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Book Review Introduction/General information about the book Title: Fale Author: Halsiin Runge Date first edition: AAAS nre (fantasy, humour, science-fiction, mystery, biography, non-fiction, ec: ; ‘Eoion Gnd man - Fiction. Ure acon e wens amuttid, Your dinsepiad Voy a0J30y amd Naat” paopse Describe the time and place of the story: Thad Woe sadlHad. isn Pyniacol , in Urs eonky amd, maddda, 1980'>. ‘Comment about the setting (examples: the setting makes story exciting, the setting has an important effect on main character, the setting is/is not exciting or new, the setting increased my knowledge of something): The ORIN hors mee QIN jin auch in Una very ACO od Om tp ona. onan. ; Ths veh Sie, an PAM Wirmrsal) Lived jin Fstskot Jn Ura JSZO' a, cmd. He Ros Na Me HANS imagined, Wan fer Une 2reuy of Hur vod. Main character aes okou, DQMOL AOABTWs , 20 Uae Wd 1 (maa Meaty” seonl 22 1 penain nonowren T ncesa am jumemiam ens Trowtd , midanamed “To” Describe this character: He Rod a. vido Powm amd. o- drsanie. roku Nex Ve Jo Leend, BEUNAUR , divonmy He loue The main character changes from _q Aneommy ‘9ema9an _ to by the end of the story. Other characters (2 minimum —6 max) Another character: Gummo Detals: Nossih’ a Qriend . Att Wis quite aralficln anh pala. Another character: dily Details: Rebs 's err Arrd DOD. "An Boer Seta at ene oe roy Ona er Oddickad. eo WAN ‘Another character: Roh, owt: ily? soya. and. Cnn. ond wah» aon ‘Another character: Racnand. ‘ ee oh Urs Bren Wo nally oxistad a Aad on datos ne tos om ct bu crite ond. Nrnomgist Att radar’ * SA. HE was sap, ord Sve Jn 0 PSE. Details: Another character: Details: Theme ‘What is the author trying to say in this story? What is his lesson in life? Is there a moral to this story? . = mt hy et Eni). thane 22 & metal in Uric becouse Wa abner Lo thor & Ming iia 3 Tate eatme dans doped", roa | fav amd Nandan inglead his [ur CLeT) ABUT oh Baral is a story about what ? (Courage? Working hard? Doing the right thing? Greed? Importance of friends? Jealousy? Love? Caring? Happiness? Sadness? etc) “Min is 0 aba epee, onde tur alco abou Woe Gaaeds : ue 4 Te book sed al feared fo tie er is story: Eating fade oh im on Usk fake Unis. Plot ‘The Action: Summary of what happens in the story (list up to 6 events that happened in the story - keep them in order): i : = Tan Juan 004 Quorn bis ora (WD Tekin, DORE, Wy spsmng nim ob a. © amas enon ied. a CORRS Ope Mao Vignes Ore Un AOS = Aptas Lising, doug om Yas pitts sits Vu. cond AGsdNond ond Gased 9 Vasm ain nto gual. Ceudsmna. Taxa tack 1d ee — Gomima. and. Tar mar dily amd Roo, taro dw tamagite in ant a as un Ally amd. Rolo Jin Wala qv What aid you think of he book? ec , i Gk moved mae . Te 40 aki goa Tad eta Hot Sy Gn T Ulke the Jupbionm amd. Urs. ulative itic. oe Hie Enya douieliy, Pea te atte RI ky a. var korg, uk A pono 40 ad. Me baud mde fase. eealen ocoune JE umd Unspingd. oy Nal Lark. Was the story predictable (could you guess what w: to happen?) Wo, oe Gea of tra Monn aa na poe we a Was the story believable? a ee, Ae Qouk, “fume” War conrnuerrial amd mapabively viscera. Hower , Hadsin Runapr wen Bu Cormugia Hadol avd. rads FF ar One of ds Lomorr amd namaneabis mod. 7