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Gowrie News
March 15, 2017 GOWRIE, WEBSTER COUNTY, IOWA VOL. 127 NO. 10
Gowrie and the surrounding towns report
hail, deluge of rain and even tornadoes
By Shari Everhart a downed power pole blocked 350th Street. Patrol cars
Severe storms lashed this area on Monday, were dispatched to 350th Street and Nelson Avenue and
March 6. Temperatures reached a high in the lower 70's 350th Street and Oak Avenue, blocking off the road there.
with much of the day seeing windy conditions that are March storms continue on page 5...
usually associated with the month. By late afternoon,
dark clouds rolled in bringing thunder, lightning, hail, a
deluge of rain and even tornadoes.
Gowrie and the surrounding area reported pea- to quar-
ter-sized hail, heavy enough to cover the ground mak- former restaurant
ing grassy areas and roadways taking on a much more
winter-like look of being snow covered. There were also undergoes a makeover
reports of larger ping pong ball sized hail in several local
communities.The fast-moving storm spawned at least two Volunteers and contractors
reported tornadoes in southern Webster County. Luckily,
there were no injuries. The twisters were part of the same generously assisting......
cell. Both tornadoes, both brief in nature, were rated an By Shari Everhart
EF0 with estimated wind speeds of 70 miles per hour. Anyone driving on Garfield Avenue, Farnham-
The National Weather Service said the first tornado was villes main thoroughfare, has no doubt noticed theres
at 6:20 p.m. and located about a mile south of Harcourt. It been a hive of activity these past several months at the
was on the ground for about two miles. yellow building on the west side of the street that for-
Scott Forbes, Webster County emergency management merly housed Tonys Steak House and Restaurant. The
coordinator, reported damage occurred south of 350th interior of the building is undergoing a makeover. Tony
Street between Oak Avenue and Nelson Avenue. and Pam McFarland were the last owners operating a
"We had a debris path that went northeast and it crossed business at the site and in the spring of 2017, they closed
the road on Oak Avenue between 350th Street and 360th down and liquidated most of the equipment in the build-
Street and continued into the field northeast, but did not ing.
go across Paragon Avenue," Forbes said. January 2016, Farnhamville Betterment, Inc.,
Approximately four power lines were taken out along not to be confused with the Farnhamville Betterment
350th Street.
A hog confinement building west of Dayton at 3459 Hail storm... Farnhamville restaurant
continued on page 3...
Oak Avenue was destroyed by a tornado.Debris from Hail pounded most of webster and area
the building was all over the field near the facility and counties last week.

Room to grow in Gowrie; grants available

for new construction with plenty of perks
Free membership to golf course, swimming pool and much more...
By Shari Everhart on Walnut Street and theres the possibility of expanding
Theres plenty of room to grow in Gowrie. the Wiley Addition in the east part of the town.
Empty lots are sitting about town waiting for someone to Grants are available throughout the town of
bring their family, build a home and make the community Gowrie to encourage growth. The city is currently offer-
their own. ing grants of up to $40,000 for new construction, with
Kevin Black sees help from the Gowrie Development Commission and
this capable of happen- through the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance. This is the newly renovated bar area
ing with potential becom- Black, who is the president and chief execu- at the Former Tony's Steak House in Farnhamville.
ing a reality on the corner tive officer of Heartland Bank and who also serves on
of Webster Street and the Gowrie Development Commission, says, We want
Riddle Street in Gowrie. to bring families in. We want to bring taxpayers in, we
The three empty lots are want to fill the schools with kids.
waiting there, platted Mayor Gayle Redman stated, There hasnt
and ready for builders to been a lot of new housing construction in
construct the towns next Gowrie in the last several years. Were always
new housing. Affordable on the lookout to attract new people to town.
lots at less than $10,000 Gowrie has offered tax abatement programs
per lot are ready for building for new home construction for some time according to
to begin. Additionally, two to Black. At present, new builders can choose instead to get
three lots for housing are available funds at the beginning, instead of tax relief over 10 years.
Gowrie New Construction grant
continued on page 9...

The Gowire Volunteer Fire Department will be

hosting its annual Pancake Brunch on Sunday, March 19
from 10:30 a.m. till 1:00 p.m..
The brunch will include Pancake, eggs, sausage,
jucie, coffee and hashbrowns.
All proceeds will go towards finishing the new
fire station and Thrivent will be matching funds. Come
out and help them so they can help you!
Visit www.daytongowrienews.com for your local news...
2 March 15, 2017
DECA that he is serving and be effective as an associa-
tion leader.
Sophomore Nathan Montgomery ran for State
DECA Office Vice President of Leadership. He ran
against four other candidates. They all gave five min-
ute speeches during the opening session at DECA State
CDC. Nathan and one of his opponents tied in the ini-
tial vote which sent the top two candidates into a press
conference. This is where they are brought on stage and
asked a question and have one-minute to respond with an
answer to the group. There are five voting delegates from
each school. Those are the people who are able to vote for
President and the five Vice Presidents for Iowa DECA.
Nathan Montgomery won Vice President of Leadership
and gets the amazing opportunity to lead and represent
Iowa DECA as a state officer for the next 365 days.
According to the DECA website, the definition
of DECA is, DECA prepares emerging leaders and en-
trepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality
and management in high schools and colleges around
the globe. The High School Division includes 200,000
members in 3,500 different schools. DECA is a great op-
portunity for many students around the world help gain

Southeast Valley DECA students headed to SV DECA continued on page 5...

ICDC Conference in Anaheim, California

By Lexi Corell for The New You Spa. Ieisha Jabbar , senior, and Trent Wednesday, March 15
Sunshine and nice weather is never a guaran- Lawrence, junior, participated in a Management Team Prairie Valley School Board, 6:00 p.m.
tee here in Iowa, but it will be in Anaheim, California. A Decision Making Event. Mady Jaeschke and Alexis Thursday, March 16
special group of very hard working DECA students have Corell were awarded first in their event. Nathan Mont- Gowrie Fire Dept., 7:00 p.m. at the fire station.
made their way to the ICDC conference, which is the na- gomery was awarded runner up for his category. Kylie Monday, March 20
tional competition for DECA, located in Anaheim, Cali- Clark was also awarded runner up. Morgan Jackson re- Gowrie City Council, 6:45 p.m. at the com-
fornia this year, Alexis Corell, Mady Jaeschke, Nathan ceived fifth place, and Trent Lawrence and Ieisha Jab- munity center.
Montgomery, Laura Brighton, Kylie Clark, and Morgan bar received Honorable Mention in their team decision Callender Lions, 7:00 p.m. at the community
Jackson have been given the amazing opportunity to trav- making category. Mady Jaeschke and Alexis Corell will center.
el with their DECA advisor to California to participate be attending the ICDC Conference as first place winners. Harcourt TOPS, 8:00 a.m. at Faith Lutheran
in the ICDC Conference. The ICDC conference will be Nathan Montgomery is attending the conference as Iowa Church Harcourt.
held from April 26th through April 29th. They are able to DECAs Vice President of Leadership. Kylie Clark is at- Tuesday, March 21
attend the conference because they recently competed at tending the conference and will be representing Southeast Gowrie Library Board, 7:00 p.m.
the Iowa State DECA Career Development Conference, Valley DECA at the ELEVATE workshop for local offi- Gowrie Pool Board, 7:00 p.m. at the library.
(CDC) in Des Moines, Iowa. cers, while Morgan Jackson is also attending the ASPIRE Wednesday, March 22
Mady Jaeschke and Alexis Corell, both sopho- workshop for seniors. The ELEVATE workshop focuses Farnhamville Fire Dept., 7:30 p.m. at the fire
mores, submitted a Public Relations Project over promot- on discovering their own leadership style and helping station.
ing DECA. Nathan Montgomery, sophomore, submitted take their chapter to the next level. The ASPIRE work- To have the date and time of your organizations meeting
a Hospitality and Tourism paper over Delta Airlines. Ky- shop will focus on getting seniors on track to college and listed here, call the Gowrie News at 352-3325 or email us at
lie Clark, sophomore, submitted an Innovation Plan over career success. Nathan Montgomery will be attending the gnews@wccta.net
an idea of a Jag Cafe for our school. Morgan Jackson, EMPOWER workshop as a LEAD Iowa Delegate. He
senior, submitted a paper for a Start-Up Business Plan is going to learn how to empower the members of Iowa
Gowrie TCB
News Sanitation
1107 Market Street, PO Box 246
Gowrie, IA 50543 Dayton, IA 50530
Ph. 515.352.3325 515-354-5570
email: gnews@wccta.net
James Kramer
Our goal is to provide Johnson, Kramer,
Mulholland, Cochrane,
insurance coverage you Driscoll & Cochrane, P.L.C.
can rely on at competitive Attorneys and
Gowrie, Iowa prices. We feel its Counselors at Law
352-9960 important that your 1004 Market St., Gowrie
Open for lunch and dinner
insurance needs and Ph. 515-352-3111
protection remain our
TRADING POST #1 priority. We focus Gowrie Tire
on exceeding your
& Service
Antiques - Collectibles
Primitives expectations.
Tom Larson and
Ryan Larson
1136 Market St., Gowrie Ph. 352-3525

Stewart Memorial
Community Hospital Heartland Insurance Agency, as it is now known, was
Community established in 1985 as Somers Insurance Agency. Since its
Pharmacy Callender Gowrie
establishment, it has expanded from the Somers Branch to
three additional locations in Gowrie, Callender, and Manson. Monument Works
serving the Creators of
communities of 1314 1st Ave. 1113 Market
Callender, IA 50523 Gowrie, IA 50543 Over the years, the agency has been a multi-line agency Distinctive Memorials
Gowrie, Lake View, offering Property and Casualty, Life, Health, Multi Peril
515-548-3223 515-352-3181 1016 E. Lincolnway
Rockwell City,
and Lake City
Crop Insurance, and more. As an Independent Insurance Jefferson, IA 50129
Agency, we have the flexibility to offer insurance protection 515-386-2652 - 800-397-9344
Manson Somers through a variety of Insurance Companies. Stewart Memorial
1314 1st Ave. 615 6th Ave Community Hospital
Manson, IA 50563 Somers, IA 50586 Whatever type of insurance you need, Heartland Insurance McCrary-Rost Clinic
712-469-2800 515-467-5561
Agency, Inc. represents reputable insurance companies. Rochelle Guess,
Call us or check out our website today! Adam Swisher, DO
Gowrie www.facebook.com/heartinsagency Not a Deposit Not FDIC Insured Not Insured by any Federal Kari Swisher, ARNP-C
Ph. 352-3867 Government Agency Not Guaranteed by Heartland Bank 1800 Main Gowrie, IA 50543
March 15, 2017
Farnhamville restaurant... former grocery store was purchased under the auspices
of Farnhamville Betterment, Inc. with the intention that
continued from front page... it be converted and run as a restaurant/bar/convenience
Club, repurchased the building with leftover funds from store. Much to the disappointment of the community af-
the McFarlands initial purchase and generous donations ter the failure of the convenience store part of the opera-
from local and area citizens, and an overhaul was planned tion, Farnhamville Betterment, Inc. was able to lease it
with the intention to lease the facility as a restaurant/bar. as a restaurant/bar until the McFarlands purchased and
This was good news for the people of the community who improved the building in 2008.
had feared the empty building would become an eyesore. Those who wish to make a contribution may do
After all, every small town needs a good place to eat. so by making their check payable to Farnhamville Bet-
Even with limited funds, many improvements terment, Inc. and mailing it to Doug Johnson (president
already have been made. Volunteers and contractors have of the organization), 1054 360th Street, Farnhamville,
generously offered to assist with the ambitious project Iowa, 50538. Your donation is greatly appreciated and
to upgrade the buildings electrical, plumbing, flooring, although Farnhamville Betterment, Inc. is a 501c4 non-
ventilation and drywall at cost or at a reduced rate.But profit, contributions are not tax deductible.
even so, there is much more to do and to buy to make
this a reality. As anyone who has had the experience of
remodeling knows, there are always unexpected expenses
involved along the way.
It is important to persons interested in leasing
that the group is equipping the building with major items
that cant be easily supplied by the tenant such as a vent
hood, sinks, lighting, etc. The lessee will still be required
to furnish their own equipment. The facility will be rent-
ed as is and the kitchen set up as is, $400 a month, rent at
A little history regarding the building. The facil-
ity was initially erected as a grocery store by Mike and Cassandra Zinnel
Ginny Freel who later sold it to Bud and Bonnie Binning.
It served as Kopeckys, owned by Frank and DeVonne
Kopecky before being bought by Jeff and Terri McGuire
Zinnel of Farnhamville
and known as Maguires Grocery. In 2000 and with gen-
erous donations from the people of Farnhamville, the
There is plenty of seating in the newly renovated member of International
restaurant in Farnhamville.
Honor Society
Farnhamville Annual Pork
chop dinner March 26 Phi Theta Kappa...
benefits ambulance, Fire dept. Cassandra Zinnel of Farnhamville was recently
inducted into the Tau Phi Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa
The Reading-Cedar Fire Department and Farn- (PTK) International Honor Society.
hamville Ambulance will present their annual pork chop She was among the 16 DMACC Boone Campus
dinner March 26 at the Farnhamville Community Room students who attended the recent induction ceremony on
from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. the DMACC Boone Campus.
Dine in or carry out is available $8 with extra PTK has recognized academic excellence in
chops available. two-year colleges since 1918. To be eligible, a student
Come help those who volunteer to help you! must be enrolled in a two-year college, have completed
All proceeds will be used for new firefighting/ at least 12 hours of coursework leading to an associate
Farnhamville Betterment, Inc. are giving a new look to EMS equipment to help us protect and serve the commu- degree program and have a grade point average of 3.5 or
the once Tony's Steak House. nity. higher.


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which take-home project you choose. P.O. Box 46, Gowrie, IA 50543

Gowrie Tire and Service

15-March Bonnie Adam, Lenore Page
16-March Lindsey Black, Rudy Kopecky
17-March Patti Anderosn
18-March Rachel Erritt, Colton Klingson
Wednesday, March 15 - Liver & Onions -OR- Beef Patty, Mashed Potatoes,
Maria Vosberg, Tiffany Woodruff
Mixed Vegetables, Oatmeal Raisin Bar, OJ
19-March Angela Harry, Scott Klingson
Thursday, March 16 - Chili Cinnamon Roll, Baby Carrots, Chilled Peaches,
20-March Beryl Birkland, Benjamin Frotscher
Grape Juice
Amanda Johnson, Maxine Kail
Friday, March 17 - COOKS CHOICE
Teagan Saxton
Monday, March 20 - Orange Glazed Chicken, Brown Rice, Tomatoes Flo-
22-March Sophia Gutshall, Donna Moe
rentine, Applesauce
Brooke Peterson
Tuesday, March 21 - Hearty Veg Beef Soup, WW Roll with butter, Celery
Sticks, Peaches, PNB Cookie
Wednesday, March 22 - Turkey Roast, Potatoes w/Gravy, Peas & Carrots,
16-March John and Cec Winkelbauer.
Pumpkin Custard, Tomato Juice
18-March Denny and Mary Hammen.
21-March Ed and Renee Robertson.
4 March 15, 2017

Southeast Valley Sports

Schedule of Events
Week of March 15th to March 22nd
Thursday, March 16
7:00 p.m. - PVES 3&4 Music Concert
Friday, March 17
4:00 p.m. - B Varsity Track BVU INDOOR
Saturday, March 18
11:00 p.m. Southeast Valley Weight Lifting Meet-
Practice Gym
Monday, March 20
TEACHER Full Day In-service
6:00 p.m. SWG School Board Mtg.
Tuesday, March 21 Southeast Valley Middle School Wrestling 2016-2017...
Pictured in the front row left to right are Rylie Ferrari, Kaleb Monroe, Jesse Hansen, Quinton Sorenson, Logan
6:00 p.m. Sophmore College Planning Night
ONeal, Logan Stap, Max Miller, and Wyatte Sprecher; second row left to right are Harley Bryson, Lathe Muench, Parker
7:00 p.m. Junior College Financial Planning Night Garcia, Jonah Siebert, Mark Hughes, Zack Miller, Jaxon Carlson, Kaleb Scott, and Hunter Sorenson; third row left to
right are Manager-Jordan Kanvalinka, Carson Suchan, Cameron Will, Dameon Rae, Connor Klingson, Tre Fisher, and
*Schedule is pulled from the SV website for your convenience*
Managers Chloe Hurtado and Gillyan Rudd; back row left to right are Coach Derrek Rasmussen, Noble Nowell, Memphis
Simpson, Aaron Graves, Everette Lahr, Anthony Stevens, and Coach Danny Lee.
***Schedules are subject to change at anytime***

SV weightlifting team plans SV JH wrestlers

Bench Press Championship finish off their
Saturday, March 18
Southeast Valley will host its annual Bench
2016-2017 season
Press Championship on March 18 at the Gowrie High By Coach Daniel Lee
School practice gym starting at 11:00 a.m. Southeast Valley Middle School Wrestlers are
This year the weightlifters will be competing hanging up their wrestling shoes, headgear, and singlets.
against Hampton Dumont and Iowa Falls. It is Free ad- The wrestling season has come to an end with last Fri-
mission so please come out and support the weightlifting days meet at Manson.
team. The wresters faced opponents from Pocahon-
tas Area/ LM, South Central Calhoun, OABCIG, GCB/

Southeast Valley WBM, Sioux Central, and Manson North Webster. The
Jags faced a lot of tough competition and finished the eve-
ning with 20 wins and 36 loses.

Jag Caf Rylie Ferrari, Aaron Graves, Mark Hughes, and

Jonah Siebert battled hard for one win. Hunter Sorenson,
Memphis Simpson, Logan ONeal, Noble Nowell, and-

open for business Harley Bryson grappled tough matches for two wins. Ka-
leb Scott andLathe Muench each received three remark-
able wins.
Jaclyn is running the leadoff leg, the 1200 in the
distance medley relay at St. Olaf college in Northfield MN
Starts March 16... Coach Derrek Rasmussen and Coach Danny Lee
are very happy how the athletes improved this year. Both
on March 3rd. Photo by Lynn Rittgers.

The Culinary Arts class, who runs the Jag Cafe,

Coaches are happy with the number of first year wrestlers Jaclyn Rittgers, Gowrie
will once again serve their delicious meals. The first meal
will be served on Thursday, March 16 beginning at noon.
and how all the wrestlers performed.
qualifies for National Track
The class has decided on the meal of House Din-
ner Salad with choice of dressing, Ham Balls, Cheesy Po-
and Field Championships
tatoes, Green beans, along with a soft roll. The class will Jaclyn Rittgers of Gowrie qualified for the 2017
also serve a choice of two desserts. Indoor National Track and Field Championships.
This meal will have French Silk Pie or Straw- Jaclyn is a member of the Wartburg Colleges
berry Cream Dessert. The cost of the meal is $8.00. womens track and field team. The Distance medley relay
Customers may call the high school office at 352.3142 to team consists of Jaclyn Rittgers, Aubree Taylor, Officer,
make a reservation. and Dakota Tell.
Other dates that are tentative for meals are This group of girls qualified with a time of
March 31, April 13, April 27, and May 4. The Culinary 11:58 at St. Olaf college, Northfield MN on March 3rd.
Arts class looks forward to serving you! After heading to North Central College for this

SV High School years Nationals at the AlB. Carius Track in Naperville,

Ill Jaclyn Rittgers and her teammates on the distance
medley relay team earned All American honors at the
presents The Diary NCAA DIII indoor National track meet on March 10-11.

of Anne Frank
Southeast Valley High School presents The Di-
ary of Anne Frank as their annual spring play on March
24 and 25 at 7 p.m. in the high school gym in Gowrie.
Tickets are $3 for students and $5 for adults
when purchased in advance. Tickets can be purchased at
the door for $5 for students and $7 for adults. Emma Graves a senior at Southeast Valley, was
named to 3rd team all conference. Emma was the loan SV
United Methodist player named to an all conference team. Photo by Lisa Pe-

Church hosts service SV senior guard on

at Gowrie care center All Conference Team
The Gowrie United Methodist Church weekly Emma Graves....
events are as follows.
Wednesday, March 15 the Confirmation class The Twin Lakes Girls All Conference Teams
will meet at 5:45 p.m., the Lent Soup Supper and Wor- were announced this week. Emma Graves senior guard,
ship at Zion Lutheran Church will also be held at 6:00 was named to 3rd team all conference. Emma was the
p.m. loan SV player named to an all conference team.
Thursday, March 16 Worship Service at Gowrie Pocahontas area won the conference with a re-
Care Center will meet at 3:00 p.m. cord of 9-0 record. Southeast Valley was 9th place with a
Friday, March 17 Moms Connection Group record 1-8. Wartberg's All-American, Womens distance
will meet at 9:00 a.m. Quilters group will start at 1:00 Robert Maske, Pocahontas Area, was named Medley team pictured from left to right are Dakota Tell,
p.m. coach of the year. Jaclyn Rittgers, Aubree Taylor and Belle Tyynismaa.
March 15, 2017

Donita M. Bowers, 91
Donita M. Bowers passed away peacefully sur-
rounded by her family on Monday, March 6, 2017, at the
Fort Dodge Health and Rehabilitation.
Services were held at 2:00 pm on Friday, March
10, 2017 at Grace Lutheran Church, with burial at Read-
ing Cemetery in Farnhamville, Iowa. The Gunderson Fu-
neral Home is in charge of arrangements.
Phillip C. Halligan, 80
Zoann Raye Ewing, 79 Donita Marie Dillon was born in Fort Dodge,
Iowa on July 16, 1926, the daughter of Roy (Teed) and
Phillip C. Halligan 80, passed away Sunday,
Zoann Raye Ewing, 79, of Gowrie, passed away March 12, 2017 at the Gowrie Care Center. Funeral ser-
Florence Dillon. She graduated from Fort Dodge Senior vices will be 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at
Friday, Feb. 10, 2017, at Stewart Memorial Hospital,
High with the Class of 1944, and was actively involved Zion Lutheran Church, Gowrie, with Pastor James Davis
Lake City, IA.
in many school activities as well as her Class reunions officiating. Burial will be at Fulton Township Cemetery,
Memorial services will be held 1:30 Saturday,
for sixty years. She was united in marriage at St. Pauls Moorland. Visitation will be 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Tues-
March 18, 2017, at United Methodist Church, Gowrie;
Lutheran Church to Robert C. Bowers on August 4, 1945. day at the Palmer Funeral Home, Gowrie. Memorials
with Pastor Annette Kruse, officiating. Private burial will
The couple made their home in Fort Dodge and later in may be left to the discretion of the family.
be in the Gowrie Township Cemetery. Palmer-Swank
Farnhamville. Donnie returned to Fort Dodge in 2013, Survivors include daughters, Shelley Bennett of
Funeral Home, Gowrie is serving the family.
and enjoyed living at Deercreek Apartments, and then Gowrie, and Debbie Halligan of Fort Dodge; sons, Jeff
She was born May 4, 1937, at Fort Dodge,
moving to FDH&R in 2015. Over the years she was em- Halligan, of Big Lake, MN, and Randy (Staci) Halligan
daughter of Raymond Clinton and Gay Aileen Ault Ew-
ployed at Lutheran Hospital and the Boston Store. Bob of Gowrie; grandchildren, Brooke (Ben) Beschorner,
and Donnie enjoyed their retirement by traveling with Heidi (Jason) McGuire, Cassie (Sade) Barrett, Chance
Zoann, grew up in Slifer, IA., attending school
WBBCI Airstream Travel Club and wintering in Rock- Halligan, and Ross and Will Halligan; great-grandchil-
at Somers, and graduating from the Somers Consolidated
port, Texas. Donnie enjoyed her visitors was known dren, Gavyn, Declan and Ina McGuire, Bristol Beschorn-
High School in 1955, where she had been active in the
for her stories and always being available for a game of er, Ka'reena and Kayanna Barrett; sister Joan Johan-
band, chorus, and home economics programs. Due to the
cards. She was a member of Grace Lutheran Church. son of Ft. Dodge; and brother Walt (Darlyne) Halligan
sudden death of her mother, she delayed her start to col-
Survivors include her three daughters, Pamela of Oelwein. He was preceded in death by his wife, Pat
lege, but did graduate from McPherson College, McPher-
(Richard) Goodrich of Pleasant Hill, IA, Paula (George) Halligan; parents, Clarence and Clara (Hayek) Halligan;
son, KS, with a Bachelor of Science degree in May 1960.
Henry of Salem, VA, Sheila (Gary) Hall of Farnhamville, brother Bob Halligan; and son-in-law Roger Bennett.
Following her graduation, she taught Home Economics
IA; six grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren, and 3 great Phillip Clement Halligan was born November
at Castana and Emmetsburg High Schools. She was ap-
great grandchildren. She is also survived by her brother 23, 1936 at Fort Dodge. He graduated from Moorland
proved by the Iowa Department of Public Instruction to
and sister-in-law, Roy and Carol Dillon, as well as sev- Consolidated High School, with the Class of 1956. On
also teach American Government, American History,
eral nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by November 8, 1958, he was united in marriage to Pat
World History, Biology, Chemistry, and General Sci-
7ence. She continued her education by achieving a Mas- her husband of 56 years, her parents and an infant grand- Larsen. They resided in Moorland their entire married
daughter, Catherine Nemmers. life. Phil worked for many years at Dr. MacDonald Vi-
ter of Arts from Marycrest College, Davenport, Iowa,
sin May, 1973, while enjoying the fun of being a Dorm Memorials may be directed to Grace Lutheran tamized Feed Company in Moorland. He later worked at
yMother. Church, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Celotex until his retirement. Phil was a member of the
, She was Activities Director at the Gowrie Care former United Church of Christ Congregational in Moor-
Center until she began work as a dietician at Friendship land. He enjoyed woodworking, antiquing, garage sales
fHaven in Fort Dodge, eventually becoming Head Dieti- and tinkering with his trucks. He had so much fun with
tian prior to her retirement. Halloween, decorating the yard, pranking and joking with
s Music enriched Zoanns life. As a young girl, his family and friends. His wife Pat passed away in 2011.
,she played the piano, accordion, saxophone, and eventu-
eally the organ. She used these musical skills at school Southeast Valley DECA...
eand in her churches at the Slifer Church of the Breth-
Face our storms with courage continued from page 2...
ren and the Gowrie United Methodist Church where she Have we ever faced a storm in our lives and the
played in the Glory Bells Choir. She played for numer- great leadership skills for their future.
frustration was multiplied because it did not seem that We have five students from Southeast Valley
ous special programs, weddings, and funerals, often play- Jesus was there for us? The disciples faced this very situ-
ing duets with other church members and accompanying that will be attending the ICDC Conference in April.
ation. Jesus told them to take their boat to sea while He They will be down there for approximately five days. The
song fests in her home for family get togethers. stayed behind to pray. Suddenly a powerful storm came
Zoann loved to sing. She was a member of the Webster trip will cost about one thousand dollars for each student.
up. The terrified disciples faced it for a long time before If anybody is wanting to make any donations towards
County Chorus and the United Methodist Church Choirs Jesus, making a pretty dramatic entrance, showed up to
and she also sang in the Fort Dodge Messiah Chorus. Southeast Valley DECA or would like to sponsor them at
comfort and save them. So, why didnt Jesus come to nationals contact Jori Lizer for more information.
Of the many programs of the Gowrie United Methodist them right away?
Church, Zoann especially loved the Bazaar and enjoyed
making craft items and confections for the event. She
Well, lets think about it this way. When we are
going through the storms in our lives, its human nature
March storms...
loved the Easter and Christmas seasons. The decorating for us to think that Ive got to work this out by myself. continued from front page...
was fun for her as well as the shopping and wrapping of The disciples knew Jesus was on land. What they didnt the debris field from the hog confinement went to both
packages, sending cards, and baking. She was generous realize was that Jesus was praying for the disciples as He the north and east of the building. Only a few hogs were
to friends and family, and she loved giving and opening saw the storm come up. Jesus knew what the outcome lost in the Monday afternoon tornado that ripped off the
gifts. would be and that He would help the disciples. roof and most of the walls from the structure. The rest
Zoann was a member of the Eastern Star, Gowrie We should realize that in the midst of our prob- of the hogs were loaded up and transported to another
Chapter 485 OES, holding many offices over the years lems Jesus is hearing our prayers. We also should know facility.
including Worthy Matron. She had also been a member that there is no storm or problem in life that is stronger Other areas of the state also received damage from the
of other chapters in Iowa. than Jesus. The fact that Jesus doesnt always give us a storm and in many places, reported hail, damaging winds
She was preceded in death by her parents and perfect peace and calm at the very moment that we are and loss of electricity. The Storm Prediction Center in
her sister, Twila Joy. She is survived by many cousins pouring out our hearts to Him, sometimes the calm and Norman, Oklahoma said dozens of tornadoes struck over-
and friends. peace come later. He will bring us His peace in His time. night in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Illinois. The same
Memorials may be directed to the Gowrie Unit- We can accept our storms with courage because Jesus fast moving storm system brought huge hailstones and
ed Methodist Church or a charity of the donors choice. promises that He will always be with us. We can count powerful winds as far south as the Ozark Mountains in
Condolences may be left at www.palmerswank- on that promise! Arkansas and as far north as Wisconsin.
funeralhome.com Prayer: Lord, give us the courage to patiently Although rare, tornadoes in Iowa during March are not
, It Pays to Advertise! wait for Your peace to come to us. We believe in Your
promises and know that You will always help us. In Jesus
Holy Name, Amen.
unheard of, the National Weather Service said.
According to the calendar, spring officially begins on
Monday, March 20.
6 March 15, 2017

Gowrie man has brain

aneurysm; benefit
Sunday, March 19
The Confirmation Class of Farnhamville First
United Church will host a Spaghetti Dinner to benefit the
family of Jesse Sweeney of Gowrie.
Jesse, is the 39 year old father of three, Kayla-
age 21, Teagen-age 12, and Brayton-age 15. Jesse is
the son of Joann Nelson and Michael Sweeney. Jesse
recently suffered a brain aneurysm which led to extensive
surgery and subsequent strokes. He is currently on life
The benefit will be held March 19 at the Farn-
hamville Landus Coop Community Room, from 10:30 PV Elementary staff members wore Read Across America shirts to celebrate reading and the students reading
AM to 1:30 PM. The meal includes pasta, your choice accomplishment! Photos by PV Elementary.

PV Elementary
of Marinara or Alfredo sauce, bread/butter, juice, coffee
and tea, and cookies. Donors may dine-in or carry-out.
Free-will donations will be given to the family for medi-
cal expenses.
Everyone is invited to attend or to make a dona- observes Read Across
America Week
tion at Heartland Bank under the Jesse Sweeney Dona-
tion Account. One hundred percent of the money do-
nated to the dinner and to the bank account will go to the
family. Celebrate students
reading accomplishments...
Prairie Valley Elementary observed Read
Spencer Warehime Across America Week during the week of Feb. 27th to
March 2nd. Students and staff participated in many read-
Congratulations to
Spencer Warehime for being ing activities throughout several days.
selected as Jaguar of the Some of the activities were: voting for their fa-
week. vorite Dr. Seuss book on a large display (Green Eggs and
The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & Thing 2 are
Spencer was selected Ham was the big favorite!), logging their reading min-
welcoming students into the assembly on March 2nd at the
for the following reasons. utes, dressing up for fun themes each day, reading to oth- PV Elemenatry.
He does an excellent job ers, etc.
working on projects, he Fourth graders read to every preschool through
brings a great attitude to 2nd grade classroom. 4th grade teachers read to 3rd
the room and he makes grade classrooms. The students kept track of their read-
sure details are thoroughly ing minutes and reached their goal of 100,000 minutes of
thought through. reading! We would like to recognize all of our wonder-
Jaguar of Week recognition is made by a different ful parents for their support and for helping our students
staff member on a rotating basis each week at Southeast reach this goal by reading at home!
Valley High School. To end the week, students had the option to wear
pajamas to school as one of their themed dress days. A
celebration assembly was held and students had an ice
cream treat.
PV Elementary staff members wore Read
Across America shirts to celebrate reading and the stu-
dents reading accomplishment! Another fourth grader is reading to younger PV
elementary students.

PV fourth graders are pictured reading to younger students during Read Accross America Week.

PV Kindergarten Round-Up for

the upcoming 2017-18 school-year
Planned for Friday, April 7...
Prairie Valley E lementary will be holding its is only approximately 90 minutes in length so parents can
annual Kindergarten /
TK Round-Up for the upcoming attend this important event in their childrenslives.
2017-18 school-year at Prairie Valley Elementary, north If families live outside of the Prairie Valley
of Farnhamville on Friday, April 7, 2017. To enroll in School District/ Southeast Valley Schools area, there
2017-18 Kindergartenor TK, a child must be 5 years old is still time to Open Enroll for kindergarten for the
by Sept. 15th, 2017. upcoming 2017-18 school year. The Kindergarten Open
Please call:(515) 467-5700 o r email: peter- Enrollment deadline is Sept 1st of the current school-
sons@prairievalley.k12.ia.us to register for theKinder- year and does not have the same deadline as other school
garten/TKRound-Up meeting and receive an information grades. Call (515) 467- 5700 for more information.
packet and forms. Both of Southeast Valleys elementary schools
A specific session will be assigned to everyone are holding their Kindergarten Round-Up on Friday,
that registers and more information will be provided. R April 7th, 2017.
ound-Up sessionsarefor the kindergarten children and
their parents. The children will get to meet the teachers,
visit the classrooms, have some fun, and meet other fu-
ture kindergartners! T
he parents will learn about specific
kindergarten information and will be able ask questions,
etc. To make the event efficient, each round-up session
March 15, 2017

10 OFFany athletic shoe
under $110.
15 OFF
any athletic shoe
over $110.

Prices good thru March 31, 2017

Voting Category winners from left to right are Ben Wanat, Drew Dorsey, Laila Christophersen, Caden Milham
and Oscar Hansen. 210 South 25th St.,

Cub Scout Pack 42 held annual Pinewood

Fort Dodge, IA
515-955-8200 888-293-3761
WELL GET YOU UP Mon. - Thur. 9-7 Fri. 9-6;
Sat. 9-5 Sunday Noon-5

Derby at United Methodist Church, Gowrie

By Trish Wanat
Cub Scout Pack 42 held its annual Pinewood lia Urban and Andrew Wanat.
Derby the afternoon of February 19th at the Gowrie Scouts voted on five categories of car design
United Methodist Church. Before the 2pm race, Scouts with the following results: Most Unique - Drew Dorsey,
watched an internet safety video and had access to a digi- Coolest Design - Oscar Hansen, Best Paint Job - Laila
tal scale to make any final adjustments to their cars prior Christophersen, Most Colorful - Ben Wanat, and Most
to check-in. Scouting families enjoyed popcorn and lem- Realistic - Caden Milham. Den race, siblings race and
voting category winners all receive bubble gum medals.
eonade while watching scouts compete for three trophies
efor overall pack Pinewood Derby winners.
Owen Pudenzs car won the Fuel Economy Award and he
Bear Scout Teagan Saxton won first place; Tiger received a flat tire cake.
Scout Zeke Abbas came in second; and Bear Scout Ryan
Stewart took third.
This years derby also had individual den races,
a siblings race, a fuel economy award for the slowest car
and voting categories for car design. Tiger Den race win-
ners were Zeke Abbas, Conner Rentz and Ben Wanat.
Bear Den race winners were Teagan Saxton,
Ryan Stewart and Laila Christophersen.
Webelos Den winners were Creighton Urban,
Kaden Wellman and Oscar Hansen.
Scout sibling winners were Weslyn Urban, Ma-

Overall winners from left to right are Ryan Stew- The Fuel Economy Winner during the Annual
art, Teagan Saxton and Zeke Abbas. Pinewood Derby was Owen Pudenz.

A packed house in GUMC supporting the scouts at the Pack 42 Pinewood Derby. Photos by Trish Wanat.

Our Saviours Lutheran Lenten suppers

Wednesday, March 15 at 5:15 p.m. . .
Wednesday, March 15 Wednesday Night Lenten sure Check will begin at 10:15 a.m. Sunday School will
Supper will begin at 5:15 p.m. Confirmation Class meets begin at 10:30 a.m. Adult forum will begin at 11 a.m. in
at the Fireside Room at 6 p.m. Lenten Worship will be the Fireside Room. C.A.T.S. will begin at 6 p.m.
held at 7 p.m. Monday, March 20 Bible Study with Don Doo-
Thursday, March 16 Choir Rehearsal will begin little will begin at 7 p.m. in the Fireside Room.
at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 22 Wednesday Night Lent-
Saturday, March 18 Mens Group will begin in en Supper will begin at 5:15 p.m. Confirmation will begin
the Fireside Room at 9 a.m. in the Fireside Room at 6 p.m. Lenten Worship will begin
Sunday, March 19 Worship; and Food Pantry- at 7:00 p.m.
will begin at 9:15 a.m. Fellowship Coffee; Blood Pres-
8 March 15, 2017

Southeast Valley FFA chapter members win Paton Public

many Awards at District FFA Conference Library March
Saturday, March 4...
The North Central District FFA Conference was
held on Saturday, March 4th at Riceville High School.
Management-Silver and advanced.
Iowa FFA Degrees: The following students had
activities planned
There were 29 chapters present with over 270 members their records and application verified by the district advi- Adult Social will be held every Thursday eve-
either competing or attending sessions. sor to receive their Iowa FFA Degree. Those individuals ning from 5pm-7pm. Come in and join us for a little so-
The Reporters Scrapbook prepared by Reporter were Mason Bahr, Jaden Cline, and Nick Eslick. They cial time with other adults. Activities range from coloring
Keanna Taylor and President Emma Graves captured will receive their degree at the State FFA Leadership books to wii games, card games, puzzles etc. There
first place gold and advanced onto state. The second Conference in April. The Iowa FFA Degree is the high- will be light refreshments, but patrons are welcome to
place scrapbook earning a gold rating as well was from est degree a member can receive on the state level. The bring in their own to share.
the Nashua-Plainfield FFA. 89th Iowa FFA Leadership Conference will take place in St. Patricks Day Story Hour will be held from
The Parliamentary Procedure team of Nick Es- Ames, Iowa on April 9-11, 2017. 4:15pm-5:30pm. Be sure to wear Green for this Story
lick, Payton Erritt, Emma Graves, Ryan Jondle, Cassidy Hour! Come in and listen to stories and celebrate the day
Lambert, and alternate Morgan Castenson, earned a gold
rating and place third. They are the alternate team for
First United Methodist with Shamrocks and green snacks! There may be a Lep-
rechaun hiding in the Library. If you find him, you could
state consideration. The two top teams in this contest
area were the Osage (first) and Rockford-Rudd-Marble
Church activities planned win a prize!
Don Hyndmans Wood Carving Presentation

Rock FFA (second) teams. Wednesday, March 15 Lunch Bunch will begin will be held March 23rd from 5:30pm-7pm. Have you
Proficiency Awards: The chapter had ten in- at 4:30-6:00 Children's Bell Choir will be held at 6-6:15 seen the small wood carvings on display at the library?
dividuals compete in the FFA Proficiency award area. followed by Confirmation Class at 6:30-7:30. These carvings are made by Don Hyndman. Ever won-
Eight of the ten applications advanced to state. Results Sunday, March 19 Accessible Worship at the der how they are made? Join us to find out as Don gives
are as follows: Ag Mechanics-Ryan Jondle-Silver; Di- Legion will begin at 10:30 p.m. Confirmation Class' Ben- his presentation and demonstrates his process in carving
versified Agriculture Production-Joshua Carlson-Gold efit For Jesse Sweeney will be held at the Landus Coop wood. If there is enough interest, there may be an oppor-
and advanced; Diversified Crop Production-Jaden Cline- Community Room from 10:30 a.m. till 1:30 p.m., Dona- tunity to sign up for a class.
Gold and advanced; Diversified Horticulture-Morgan
Blackhawk Lake
tions of cookies or bars are still welcomed.
Castenson-Silver and advanced; Equine Management- Sunday, March 19th Pancake Breakfast at the
Payton Erritt-Silver; Fiber and Oil Crop Production-Joel new fire station will be held serving from 10:30 a.m. until
Lambert-Gold and advanced; Forage Production-Ben
Carlson-Silver and advanced; Outdoor Recreation-Em-
ma Graves-Gold and advanced; Sheep Production-Allie
1 p.m. Proceeds will go toward finishing the newly con-
structed fire station in Gowrie. ice free; fishing fair
Berg-Silver and advanced; and Noah Jepsen-Wildlife Black Hawk Lake---Water temperatures are
around 43 degrees. Bluegill - Fair: Use small tube jigs or
REC scholarships hair jigs tipped with bait fished under a bobber in Town
Bay and around Ice House Point. Try also near the inlet.

available for Calhoun Most fish are 6.5-7.5 inches.

Channel Catfish - Fair: With these water tem-
peratures, it is a good time to target catfish from shore.
County members Use cut bait and stink bait at Ice House Point, Lakewood
Point area, the rock pile north of Cottonwood Point, and
$500 for spring of 2017... the east shore near the outlet.
Black Crappie - Fair: Use small jigs fished un-
Calhoun County REC will award up to three der a bobber. Walleye - Fair: Some walleye are being
$500 scholarships in the spring of 2017. These scholar- caught from shore on twisters and minnows. Most are be-
ships will be disbursed to help with first year college ex- ing picked up in Town Bay and along Ice House Point,
penses. Eligible students must be graduating high school The Gowrie United Methodist Church celebrated but anywhere along shore with rocky structure and drop-
seniors and a dependent of a Calhoun County REC mem- Scout Sunday on February 19. offs can produce fish (e.g, Gunshot hill and east end near
ber. the outlet).
Applicants must be planning to enroll in a full
time undergraduate course of study at an accredited two-
Scouts from Pack Muskellunge - Fair: A few musky Anglers have
been picked up a few musky since ice-out. There is a 40
year or four-year college university or vocational/techni-
cal school in the fall of 2017. The scholarship must be for
educational costs, and the student must enter college in
42 celebrate Scout inch minimum length limit on musky in Black Hawk

the school year for which the scholarship is given.

Scholarship awards will be based on the fol-
Sunday in Gowrie Motorcycle education
lowing criteria: complete application, one letter of refer-
ence from a teacher or counselor and a 250 word essay
By Trish Wanat
Each year Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts across the
classes offered at ICCC
question on "How can cooperative members make a dif-
country celebrate and honor their Duty to God by partici- Motorcycle Rider Education classes are being
ference regarding political decisions that directly affect
pating in Scout Sunday on the Sunday before the BSAs offered at Iowa Central Community College, Transporta-
Calhoun County REC and its members?"
birthday on February 8th. tion Technology Center, Fort Dodge. The classes will
Awards will be announced by letter and on the
This year Scout Sunday fell on February 5th and consist of two components 5 hours of classroom and
Caloun County REC's website. Application information
was celebrated at the Zion Lutheran Church in Gowrie. 10 hours of range time. A mandatory on-line 3 hour prep
and forms are available online at www.calhounrec.coop
The Gowrie United Methodist Church also celebrated course is required prior to taking the class.
or by calling 712-297-7112 or 800-821-4879.
Scout Sunday but at a later date, February 19th. The Motorcycle Rider Education course is re-
Completed applications must be received at the
Scouts from Pack 42 participated at both Gowrie quired by Iowa law to obtain a motorcycle endorsement
REC office on or before Friday, April 7th by 4:30.
services as well as some scouts participating in services at on your drivers license for all residents under age 18.

their own congregations. Students must be at least 14 years old and hold a DOT
The Boy Scouts of America maintains that no drivers permit or license.
member can grow into the best kind of citizen without Preregistration and prepayment are required.
recognizing an obligation to God... according to the Class sizes are limited. For more information, contact

Worship Schedule BSAs Declaration of Religious Principle. Iowa Central Community College at 515-574-1971.


8:30 a.m. Sunday School; 9:30 a.m. Worship
10:30 a.m. Sunday Worship, 9:45 a.m. Fellowhip Coffee
9:15 a.m. Sunday Worhip
9:00 a.m. Sunday School; 10:15 a.m. Worship
9:30 a.m. Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. Worship
10:30 a.m. Worship; 9:30 a.m. Fellowhip
8:30 a.m. Worship; 9:40 a.m. Sunday School
9:00 a.m. Worship
9:00 a.m. Worship
9:00 a.m. Worship
March 15, 2017
Gowrie new construction grant... the board of the Growth Alliance.
I was dealing directly with the Growth Alliance
Black stated the housing program comes with a number of
other benefits such as the waiving of construction permit
continued from front page... because they do have the expertise with the tax increment fees, Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Associa-
Were finding people need that equity up front, he said. financing, he said. And added, It was very beneficial tion running fiber to the house for free which is roughly a
The program uses Tax Increment Financing (TIF). After to partner with the Growth Alliance in getting this rolled $1,000 value, and Gowrie Municipal Utilities providing
a property is developed, TIF allows the city to collect 100 out. electric installation and waving the water connection fee.
percent of the increase in the tax value of the property for Black noted there are other services offered by The package also contains a one-year free membership
a number of years. the GFDGA. They provide us resources and person- to the workout facility, municipal golf course, and swim-
Black noted it takes about seven years for funds nel in the different ares of expertise they offer. So if we ming pool.
to be made back through TIF. He added that the city need some marketing, we call the Growth Alliance. As I feel like every meeting I ever go to, every kind
provides the funds from money it had on hand, in what a member of the Growth Alliance, the Gowrie Develop- of economic training I go to, they always talk about the
amounts to an inner-account loan---from one city fund ment Commission is able to contract with the alliance need for housing to attract young families with children.
to the TIF fund.To qualify, a proposed new home must organization on a part-time basis when other specialized In this day and age, young families want newer houses,
cost at least $150,000, and the grant funds will pay 10 services are needed. Redman said.
percent of the projects cost. A proposed house must cost Another goal of the Development Commission Incentives aside, Black noted there are a lot of
$400,000 to get the maximum $40,000 amount. is the main street rehabilitation project which the two reasons to build in Gowrie, including affordable lots and
It was noted that commercial building can also groups are currently working on in tandem. a good cost of living and that Gowrie does have a lot to
benefit from TIF. This program is focused on housing, The housing grant program has been in place offer.
but its also available for commercial or industry, Black for about 30 days after receiving approval from the City Weve got all the amenities. Weve got a golf
said, with pretty much the same parameters as the hous- Council. Its pretty new, Black said. Everything is in course, a pool, a roller rink, a grocery store. Weve got
ing. place to go. two banks, weve got a strong telco company......and
The Gowrie Development Commission partners Mayor Redman also stressed the importance of weve got a great school system. I think we have a lot to
with the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance, with the partnership. offer.
GDC joining with GFDGA over a year ago. When you look back over the last year, the For more information, contact the city at (515)
The partnership is going very well. Especial- things weve accomplished and all the things we are still 352-3999.
ly with this program, they provided a lot of expertise, working towards, its more than what you think. Weve
Black stated. He spearheaded the Gowrie housing project
and also is the Commissions representative that sits on
gotten a lot accomplished with their help.
There are other perks when building in Gowrie. Moorland Fire Dept.
North Central Iowa Classifieds set Easter Egg Hunt
WANTED- feet of force main. A total
of three employees as staff.
OTR Flatbed, $1200
average weekly income! 46-50 WANTED TO BUY OR
for April 15
W a s t e w a t e r To apply, submit a letter of CPM based on experience. Full TRADE During the regular council meeting held
Superintendent: The City application and work resume benefits. Pets allowed. CDL-A, GUITAR WANTED!
Wednesday February 21, 2017 at the Moorland Fire Sta-
of Winterset is seeking to: City Administrator, City of 1-year OTR experience, Local musician will pay up to
applicants for the position Winterset, 124 W. Court Ave., flatbed experience preferred. $12,500 for pre-1975 Gibson, tion Matt Smith was sworn in as newest member after
of Superintendent of Winterset IA 50273 Please 888.928.1813 www.drivechief. Fender, Martin and Gretsch being appointed by Council, City Clerk administered the
the Wastewater System. submit application by March com (INCN) guitars. Fender amplifiers also. oath.
Wastewater treatment plant 31, 2017. (INCN) Call toll free! 1-800-995-1217. The town set its annual city wide Clean-up Day
is a Grade III, two-stage MEDICAL CARE (INCN) to be held on Saturday, May 20.
trickling filter (bio-tower) HELP WANTED- TRUCK IF YOU HAD HIP OR FREON R12 WANTED: The city of Moorland also approved to accept
plant, pretreatment, primary DRIVER KNEE REPLACEMENT We PICK UP and pay CA$H agreement from John Horrell to install water meters.
clarification, solids contact Class A CDL Drivers/ SURGERY AND SUFFERED for R12. Cylinders or case of The Park Board stated the windows are done on
tank, final clarification, UV Tankers. Great Pay, Home AN INFECTION between cans. EPA certified. (312) 291- the north side windows removed and covered with metal
disinfection, and two stage Weekends, and Benefits! 2010 and the present time, 9169; sell@refrigerantfinders.
sheeting. South side had new windows installed in middle
aerobic digestion, Collection Potential of $60,000 plus per you may be entitled to com (INCN)
system consists of 150,000 year! Contact Tony 608-935- compensation. Call Attorney of old windows and metal sheeting on sides.
lineal feet of sewer main, five 0915 Ext 16 www.qlf.com Charles H. Johnson 1-800-535- The Moorland Fire Department has set their An-
lift stations, and 16,000 lineal (INCN) 5727 (INCN) nual Easter Egg Hunt to be held on April 15.


$2,500 SIGN ON BONUS! CALL NOW 1-800-320-3984 Gowrie Police Report
January 17, 2017 to February 8, 2017
February 4th- 17:25- LEC- Return phone call
to subject reference Police Department serving
civil papers.
February 5th- 20:12- LEC- Assist Gowrie
EMS with medical call in the 900 block of 4th St.
Home Weekly | Class A CDL Required February 6th- 17:19- LEC- return phone call to
CALL 888-409-6033 | www.Drive4Red.com employee of a business in the 1800 block of Main
St. reference a report of sexual assault.
20:14- LEC- Assist WCSO with a do-
mestic dispute in the 3800 mile of Hayes Ave.
February 7th- Routine activity reported.
February 8th- Routine activity reported.
KANSAS CITY CONVENTION CENTER - KANSAS CITY, MO February 9th- 09:10- Out at a residence in the
MARCH 24-25, 2017 700 VEHICLES 1400 block of Lynd St. for report of an injured or
sick raccoon.
12:12- LEC- Assist Gowrie EMS with a
medical call in the 1800 block of Main St.
February 10th- 19:20- LEC- Assist in locating
the source of several reports of loud explosion in
www.1866GetAPro.com the area of Harcourt. Unable to locate anything.
TIME TO CONSIGN MECUM.COM February 11th- Routine activity reported.
February 12th- 21:13- LEC- Assist Gowrie
How You Can Avoid EMS with medical call in the 1700 block of Lin-
coln St.
We can We need to 7 Costly Mistakes if February 13th- 14:20- Out at a residence in the

stop Hurt at Work 1700 block of Lincoln St. reference a pick up war-
talk openly rant from Calhoun County Sheriffs Office.
about HIV. Each year thousands of Iowans 19:00- LEC- Return phone call to subject

HIV are hurt at work, but many fail to

learn the Injured Workers Bill of
Rights which includes:
reference harassment from sister. Advised to dis-
regard before call could be made as reporting party
called back in advising her attorney would take
1. Payment of Mileage at $.54 per care of it. No call was made.
mile 2. Money for Permanent February 14th- Routine activity reported.
Disability 3. 2nd Medical February 15th- Routine activity reported.
Opinion in Admitted Claims. . . *Note: All charges are merely an accusation. All defendants are
. A Bold New Book reveals your presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.
other rights, exposes insurance company secrets and much
more. The book is being offered to you at no cost because
since 1997, Iowa Work Injury Attorney Corey Walker has
seen the consequences of clients costly mistakes. If you
Local Emergency Numbers:
or a loved one have been hurt at work and do not have an Gowrie Police: 352-3800
one conversation at a time attorney claim your copy (while supplies last) Call Now Sheriff: 515-573-1410
(800)-707-2552, ext. 311 (24 Hour Recording) or go to www.
Do you know your status? Ask your doctor for a test. IowaWorkInjury.com. Guarantee- Corey stands behind his Crime Alert: 515-573-1444
book and if you do not learn at least one thing call us and we Ambulance: 911 Fire: 911
will donate $1,000 to your charity of choice.
10 March 15, 2017
Dayton Leader Publishing District $100.00



Girls Track
Decker Sporting Goods Girls Basketball Resale, Girls Basketball $610.00
Deckers Basketball Nets, HS Maintenance $96.00
Doolittle Oil Co, Inc Supplies Transportation $75.08
Dramatists Play Service Supplies Play $234.10 IN THE MATTER Probate No. ESPR307502
Prairie Valley Community Schools Drees Disposal Repair, PPEL $379.80 OF THE ESTATE OF NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL,
Board of Directors Earthgrains Baking Co., Inc, Bread $865.38 GARY EDWARD TAYLOR, WITHOUT ADMINISTRATION
Regular Board Meeting Elite Sports, Jaeschke and Swieter plaques, Football $113.30 Deceased.
Wednesday, February 27, 2017 FEH Design, Construction Documents, Capital Project $82,281.00
6:30 p.m. Follett Software Library PPEL $3,529.00 To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Gary Edward Taylor,
Prairie Valley High School Library Future Comm. Leaders , Scholarship Payout, 2016 Scholarship $3,850.00 Deceased, who died on April 14, 2010:
Scholarship Payout 2015 Scholarship $5,269.00 You are notified that on July 2, 2013, the last will and testament
G & K Services Supplies HS $486.84 of Gary Edward Taylor, deceased, bearing date of March 10, 2010, was
The Prairie Valley Community School District held its regular board Supplies Transportation $135.29 admitted to probate in the above named court and that there will be no
meeting on Monday, February 27, 2017 in the Prairie Valley High School Gowrie Municipal Utilities HS $6,249.78 present administration of the Estate.
Library. Gowrie News Publishing District $357.68 Any action to set aside the will must be brought in the district court
President Miller called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Gowrie Service Tire Repair Transportation $10.00 of said county within the later to occur of four months from the date of the
A roll call vote was taken. Graphic Edge Resale - Dance Workshop, Dance $697.44 second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of
Present: Shannon Miller, Patrice Klingson, Jim Carlson, Heidi Grell Roofing Roof Repair HS, Capital Project $550.00 this notice to all heirs of the decedent and devisees under the will whose
McGuire, Gary Welter arrived at 6:35 p.m. Absent: Kathy Carlson, Joe Gruhn Law Firm Legal Fees District $682.50 identities are reasonably ascertainable, or thereafter be forever barred.
Harrison Hanlon, Kerry Cell Phone HS $40.00
Also Present: Brian Johnson, Jim Duncan, Lisa Willardson, 8 staff Harris Computers Annual Accounting Software, PPEL $8,930.25 Dated: July 15, 2013.
members and 2 public members. Harris School Supplies Tax Form Order, District $325.55
Moved by J. Carlson, seconded by McGuire to approve the consent Heartland AEA Professional Development, Elem $90.00 /s/ Linda Sue Mumper Taylor
items, including the agenda, approval of the minutes with one correction Henrich, James Travel HS $40.00 Proponent
and approval of the bills. Ayes: Miller, Klingson, J. Carlson, McGuire Hewlett Packard Laptop Repairs, Technology $1,682.48 5066 School Hill, Apt. 5
Nays: None Motion Carried: 4-0 HyVee Supplies FCS $48.61 Lehigh, Iowa 50557
Visitors were welcomed. No citizen participation at this time. ICCA Honor Squad All Star Cheer Squad, Fall Cheer $240.00
The SIAC meeting is scheduled for March 28th. Iowa Assn of School Boards, Background Checks, District $93.00 Ernest Kersten
The Facilities and Grounds Committee will be meeting to discuss Day on the hill, District $130.00 Attorney for the Proponent
access points on the doors and possibly more cameras. Iowa Assn of School Boards, Board Conventio, District $555.00 1609 220th Street
The Negotiations/Finance committee was tabled until later in the Iowa Central Community College, Secondary Textbooks, HS $2,340.60 Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501
meeting. Bus Driver Inservice Transportation $525.00
Mr. Johnson and Lisa Willardson will be attending a 2 day Line Item Iowa Cheer Coaches Association Date of second publication
Budget Conference. Registration and Membership Fall Cheer $180.00 22nd day of March, 2017
Jaguar Jubilations were shared- Iowa Communications Network, Purchased Serv, HS $46.50

Public Notice
PV Elementary reported that Winter FAST Reading Screenings IA FFA Foundation, Inc., 2016-2017 Transfor Purpos to Action, FFA $340.00
(Formative Assessment System for Teachers) are complete and our Iowa Highs School Speech, Supplies HS Speech $128.00
students are showing good growth on their reading fluency. Congratulations ISFIS Budget Workshop, District $250.00
to our students, families and staff. We feel that this progress is due in ISU Track and Field, 24th Annual Iowa StateGirl's Classic, Girls Track $125.00
part to our new literacy intervention block and our PRESS interventions. J.P. Byson Diesel Transportation $2,023.50 IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR WEBSTER COUNTY
We look forward to seeing what impact the new LEXIA Core 5 Reading J.W. Pepper Supplies HS Band $499.63
Intervention program ahs on our spring screenings. Jamboree Supplies FCS $632.22 ESTATE OF JOANN HUDSON, CASE NO. EQCV319323
The TK 2nd Grade Music Concert was on January 26th and was Supplies Concessions $33.75 Plaintiff, ORIGINAL NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION
very well attended. Thank you to Alexis Finder our music teacher, our Joel Stover Official Fees Boys/Girls Basketball $260.00 vs.
students our parents/families and our faculty for such a nice and well run Jones, Travis, Dayton Lion's Club 2016 Scholarship $500.00 VERA JUST ELLIS, MARY GRIFFIS, ROSABELLE CHABAN
event. The 3rd and 4th grade concert will be on March 16th. Josh Hinote Official Fees Boys/Girls Basketball $160.00 JERYS, PHILLIP A. CHABAN,WARDBENTON,HARRY BENTON,
Moved by McGuire, seconded by J. Carlson to approve the financial Josh Smith Official Fees Boys/Girls Basketball $50.00 IRENE LOUISE JUST SHELDON, WANDA E. JUST ROTHMUND,
reports as presented. Ayes: Miller, Klingson, J. Carlson, McGuire, Welter Kabel Business Services HRA monthly fee, District $270.00 CAROL MULLARD, MARSHALL POOLE, JAMES POOLE, ALLIDAH
Nays: None Motion Carried: 5-0 Kelly Black FFA Quilt FFA $318.86 VELMA POOLE HICKS, WARREN POOLE, RONALD JEROME
Jim Duncan report PV Elementary Kramer Golf Ball Co. Inc Golf Balls - practice, Boys Golf $160.70 EFFERTZ, JERRY EFFERTZ, ETHAN CHABAN ROSENBAUM, AARON
The third and fourth grades are completing the Iowa Assessments. Landus Supplies EL Maintenance $20.96 ROSENBAUM, KAREN CHABAN BENTON, JEAN LISA STOPKE
The students appeared to focus and do their best, so we are anxious to Lehigh Valley Telephone Utilities Bus Barn $79.51 DOHANYOS, GAIL ROXANN GUTTENFELDER TRIP, LARITA KA YE
receive their results in the next few weeks. The Iowa Assessments are a Lundberg, Emilea Supplies Wrestling Cheer $112.70 PETERSON MYERS, ROBERT PETERSON, FREDERICK CARLSON
one time, annual assessment that test students in the areas of: reading, Manson Northwest Webser, Special Education Tuition,District $38,550.74 JR., DANIEL CARLSON, STEPHEN RALPH CARLSON, DIANE PEJZA
math, science, and social studies. Three faculty members from our Martin Bros Supplies Nutrition $6,819.63 LATIOLAIS, DONNA PEJZA MILLER, MICHAEL PEJZA, PAULA JEAN
Literacy Team attended the 2nd Annual Literacy Symposium at the end of Martin Brothers Supplies HS FCS $59.84 PEJZA ALDERMAN, JANET PEJZA D' AGOSTINO, CAROL ANN PEJZA
January. The elementary is gearing up for Parent/Teacher Conferences Supplies HS Maintenance $115.26 MCBROOM, ADRIENNE NICHOLE CAUDILL MASON, MARK EARL
that will take place on Tues. - Feb. 28th & Thurs. - March 2nd. Each Menards Supplies HS Maintenance $401.19 KOTAJARVI, EUGENE R. HUDSON, PHYLLIS E. HUDSON, DONALD
students parents receive a scheduled conference. Our PTA will be holding Michael Smith Official Fees Boys/Girls Basketball $50.00 V. HUDSON, UNKNOWN HEIRS OF GEORGE WASHINGTON MUZZY,
its annual HY-VEE Fundraiser starting in latter February. The PTA is going MidAmerican Energry Utilities Bus Barn $338.94 AND THEIR UNKNOWN HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, ASSIGNEES,
to add to this fundraiser for those that do not wish to sell food items, by Midstate Plumbing and Heating, Final AC Unit EL , Capital Projects$39,746.00 SUCCESSORS IN INTEREST AND THEIR UNKNOWN SPOUSES AND
simply having a donation option where students can still earn incentives. Midstate Plumbing and Heating, UNKNOWN CLAIMANTS OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED REAL
The PTA has asked to use the Southeast Valley Jaguar logo as they have Repair Boiler Bus Barn, Capital Projects $654.00 ESTATE SITUATED IN WEBSTER COUNTY, IOWA:
in the past. Participation in any of the fundraisers is optional. Our school NAPA Supplies Transportation $9.69 Government Lots 6, 7, and 8 and the S1/2 of the SW1/4 of Section
held a PBIS Celebration Assembly on Feb. 10th. TK though 4th grade Supplies HS Maintenance $3.99 14-88-28, West of the 5th P.M., Webster County, Iowa, EXCEPT a tract of
students who have been nominated by their teachers for showing good National Association of Student Councils land in the SE1/4 of the SW1/4 and in Government Lot 7 of Section 14-
behavior were recognized. A group of 4th grade girls, called The Kindness Online Payment - NHS Supplies National Honor Society $230.00 88-28, West of the 5th P.M., Webster County, Iowa, described as follows:
Committee presented their plans to the TK-4th grade students for helping National FFA Organization, Jacekts FFA $761.50 Beginning at a point 1899.5 feet East of the SW corner of the SW1/4 of
promote positivity within our school. This group of students initiated and Northern Lights Supplies Concessions $869.99 the SW 1/4 of said Section 14, said point being also on the South line of
then designed this plan with the supervision of school counselor - Brittany Pautsch, Terry Cellular Transportation $40.00 said Section 14; thence North 344.0 feet; thence East 218.4 feet parallel
Swanson. The last part of the assembly was a fun celebration where Prairie Lakes AEA Supplies HS $322.99 to the South line of said Section 14; thence South 145.6 feet; thence East
students who had been recognized for good behavior were able to have a Prairie Valley CSD Scholarship Fund 127.9 feet parallel to the South line of said Section 14; thence North 190.6
contest based on who could wrap up one of their grades teachers like a NHS Scholarship 2016 National Honor Society $508.80 feet; thence East 85.0 feet parallel to the South line of said Section 14;
snowman. They had to use teamwork and problem solve as they could not PV Activity Fund, Working concessions Dance Team, Concessions$237.10 thence N052' East 1100 feet; thence East 205.0 feet parallel to the South
touch the teacher or use anything other than the tissue used for wrapping Working concessions Boys/Girls Track, Concessions $332.80 line of said Section 14; thence S053' West 1489.0 feet to the South line
around the teacher. The students had a student coach and an adult staff Working concessions Wrestling Cheer, Concessions $214.26 of said Section 14; thence West 630.3 feet to the point of beginning, AND
member coach as well. They raced the other grade levels to see who Working concessions DECA Concessions $329.08 EXCEPT a parcel of land located in the SW1/4 of Section 14-88-28 West of
could make the best snowman (snowperson). They were all cheered on by PV Concessions Official Supplies, Girls/Basketball $26.00 the 5th P.M., Webster County, Iowa, more particularly described as follows:
their fellow classmates. It was a great way to recognize good behavior on Ricoh, Supplies - Additional Copies Technology $2,661.46 Commencing at the SW corner of the said SW1/4; thence N9000'00" East
a late Friday afternoon! (PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions Copier Lease PPEL $1,604.80 1899.50 feet along the South line of the said SW1/4; thence N0000'00"
& Supports.) Rieman Music Supplies HS Band $249.89 East 344.00 feet to the point of beginning; thence continuing N0000'00"
Jim Henrich report Southeast Valley High School Roper Repair Auger HS Maintenance $63.00 East 30.00 feet; thence N9000'00" East 218.40 feet; thence South
We finished Iowa Assessments at the high school on Friday, February School Bus Sales Parts Transportation $62.46 0000'00" West 30.00 feet; thence S9000'00" West 218.40 feet to the
10th. Next we will start on makeup tests. Schumacher Maintenance HS Maintenance $206.17 point of beginning, containing 6552 square feet. Note: The South line of
State Large group speech went very well. We sent 7 groups to Scott Noah Official Fees Boys/Girls Basketball $100.00 the said SW1/4 was assumed to bear N9000'00" East.
Spencer and all represented Southeast Valley tremendously. Next, Something Unique Wrestling Resale, Wrestling $419.00
Individual Speech will start. Southeast Webster Grand NOW KNOWN AS Government Lots 6, 7 and 8 and the S1/2 of the
Mrs. Hanson, the Science teachers and I have been meeting to Building and Trades Transp, Transportation $1,994.32 SW1/4 of Section 14-88-28, West of the 5th P.M., Webster County, Iowa,
discuss what changes will be needed to incorporate the changes from TLC Fee TLC $1,725.00 EXCEPT a tract of land in the SE1/4 of the SW1/4 and in Government
Next Generation Science Standards. Our goal is to have a plan created Messenger Advertising - 1st half of year, District $444.50 Lot 7 of Section 14-88-28, West of the 5th P.M., Webster County, Iowa,
sometime this spring. We may need to add classes, change classes or IASB Sup Conf, District $75.00 described as follows: Beginning at a point 1899.5 feet East of the SW
eliminate some. MISIC District $50.00 corner of the SW1/4 of the SW 1/4 of said Section 14, said point being also
Dan Fox report Southeast Valley Middle School Splash Graphics Resale Wrestling Cheer $1,032.00 on the South line of said Section 14; thence North 374.0 feet; thence East
We have completed the first week of school wide testing. Many kids Star Energy Gas Transportation $713.65 218.4 feet parallel to the South line of said Section 14; thence South 175.6
were sick this year so the make up process is a much bigger process this Diesel Transportation $2,696.94 feet; thence East 127.9 feet parallel to the South line of said Section 14;
year. Student Support Seminar has been happening for most of second Preschool Transportation $342.81 thence North 190.6 feet; thence East 85.0 feet parallel to the South line
Trimester. Students who are failing a course are assigned to meet with the Special Education Transportation $294.27 of said Section 14; thence N052' East 1100 feet; thence East 205.0 feet
teacher of that class for one day a week. Subjects rotate through the week. Swanson Florist Senior Night All Athletics $73.00 parallel to the South line of said Section 14; thence S053' West 1489.0
During this time students receive extra instruction and help to improve TCB Sanitation Utilities 3 months, HS / Bus Barn $375.00 feet to the South line of said Section 14; thence West 630.3 feet to the
their grades. Students meet with the teacher until they are passing. The Time Management Systems, Attendance software, PPEL $969.90 point of beginning.
first home wrestling meet was Tuesday night. There were 92 matches Trophies Plus Engraving Playoff Trophy, Football $11.74 TO THE AFORESAID DEFENDANTS:
completed. Thank you to all the workers that helped. Applications are Trophies Unlimited Name Plates All Athletics $53.00 You are hereby notified that Plaintiff's Petition in is now on file
being taken for Industrial Tech Club. Mrs. Ferrari is currently working on United Extreme Bling Bow - Resale Fall Cheer $175.00 in the office of the clerk of the Court,stating in substance that Plaintiff
creating a yoga club. National History Day was February 21st. There Verizon Cellulars District $621.39 owns in fee simple the property described in the caption of this notice.
is a new electronic sign by the lunchroom that displays messages and VISA Embassy Suites, District $8.00 Such ownership is claimed by reason of facts fully stated in the Petition,
information throughout the day. Heartsmart HS Maintenance $613.12 which also alleges that Defendants claim some interest therein, but their
Teacher Leadership application deadlines have passed. The plan is USPS.com District $286.75 claim is without right and constitutes a cloud on the title which it is desired
to hire the Leadership Coordinators first and then use those 3 positions to Ejazzlines HS Band $52.00 to remove. The Petition prays that Plaintiff's title to the premises be
help hire/assign the other positions. USPS District $47.00 established as an absolute title in fee simple, and quieted and confirmed
Mr. Johnson gave a legislative update regarding the possibility of an Caseys Gen Store, Fuel $33.06 against all Defendants, each of whom be forever barred and estopped
Educational Savings Account/Voucher system bill that is being discussed. Caseys Gen Store, Fuel $14.20 from having or claiming any right, title, lien or interest in side property;
There is a pre-bid meeting on Tuesday, at 10:00 am. The soil borings USPS District $4.24 and for other equitable relief, and for costs. For further particulars see the
came back. If we decide to add on the central office and conference room, Amazon Digital, HS $9.62 Petition as on file.
some soil over excavation will be necessary. Adobe District $47.76 The name and address of the attorney for the Plaintiff is: Grefe & Sidney,
Mrs. Nellis will be teaching French next year. We are currently Future Horizons, HS $140.00 PLC, Craig S. Shannon, 500 E. Court Avenue, Suite 200, Des Moines, IA
advertising for a full-time English teacher. Hotels.com HS $95.28 50309. The attorney's phone number is (515)245-4300.
Jim Carlson read the initial proposal for the 2017-2018 Master NAFME National Honor Society $100.00 You must serve a motion or answer on or before the 19th day of
Contract. Copies were provided to the attendees. Copies can be obtained Weissman Designs for Dance, Dance $439.90 April, 2017, and within a reasonable time thereafter, file your motion or
in the District Office. Uniform Advantage, Dance $170.70 answer, in the Iowa District Court for Webster County, Iowa, at the County
Moved by McGuire, seconded by Welter to adopt the Promise of Iowa IA Wrestling Coaches Assoc, Wrestling $129.00 Courthouse in Fort Dodge, Iowa. If you do not, judgment by default may be
Campaign as recommended by the Iowa School Board Association. Ayes: MP All Athletics $20.00 rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Petition.
Miller, Klingson, J. Carlson, McGuire, Welter Nays: None Motion Carried: Mocia FB Coaches AssN, Football $60.00 You are further notified that the above case has been filed in a
5-0 Visions Glass Windshield Repair, Transportation $65.00 county that utilizes electronic filing. Please see Iowa Court Rules Chapter
Moved by Welter, seconded by McGuire to go into closed session, Walmart Supplies Elementary $23.68 16 for information on electronic filing and Iowa Court Rules Chapter 16,
according to Iowa Code 21.5 (j). Waterloo Comm. School District, Special Education Tuition, District $1,537.67 division VI regarding the protection of personal information in court filings.
Roll Call Vote was taken: Miler- Aye, Welter- Aye, J. Carlson- Aye, McGuire Web-Cal Coop Tele. Telephones District $221.85 If you require the assistance of auxiliary aids or services to
Aye, Klingson- Aye Telephones EL $497.42 participate in court because of a disability, immediately call your district
The Board entered into Closed Session under Iowa Code 21.5 (j) Telephones HS $1,148.82 ADA coordinator at (641)421-0990. (If you are hearing impaired, call Relay
Moved by McGuire, seconded by Welter to re-enter open session. DTS Technology $2,002.00 Iowa TTY at 1-800-735-2942.) Disability coordinators cannot provide legal
Roll Call Vote was taken: Miler- Aye, Welter- Aye, J. Carlson- Aye, McGuire Wellmark Admin Fee District $220.50 advice.
Aye, Klingson-Aye Winger Service Disposal Repair, Capital Projects $352.50 IMPORTANT: YOU ARE ADVISED TO SEEK LEGAL ADVICE AT
The next meeting will be on March 15, 2017 at 6:30 in the High $280,315.80 ONCE TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS.
School Library.
Moved by Welter, seconded by McGuire to adjourn. Ayes: Miller,

Public Notice
Klingson, J. Carlson, McGuire, Welter Nays: None Motion Carried: 5-0
Meeting ended at 7:18 p.m.
March 9, 2017
PUBLIC NOTICE OF STORM WATER DISCHARGE We showed up for work on Monday with a very
Ahlers Cooney Attorneys Chapter 20 Workshop, District $95.00
Airgas Supplies HS Shop $1,204.85 JDG Pork Enterprises, LLC plans to submit a Notice of Intent to the aggressive plan; it was to get four large bills out of the House
AlphaMedia (digity) Advertising - Split with SWG, District $825.00 Iowa Department of Natural Resources to be covered under the NPDES by the end of the week. The first one was the omnibus gun
Amazon Supplies District $51.23 General Permit No. 2 "Storm Water Discharge Associated with Industrial
Supplies HS $23.63 Activity for Construction Activities bill which we started debate on Monday and passed Tues-
Andrew Stover Official Fees Boys/Girls Basketball $100.00 The storm water discharge will be for constructing a new confinement
Arnold Motor Supply, LLP Repair, Transportation $141.37 located in SW1/4, Sec 9, T86, R30, Webster County. Storm water will be day afternoon. We started on the Election Integrity bill on
Black Hills Energy Utilities HS $5,711.55 discharged from 1 point sources and will be discharged to the following Wednesday and we are still debating it now (Thursday
Calhoun County ECA Utilities EL $10,259.28 streams: Un-named tributaries to the West Branch Buttrick Creek.
Carroll Refuse Service Utilities EL $200.00 Comments may be submitted to the Storm Water Discharge Coordinator, morning). This afternoon our plan is to get to the Preemption
Central Iowa Distributing Supplies HS Maintenance $4,229.17 Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, bill and try to finish up tomorrow on the Workers Compensa-
Supplies EL Maintenance $1,471.34 502 E. 9th Street, Des Moines, IA 50319-0034.
Central Restaurant Stand Alone Freezer, Capital Project $3,862.00 The public may review the Notice of Intent from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., tion bill. As most of you know we very seldom work on Fri-
Clayton Ridge Open Enrollment, District $3,379.08 Monday through Friday, at the above address after it has been received by day. But we are rapidly running out of time down here. Next
Cummins Central Power Parts Transportation $127.87 the department.
Curtis Stover Official Fees Boys/Girls Basketball $100.00 Minute with Mike continued on page 11...
Custom Resources, LLC Candy Bar Sales 2017, Deca $1,980.00
March 15, 2017
same as those afforded by a domestic abuse protective Iowa's workers compensation system is easily
order. The bill also creates a notification system located exploited by people who want to game the system; such as
in the Crime Victim Assistance Division of the Attorney attorneys and doctors taking advantage of injured workers.
Generals Office to be used for notification of victims The system is meant to provide a safety net to workers in-
under domestic abuse protective orders and sexual abuse jured or disabled at work, not provide generous payouts to
Senator Tim Kraayenbrink District 5 protective orders. It also notifies victims of establishment those who want to exploit the generous nature of our system.
Chamber News of order, its duration, expiration warning, and notifies and Employers need to have an incentive built into the system
I enjoyed Legislative Forums in both Rockwell allows law enforcement to use and disseminate the infor- to hire new or keep employees with disabilities that impact
City and Fort Dodge this past weekend. Its important to mation for purposes of enforcement. their work.
me to have opportunities to meet with my constituents. Iowa's worker's compensation system was never meant to put
Thank you to those who attended. We had a good discus- Minute with Mike... an injured worker in a better financial situation than they had
sion on a wide variety of topics. Its good to hear your continued from page 10... prior to the injury.
thoughts and opinions. week the Revenue Estimating Committee meets. They will Please let me know what you are thinking! Feel free
Following these meetings I often receive feedback set the amount of money we have for the next fiscal budget to contact me at my legislative email at mike.sexton@legis.
regarding the structure and guidelines that shape a legis- year. Using the December numbers we only have 40 million iowa.gov

Your Local
lative forum. You should know that those guidelines are new dollars. Many of us are thinking the March number will
determined by the host of the forum. For example, the be less than December. I believe once we get these numbers

meeting in Rockwell City was hosted by Farm Bureau. next week we will move very quickly through the appropria-
Eggs & Issues in Fort Dodge is hosted by the Growth Al- tion process and move toward wrapping up this legislative
liance. The legislators are invited guests and dont choose session.
the format. If you want to provide input and suggestions, From My Desk
its best you contact the organization that plans the leg- On a personal note as most of you know my daugh-
islative event. ter Mackenzie is my legislative clerk. Last week she was of- The
This was the ninth week of the legislative session.
Last week was our first funnel week, meaning this week
fered a full time nursing position. We are all excited for her
and I'm personal very proud of her. Her job hours will allow
was full of debate on the Senate floor as we come up on
more deadlines for bills. The second funnel week is at
her to work for me at the Capitol on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Hopefully I will have a person to help my on Wednesdays
the end of March, when Senate bills need to be through and Thursdays starting next week. I'm sharing this with 1107 Market Street,
House committees in order to be considered this session. you so hopefully you will give us some leeway as we move Gowrie, IA 50543
Project Labor Agreements SF 438 through this transition. Also please remember that my wife's
Project labor agreements, otherwise known as MS fundraiser is this Saturday March 11th in Carroll, Iowa. Ph. 515.352.3325
PLAs, are pre-hiring agreements between employers She has worked so hard on this event and I could not be more email: gnews@wccta.net
and employees that establish the terms and conditions of proud of her for accepting this disease that she is dealing with
employment for specific construction projects. Recently, and wanting to work very hard to try to find a cure.
several local governments have passed requirements that Second Amendment Bill that passed off the House
contractors enter into PLAs as a condition of performing floor. Here are the significant parts of this bill.
work on taxpayer funded construction projects. Youth handgun use: Allows a parent to teach their
PLA requirements make it nearly impossible children handgun safety. Permitting changes: A permit to
for the 85 percent of Iowas construction workforce that carry will only require a training class once, rather than every
chooses not to join a union to compete for projects funded five years as required under current law. Changes the annual
by their own tax dollars. permit purchase to a five year permit.
These mandates increase cost to taxpayers be- State of emergency: Prevents the government from confis-
cause fewer bidders mean less competition for the proj- cating weapons in times of an emergency thereby allowing
ect. A lack of competition drives up the costs of these Iowans to maintain the safety and protection of themselves
projects for taxpayers. Several recent studies have repeat- and their families. Permit privacy: Keeps the personal infor-
edly shown that PLA mandates can increase construction mation of weapons permit holders confidential. Stand Your
costs by up to twenty percent. Taxpayers deserve the best Ground: Allows Iowans to defend themselves in the event of
value when they are paying for public buildings. danger and removes the duty to retreat. The bill also includes
The Iowa Senate Republicans are addressing civil immunity to protect Iowans from costly litigation. Pre-
this growing prevalence of PLA mandates by passing SF emption: Clarifies current state law that no city, county, or McCrary-Rost
438. The bill says government organizations shall neither township holds the authority to limit the use or possession of Clinic
prohibit nor require a PLA for projects for performing firearms.
Rochelle Guess, FNP C
work on public construction jobs. However, this bill does Statewide Commerce and Local Government Pre-
Adam Swisher, DO
not stop a government organization from choosing a con- emption - HF 295 establishes several preemptive measures
Kari Swisher, ARNP-C
tractors bid that includes a PLA when it is in the best for city and county governments. It prevents cities and coun-
Margaret Vitiritto, DO.
interest of taxpayers. ties from: establishing a minimum wage or other employ-
With a large amount of floor debate, we passed ment benefits that differs from the state or federal govern- Hours: Monday-Friday
a series of bills this week.Some of these include: ment; banning consumer merchandise or containers used for 1800 Main, Gowrie, Iowa
SF 197 authorizes public buildings to display transporting the merchandise. Phone 352-3891
the POW/MIA flag on POW/MIA Day, Armed Forces Worker's Compensation Reform After Hours: 1-800-262-2614
Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Benefits owed to legitimately injured workers need
Veterans Day. The bill also states that the POW/MIA to be safeguarded. Prevention of future injuries is a key goal
flag, when displayed, shall be no larger than the U.S. flag of these reforms. Law-abiding workers who follow the rules
and flown second in the order of precedence immediately need to be protected from those who recklessly come to work
below or adjacent to the U.S. flag in accordance with fed- impaired by alcohol, marijuana or through prescription drug
eral guidelines. abuse. There's a case to be made that workers' compensation
HF 312 permits a person to leave a vehicle unat- needs to be reformed to help workers get on with their lives
tended while the engine is running. Under current law, and back to work, not force them into the court room.
a person is prohibited from letting a vehicle stand unat- Worker's compensation is supposed to be a system
tended without first stopping the engine. The bill still re- to help replace an injured worker's weekly paycheck while
quires motorists to turn their wheels to the curb if they are that employee is working to get back to full health - when
on any perceptible grade. possible - and return to work.
SF 401 creates a sexual abuse civil pro- Iowa's workers compensation system was origi-
tective order, available from a court for sexual abuse. Un- nally designed to provide benefits to injured workers without
der current law a victim may apply for a criminal no-con- the need to hire an attorney. The system should be simpler
tact order after the defendant has been arrested for sexual so an injured employee knows exactly what kind of benefits
abuse, or upon the convicted defendants release from jail they can rely upon.
or prison. A sexual abuse civil protective order would be Costs need to be reduced for workers and employ-
available through the court on an emergency, temporary, ers. The fairness and stability of Iowa's worker's compensa-
or permanent basis. The order can be obtained before the tion system needs to remain intact.
defendant has been arrested and can cover the victim and Workers and employers need certainty, stability
members of the victims family. The protections are the and predictability regarding any injury a worker may sustain.



Fort Dodge Connections...

t Senator Tim Kraayenbrink enjoyes dinner with several Fort Dodge constituents Wednesday evening. Nick Carlson,
Doreen Pliner, Matt Cosgrove, Mark Campbell, Lindsay Laufersweiler, Crissann Campbell, Bob Thode, and Jerry
12 March 15, 2017

This was one of many exhibites on display dur-

The Jesse Owens exhibit was done by Rhett ing the Local National History Day event at the SV Middle
Grandfield, Sam Sytsma, Hunter Sorenson, and Carson School. Photos by Mrs. Wills
SV Middle School
students celebrated
National History Day
The local National History Day (NHD) event
took place on February 21 at the Southeast Valley Middle
School. NHD is a program in which students pick a topic
based on a theme and do in-depth research to learn about
their topic.The theme for this year is Taking a Stand in
Students chose to work alone on this project or
Internet Cafe students front row left to right are
Ally Anderson and Abbie Burger; back row left to right are
be part of a group of up to four classmates. The 8th grade
Chaynn Hicks, Kiersten Fisher, and Marlie Johnson. class has been working on NHD since October research-
ing countless hours to become experts on their topic.
Abbas brings home Their final projects which included documentaries, web-
sites and exhibits were on display on the 21st.

trophy from District

In addition to completing the class project, stu-
dents had the opportunity to take their projects to com-
petition. Those students were interviewed by panels of
Pinewood Derby judges after school on the 21st.
They will revise their projects and compete
against other students in NW Iowa for a chance to go to
Represents Pack 42... the state competition to be held in Storm Lake on March
By Trish Wanat The following projects will be representing
On February 26th Cub Scouts from Calhoun, SVMS at the district competition in Storm Lake: Ex-
Humboldt, Kossuth, Pocahontas, Sac and Webster coun- hibits - Let the Race Begin - Rhett Grandfield, Sam
ties gathered at the Crossroads Mall in Fort Dodge to Sytsma, Hunter Sorenson, and Carson Lambert; Race
compete in the Twin Lakes District Pinewood Derby. against Hitler - Lilly Williamson, Chloe Hicks, and
Local scouts, Zeke Abbas, Drew Dorsey, Martin Viles, Cassy Pemberton; Mahatma Gandhi and Civil Disobe-
Ben Wanat and Tyler Wanat, represented Pack 42. Zeke dience - Jonah Siebert; Robert E. Lee - Kaylb Crouse;
Abbas won a trophy for 3rd place in the Tiger Cub divi- Oskar Schindler - Braden Johnson, Lane Jones-Popp,
sion. and Logan Stapp. Website - John Brown - Kiersten
Fisher, Chyann Hicks, and Marlie Johnson.

Publisher Grindberg
makes stop at Gowrie
Library, March 18 Zion Lutheran Church
On Saturday, March 18, 10:00 a.m., David Lenten Soup Supper
Grindberg will visit Gowrie Public Library where he will Wednesday, March 15. . .
offer up a short program on The Fun of Creating a Chil-
drens Book. He will also be available to sign both The Wednesday, March 15 Bingo at the GCC will
Other Night I Had a Dream and his novel, Rapture of the begin at 3 p.m. Youth Bells will begin at 5:45 p.m. Lenten
Deep. Soup Supper will begin at 6 p.m. followed by worship at
Grindberg, pastor and teacher, has published a 7 p.m. Vesper Ringers and Zion WEBS will begin at 8
new childrens book. The Other Night I Had a Dream: p.m.
Crushing Violets is a beautifully illustrated story of self- Thursday, March 16 Project Day will be held at
less love. This book is perfect for teaching children about 1:30 p.m.
self-giving. Saturday, March 18 Worship will begin at 5
Born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa, Grindberg p.m.
holds degrees from Augustana College and Luther Semi- Sunday, March 19 Choir Rehearsal will begin at
nary. Dave and his wife, Jill, live in Fort Dodge, where 9:15 a.m. Sunday School will begin at 9:30 a.m. Worship
Dave is senior pastor of Saint Olaf Lutheran Church and will begin at 10:30 a.m.
adjunct religion instructor at Iowa Central Community Tuesday, March. 21 A GCC taped service will
College. They are the parents of four children and grand- begin at 10 a.m.
Zeke Abbas is all smiles as he holds his winning parents of four grandchildren. Wednesday, March 22 Lenten Soup Supper will
trophy from the Twin Lakes District Pinewood Derby, Ti- Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds begin at 6 p.m. followed by worship at 7 p.m. at United
ger Cub division. Photo by Trish Wanat. on the heel that has crushed it. Mark Twain Methodist Church in Gowrie.

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