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MANGAO, Maribert M.

Ocassional Paper #1

Ocasional Paper #2
BSSE English 4A1-1 Literature
Classical Literary Theory

Exploring the Realms of Literature

Literature can be perceived in all angles and degrees depending on the intent of
viewing the said discipline, the horizon it covers already widened because of the
function it plays in the world of academe, economic and entertainment. Literature
became widely appreciated due to the vital contributions it provides on the mentioned
arena above. Hence, the shallow and technical definition of literature as written works or
printed materials does not suffice to achieve the complete definition of what really
literature is.

If literature will only be regarded as the works of prominent writers and famous
authors, then, as time unfolds, the definition of literature will vary, because the writers
and the genre of their writings also change in different generations and era, due to the
external and internal factors that greatly affect the theme, plot, mood and the characters
in their writings. However, literature is not only limited and bounded by the works of
prominent writers in different eras, but literature itself expands its defintion as a
representation of ideas, culture, emotions, beliefs, philosophies which serves as a
medium towards understanding and appreciation. Literary means not only what is
written but what is voiced, what is expressed, what is invented, in whatever form (Kystal
A, 2014). The dimension of literature and the dimensions of different disciplines
intersect because every discipline is building up and voicing out its own identity in
different fields.

Different fields, like in the academe, owe its development and enhancement
because of enrichment and continous representation of knowledge, ideas and
experiences. The integration of literature in scholarly activities in the curriculum that
they offer to the students, also played a part in the improvement in the field of
education. Literature is used as an innovative technique of teaching (Awin,W. 2012)
Several researches showed that literature helps hone the language competence of the
students, the critical thinking, comprehension and values formation of the student. It is
not only in the field of academe, but also in the field of economics (society), because of
the existence of literature, transmission of ones culture into different places is possible,
they can witness, appreciate and understand the identity of other cultures and the
trademark it possess. For business purposes, literature also take its part, the influence
of such in the advertisement and the direct influence of famous literary pieces in
products and goods. In the field of entertainment, literature also emerged, the published
books and novels are becoming part of the film industries.

Therefore, literature is a representation of life that provides the path for

improvement, understanding and unity.


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