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Sem VI (Institutional Elective-I)

Teaching Scheme Examination Scheme

Lectures: 3 hrs/week Mid-Sem 30, Assignments/Quiz- 20
End Sem exam 50 marks.

To introduce students the field of Composite Materials used in various engineering

Unit 1 (06)
Composite materials in engineering, reinforcing materials: fibers, whiskers and
particles. Fiber materials for composites, Fibers of glass, boron, carbon, organic,
ceramic and metallic fibers, Matrix materials, Interfaces between matrix and fibers
and other dispersed phases.

Unit 2 (06)
Polymer matrix composites, Characteristics and applications, Fabrication of polymer
matrix composites, Metal matrix composites (MMC), Fabrication of MMCs by liquid
state, solid state methods, powder metallurgy route and in situ fabrication methods,
Discontinuous reinforcement of MMCs, Ceramic matrix composites, Fabrication
methods and applications.

Unit 3 (06)
Mechanical properties in composites, large particle composites and the rule of
mixtures for elastic constants, Mechanical properties of fiber reinforced composites,
Effect of fiber length, Critical fiber length, Strength of continuous and aligned fiber
composites, Discontinuous and aligned fiber composites, Toughening Mechanism,
Impact Resistance, Fatigue and Environmental Effects .

Unit 4 (06)
Structural Composites: Cement matrix composites, Steel Reinforced Concrete, Pre-
stressed concrete, Thermal Control, Vibration reduction. Polymer matrix
composites- vibration damping.

Unit 5 (06)
Composite materials for Electrical, Electromagnetic and Dielectric applications,
Microelectronics and Resistance heating, Electrical insulation, capacitors,
piezoelectric, ferroelectric functions, electromagnetic windows, solid electrolytes,
microwave switching.

Unit 6 (06)
Composite materials for optical and magnetic applications, optical waveguide,
optical filters and lasers, multilayer for magnetic applications.
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