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Teaching Scheme Examination Scheme

Lectures: 3 hrs/week Tests-T1 -20 marks, T2 20 marks

End Sem. Exam 60 marks


To understand the basic working principles of stream, hydel, Diesel, as turbine power plant
and boilers
To understand the various ash and fuel handling equipments, equipments for burning the
fuel, mechanical strokers, draught, and condenser types
To understand the hydel power plant, selection of turbine, governing of turbines
To understand the concept diesel and gas turbine power plant, reheating regeneration an
inter-cooling in gas turbine power plant
To understand Nuclear, geothermal and other power plant ,also comparison of all power
To understand economics of various power plants.

Unit 1 [8 hrs]

Introduction to Power Plants & Boilers

Layout of Steam , Hydel , Diesel , MHD, Nuclear and Gas turbine Power Plants Combined Power
cycles comparison and selection , Load duration Curves, Steam boilers and cycles High
pressure and Super Critical Boilers Fluidised Bed Boilers.

Unit 2 [8 hrs]

Steam Power Plant

Fuel and ash handling ,Combustion Equipment for burning coal, Mechanical Stokers. Pulveriser,
Electrostatic Precipitator, Draught- Different Types, Surface condenser types, cooling Towers

Unit 3 [5 hrs]

Hydel Power Plants

Hydel Power plant- Essential elements, Selection of turbines, governing of Turbines- Micro hydel
Unit 4 [7 hrs]

Diesel and Gas Turbine Power Plant

Types of diesel plants, components , Selection of Engine type, applications-Gas turbine power
plant- Fuels- Gas turbine material open and closed cycles- reheating Regeneration and
inter-cooling combines cycle

Unit 5 [7 hrs]

Other Power Plants

Nuclear Energy-Fission, Fusion Reaction, Types of Reactors, Pressurized water reactor,Boiling

water reactor, Waste disposal and safety. Geo thermal- OTEC- tidel- Pumped storage Solar
central receiver system

Unit 6 [7 hrs]

Economics of Power Plants

Cost of electric Energy- Fixed and operating costs-Energy rates- Types tariffs- Economics of
load sharing, comparison of various power plants.

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2. Nag P.K ,Power Plant Engineering. Third edition Tata McGraw- Hill ,2007

Reference Books:

1. EI-Wakil M.M ,Power Plant Technology, Tata McGraw-Hill 1984

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