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1 Jesse Kehoe

535 E. Yanonali
2 Santa Barbra, Ca, 93103
Phone Number (405)403 9402


For the Segment of the Law Suit of Pete Garcia and Sam Jackson


) Case No.: 56-2017-00493737-CU-PT-VTA
12 )
) For the Segment of the Law Suit of Pete Garcia and
13 )
Plaintiff, Sam Jackson (e.g., Court Room 41 8:30 Order To
) Appear 2231818)
14 )
15 )
16 )
House- Housing and Health Department
Pg. 2
19 I Sent Pete the Superior Court of California County of Ventura Civil Department Phone Number.
I Sent Pete a PDF File of his Civil Potion and Motion Court Order to Appear in Court I Filed in
Ventura County where he had Lived .
21 I Sent the PDF File again Titled Jesse Kehoe vs. Pete Garcia Ventura Order to Appear Civil Court
Every Post Date and Time is my Personal One Note Log.
I Will now read Each Comment and then Make Points of Concern to address to the
Apprehending Officers of Authoritys of the Persons to be arrested.
25 So Pete Knows he has a Court Case with a Case number as Odes Sam for the Murder and Rape
of Lisa Anna Valero. I make sure to tell Pete to Call the Court House if he Wants but one thing he
26 will understand is that he will have to miss work on the day of his court date to appear in court
27 before I and the Judge Period regardless if he wants to say hes read the Continence of the Criminal
Petition and Motion Court Order to Appear in Court with a Reservation number.
For the Segment of the Law Suit of Pete Garcia and Sam Jackson (e.g., Jesse Kehoe vs.
Ventura Court House- Housing and Health Department)
1 Pg. 3
I Tell Pete that the Sheriffs Court Services are also delivering him his Court Peppers and he will
2 have to Appear in Court or be arrested. I tell Pete that This Filing of me against him for Murder and
Rape of Lisa Anna is Final and his time is running out and though so do he will have to Appear in
Court and not put things off.
4 I Tell Pete things can only be Easy on him if he gives me a yes and No Answer if he has livened in
Oregon or Ben in Oregon or the Small town of Cave Junction. I ask him Will He Snitch on Sam the
Person that manipulated him into Murdering and Raping Lisa Anna Valero with Him.
6 Pg. 4
Pete Says I Jesse Kehoe is accusing him of Rape and Murder of a Person.
7 Pete Garcia says in 1990 Right and says Right to Clarify the Year as `1990 that a Person as raped
and Murdered and doesnt mention the name written all over the Criminal Petition and Motion as
Lisa Anna Valero.
9 Pete says that he was five then without saying the words only five then. However Pete Garcia
was not five then he was 6-7 Years of age and he Pete Garcia says Then Linking his Awareness to
then as 1990 and the Place of where Lisa Anna Valero was Murdered and of which he comments to
11 make comments to me about from this point on via facebook emails in as shown here and
furthermore in this illustration of the course of conversation 0f me and Pete Garcia.
Pete says he was in Hawaii then speaking of 1990 yet Pete had never Been in Hawaii neither
13 any of his Family that lives in Santa Paula that only Consist of his Two Uncles I have Meet and a
Aunt and a Female Cusion and some younger Cusions not of the need of Family declaration of
14 him never have been in Hawaii.
15 As Im Typing this Out rather than the 2nd Layer of Clarifying just what Pete is saying by emails
he sent me when I emailed him his Case Number and Court Date order to Appear. Hawaii is a flash
16 word for me it means he was up on top of a girl he was raping and then stabbed her to death with
his crime partner rather than smothered her in a pillion and left blood stained on sofas and sheets
or blankets and possibly in a back bathroom or kitchen sink with a towel or dish towel or rages left
18 behind with blood stains even that rags make it un appealing and makes people go dry from the
investigation of their mediate arrest.
Pete says the Problem of his life accrued when he was 6-7 Years of age and not age five when
20 he was 6-7 years of age when he Murdered and raped Lisa Anna Valero with Sam Jackson and began
living about his age of the time period of 1990 as him now having a fake ID that says he was five in
21 1990 and born in 1986 and that he is 29 years of age today and that because of this Pete Garcia
22 thinks that he can attempted to try not to make it to court without being arrested because of him
possessing a fake ID of which he can be arrested at any time for just as for the murder and rape of
23 Lisa Ana Valero as well as Sam Jackson who also has a fake id.
Pete Garcia says for me to get my facts right or that it may be hard for someone to arrest him at
this point of him having his fake id that he is 29 today and was five in 1990 rather then 6-7 and that
25 he was born in 1986that is much like 187 that I mention with this third layer of illustrating Pete
Garcias Charges with also possessing a fake ID as is the Sam with Sam. Both of which I have been
serving at address I have on file for them with alarming factors of them evading dodging and hiding
27 from the Ventura County Filed Charges against them that Ive declared to Pete via facebook email

For the Segment of the Law Suit of Pete Garcia and Sam Jackson (e.g., Jesse Kehoe vs.
Ventura Court House- Housing and Health Department)
1 and that Pete has responded to though Sam Jackson has not reposed. For this Reason I Called and
open a CPS Warrant on Sam.
2 Pg. 5

I Show Pete Garcia that the Peppers I Field Against him is real and has a Ventura County Court
Seal Stamp of Authenticity.
4 I Show Pete Garcia Five Quick Web Cam Snap Shots of the Pappas field against him.
Pete Garcia says I Jesse Kehoe dont scare him.
I Tell Pete I ant Playing with him Read for him Self what is declared of my Aggressiveness of
6 showing him the Papers are filed and Final and with 4 more Web Cam Snap Shot Pictures I taken on
the spot to keep him talking to me and he has a Court Date and Court Room and Case Number and
Order to Appear on Court Date to make or be arrested regales if he calls to see if what Im showing
8 him can be disputed by him or if he Pete Garcia can make things more easy for him by Lying to me
Jesse Kehoe the Controlling Officer and Profiler and Homicide Detective of murders made by Cereal
9 Murders and Murders that have acquired by Sex Predictors even though I investigate Sex Predators
10 as well with the elements of Murder. Is My Stance by this Illustration as a Third layer of my Filing
that I will crush any enemy of me Jesse Kehoe John Walsh.
11 I Tell Pete Garcia he is done he will have to Appear in Court on April 23rd or Be Arrested Period.
Pg 6
13 Pete Garcia makes the fatal mistake of telling me that he is not living in the State of
California. And that he is living out of State in another State.
14 So I Jesse Kehoe went out to trace him down in Bakersfield and found him to be working at
15 Cercal K on Stine Street as a Employee working on a Day and shift that Pete Garcia Doesnt work
told me and conferment that Pete Garcia works M-F 5:30 PM- 3:30 Am and by showing me his name
16 on his Employee Roster keep on as Clip Board.
Note If Pete isnt arrested by them before Pete Court I may file a Law Suit on Bakersfield County
as Well. It will be much Like My Law Suet I Just Field on the Ventura County Court House.
20 I tell Pete Garcia that he will have to make his Guilt anything other than himself not wanted to
be arrested for the murder and rape of Lisa Annan Valero plan and clear before the Judged when he
21 is to appear on his court date or be arrested by I Jesse Kehoe that will have then Judge sign a CI 121
22 From because Pete Garcia had already said he was five then and then to 1990.
Pete calls me a idiot but hes Speaking of how he felt when he made his life altering changing
23 event of Murdering Lisa Anna Valero that was raped and stabbed to death by him and Sam Jackson
in 1990 of which Pete Garcia has a fake ID saying he is 29 years of age and was Born in 1986 and was
five in 1990.
25 Pete Garcia says that wants to not appear to court because he has a fake ID.
At this Point thinking of him saying he was still in Hawaii and that I am able at this point with
just Pete Garcias Comments rather then this and Report Im Writing on Pete Garcias Facebook
27 Comments made to me while emailing him his Order to Appear Court Date.
For the Segment of the Law Suit of Pete Garcia and Sam Jackson (e.g., Jesse Kehoe vs.
Ventura Court House- Housing and Health Department)
1 This is where Pete Garcia barriers Himself and Admits and confesses that he Killed Lisa Anna
Valero regardless if he wants to use the word Murder Kill Rape or take a Person Breath from them
by taking their life and with the element of Sex and being forced into and upon by his own person
3 and personality and intellectual composing even as I not him as a Idiotic person I will never deal
with or allow to continue to live in my nation as a terrorist with this 3 rd layer Illustration of Pete
4 Garcia and I jessed Kehoe speaking about the Murder and Rape of Lisa and Valero.
5 Pete Garcia says Good Luck trying to Convene a Judge that a five year old murdered and raped a
girl though he says a person and when was 6-7 years of age when he murdered and raped Lisa Anna
6 Valero and he says good luck trying to convince a judge of his guild because h e has a fake ID that
says he is 29 years of age rather then 32-33 years of age and that he was born in 1986 rather than
1985 or 1984.
8 Speaking in a the 3rd Layer of Illustration so as to still Prompt Police to Ask Pete Garcia for His
Fake ID in Person from him before he goes to court so as to arrest him and thus charge and
integrate him also of the Murder and Rape of Lisa Anna Valero linked to his fake ID as would be the
10 seam for Sam soon afterwards who lives in Ventura.
Thus Pete Garcia says somebody rather than person or Girl and in some Random State not to
11 mention Oregon is not random when speaking in context with California and that there is only 3
12 states on the was rather then 13 on the east coast and is a factor or reason for him saying he was
living in Hawaii then because it would be hard for him to make others help aid and abed him as a
13 serial murder and rapist if he didnt at least arrange in his mind that him having a fake ID as 29 years
of age in 2017 regardless if his fake appears note that he served and reserved one particular lie for I
the Lead investigator of Lid Anna Valeros Murder and Rape when of him Pete Garcia having a fake
15 ID as that he was Born in Hawaii and was five then when he may have been in Santa Paula at the
age of five where his aunt and uncles that are still living were also born and that rather than
believing the Lie that his fake papers says he was born in Hawaii or lived there by school regards
17 that would consist of Kindergarten and preschool would be absent cause all one has to do is call
and check the A Santa Paula Birth of Certified Origin of Birth Records.
Pg. 7
Pet Garcia says that If he was 6-7 in 1990 and has a fake ID that says he is 29 years of age in
20 2017 rather than 32-33 and that because of his fake ID he doesnt want to be arrest for the Murder
and Rape of Lisa Ann Valero and that he was Born in 1986 and with his fake ID he has fake papers
21 that says he was five in 1990 the because of him Pete Garcia and his fake ID that says he is 29 years
22 of age today and was Five then in 19990 that good Luck trying to Convince a Judge because if he
Pete Was five then as he Pete has a Fake ID and was relay 6-7 then in 19990 then Sam Jackson who
23 also has a fake ID that says is 25 years of age today though Sam Jackson is 32-33 Years of age today
in 2017 and rather than having a fake ID to Pinch two years of 1984-1985 and from 1990 to be as
Pete Garcias that says he was born in 1990 he has a fake ID that says he was Born in 1989-1990 and
25 that he was One Years Old when Pete with his fake Id was 6-7 in 1990 with a fake ID that says he
was five in 1990 when Then in 1990 Lisa Anna Valero was Murdered and Pete Garcia and says he
was five then and that Im accusing him of rape and murder and good luck trying to convince a
27 judge of that a five year old though he was 6-7 years of age murdered and rapped Lisa Anna Valero
because Sam Jackson who I want him to snitch on would have been one years of age when he was
For the Segment of the Law Suit of Pete Garcia and Sam Jackson (e.g., Jesse Kehoe vs.
Ventura Court House- Housing and Health Department)
1 five and that Im a idiot t because he says if he was five and Sam one and they hadnt know each
other then but meet each other sometime after 1990 in Santa Paula then how could they a one year
old and a five year old that hadnt even meet have murdered and raped a girl in 1990 named Lisa
3 Anna Valero as both their Criminal Petitions and Motions of their Order to Appear Dates Declared in
their Murder Homicide reports of their Victim Lisa Anna Valero. Not to mention Garcia Means and
4 Amman Jacksons Step sisters is Lisa Anna Valero though Daughter of their Biological Father Wife
Diana that she had before she meet Mike Valero and before Mike Valero and left his first Wife
Cheryl Means. The mother of Jenifer Garcia and Amanda Jackson.
6 If a One Year Old by Fake ID and a Five year Old By Fake ID that were 6-7 In 1990 and said to be
Then in 1990 as Pete Garcia and Sam Jackson aka Jose Herrera to be 32-33 years of age today in
2017 then with the Arrest of Pete Garcia with a fake ID saying hes 29 and will be truing 30 soon so
8 will right away the Police will have to arrest Sam Jackson by his fake ID of him being 25 years of age
rather than Only 25 years of age and soon to be truing 26 years of age by Fake ID. Both can Be
9 Arrested by fake IDs and Lying to a Police Officer when approached by Police Officers asking about
10 their fake IDs and in doing so while serving them their court papers by the sheriffs corrupt services
or just by this Document I will post as a Public Statement to
11 thesamiethebullnpettiethebullpipe Facebook as already the Vary Final Will no Repeat this Profiling
Maker to have Pete Garcia and Sam Jackson arre4st sought for and for them to be arrested before
their court dates.
13 Rather than Sam Jackson having a fake ID saying he is The Sam age by fake ID or Older then
Pete Garcia he says is lesser in age and way lesser by Intier Five Years of age.
14 Pg. 8-19
At This Point ill just Allow the my Request for Pete Garcia and Sam Jackson to be Arrest4ed even before
15 their court dates be made by this Additional Report of the two I will have also available for the Judge on their
Court Dates after I Integrate both of them in court on their own court dates.







23 DATED: March 10, 2017

25 In Pro Per



For the Segment of the Law Suit of Pete Garcia and Sam Jackson (e.g., Jesse Kehoe vs.
Ventura Court House- Housing and Health Department)

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