautious and
suspicious of others and hence feel lonely with an assumption that no one is
sincere. In this case, money cannot fundamentally provide them happiness.

As for me, before reaching to a fixed level, the economic success is able to lead to
happiness because an individual not only can support his or her basic life, but also
has opportunities to live a happy life. Once beyond that level, only other factors
such as the harmonious interpersonal relationship and the satisfaction obtained
from helping others can increase the personal happiness.
Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and
replace them with modern buildings?

Submitted by lzhong47s on Thu, 11/26/2015 - 20:19

There is an increasing number of people who consider that we should build modern
buildings instead of retaining the older ones because of the modern society as well
as the overpopulation, while the others do not agree. In my opinion, preserving
historic buildings is significant and necessary.

Some people who support retaining traditional buildings consider that the historic
buildings witnessed the changes of our nation, and are the evidence of our history.
For educational purposes, we should not only let our future generations learn the
history from books or teachers, but also make them gain knowledge from the
practical activities such as visiting historic buildings to see the vivid images of our
history. What we obtain from our history are the unique treasures for our offspring.
Furthermore, historic buildings were built and left by our ancestors, containing
their wisdom and hard work. It is really a pity that those buildings could pass the
tests of time and nature but to be eventually demolished by human beings. In
addition, we can memorialise our ancestors forever by keeping those old buildings.

It is undeniable that historic buildings prevent us from solving the housing

shortage problem and cannot satisfy the trend of overpopulation in cities.
Moreover, the old buildings cannot match up well with the modern stylish
buildings, which may influence a citys aesthetic features. However, these
problems can be addressed by other methods such as improving the countrysides
living conditions, building modern buildings in certain areas instead of situating
around the old among other solutions. Demolishing historic buildings does not
have long-term benefits overall.

In conclusion, benefits brought by the old, historic buildings override the

drawbacks resulting from them. Therefore, I support the preservation of such
Reducing global environmental damage should be handled by governments
rather than individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give
reasons for your answer and provide relevant examples from your own

Submitted by Harish89 on Tue, 09/29/2015 - 02:27

Our environment has been exposed to serious damages in this decade, thanks to
industrial revolution. Although, several measures have been taken to minimize the
detrimental effects, it is well beyond the repair now. Despite the fact that
government have enormous leverage to control and limit the damage, I am
convinced that each individual has responsibility to preserve our nature.

To begin with, let us examine the governments interventions in preserving the

environment. Already many measures and rules like pollution check in vehicles
and securing natural resources are imposed by the government in effective manner.
Further, government made rain water harvesting as mandatory in every house.
Finally, government also prosecutes individuals and organizations involving in
natural resources trafficking. Despite imposing several protocols, it is unfortunate
that depletion of our natural resources is inevitable.

However, I strongly believe individuals can make difference by following certain

principles as mentioned further. Reduce, reuse and recycle is the first and foremost
concept which will help preserving our planet. Firstly, if an individual reduces the
consumption of non- renewable resources, it will certainly benefit our environment
as well as, our expenses. Secondly, avoiding plastic carry bags, a non-degradable
waste, will reduce burden of our mother nature. For instance, I have personally
witnessed a person who has planted more than 300 trees. This savior act by an
individual inspires one and all.

To conclude, in my opinion, government alone cannot make difference in saving

our nature. Nevertheless; it is individuals duty to reduce the adverse effect and
leave our planet unpolluted to the future generation
As mass communication and transport continue to grow, societies are
becoming more and more alike leading to a phenomenon known as
globalisation. Some people fear that globalisation will inevitably lead to the
total loss of cultural identity. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this

Submitted by krrish2 on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 08:24

Emergence of technological advances in communication and transportation sectors

has posed a huge threat to disappearance of cultural identities and values in the
form of globalization. It is anticipated that if this threat continues to a further
certain extent, then the destruction of cultural ethics is inevitable. From my
perspective, I totally agree that mass communication and transport have enabled
communities to move away from their precious cultures.

At the outset, one of the major cultural practices that is on the verge of extinction is
intake of traditional healthy food. It is evident that people prefer multinational fast
food chains for their day-to-day eating habits. As a result of this habit, there has
been a detrimental health impacts such as obesity, cancer, and cholesterol to name
but a few. Concurrently, these fast food chains have been replaced with traditional
cuisines, hence, this traditional foods which are tied with cultural identity are
disappearing. Consequently, cultural identity has been increasingly destroyed.

Moreover, another significant aspect to preserve the cultural identity is language.

As more number of people access various types of media and commute in
internationally owned transportation system, they adapt and follow English
widely in their life. This usage of international link language influences them in all
forms right from the education to the workplace. Owing to this, they have a very
less chance of usage of their mother tongue. Therefore, it is predicted that our
posterity would not have the traces of their own language, which is a huge loss of
cultural identity.

To recapitulate, increase of globalization is directly proportional to decrease of

cultural values. Hence, effect of globalization would have a substantial negative
impact on our cultural identities.
Films can tell us a lot about the country where they were made. What have
you learned about a country from watching its movies? Use specific examples
and details to support your response.

Submitted by krrish2 on Fri, 09/25/2015 - 13:22

Film industry acts as a medium to convey the information about a specific region
to the world. Indeed, international awards are mostly given to movies which reflect
local culture where they are produced. Therefore, movies and nations are closely
bonded to each other. In this essay, I would like to discuss the aspects that connect
these two and my experience about a country through the celluloid medium.

Admittedly, there are certain aspects in the movies that truly portray the context of
the nations. Firstly, the roles that are assigned and conversations amongst them
reveal the local dialects and how their emotions reflect a particular cause.
Secondly, the storyline of the film is sequenced in order to bring out local issues
that the country face. To be specific, in some circumstances, these sort of movies
have a wider crimes, local war and genocides that happen in a country. Thirdly, a
nations natural sceneries and tourist attractions displayed in films pave the way for
more tourists to visit there. Thus, their tourism industry has a better chance to grow

From my experience, since I regularly watch Chinese movies, it enabled me to

come to know several positive aspects that China has. To illustrate this, most of the
movies made in China have fight sequences, for instance, Kung Fu which is an
ancient martial art. This specific art has motivated me to explore more about that.
Moreover, I have learned the traditional gestures to greet a person in China from
those movies. Besides, I also had an opportunity to know about very old Chinese
culture, civilisation and identity. Thus, a bunch of information about China has
been revealed from their films.

To recapitulate, movies have a stronger power to make a huge impact on others by

sending powerful messages and notions to the world. Hence, evidently, it is
recommended that watching a nations authentic movies would help us obtain a lot
of information about that country.
People succeed because of their hard work,but some say it is something else
that is significant for success. How far do you agree with this statement? Give
some reasons from your personal knowledge or experience to support your

Submitted by Harish89 on Wed, 09/23/2015 - 01:53

Every individual thrives to succeed in life, but success do not come over night.
Several different decisive factors involve in one's victory. One of the notable
factors to attain one's goal is hard work. There is also a common saying "Hard
work is the key to success". Some would argue that there are other skills which
equally contributes in becoming a champion. However, I agree it to a certain extent

Firstly, let us examine the importance of hard work. On any given day, a well
prepared and confident student will out score a unprepared brightest student.
Further, hard working people do deep learning, whereas talented people sometimes
do shallow learning because of over confidence. Likewise, hard workers will not
reach plateau and always have a progress towards their goal. Secondly, one cannot
suppress the person who has put so much effort towards his/her job because hard
work is tangible

In contrast to the above stated points, in this competitive world, hard work alone is
not sufficient to reach a destination. First of all, a person with good communication
skills have an edge over other people. Further, in my personal experience, I have
seen favoritism playing a vital role in organizations irrespective of a person's
ability or talent which is the bitter truth. Another key thing to remember is inborn-
talent, when combined with hard work leads to inevitable success

To conclude, once there was a period when hard work was more than enough for
victory, but in this contemporary world one cannot sustain and reach his/her goal
with hard work alone.