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Day Monday

Date 27th February 2017

Syllabus English KSSR year 4
Focus Reading
Theme World of Knowledge
Topic Good Values
Content 2.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to
Standard demonstrate understanding of a variety of linear and non-linear texts in the
form of print and non-print materials using a range of strategies to construct
Learning 2.2.3 Able to read and demonstrate understanding of texts by:
Standard a. sequencing
b. predicting
(with guidance)
Objectives By the end of this lesson, pupils will be able to:
i. Read aloud a story with a correct pronunciation.
ii. Sequence the events that happened in the story entitled Shaun
the Sheep.
iii. State their prediction on what will happen in the next event of the
story entitled Shaun the Sheep.
Time 60 minutes
Teaching aids Big book entitled Shaun the Sheep, flash cards with events.
EMK/CCE Values, Creativity and Innovation
Activity Teaching and Learning Notes
SET INDUCTION brainstorming Suggested sentences/questions
1. Teacher greets the I. Good morning kids! How
pupils. are you today?
2. Teacher asks the II. Have you take your
pupils whether breakfast?
III. Do you have pets at home?
they have pets or
IV. Pupils may ask the teacher,
not at home.
what is pet?
3. Teacher asks the
Teacher answer: pet is the animal
pupils to discuss
that you keep at your home, such
with person next to
as cat.
him/her and think
V. Okay kids, work with
what the other
friends beside you, then list
pets is.
4. Teacher asks the out the pets as many as
pupils if they love you can.
VI. Do you love your pets?
their pets.
VII. Who would like to share
5. Teacher asks a
about their pets?
few pupils to share
VIII. There is common pets that
about their pets.
people keep in their home
6. Teacher explains
such as cat. There is also
the common pets.
7. Teacher says unusual pets that people
today we will read keep in home such as cow.
IX. Today, we will read a big
a big book.
book. Do you want to read
PRE-READING Skimming Suggested sentences/questions
8. Teacher shows the I. Can you read the title of
big book. this big book?
9. Teacher asks a II. What can you see on this
pupil to read the big books cover?
III. Can you tell me what is the
10. Teacher asks the characteristics of the sheep
pupil what they based on the picture
IV. Can any one of you come
can see on the
to the front and touch
cover of the big
Shauns wool?
V. From the cover, can you
11. Teacher asks the
guess the setting of this
pupils to describe
the characteristics
VI. Why Shaun looks sad
of the sheep
based on the VII. Why Shauns friend stand
picture that they on him?
can see.
12. Teacher asks one
of the pupils to
come in front and
touch Shauns
13. Teacher asks the
pupils about the
setting of the story
based on the
cover page of the
big book.
14. Teacher asks the
pupils why Shaun
looks sad and why
his friend stand on
Suggested sentences/questions
I. Far in the woods, lived a
sheep named Shaun.
15. Teacher will read
aloud the story of Shaun lived with his
Shaun the Sheep. friends.
16. Teacher asks the II. Do you know what woods
pupils if they know is?
III. Woods is a jungle.
what woods
IV. From the picture, how does
Shauns relationship with
17. Teacher will ask
his friends? (prediction)
the pupils to
Pupils will answer: being
predict what will
apart, not close.
happen next V. Shaun's wool is thicker
before continuing than her friends. No one
the story. wanted to be friends with
18. Teacher asks if
Shaun. He felt so sad.
there is any How does the condition of
difficult words. Shauns wool?
19. Teacher writes the Pupils will answer: it is
difficult words on thicker than his friends
VI. Is there any words that you
the whiteboard.
20. Teacher asks not understand?
VII. One day, the bulb in the
pupils if they
born has blown out. The
remembered what
sheep were trying to fix the
happened at the
beginning of the
VIII. Before we proceed, what
happened at the beginning
21. Teacher
of the story? Where are the
rearranges flash
Shaun and his friend lived?
card according to
What happened next?
the sequence of
the story of the
Pupil will say: Shaun and
his friends live in a far of
the wood. Shaun is not so
22. Teacher read the
close with his friend. His
story again and
wool is thicker than others.
asks the pupils to
Suddenly, the bulb blown
repeat after the
teacher. IX. The ceiling was too high.
The sheep could not reach
it. They could not sleep
23. Teacher discusses because it is too dark.
X. In your opinion, will they fix
about the moral
the bulb?
values that pupils
Pupils will answer: yes.
can gain from the
Some will answer no. the
reason is because they
sheep, they could not
repair the bulb.
XI. They climbed onto each
other to form a tower. After
a while, they fell to the
ground. They did not get to
change the bulb.
XII. Yes class, you are maybe
correct, they cannot fix the
bulb. But
XIII. The bulb accidentally fell
onto Shaun's thick wool.
The bulb lighted up!
XIV. After that day, the sheep
started to treat Shaun
differently. They were so
thankful towards Shaun.
Shaun felt happy.
XV. Okay now, I will read the
story again but this time
you need to follow after
me. Can you?
Pupils will answer: Yes.
XVI. What are the moral values
that you can collect from
this story?
XVII. Okay, so moral value that
we can found is We need
to treat people equally
POST READING Sequencing and Worksheet:
I. Teacher will predicting I. A few events that are not in
distribute the the right sequence.
II. Pupils need to label them
worksheet 1 to
with 1, 2,3,4,5 and 6
the class.
II. Pupils need to according the correct
complete the sequence.
task given.
III. In the class
pupils need to
label the
sequence of
the event in
the story
Shaun the
IV. Pupils need to
sequence the
event of the
V. Teacher asks Teacher recap todays lesson with the
pupils what are whole class by asking the pupils with
the conflicts in some questions to make sure they
the story. understand what did the learned
VI. Teacher also
today. Teacher also emphasis the
asks what the
moral value that the pupils can applied
ending of the
in their daily life.
story is.
VII. Teacher
moral value
that pupils can
gain from the
Assessment Observation Class activity:
1. Able to read the
story with the Read the story with correct
correct pronunciation and predict the next
pronunciation. event of the story. Pupils also can
2. Read along with
remember what happened in previous
the teacher.
event in sequence.
3. Predict what will
happen after an
event occurred in
the story.
4. Complete the
class exercise by
labeling the story
in sequence.

Remedial Guidance Their homework is based on 5W 1H

Pupils will be provided an questions. This homework to pursuit
exercise as the homework the pupils knowledge about the story.
to enrich their knowledge The pupils also will enhance their skill
about the story. on prediction while completing this

Enrichment Reinforcement Worksheet:

Pupils need to do more Rearrange the events in a correct
exercise, teacher provide sequence.
them an extra exercise.
Supervisors evaluation.
Material aids

Big Book

Flash card

Far in the woods, lived a sheep named Shauns wool is thicker than his friends. No
Shaun. Shaun lived with his friends. (1) one wanted to be friends with Shaun. He felt
so sad. (2)
One, day, the bulb in the barn has blown out. The ceiling was too high. The sheeps could
The sheeps were trying to fix the bulb. (3) not reach it. They could not sleep because it
is too dark. (4)
They climbed onto each other to form a The bulb accidently fell onto Shauns thick
tower. After a while, they fell to the ground. wool. The bulb lighted up! (6)
They did not get to change the bulb. (5)
After that day, the sheep started to treat Shaun differently. They were so thankful towards
Shaun. Shaun felt happy. (7)

t reach it. They cannot rest since it is dark. They climb onto each other to build a towe

Based on the story above, answer all the questions.

1. Where does Shaun live?
2. Why Shaun feels so sad?
3. What Shauns friends do to fix the bulb that has blown out in the barn?
4. What makes Shauns friends treat him better?
5. Can you predict what is Shauns feeling if his friends do not treat him better?