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A Reading workshop for bachelor level students builds valuable skills. Some of these skills
are the abilities to think critically, read the primary literature, write coherently, and come up
with directions for research. This project impulses student to increase the interest of a new
topic, develop a preliminary idea, and develop reading comprehension. This paper
describes how this activity can be incorporated into the extracurricular activities, using
some strategies to facilitate student success in their studies.


Successful students must be able to read any kind of reading, though most of them do not
have the capacity to understand in depth what they are reading and this leads not succeed in
their studies. Proposal Reading is important for students because develops basic skills such
as handling of orality, the taste for reading and critical thinking. Skills Development for
comprehension is a way for the provision of tools for academic, professional and social life
of students.
Reading Comprehension is the basis of the interpretation of a text, regardless of the
extension; applied when not only we are reading, but also, when we need to study and
incorporate new knowledge. We perform this exercise constantly and even automated in our
everyday life.
The explosion of new technologies has brought with it a cumulative amount of information
and I believe students learning is through reading accompanied by good strategies to
achieve their comprehension.
The proposal reading challenges students to delve into a topic that intrigues them. Because
of the individualistic nature of this assignment, most of the work involved takes place out
the class time.
The use of this assignment generates meaningful discussions about new topic reading in
class. I use this assignment as an addition to the contents covered in the class. Assisting
approximately 20 students and evaluating their increase skills and validate involvement
with literature.

The assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to have students read a book per month and obtain the
main topic, beginning from the primary literature. Students do not require carrying out or
being able to complete to read the book they propose, nor are they required be questioned
on the subject of reading. It is important that students identify the importance of the
reading, justify their idea, and utilize the primary literature.
Students are given with some books of their interest, as well as, articles, magazines or
reading they choose and I provide students with reading strategies for a good

Purpose of the assignment

The task of reading a book per month is formidable for students. In order to use this activity
as a meaningful learning experience. I segmented the reading process into a series of
assignments: topic idea, writing the topic, generate opinions. Each assignment have a
deadline with the whole process approximately six weeks of the semester. During the
project, I give feedback students if necessary.

Topic idea
Most students have read some formal or informal literature during their studies. However, I
do no assume that they understand how to utilize the literature to generate an idea. We
discuss different resources in class such research libraries, interlibrary loan. During one
class period each students finds examples of reviews, articles, commentaries or news
articles in different journals. We discuss the values of different resources and articles types.
I also talk about the process of searching for knowledge when particular subject requires it.
I tell them to discuss topics and ideas with everyone and to work with several ideas
simultaneously. It is usual for students to spend a lot of time investigating a topic only to
find that they have no idea. I have found that I can reduce their stress by giving them topics
with high interest and according of their needs.
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