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insurance for customers
SAP built for future growth

Innovative end-to-end SAP solutions built around you

Insurance is reshaping. New competitors, channel diversity,
partner-based business models, rising fraud and regulatory
pressures are changing the operating climate.
Successful insurers need agility to manage They are replacing antiquated legacy
dynamic markets, today and tomorrow. systems to pave the way for true
business transformation.
Change means new challenges in achieving
key business objectives too. Wider choice The agility to move swiftly and decisively
threatens customer loyalty. Disintermediation in ever-changing market conditions;
makes multi-channel servicing harder to The capability to build strong and lasting
achieve. Financial crime, corporate risk aversion, customer relationships when choice is
and consumer uncertainty are all major threats ever-increasing; The ability to identify and
to profitability targets. control fraud when financial transgressions
are on the increase...
Many insurers are planning for change with
Atos SAP for Insurance solutions. They are These are not soft aspirations. They are the
driving cost-effectiveness across the enterprise. foundations of a profitable and sustainable
They are engaging customers with innovation. business and your choice of platform will
make a critical contribution.

Your business technologists. Powering progress

Designed around your needs
The business platform on which you rely must deliver clinical
efficiency in core processes together with timely and connected
intelligence. If you are wasting time and resource on semi-automated
systems or on the manual compilation of intelligence, you are diverting
capability from where it can really make the business difference.
This is true across all insurance sectors: Insurance core applications Analytical insurance
Highly modular, you can adopt SAP for key These are key to intelligent and profitable
Life and pensions The longer we live, the insurance processes according to business business development and to all ongoing
longer the L&P relationship. As state provision priority and heritage status. All of these will programs of operational improvement.
wanes, personal pensions become the contribute directly to efficiency and (directly or
norm for all. How do you target, win and indirectly) to improved customer experience. Our SAP insurance analytics will also make
keep this business? an essential contribution to compliance and
Full automation in policy, claims management, regulatory reporting particularly important in
General insurance The pressure is on. and collections and disbursements for example: view of Solvency II.
Price comparison, disintermediation, growth
of the claims culture and increasingly Minimizes administrative overheads
sophisticated fraud all take their toll. How do Speeds consistent customer response
you create profit at acceptable cost?
Ensures clear and timely status information.
Commercial insurance and reinsurance As
the most conservative sector, it has the most to
gain. The continuing prevalence of some fairly
Customer communication channels
antiquated attitudes and processes, make this
a prime candidate for more agile approaches.

End-to-end for more efficient

process and optimized Voice IVR E-mail Fax Mobile Web Mail
customer experience
Flexible and efficient core insurance processes
and technology platforms are essential both Customer relationship management Enterprise
for business agility and for achieving the most Marketing Sales Service
cost-effective operating model. Reducing planning
time-to-market for new products and ensuring Customer information management Human resources
that quotations, policies and claims are handled
efficiently and faultlessly every time there are
key challenges. Insurance core applications
Policy management Incentive and commissions
Product process silos and legacy technology
Claims management Collections and disbursements
are major restrictions. Historically, most insurers
Cost control
have built their own core systems, but these Re-insurance Financial asset management
now struggle with the demands placed on
them especially when introducing new
products or scaling to meet growth. Deployed Insurance core applications General ledger
intelligently, SAP for Insurance is a strong Enterprise performance management
off-the-shelf alternative which reduces costs
and enhances business agility. Financial performance management Governance, risk and compliance Corporate services

Customer communication Integration infrastructure

channels and CRM
Information Information Business process Connectivity
Maximize customer choice and rationalize User interface discovery SOA
service delivery across all channels. One size and delivery management management management and integration
does not fit all. Some insurance companies
have made strategic decisions to operate
solely as digital service providers. Others
continue to rely strongly on agency and mail
services. Insurers want long-term relationships,
and SAP CRM delivers excellent cross-selling
mechanisms across all solutions.

2 Reshaping insurance for customers

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business case Your decision requires a Why Atos?
Your business support systems may be sound business case. Our insurance and SAP
non-core, but they must be integrated in consultants will work with you to build the Atos has been a solution and service provider
the operations. business case, analyzing the current status and to the insurance sector for over 30 years.
helping prioritize targets, and then suggest Innovation has been a constant thread, with a
Like any other organization, insurance companies meaningful pilots. special focus on business process outsourcing.
rely on a combination of core business and
non-core support functions. Their quality Implementation and deployment Our Our clients include Achmea, Allianz, APG,
is critical in ensuring that the company is integration teams will design and project Capita, Groupama, MAPFRE, Manulife and Willis.
equipped to sustain and succeed in business. manage every aspect of adoption from
application inter-dependency, handling critical You can select us for this SAP-intensive initiative
Integration infrastructure data-migration, through to education. Ensuring with confidence. To date, we have successfully
For the CIO and COO team, this is the engine that your day-to-day insurance business does concluded over 5,000 SAP implementations in
room. Atos will deliver an SAP-based Integration not miss a beat. more than 90 countries, including many in the
Infrastructure which: financial services sector.
Ongoing provision We will design the
Integrates all existing SAP investments commercial and delivery models according to We have scale too, with some 10,000 SAP
the clients character and conditions. If desired, specialists on our team, who have supported
Integrates all non-SAP applications on over 900,000 SAP end-users
established industry platforms. we can take complete responsibility for all
application and process management.
This skill has been recognized by SAP: Atos
This will ensure that new products and holds both SAP Global Services Partner and
processes can be rapidly and consistently Next steps SAP Global Hosting Partner status. Holding key
activated without the need for coding or Always lead with business the technology Global certifications such as SAP Application
manual intervention. follows through. If you would like to explore the Management Provider, SAP Service Provider,
value of adopting SAP as the platform for SAP Hosting Provider (with certified centers
Getting there your insurance business. in EMEA, Americas and APAC), SAP Cloud
Services Provider, and SAP Value-Added
Adopting SAP as your insurance platform is a
We suggest bringing insurance and SAP Reseller (VAR).
strategic decision. To reap the full benefit, it is
specialists from Atos and your own company
essential to look beyond the functional promise Our approach consistently reflects three
together for initial exploration. Asking how
and think: key themes:
this end-to-end platform can contribute
directly to better and more profitable
How you are going to get there? We are specialists and understand
customer relationships is always a great
What ongoing operating model will suit opening question. the insurance industry and the
you best? challenges it faces
Atos encourages small and measurable steps We take time to identify compelling
Atos mantra is design, build, operate - and pilots based on real business cases, with clearly benefits and put these at the heart of our
so it is with SAP for Insurance. If you decide to identified business metrics that frequently relationships in concrete business terms
adopt SAP as your insurance platform, and if feature early in our insurance engagements.
We are relationship focused and put
you decide to engage Atos to help you do it, skin in the game, sharing risk with
we will manage every step of the way. true accountability.

Our capabilities are industry-leading, but

ultimately what defines Atos is our people;
You dont just need an expert in SAP You how they work, their credentials and what
they stand for. This is what sets us apart in our
need an expert in insurance who is also an market as you will discover when you begin to

expert in SAP.
get to know us better.

Reshaping insurance for customers 3

About Atos
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