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1 In the trees

Lesson 1
sleep laugh eatpopcorn draw readamagazine
writeanote listentoanMP3player shout
1 Write and match.
a b c d e f g h

1 s hout h 5 d

2 e p 6 r am

3 s 7 l

4 w an 8 l to an MP3

2 Write about the characters. drawing writing listeningto anote atree anMP3player
eating reading sleeping popcorn amagazine

3 Listen and repeat. $ 15

4 Listen again. Read the sentence and circle.

The orange letters in these words sound the same different .

Sounds English

Shes eating juicy peaches

And reading magazines.
Hes sleeping in the sun
Next to three sardines.

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1 Lesson 2

1 Complete the word spiders. Learn to learn

climb gloves walk scarf wear take photos sing
jacket run angry hat sad happy cold dance

take photo jacket cold

verbs clothes feelings

2 Read about Diana. Whats different from picture A? Write.

A B he isnt wearing a jacket.

he wearing a scarf.
he isnt singing.
he' eating popcorn.

This is Diana. Shes wearing a jacket. D

Shes wearing gloves. Shes walking.
Shes singing.

3 Play a game.

Whats Diana wearing? Shes walking and singing.

Shes wearing a jacket and gloves. I know! Its picture A.

Whats she doing?

8 Finished? Write a list of other verbs you know. Example: jump, like.

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Lesson 3 1
1 Read and write the correct letter.
1 Is he laughing? 2 Is she running? a b
Yes, he is. Yes, she is.

Is he reading? Is she shouting?

No, he isnt. No, she isnt.

3 Is she running? 4 Is he laughing?

c d
Yes, she is. Yes, he is.

Is she listening Is he listening

to an MP3 player? to an MP3 player?
No, she isnt. No, he isnt.

2 Order the questions. Then write answers.

Is tree ? climbing a he

magazine Is reading a ? she

Is popcorn ? eating he

listening to ? Is an player he MP3

3 Write more questions.

1 No, he isnt.

2 Yes, she is.

3 Yes, he is.

4 No, she isnt.

Remember! Present Continuous: questions

Is he reading a magazine? Yes, he is. Is she laughing? No, she isnt. GRAMMAR PRACTICE
page 91 9

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1 Lesson 4

2 Complete. Listen and check. $ 22

1 Read the story again.
Answer Yes or No. CLASS BOOK page 9 3 Act.

Picture 1 Are the children at school? monkey dancing climbing

monkey eating a banana
Picture 2 Is Hayley climbing a tree?

Picture 3 Is Liam watching Josh?

Picture 4 Is Josh dancing?
Alfie Look at Hayley. Shes
Picture 5 Is Josh eating an ice cream?
climbing that rope!
Picture 6 Is Hayley on the platform?
Josh Hayleys a
Picture 7 Is Josh looking at Hayley?
Poppy Look at Josh. Is he ?
Picture 8 Is Hayley laughing?
Becca No, he isnt.

Poppy Whats he doing now?

Becca Hes

Hayley Hello, !

Josh Agh!

4 Write about the story.

The title of the story is

In the story (Josh / Liam thinks Hayleys a monkey.)

I think Josh is (silly / funny / clever)

I think Hayley is (silly / funny / clever)

I this story. (love / like / dont like)

My favourite part is (the beginning / the middle / the end)

What do you think happens next? (Everybody laughs. / Josh falls on the banana skin.

Josh is sad. / Josh is angry.)

10 Finished? Copy out the playscript neatly and add pictures.

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Lesson 5 1
1 Write. Then draw yourself and write a sentence.
Theyre Theyre Hes Shes Theyre Im scared tired hungry excited thirsty

1 2 3 1 They're tired

4 5 6

2 Write questions about the pictures in activity 1. Ask your partner.

1 re they tired? 4

2 5

3 Complete. Listen and check. $ 26


Are you Are they Are you scared thirsty hungry

Yes,Iam. No,Imnot. Yes,theyare.

1 2 3
re you hungry?

Remember! Verb to be
Im hungry. Are you hungry? Yes, I am. No, Im not.
Shes / Hes tired. Is she / he tired? Yes, she is. No, he isnt.
Theyre scared. Are they scared? Yes, they are. No, they arent. GRAMMAR PRACTICE
page 92 11

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1 Lesson 6 Show you know
$ 27 Anna Ben Colin Delia Emma Freddy
1 Listen and write the names.

1 6

4 nna 5

2 Answer the questions.

1 Is George angry? 5 Is Helen hungry?

2 Is Helen writing a note? 6 Is Ivan taking photos?

3 Is George singing? 7 Is George shouting?

4 Is Ivan thirsty? 8 Are George and Helen sad?

3 Write about the other children in the picture.

happy sad thirsty eating popcorn listeningtoanMP3player

excited tired hungry climbing jumping readingamagazine sleeping

1 Anna i happy. 4 Delia

he eating popcorn.
2 Ben 5 Emma

3 Colin 6 Freddy

12 Finished? Write three true sentences about your partner.

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Lesson 6 1
4 Ask and answer. CUT-OUT page 109110

Is the girl taking photos?

No, she isnt.
Your turn.

5 Tick the sentences which are true for you. Then write six more sentences.
Im scared. Im not writing a note.
Im hungry. Im not tired.
Im wearing a T-shirt. Im not listening to an MP3 player.

1 4

2 5

3 6

6 Complete the sentences and find the answer to the question.

shout draw dog Hayley laugh seven six jump scared cat talk one scarf write

1 The first letter is in six and scared

2 The second letter is in and

3 The third letter is in and

4 The fourth letter is in and

5 The fifth letter is in and

6 The sixth letter is in and

7 The seventh letter is in and

Whats the boy eating? A

page 103 13

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1 Lesson 7

1 Write. robin berries nut hedgehog worm mouse spider owl squirrel

1 squirrel


2 Read and label the sentences H (Hedgehog) or W (Worm), or H and W.

1 Birds and animals eat them.

2 They live in the ground layer of woods and gardens.

3 They eat insects and worms.

4 They live under the ground.

5 They eat dead leaves.

worm 6 They find their food in the ground layer and
the leaf litter.

3 Choose two animals and write about them.

live in the woods. live in the woods.


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Lesson 8 1
1 Match the postcards and pictures. Which picture is extra?

1 2
Dear Clara,
Im on a school trip with my Heres a postcard of Br
ighton. Im on
class and were at the Rang holiday with my mum
and dad at the
Centre. Were having a lov ely
beach. Were visiting my
time. Its hot and sunny. W
granny today.
w She lives here. Its cold
learning how to cook and ho and its raining.
to make a shelter in the wo
Im wearing a jacket, glo
ves and a scarf.
Its hard work. Im tired bu t Im not happy!
happy. Love from Alex
See you soon, Marek

b c

2 Read the postcards again. Complete the table.

Mareks postcard Alexs postcard

How does the postcard start?

Where is he? at the beach

Whos he with? his class

Whats the weather like? hot and sunny

Whats he doing? visiting his granny

How does he feel? tired but happy

How does the postcard finish? Love from

Finished? Who do you send postcards to? Write a list. 15

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1 Lesson 9

1 Write
rite notes for your postcard.

How does your postcard start? What are you doing?

Where are you? How do you feel?

Who are you with? How does your postcard finish?

Whats the weather like?

2 Now write your postcard.

3 Read and tick . 4 Think about your effort and colour a flag. Explorers review

I can ...
remember vocabulary from the unit. write a postcard about a school trip
ask and answer questions using the or a holiday.
Present Continuous. understand short texts on the CD.
use the verb to be. understand a text about
woodland habitats in English.
ask my friends if they are having a Good
good time.
read a postcard about a school trip. OK


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