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Values First

Shianne Wills, Chesna Kern, Jace Moen,

and Destiny Stevenson
What Are Values?

Some values like freedom, democracy, and

individual liberty are plainly written. While
others like human rights, cooperation,
environmental awareness, security, and stability
are implied. The former values are the
foundation of our country.
Human Rights
Human rights is one of the
fundamental values the U.S
has. From enforcing strict
labor laws on companies
regarding children, adults,
even illegal immigrants. We
also provide the basics in
healthcare, education, and Child labor in America
persists even today, over 1/4
security. In our country it
of our produce is picked by
is illegal to own someone or child laborers
force them into work.Our More in our minds is
Country is not without its the labor happening in
every other part of
own flaws.
the world.

We believe that the

countries that we trade
with should uphold our
standards when it comes to
the way humans are

Promoting human rights helps promote international

stability and is therefore vital to global security.
Linking trade policy with other issues gives the US greater
leverage in dealing with concerns that will ultimately
affect the world community. International cooperation on
these existential issues will ensure a positive result.
l Awareness
We believe the U.S. trade
partners should have an
obligation to our world
and environment. To
continue in trade with the
U.S., neighboring countries
must put forth an effort
to maintain and protect
our local environments. A
mutual effort to maintain
our ecosystems is beneficial
to all. If being able to
trade with other countries
is the prize, everyone will
want to pay the cost.
Against Rebuttal
Tying Trade policy to Tying trade with international issues will
international issues provide incentive to other countries to fix
will weaken the US problems like human rights.
Concentrating on the Concentrating on other countries will bring
issues of other about a global change for good and the US will
countries will cause have to pay attention to our own issues to avoid
the United States to being left behind.
overlook our own
Only good can come from promoting strict
By promoting strict regulations that will protect our planet and
regulations, the US people everywhere, so if there is a little dislike
would burden is worth it.
developing countries,
fostering dislike.
Thank you, Thank
you, Thank you
very much...
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