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Standing Desk
Welcome to your new Opendesk
Every piece of Opendesk furniture is made to order by independent local makers. Opendesk makers produce
products on-demand using digital fabricators (CNC- machines) combined with traditional craft skills - working from
designs contributed by a global community of designers and hosted on opendesk.cc.

The product you have in your hands is therefore the result of a new model sitting at the union of the internet, new
advancements in digital technologies, and age-old making techniques. We call this Open Making.

Mallet Chisel PVA glue Oil Dowel

A good joint will require Chiseling should not be We recommend using a We recommend the use Dowels are used for the
a gentle nudge. Using required on Opendesk standard PVA based wood of Osmo Raw Oil 3044. glueing of two parts
a rubber mallet with a furniture. Should you adhesive. Use a good Use a good quality paint together. Holes for the
white head will avoid any absolutely have to use quality paint brush or brush or roller to apply dowels are part of the
marks or damage on the one, ensure you use a roller to apply glue on the oil on the product once cutting file. The main
furniture. sharp chisel and take product. properly sanded. sizes used are 6mm and
off small amounts of 8mm diameter in varying
material at a time. lengths.


Clamp Allen Key M6 Bolt M6 Insert Sanding Paper - P120 grit

Use clamps when glueing Use a size 5 Allen key to We use this fixing for the We use this fixing for the P120 grit is usually
two parts together. Be secure the bolts. assembly of the Office assembly of the Office associated with a C type
sure to protect the parts Desk. Use the M6 Bolt Desk. Use the M6 Insert of finish.
from the clamp heads with the M6 Insert. with the M6 Bolt. Further information on
using offcuts or similar finishing can be found in
methods. our maker guide.

P240 P320

Sanding Paper - P240 grit Sanding Paper - P320 grit

P240 grit is usually P320 grit is usually

associated with a B type associated with an A type
of finish. of finish.
Further information on Further information on
finishing can be found in finishing can be found in
our maker guide. our maker guide.
Type of fit

Mallet Fit Press Fit Push Fit Slide Fit

- 0.60mm total 0.00mm total + 0.20mm total + 0.50mm total

The use of a mallet is The joint is an exact This joint should only This joint should be easy
needed to push the part fit. This will require a require hand pressure to to assemble without being
into its respective slot. significant amount of slot together. too loose.
force, through hand
pressure or the use of a

Type of finishing

A face/edge B face/edge C face/edge Deburring Glued surface

Surfaces such as tops and Surfaces which are Surfaces that are not This indicates the area for
top edges are always visible highly visible or easily directly visible or of low glue application.
and of high contact so contactable. contact. Generally areas
require an A type of finish. within joints.

Recommended procedure: Recommended procedure: Recommended procedure:

1. P120 grit 1. P120 grit 1. P120 grit

2. P240 grit 2. P240 grit
3. oil 3. oil
4. P240 grit 4. P240 grit
5. oil
6. P320 grit

Oiled surface No finish

This indicates the area for This indicates the area

an oil application. that have to be left raw.









01 - top 07 - upper brace

02 - leg 08 - 2-ply beam
03 - V brace 09 - 3-ply beam
04 - lower shelf 10 - lower brace
05 - upper shelf 11 - slider
06 - backboard 12 - desktop lock



2 3 4 5 6 7 8


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Complete Standing Desk
Congratulations! Your Standing Desk is now complete. We always love to see the finished product so please share with
us what you made on twitter or instagram using @open_desk #openmaking.

Thank you again for choosing Opendesk and supporting designers and local makers everywhere!
After Care Advice : looking after your Opendesk
Overtime your Opendesk furniture will get some bumps and bruises through use. Small scratches and stains
can be rectified by a little bit of sanding and oiling.

Start by sanding the damaged surface with some P240 grit sand paper, once the surface is smooth, move to a
P320 grit sand paper. On a clean and dry surface gently apply the Oslo oil, wipe off and leave to dry. Do a final
sand with P320 and wipe down to clean. Be careful to sand evenly across a large area than the damage in
order to maintain a level surface.

P240 P320
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Email: info@opendesk.cc