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Certification by
(DAkkS), Germany.

The Founders

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that
there are many more hills to climb.
Nelson Mandela

Dear Readers,
To bring out this edition of 'CHARISMA' is an honour and re-instills a sense of emboldening confidence
in the power of 'mightier' pen as it is a'combinare' of all that fills life into CSKM v.i.z academics, extra
and co-curricular activities, competitions and very importantly, our expressions.
The foundation of the CSKM Public School was laid, nurtured and strengthened by the ideologies
and efforts of the dynamic educationist, visionary and thinker, Late Col P S Satsangi VSM, a highly
decorated soldier and educationist from Army Education Corps (AEC). His constructive and innovative
approach of opening the doors for discovering the joys of learning won him the affection of the
children, their families and whosoever came into contact with him. Never resting on his laurels,
he continued to strive for greater excellence and perfection because he was a firm believer of the
ideology of Nelson Mandela.

We believe that the ability to dream is the single biggest distinction of humans which sets them apart
from animals. Without our dreams we are like birds who have lost the gift of flight. Dreams however
can never be taught or transferred, they can only be inspired. We at CSKM do not impart dreams to our
children, we inspire them to improve and polish their vision and give wings to their dreams.

We do not show them the path, we hold their hand till they discover their path. Once they possess
the appropriate tools we endeavour to give them the wisdom to use these tools and as they learn the
knack to use these tools we embolden them to take the plunge and cross all hurdles and barriers to
reach the finish line.

This year also Charisma has provided an opportunity to every young mind brimming with creativity
and wishing to express it.

Each member of our editorial team has contributed to this remarkable and impressive outcome. Our
grateful acknowledgement to the Principal, Dr (Mrs) S S Jaiman for her support, encouragement and
inspiration. Last but not the least thanks to all who have put in their effort and thoughts into this issue.

Happy reading....

Cover: Young authors of Quill Club sharing their story writing journey.

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From the Chairman

A s we cross another milestone of completing 30 years in our journey in CSKM, we are making our best efforts to
change with times. All of us are trying to give back in our own humble way to this great institution which has given
each of us so much in terms of livelihood, career, security and brotherhood.
The alumni of this school are always grateful and fondly remember the life lessons learnt under the tutelage of our
dear Founder Chairman Col. P. S. Satsangi, VSM. I am proud of all the students and alumni for living up to the ideals of
our founder and the Institution.
We have come a long way but the horizon of possibilities is infinite. I am grateful to all the staff members past and
present for their cooperation and hard work. "Every child a winner" and "Busy Bee Pleasure" have been our credo and
we pledge to work extra hard to carry on the great legacy. Long live CSKM!

From the
Heart of the
Another year, another magazine
chronicling the continuous
amazing journey.. a quest
towards excellence in education
the ultimate goal of which is self

T he effort for the realization of the potential of each and every child who comes to CSKM by constantly striving to
discover the spark within him/her. To unveil and ignite his/her true nature and enable it to blow into a raging fire
of truth, self awareness, light and happiness. The fire that strikes itself to illumine the cosmos with goodness through a
positive will that is self fuelled to emanate powerful vibrations of a joyful and empathetic life.
Try, try and try again until you succeed. The path is not easy and obstinately challenging most of the time. Many
doubts creep in as also whilst infinite possibilities rise in the horizon. To give your all, to try ones hardest and the best
and then to patiently await the almightys grace appears to be the only way ahead.
Having traversed a long, arduous but satisfying journey and looking forward to many more sunrises with rising sons
and daughters
I quote Ralph Waldo Emerson,
To laugh often and much;to win the respect of the intelligent people
and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics
and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty;
to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better
whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition;
to know that one life has breathed easier because you lived here.
This is to have succeeded
Our founder epitomised the verse and we pray and hope to follow the full course.
Many congratulations to the editorial team for the magazine publication which has churned out a beautiful outcome of
the creative juices throbbing the pulsating veins of CSKM student Charismas. Lots and lots of love always.
Yours truly,

Dr (Mrs) S S Jaiman

Message from the Vice Principals
CSKM Public School is a Centre of excellence for quality " The direction in which Education starts a man
education at school level and is committed to provide will determine his future in life " -Plato
leadership quality in each child. All students are provided
with proper facilities and resources to enable them to Our greatest obligation to our children is to prepare them
gain high level of education along with professional to understand and deal effectively with the world, in
knowledge. which they live. Our children are our greatest assets, we
are committed to nurture them to their fullest blossom.
We are committed to fulfill the vision of our Honourable
Founder Chairman, Lt. Col. Prem Saran Satsangi, VSM As Educators we should ensure that the children are
"To build the school as Centre of excellence of national prepared to flourish in the dynamic, competitive and
and international repute where every child is a winner challenging global environment. A school is said to be
who can be groomed into a successful human being with judged by many measures and we are proud to be judged
integrity and honesty." by the achievements of our students long after they have
Our main focus is on active learning, developing graduated. We aspire to make each of our student to be
scientific temper and instilling ethos of moral values loyal, determined, honest, persistent and humble. He/
and principles. We encourage maximum participation of She should be independent. Education is not only what
students inco- scholastic areas and endeavour constantly you are studying as a part of your academics you should
to develop them into sensitive and responsible global be able to be a life long learner, an independent thinker
citizens. and can take initiative to work for the community.
Through this school magazine, I would like to convey my When I say education, we are looking at the perfect
sincere message to students, teachers and parents. physical and emotional balance of children. You have
Message to our students: Utilize your full potential with achieved your purpose if you have helped in developing
sincere and methodical hard work and give your best an individual who is emotionally and physically strong
to all the activities, especially academics. You should be and can strike a perfect balance. We should prepare
honest, committed and truthful to your thoughts, words student for the world outside the school.
and actions.
Those who are students today would be the prospective
Message to our teachers: To keep pace with the citizens of the country tomorrow. Many of them would
advancement in technology and globalization, we should be occupying positions of responsibility where decisions
follow holistic teaching approach by providing desired made by them would affect the lives of other people
level of motivation to all the children. at large. It is essential, therefore, that side by side with
Message to our parents: We are fortunate to have the scholastic pursuits, students are made aware of the
sincere co-operation of the parents who are the first values like ethics, empathy, fairness, compassion and
teacher and we the teachers, are the second parents. concern for community and environment. It is high time,
I congratulate all our students and the editorial team, therefore, that educators and teachers play a pivotal role
who has put their tireless efforts in making of 'Charisma'. with right earnest and instill high ethical standards and
spiritual bias in growing children.
I convey my deep sense of gratitude to our committed
and ever supportive school management for providing I convey my warmest congratulations to all the students
all necessary support to the teachers and students and teachers for their sincere endeavours and wish the
and providing congenial environment for holistic school magazine ' Charisma ' a grand success.
development of the students of 'Charisma' family.
S K Thakur R K Tyagi
Vice Principal Vice Principal

CSKM : The Odyssey Continues...
name the profession and there's a liberal sprinkling of the
'charismas' as Col Satsangi Sir lovingly called us, in India
as well as abroad contributing to the global economy.
October 2005: I visited my alma mater when an exchange
programme with students from Thailand was going on.
Shaku Ma'am's words are still etched in my memory,
"Deepika, do come and join me. I am glad you are in the
field of education." I finally took the call and January
2006 onwards, I was a visiting counsellor at CSKM. I
joined full time on 1st April 2006. Dr Rohit Jaiman,
Chairman Sir's quiet and profound words to me were to
be "To I/C" to Ma'am Principal, Dr Shakuntla S Jaiman. It
is the Forces lingo implying effective implementation of

C ol Satsangi's Kiran Memorial Public School is a management decisions. I always remembered the import.
beautiful journey spanning more than three decades
I worked passionately, the only way I knew, as nothing
since June 1986 when a bunch of us, with total conviction
can beat the feeling of being a contributor to the
and without an iota of doubt trailed Founder Chairman
progress of your own school; guiding and empowering
Sir, Col PS Satsangi from RPS to CSKM as the founder
batch students of class XII along with some juniors. My
eternal bond with the Founders goes back to 1983 when Since April 2016, I have been entrusted with greater
I first experienced the charismatic aura of the visionary responsibilities and I determine to fulfil them with all my
educationists- Col Satsangi Sir and Ma'am Kiran Satsangi, being. I am humbled with all the love, warmth, trust and
the latter a warm and affectionate mother to all of us. respect I receive here at our 'Green Gurukul' CSKM,
magnificent physically as well as spiritually.
I had the good fortune to develop and blossom under
the able guidance of the absolutely amazing teachers, It is not easy to fulfil the contrasting roles of an
including dear 'Shaku di' for us - our Psychology teacher administrator and a counsellor but I have had the right
and HOD in Senior Secondary. training! I continue to learn and truly believe in the
infinite potential not only of our wonderful students, but
I learned to balance studies, activities and sports - also of each member of the CSKM family.
developing holistically, all the way. We, the batch mates
and juniors, were nurtured and fostered to be leaders. I quote both Sri Rabindranath Tagore's 'Ekla chalo' and
Rough and tough and problem-solvers we truly became! Robert Frost's - 'I have miles to go before I sleep
CSKM alumni today are world citizens in prominent And miles to go before I sleep...' as these poignant lines
positions across the world - in the United Nations, in express my present state of mind.
top universities, serving India as civil servants, ethical Thank you!
politicians, artists, actors, producers, doctors, engineers - Deepika Abrol, Headmistress

Notes of Praise...
A Fathers Experience with CSKM

I am an NRI, father of Master FAIZAN NEZAMI, Class X,

and work in Najran University in Saudi Arabia. To
bring forth a few pearls of my experience with CSKM
one and only Mrs Rajbala Sharma, the class teacher
of IX-K, who has been a symbol of love, affection
and motherhood and an inspirational figure to her
PUBLIC SCHOOL, although my association is not long students. She understands the childs psychology and
enough, I will have to navigate down the memory lane. needs, which enable her to perfectly guide my son and
other students and establish her as an ideal teacher by
Almost a year ago during the month of May, I, like performing her duties with utmost care, responsibility
numerous possessive parents working in Saudi Arabia, and devotion towards the education and society.
who take a risk of their kids education and keep I respect and appreciate her as a woman for her
them with themselves where their wards learning is dutifulness and scholarly erudition. Finally, I wish to
blemished by the time they pass out VIII standard, was thank the entire CSKM PUBLIC SCHOOL fraternity and
extremely worried about my wards academics. express my obligation. Wish you all the best. Jai Hind!
I got into a suffocating situation, when I talked to
various schools in Delhi for the admission in Class IX Syed Raihan Ahmed Nezami
and got a negative reply from the authorities as they Lecturer, Department of English,
had closed the admission in the current year. Then, Najran University,Saudi Arabia
all of a sudden, a flicker of hope flashed in my mind 00-966-553517301 (M)
reminding me that I had registered my ward online
for admission in CSKM PUBLIC SCHOOL in Class IX. The
next day, I arrived at the mesmerizing location of the
magnificent school, Mr C D Thakur, the compassionate
friend, welcomed me with a pleasant smile on his face,
which assured me of all possible help from the school

On completing the admission process, I met Mr Surender

Prasad for transport facility and was highly impressed by
the gentle and supporting nature. I must mention
Mr R K Tyagi too, who handles the students academic
problems with sincerity and deals with parents in a
gentlemans way. In accounts section, I am obliged to
Mr C Prasad for guiding me in different monetary matters
whenever I call him.

Even the driver Mr Nasiruddin and the helper

Mr Shyamdeo are extremely humane who keep me
informed about the routes congestion and delay
whenever I call them from Saudi Arabia if my ward is
getting delayed in reaching home.

Before concluding, I wish to express my heartfelt

gratitude towards the Principal, Dr (Mrs) S S Jaiman
and the academic scholars of the school. At that
time amongst the teaching fraternity, I knew the

"The Whole Purpose of Education is to

Turn Mirrors into Windows.
Sydney Harris

I am Busy Being Grateful
It was love at first sight.
As I got off the car and walked towards the CSKM office
building I felt a sense of homecoming. It had been a long

I was well past the age when harried parents look for
schools for their children. I belonged to the grandparent
club but fate had decided otherwise when more than
a decade ago a one year old with terrible burns landed
in my heart. God had given me the responsibility of this
very special child.

For the years ahead, many challenges came our way and
we met them as best we could but in October 2013 we
hit rock bottom when the once enabling environment
that was his previous school became a depleting one and
the young boy could not cope anymore with his scarred

It was time to move on. But where to?

It must have been an Angel who guided me to the

portals of CSKM and the rest his history. Within no
time Utpal was in his new school and took to it as a
fish to water.

Schools are not just meant to teach you the 3Rs and
get you that mind boggling percentage that every
Maam Anouradha
parent aspires to. No, schools are meant to give you My God Sent Mother
the enabling environment that gets the best out of
each and every child and teach you to be a good When I was born
human being. My eyes were closed
At CSKM Utpal has bloomed into a strapping When I grew a month old
young teenager with his own personality and even I opened my eyes
idiosyncrasies that are dealt with patience and I saw my mother
understanding. Today he is good in his studies, good in
sports, a mean dancer and speaks perfect English. That is With the happiest smile
not all. Thanks to the unstinted support of his teachers, Me and my mother
Utpal has been able to deal with all scars, visible and Living happy life
Suddenly an accident occurred.
CSKM believes in school being a level playing ground and I was given to someone
truly reflects the reality that is India. This is unique and
She is too caring and good,
Never made me remember the odds of my life,
I have another personal reason for my affinity with She gave me everything that I wanted
CSKM. Its wonderful and warm hearted Principal is
Now, it is my turn
fulfilling her parents dreams just like I am at 'Project
Why' and I feel deep in my heart that we have many To give something better in return
more on the way. How wonderful it is
It is all about seeing with your heart and CSKM does just To strive and Cherish
that! This life God has blessed us with.
And made us living beings.
As for Utpal, he has reached home.
Utpal Mandal IX
Anouradha Bakshi,
Guardian of Utpal Mandal, IX

Great Going CSKM The Young Brave Heart
Defies All

O ur ward Pratyush joined CSKM in the year 2014 in

Class VII. There has been a positive change in the
personality of our child after he has been admitted to the
I am Rajesh Tiwari, father of Lakshya Tiwari who is
studying in class X in CSKM Public School. He is
diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Last year
CSKM School. Although at the time of the admission we I was trying for his admission in class IX, but most of
were not very confident about the progress of our child the schools refused, not directly. They told they are
but now we see him progressing and developing and not well equipped to handle such children. IQ level
we are happy about it. There is a change in his overall of Lakshya is average and it is more than good for
personality and confidence level. This is all because of children with special needs, but obviously he lags as
the good teachers around him in the school who boost compared to a normal child. So it was not justice for
up his morale and infuse confidence in him by helping
him to be in a special school. I met Principal Madam.
him not only in studies but in overall development. Now
She gave us a helping hand by providing admission to
he participates in extracurricular activities as well unlike
The unique and outstanding feature of this school is that Lakshya is doing well in the school. He is getting good
wesee unity in diversity in the school. There are students guidance and support from all the teachers and school
from different states and culture, all residing together staff. Children accept him, but sometimes it is difficult
in the boarding as a one big family. They celebrate Holi, for them. I suggest that school should organize more
Diwali, Eid and Christmas together in the school campus, workshops to educate and sensitize children for the
adding different flavours to the beautiful bouquet of acceptance of these children.
CSKM.Experienced and dedicated faculty not only
guides the student in academics, but prepares them for Now, he is a more energetic child, so his energy can be
competitive exams as well. channelized through sports activities done only under
supervision. He requires extra push to do these types of
Great going CSKM !!! activities, as you know that he has the capability. Thanks
All the best... for your support and co-operation.

Rashmi Sharma, mother of Pratyush Uday, IX Jyoti Tiwari, mother of Lakshya Tiwari, X

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist

sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
Sir Winston Churchill

Ldwy & fo|k dk eafnj Parents Pride

, d Ldwy tks fd Satbari, Chattarpur esa CSKM ds uke

ls tkuk tkrk gSA geus Hkh bl Ldwy dk uke gh lquk
FkkA ijUrq tc geus vius yM+ds dk bl Ldwy esa nkf[kyk
O n the auspicious day of Janamashtami, 03rd
September, two and a half decades ago, the
almighty graciously blessed us with the birth of Pooja,
which we believe is yet another form of Goddess Laxmi
djkus dh lksph rks] tc irk yxk fd ;g Ldwy tks CSKM and Kali dwelling in one.
ds uke ls gS] og ^^LoxhZ; ije~ iwT; duZy lrlaxh^^
th ds dj deyksa }kjk LFkkfir fd;k x;k Fkk ftls vc Our search again started earnestly until we met
mudh lqiq=h Jherh 'kadqUryk th pyk jgh gSaA fQj lkspus an ex- Senior Army Officer- Late Col Satsangi. This
dh D;k ckr Fkh] cPps dk nkf[kyk djk fn;k x;kA vc meeting lasted over an hour and we, as parents
were convinced to the core that we had reached the
vkbZ i<+us o i<+kus dh ckjhA cPpk gekjk igys (St. Mary
institute that would be second to none. He convinced
School) esa i<+rk Fkk] ijUrq CSKM esa nkf[kyk gksus ds pkj us of the fact that the institute would not only be
eghus eas gh yM+ds dh personality esa cgqr vUrj vk x;kA able to inculcate but also develop the practical forces
ge bl ckjs esa ns[kdj nax jg x,A that would be essential for our daughters present
and future development in both natural and cultural
Ldwy esa nkf[kyk d{kk 9oha esa gqvkA d{kk ds Dykl
Vhpj Jh uhjn dqekj th ls eqykdkr gqbZ] mUgksua s gekjs
cPps dks ,slk vk'khokZn fn;k fd mldk confidence level CSKM teachers gave focused attention in Poojas
vkSj c<+ x;kA mlds ckn 10oha d{kk esa nkf[kyk gqvkA development by organizing spaces and times,
d{kk ds Teachers Mr R K Tyagi, Mr J P Upadhay, establishing relations, and proposing involving
enriching experiences for the cultural repertoire
Mr Sachchidanand Kumar, Mr Adesh Kumar,
so that she can develop activities with culture
Ms Madhumita N Pathak, Ms Prem Kohli, Ms Rajbala objectsand thus be ready for more complex
Sharma, Mr Sandeep Pathak and Mrs Saumya Singh intellectual capacities and activities. The school
bR;kfn dk bruk cf<+;k Group feykA lHkh Ldwy Vhpj] encouraged Pooja to participate in decisions about
lHkh cPpksa dk vPNh rjg lss /;ku j[krs gSAa Ldwy dk how to express what she has learned.
ekgkSy bruk lqUnj] 'kkUr o yksdfiz; gS fd cPpksa dk i<+kbZ
Very early in her childhood, Pooja was able to adjust in
esa vius vki gh /;ku yxrk gksxkA bl rjg ls Ldwy the surroundings at CSKM and soon it became her first
dh lajpuk dh xbZ gS fd cPpksa dh udkjkRedrk vius home.
vki fudy tkrh gSA bl Ldwy esa f'k{kk ds fy, gh ugha]
[kkus&ihus dh Mess, vyx&vyx [ksyksa ds fy, i;kZIr Pooja, now a mother herself and employed with an
American Company, has developed into a confident,
Ground lqfokk ds lkFk&lkFk Boarding cPpksa ds fy,
self-sustaining individual who has mastered the art of
vPNh gksLVy lqfokk Hkh miyCk gSA Day-boarding cPpksa ds maintaining a work and life balance.
fy, Hkh lHkh lqfokkkvksa ds lkFk&lkFk transport dh lqfokk
bruh cf<+;k gS fd gesa xoZ gS fd gekjk cPpk CSKM dk The credit we as parents would unflinchingly extend
fo|kFkhZ gSA to CSKM and its set of teachers who have worked hard
towards developing her personality, temperament,
vkf[kj esa ge ;g dguk pkgsaxs] xq: nsoks ue% & ;fn moral values and interests so as to give her a holistic
xq: vPNk] Kkuh] xq.kh gks rks fdlh Hkh nsork dh t:jr upbringing.
ugha gSA
CSKM Ldwy ds lHkh teachers Hkh bl ckr ij [kjs mrjrs
gSaA bl vuq'kklu] dkZO;] o bZekunkjh ds fy, vki lHkh
Thank you CSKM !
dk dksVh&dksVh ueu o /kU;oknA
V K Sharma
xhrk tks'kh] euksgj tks'kh] ih;w"k tks'kh & nloha Father of Pooja Sharma - Class of 2006

What A Privilege To Be A Part Of
The Charisma Family !!!

Dear Sir/ Maam

Greetings... A school which belongs to a
Its a great pleasure for me to be Busy Bee Pleasure is its
always associated with CSKM. I motto,
learned the basics of my life by School with well trained
spending nearly six years in the faculty,
school. I am highly thankful to And a Principal so tough.
each one of you who made my life
meaningful. School with both boys and girls alike,
Thank you teachers... With no discrimination among students,
Colonel Satsangi its founder who named,
Dr. Manoj Singh It after his beloved wife.
Young Scientist, Laboratory of Biomedical Nanomaterials
National University of Science and Technology "MISIS", Boys being dominant,
Russia. And girls never the less,
Both competing to do their best,
To keep up the motto of Busy Bee Pleasure.
Though a nations renowned school,
It is a school, where we learn what is life,
And to cope up with our future prosperity.
Jibin Varghese, Batch of 2015

Building strong foundations for

successful lives...

Student Life Is The Best Period In Ones Life

T he period of life when one is a student, is said to be the seeding time of life. If
we want good crops, the seeds have to be sown at proper time. This is the time
to prepare oneself for the future. In this period, the mind is in fluid stage and can be
moulded into any shape as desired. That is why students life is the most important phase
of ones life and a lot of care has to be taken to give proper education to students
Education should comprise of not only of book learning, it should also help in personality
development. There are a few general principles to be followed to produce the desired
The first is to fix an aim in life. Students should bear in mind that a person is born with the
spirit of God in him. So, it is ones duty to be true to ones divine spirit, to live and die the noble death. The most
important thing for this is character development. To build ones character, a student should lead a disciplined life
and never indulge in acts that can cause harm.
The next important thing is the acquisition of knowledge which is the basis of success. Students should study hard
to acquire as much knowledge as possible, as this pays later in life.
Hence, as a student, one goes through the most positive and informative period in life, setting the basics for the
growth of the present as well as the future.
Aditi Khera, Batch of 2015

What It Means To Be The School Captain?

With great power comes great responsibility' -Uncle Ben

S o to start off with I would say it was rather surprising to find myself as the candidate
for the post of school captain. I was what you might call a loafer, not being serious,
doing all kinds of mischief and whatnot but, at the end of the day I always managed
to excel in academics and extra-curricular activities. I guess the school sought to bring
out the qualities in me which I myself wasn't aware of. The best part being that those
qualities did come out. I agree it did come out a bit late, but hey! Better late than never,
right. The sense of all that responsibility was scary at first, but it wasn't getting any easier
until the day I decided to undertake them. I agree that there are some things still in me
which forced teachers to point fingers, but at the end of each day I learnt something
which made me grow as a human being.
There did come a point in my life where I was ready to give up on the title but then I thought of all the reasons
I did get it in the first place. It was just another challenge I had with the options of running away or facing it.
Being given the title is irrespective of the person who I really am, I am firstly a student of this school, being
the school captain made me all the more responsible of all the duties I was supposed to do.
One of my mentors once told me "You can help the school by being yourself. I thought to myself, being
me makes people point fingers at me, but only now do I understand what she meant. We try so hard to be
someone so perfect, all it takes is for us is to let people in on the beautiful person we all harbor. It was tough
for me when I doubted myself, but when I realized my purpose, things got a lot more amazing, and trust me,
nothing feels better than a teacher appreciating your work and saying "It's good to have a different captain
this time around".

Akash Aaron, Batch of 2015

With Power Comes Responsibility
I feel greatly honoured
to have been given the
opportunity to hold the flag
The greatest leader is not
necessarily the one who
does great things, but he is
of CSKM Public School, as the someone who gets people to
head boy. do the greatest thing
This campus has provided a Lovely, peppy, spicy and all
great support to the students, other flavours which can
so that they can learn the be imparted to this lovely
true meaning of life and school life of mine I had
can achieve success. It has them all at CSKM. This year
provided the platform to each and every student to I have experienced a great deal of challenges and
explore his/her potential and improve it. achievements in CSKM. I am extremely privileged
to hold the esteemed position of the head girl of
I have seen head boys and head girls standing
the school and to hold high the glorious flag of the
before me year after year and have seen the impact
institution. Everyday when I put my badge, the shining
and success that they were able to achieve. I was
badge, it reminds me of my duties and responsibilities
determined to share this experience as I wanted to give
towards the school. Being selected from so many girls
back to the school, that had played such a major role
is a golden victory and the badge of the head girl is the
in shaping the person, I am today. I also want to leave
crown for my victory. It feels great and is like a dream
the school with the feeling that I have represented our
come true.
community and student body to the best of my ability
and belief. This campus has provided a wide platform to the
It is a matter of great honour to be elected as head students for accomplishing their dream and to achieve
boy of the school. Being passionate and loyal, I will try their goals. It has provided unlimited opportunities
my best to help all the students by becoming a bridge to the students in order to identify and explore their
between the students and the faculty. latent talents.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all my It is my duty and motive to help others with my
teaching staff and specially to my schoolmates for the commitment and determination so that all the
tremendous support and encouragement and hope to students can achieve the best of their ability. Being a
act upon this gratitude by performing my role as the leader Ill serve my best so that our school can reach
head boy. the greatest of heights.
Ill be failing in my duties if I dont express my
Harsh Raj, XII gratitude to the management, my teachers for
encouragement and my batch mates for their support.
I owe my heartfelt thanks to all of them.
At last I would like to share one poem
Whose opinion counts:
If you get what you want in yourself,
And the world makes you king for a day,
Just go to the mirror and look at yourself,
And see what those eyes have to say.
For it is not your father or mother,
Who upon you their judgement will pass.
The person whose verdict counts the most in your
Is the one staring back at you.
Satya Rajan, XII

We the Versatile
All Religions Confluence

T o commemorate All religion confluence, the

School conducted Prem Kiran Memorial Day to
pay homage to its founders, Col P S Satsangi and
Mrs Kiran Satsangi . The programme commenced by
offering floral tribute followed by lighting of the lamp
of wisdom. A hawan was performed in a remembrance
of our loved ones who left for the heavenly abode.
Elaborating upon the ideal of Sarv Dharm Sambhav,
the students performed bhajans, shabad kirtan,
Christian hymns and Buddhist mantra .The whole
atmosphere was full of permeating devotional
fragrance of all the religions. The Principal
Dr ( Mrs) S S Jaiman emphasized the fact that for
spiritual enhancement everyone is free to follow his/
her faith respecting others beliefs. The happiest
situation is one where everyone is together and has
a balanced approach towards all religions. She made
them realise that there are various religious paths and
they all have a common goal of reaching God. So we
all should achieve our ultimate goal without pushing
others down. The programme was a great success. All
in all, it was an enlightening experience.

Career Orientation

A n orientation programme was organized by

Commerce Department on 27th July, 2016 to make
students aware about CA foundation and Company
Secretaries course. Institute of Company Secretaries
of India (ICSI) sent its representative to conduct the
orientation. Commerce students of classes XI and XII
participated in the programme. They were guided
and supervised by Mr S S Miyan (HOD) Commerce. It
was really an educative and interactive session. Many
students asked various questions related to CS and CA
main course, CPT Dates for CA, fee structure, career
advancement opportunities as a Company Secretary or
Chartered Accountant.
Most of the students benefited from the programme.
Many of them decided to make their career in the field of
CA or CS.

Some succeed because they are destined.

Some succeed because they are determined.

Henry Van Dyke

Our Tiny Tots in Action
A s the tiny busy bees of CSKM began their new session in the month of April
2016, it was marked with a lot of action. The toddlers walked in for the first
time in formal school uniform in class nursery and Kindergarten. The new session
commenced with the Havan ceremony remembering our founders and seeking
their blessings. Sub Juniors conducted a language and skills-enrichment week
wherein children participated in various English and Mathematics enrichment
activities. These activities were conducted to bridge the gap between the
previous and the new classes and encourage smooth transition of students to
new higher classes.
Children enjoyed their day out in Apno Ghar and Water Park which was a
respite from hot sultry summer. Pupils also actively participated in English and
Hindi recitation competitions guided by their teachers in the pronunciation and
intonation of poems.
The month of August brought in celebration of TRICOLOUR WEEK 'Mera Swapn,
Mera Swabhimaan' where all the students were divided into various groups of
dance, drama, poem recitation, action song, patriotic song and art and craft
creative activities. Children presented a wonderful cultural program and a stage
performance group wise. It was a wonderful learning experience and was highly

Our Environment Is Our Reflection

World Water Day World Earth Day

W orld Water Day was celebrated on the campus. Students

enthusiastically took part in different activities like slogan
writing, poster making etc. and their creativity burst forth.
O n 22nd April 2016, we celebrated 'World
Earth Day' under the banner of Eco-Club.
In this programme a wide variety of activities
were carried out by the students of different
They were made aware of the importance of water and the ways
classes. Students prepared eco-bags and
how we can conserve and utilize it properly. The programme was
greeting cards. Poster making, slogan writing
a great success.
and essay writing competitions were also
organized on the subject. The best part
Earth Hour of this activity was the 'SALAD MAKING
COMPETITION'. Students prepared wonderful
E arth Hour was observed on Saturday, 28th March, 2016.
All the lights were turned off for an hour from 8.00pm to
9.00pm. Students were reminded of the importance of Earth
designs of salads using different vegetables
under the theme - 'SAY NO TO NON-VEG'.
Hour and how we can save electricity by organizing such an The other interesting activity was Mehendi
activity on a regular basis. There was a candle light dinner in the Competition in which specially girls of different
dining hall for all the students. classes took part enthusiastically.

Cskm Plants

auspicious occasion of Ganesh
Chaturthi. To make this day special,
an innovative initiative involved
generating mass awareness on the
importance of plantation of trees -
an attempt to respect and preserve
our Mother Earth was undertaken by
the students under the guidance of
the PrincipalDr (Mrs) Shakuntla
S Jaiman and faculty members. The
school Principal inaugurated the
mass plantation drive by planting
a neem sapling. All the students
participated in this programme
with great zeal. The Vice Principals,
Coordinators, teachers and students
planted saplings of neem, peepal,
arjun, aloe vera, tulsi, mango and
many more. This massive attempt
of celebrating Van Mahotsav was
indeed a resurrection of our Eco
System which is depleting rapidly.
We believe in our motto of BUSY BEE
PLEASURE to awaken and sensitize
the youth of today to visualize a
'Green World' for tomorrow.

'Best Hygienic School of the Year'

I n a recent directive in synchronization with the governments vision

of Clean India by 2019, CSKM made efforts to inculcate the spirit
of hygiene, cleanliness and aversion to unhygienic conditions in all
students from the very initial years of their school itself. Continual
cleanliness and hygiene in the school is emphasized every day.
Teachers and students under the able guidance of the Principal,
Dr (Mrs) Shakuntla S Jaiman are busy keeping the premises clean and

The school was recently presented with the 'Best Hygienic School
Award' at India International Centre on 21st March, 2016 on the
occasion of the Afro-Asian Cleanliness Convention 2016 organized
by the Afro-Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Occupational
Research and Development (ACCORD).

In a bid to take the Clean India Campaign to grass roots level, the
school has been actively participating by joining the movement and
contributing towards keeping their houses, neighborhood, schools,
offices and places of worship spic and span. Consequently there is
happiness and cheerfulness in warm aura of the CSKM family.


A Proud Moment
for Cskm Family...
"Humbled and profound"- thats what I experienced as
the coordinator of Quill Club Writers.Immense gratitude
to our Principal, Dr. (Mrs) Shakuntla S Jaiman for believing
in the students latent creativity and potential. And to the
writer-curators Ms Ruchira and Mr Hemant who educed
and elicited creative well springs from the students as
varied as they come - cherry, peach, damson and plum!

It was amazing how the students toddled into their inner

worlds and brought forth unique and individualistic
story ideas. The students ranging from Class IV to XII life perspective, and yet, were set free by the amazingly
meditated and brain stormed together. Critical appraising rooted prodigious mentors. The making of butterflies.
as their stories progressed were an eye opener. IV grader Indeed a metamorphosis and flying free!!
appraising the piece of work of on XI XII grader well!! Im confident these Quill writers are hooked for life and
Equal opportunity, same platform and resources and will soar in the vast open skies.
beautiful, touching stories emerged. The students were Eagerly looking forward to another batch of Quill writers.
guided, stories molded, they were restrained to have real Deepika Abrol, Headmistress

Young Authors Speak...

Jibin Varghese - XII Vidya Bharti - X Md Arsh- IX Soumya Saral - VII

"Being a part of CSKM A wonderful experience! I had never imagined Oh, QCW was my
Quill Club writers was Quill Club writers helped that I would write a dream come true! I was
indeed great fun. Writing me analysed my potential story. It was exciting to overjoyed. Being a part
is my passion. It was an and thought deeply. be in a diverse group of Quill Club Writers had
amazing opportunity and It could bring out the from juniors to seniors. been a once in a lifetime
I feel very fortunate. I am author in me." While my fellow writers experience.
sure I am going to write had completed 60% to I will never forget this
many more stories." 80% of their stories, I enthralling experience."
failed to write one that
Ananya Mahapatra - XII Priyank - IX our curator, Hemant Sanya Poddar - VII
Sir approved of. He
said that it had to be
" I am extremely thankful "Well, Quill Club Writers different. Finally, I wrote a I enjoyed the experience
to Maam Principal for made me more popular fascinating one and learnt and I am thankful to
giving us this wonderful among friends and it that in order to succeed, Hemant Sir and Ruchira
opportunity. I absolutely was here, that my love it is necessary to FAIL Maam for guiding me.
loved the experience for writing was born. F- first, A attempt, I in, Initially, I could not get any
the exercises that I improved my writing L learning. ideas, but finally I did write
we undertook. An skills and I believe I have a story. A miracle!
unforgettable experience." evolved too."

If you Want to Shine Like a Sun. First Burn Like a Sun.
- A P J Abdul Kalam

W e celebrated our 30th Annual Day dedicated to Late Mrs Kiran Satsangi the
beloved wife of its founder Chairman Lt Col Satsangi. The main theme of the
function was Life of our former President Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The programme
commenced with Parent Teacher Meeting and Seminar for parents on Good Parenting.
Thereafter after the arrival of the Chief guest, Justice Suresh Chugh (Ex Special Judge
Delhi High Court), the main function began with lighting of the lamp of wisdom and
welcome song. The School head boy and head girl presented the School Annual Report
and simultaneously the chief guest awarded the certificates and medals to students for
their achievements in academics and co curricular activities. Then the students from
Nur to XII presented a stage programme showcasing the childhood, family life and
academic achievements of Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The show also depicted his gaining
professional heights as Chairman of ISRO and making India a major nuclear power with
successful nuclear test at Pokharan. The Chief guest addressed and congratulated all
the teachers and students for their commendable organisation of the function. The
programme culminated with the vote of thanks and presenting the momentos to the
guests by the Principal.

"All of us do not have equal talent. But , all of us have an equal

opportunity to develop our talents. - A P J Abdul Kalam

Founder's Day

W e celebrated our 31st founders day on

22nd October amidst lot of fun and pride. The
programme commenced by offering floral tribute to
the founder Chairman Col PS Satsangi VSM followed
by lighting of the holy lamp. This founders day was
dedicated to the courage and valour of our Armed
forces and to express our solidarity to the men
guarding our frontiers. We were honouredto have
Maj Gen AP Singh (Additional Director General Air
Defence Artillary) and Col KM Upadhyay (Retd.) AEC as
the chief guest and the guest of honour respectively.
The students from nursery to XII put up a series
of enthusiastic performances. The girls presented
a devotional invocation dance. The senior section
students did an amazing display of Patriotism through
their play. Tiny tots did an enthralling performance
of various activities. On the occasion, the excellence
awards were given to meritorious students in
academics and in zonals.
The chief guest shared his pearls of wisdom with the
CSKM familyand impressed all with his vision and
passion. He laid emphasis on the need for hard work and
dedicated services. He was extremely impressed by the
school and its founders. The Principal Dr (Mrs) SS Jaiman
appreciated the efforts of all teachers and students.
The programme culminated with a vote of thanks and
presentation of school mementos to the guests.

CSKM Where Success Shines Every Year!!!

A s education stands for holistic development, CSKM provides opportunities for a number of Co-curricular
activities in which the students participate at various levels throughout the year. This year also our students
participated in ZONAL CULTURAL, SPORTS and Science ACTIVITIES and brought laurels. These are our winners.

Event Category Participants Position

English Debate Sennior Simran Ranjan, Satya Rajan First
Hindi Debate Senior Gaurav Saha, Harsh Raj Second
English Debate Junior Md. Arsh, Priyank Rustagi First
Hindi Debate Junior Gagan Singh, Abhishek First
Extempore (English) Senior Gaurav Saha First
Poetry Recitation (English) Senior Ananya Mahapatra First
Poetry Recitation (English) Junior Ashutosh Kothari Third
Poetry Recitation (Hindi) Senior Om Thakur Second
Declamation (English) Senior Raghib Khan Third
Declamation (English) Junior Nishant Upadhyay First
Patriotic Song Junior Tanya Gupta and Group Second
On The Spot Painting Senior Angshuman Das First

Cultural Activities Our Sports Star

Uzair Manzoor, Xii (Com.)
Sl. No Name of student Class Event Position
1 Angshuman Das XII (Science) Painting Competition 2nd 1. Zonal level (17) category -
Winner (Under 50 Kg).
2 Kusum VIII-S Painting Competition 2nd
2. Delhi state Judo Championship
3 Stuti Bhardwaj VIII-C English Debate 3rd
2013 position 3rd position.
4 Kaushik Poddar XI (Science) English Debate 1st 3. 3rd Junior National Kurash
5 Vivek Dutta XI (Science) English Debate 1st Championship, 2014.
6 Adesh Kumar VIII-C English Declamation 1st 4. Represented Delhi and Stood
7 Harsh Raj XII English Declamation 1st 3rd DD Judo Academy, Palam
8 Group Song IV-VIII Patriotic Song Competition 1st Village, Dwarka, New Delhi.
9 Gaurag Saha XII (Science) Extempore Speech (Eng) 1st 5. CBSE Judo Championship
10 Satya Rajan XII (Science) Extempore Speech (Eng) 3rd 2014-2015 position Runner
11 Tanya VII-C Hindi Debate 3rd up.
6. CBSE National (Amritsar)
12 Shivani VII-C Hindi Debate 3rd
Punjab participated and got
Mr Sudarshan Singh Miyan certificate.
Cultural Activities Incharge

List of the students selected in Science and Mathematics Exhibition
Held on 16-09-2016 at Zonal Level, Zone 24 (South District), DOE
Sl. No Name of the students Class Model Guide Teacher Position
01 Sonia Ishimoto, Varun III Eco Village (Primary) Ms Charu Sinha I
02 Manya Goswami III Transport and Ms Neesa II
Aanshi Mehlawat Communications (Primary)
03 Asutosh Kothari VIII Everyday Life (Middle) Ms Vandana Singh II
Manikant Ranjan Science and Maths)
04 Sandeep Kumar, XI Mathematical Solutions in Mr Yashvir Rathi II
Sayan Chakraborty Everyday Life
05 Mayank Verma, Aditi XI Health (Science) Dr A N Singh II
06 Simran, Saumen and Abhishek XI Science Quiz II

Science Zonals
1. Students of Middle section participated in 2. 7th September, 2016 Zonal Science Drama - Atul,
Science Drama in South Zone Competition and Ashutosh, Digvijay, Tanya, Rimjhim and others.
secured 2nd position among 15 schools. The 1st position out of 25 schools. We bettered our
theme of drama was based on life of Missile Man position from 2nd to 1st.
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and the event was held at 3. Students of Middle section took part in Zone 24
SKV Sultanpur. Science Exhibition. They prepared a model of
Student participants: Hydraulic Crane using waste material and gave
a demonstration on how we can use it in times of
1. Yugant 2. Shubham 3. Sujal 4. M. Kunal
disasters like floods and earthquake etc.
5. Aniket Awana 6. Aniket Yadav.
CSKM secured 2nd position in Science Exhibition. Gagan
7. Ashutosh Kothari 8. Digvijay Bhalla of VIII and Shameen Khan of VII represented our school
9. Nishant Upadhyay 10. Md Arsh. in this event held at SKV Sultanpur.
The Principal, Dr. Shakuntla S Jaiman, along with all the faculty members and support staff congratulated these busy bees.
These students have proved that CSKM students will continue to excel in all the fields. Based on our sound and innovative
philosophy, we have firm conviction that our students will continue to surpass their own feats and raise the benchmark.
God Bless and keep it up!

Workshops and Seminars
Dates Topics Participation

19-02, 2015 and Building Choice and developing self esteem by Manovikas Ms Charu Sinha and Ms Sheeja
21-02-2015 Charitable society

07-03-2015 Career counseling workshop YMCA XI, XII students

06-04-2015 CBSE Mandated Teachers and students Training All Teachers and Students
Programme by CBSE

21-06- 2015 International Yoga Day by CBSE All Teachers and Students

18-08-2015 ICSI Workshop career awareness workshop XI, XII students

14-10-2015 Mathematics Workshop Mr Adesh Kumar and

Ms Vandana Singh

16-10-2015 Robotics competitions at Chinmaya Vidhyalaya Ms Vandana Singh

23-10-2015 Mark and Margaret Jackson workshop All teachers

26-10-2015 Career Awareness Workshop by ISBF Mr S S Miyan

26-11-2015 Science and Mathematics workshop Mr Yashvir Singh and Dr A N Singh

05-12-2015 Effective Parenting by Ms Rashimi Gautam Renowned All teachers

Educationist and Child development consultant

13-12-2015 UCSKM Bhiwadi exchange academic and other routine All teachers
functioning processes

23-01-2016 Workshop on English language teaching by Dr Sabina Pillai All English Teachers
Oxford University Press.

28, 29-01- 2016 Workshop cum competition on Robotics Ms Vandana Singh

09-03-2016 Teacher Sensitization workshop by Ms Deepika Abrol All teachers

09-03-2016 Disaster Management Authority School safety programme All teachers

16-04-2016 Interactive workshop US Higher Education MS Deepika Abrol

29-04-2016 Accountancy Workshop by CA (Dr) G S Grewal, Professional XI, XII students

and Para academic

25-04 to 30-04-16 English Language Enrichment Programme English Subject Teachers

21-07-2016 Interactive workshop on Discipline with students VIII Ms Deepika Abrol

27-07-2016 Career Awareness workshop by Mr Himanshu ICSI XI, XII students

30-07-2016 Motivational EPCP by Mr Amit Kumar Sain XI, XII students

23-08-2016 Interaction session regarding career opportunity for Higher XI, XII students
studies in Japans by Mrs Snehlata

04-09-2016 Career Awareness workshop by Yasir Ansari XI, XII students

09-12-2016 Motivational and Guidance workshop with students Dr (Mrs) S S Jaiman

World Scholar Cup

S tudents of our school participated in the World Scholar Cup, Delhi NCR round and
won laurels. They went through the rigour of Collaborative Writing, Team Debate,
Scholar's Challenge and Scholar's bowl. Following students picked up 9 medals in all-
Yumter Taipodia, Akash Aaron, Jibin Varghese, Karan, Mudit Garg, Sanaa Roy, Md Arsh,
M Kunal, Gagan Singh. Yumter was declared the Best Debator ovewrall including the final
Demonstration round. Our students made a mark in their maiden competition and look
forward to improve on their individual and school scores in the next competition.

Be Aware, Be Safe
Be Aware, Be Safe Road Safety Campaign was conducted to spread awareness among
the students. The main aim of this campaign was to teach students coping skills in a road
environment with emphasis on following traffic rules. The programme was conducted in
an interactive session. Students made meaningful Posters. Mr Naveen Jha conducted an
interesting and meaningful reciprocally active session. He insisted that we should follow
traffic rules for our own safety and that of others. He stated that the technology for building
both the roads and the vehicles has been developing with additional safety features, but
the accidents and deaths are still increasing. This is mainly because of negligence and lack
of awareness among the commuters. It was heartening to see the response and a positive
attitude towards Road Safety Rules through commitment and assertions by the students such as:
I will not stop vehicles myself and run across the road.
I will not drive until I get a legal licence.
I promise not to disturb my parents while driving.
I will intervene when I see my parents not following rules of safety on the road.
I will always wear seat belt and ensure that my family does.
Both the teachers and students participated in the programme whole heartedly and made it a great success.

Orientation Programme Class Xl

O ur School conducted Orientation Day Ceremony

on 2nd July 2016. The students of class XI attended
the programme along with their parents. The programme
academics and other co curricular activities at various
levels. The IT- Head, Mr Ajay Rathi presented an inspiring
power point presentation on 'Cyber Safety' and 'Positive
began by lighting the ceremonial lamp of learning Digital Footprints' which was appreciated by one and all.
and wisdom by the Principal, Vice Principals and The parents got an opportunity to acquaint themselves
distinguished guests. The School Principal Dr (Mrs) SS with the school as well as the teachers of their wards.
Jaiman addressed the assembly and welcomed the new They interacted with teachers and all their queries were
parents and the students of CSKM Family and apprised answered satisfactorily in the session. The ceremony
them of the school philosophy. The Headmistress, Ms concluded with the Principal's blessings to the students
Deepika Abrol, put forth the special features of the for their bright and successful future. The parents also
school. The Vice Principal Mr S K Thakur also made appreciated the warm welcome and the hospitality
the parents aware of the achievements of students in accorded to them.

Personality Contest

T he Sub Junior Personality Contest was organised in

which our tiny tots buzzing with enthusiasm were
dressed up elegantly to compete for Miss and Master
Sub Junior. The children went through various rounds of
the competition. The judges tested their confidence in
spoken skills, mental aptitude, alertness and finally their
wittiness by asking apt questions.
Pritam Jana was declared the Master Sub Juniors and
Sakshi Dinker bagged the Miss Sub Juniors titles.
Meenal Bharti and Sameer Das were the First Runners
up and Sadia Parvez and Ashish were judged the seconds

High Frequency Healing Energy Workshop

"Gratitude is the gateway to a positive life". - AD Posey

S tudents from classes VI to X and the

respectivefaculty members attended this amazing
spiritual workshop in the Audi-Visual room on Monday,
we experience in our lives. Using "free will", we take
decisions to learn and experience what we need to, to
reach our destiny and mission in a given lifetime! Our
10th October 2016, facilitated by Ms Seema Mohnot and worst enemies, in the process, become our 'best friends'
Ms Geeta Goswamy. as they are crucial to our soul ascension. We sent healing
energies to all whom we deeply wished to be loved,
We collectively learned to do the 'Positivity Prayer' and in blessed and healed, particularly those whom we perceive
effect learned to heal ourselves of fear, hurt, anger and to have created negativity in our lives or in the world
any negativity ailing us. We strove to imbibe the concept around us.
of energy with the understanding that we are matter in
different frequencies - human body, soul and the highest We learnt the difficult task of dropping judgement,
possible frequency that is God. We relearned that it is controlling our thoughts to create 'positive experiences'
the pure-hearted intention that works in prayer and not and expand our horizons to keep on learning and
the logical-mind- brain game. We underwent 108 codes understanding our circumstances by harnessing Akashics,
of DNA activationsand Heart activations as the Healers which in itself is a feat, isn't it?
prepared us to receive Akashics - the voice of our higher
soul that guides us. Though the souls- sparks of God are This continually evolving process of the soul is what we
detached, they accumulate experiences via human forms. need to engage in on a daily basis to purify ourselves,
Prayer is the link between human and God through become better human beings, accept others for who they
tapping the 'highest frequency'. It was a calming and are and for what purpose we all perform the 'drama' of
life-changing experience - transforming our perception life.
and understanding that we 'choose' every moment that Thank you everyone for making it happen!!


A part from the major events, we engage in a
variety of celebrations throughout the year that
help our students build cultural and social values
while instilling a sense of togetherness. Some of the
festivals celebrated on the campus are ...
New Year Celebration, Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Basant
Panchami, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami,
Teacher's Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Navratri, Dussehra,
Diwali, Eid, Children's Day and Christmas.

It Takes Courage to Give Your All...
T he school bestowed on its young, deserving talent
pool with the responsibility of leading their School
from the front with commitment, confidence and
Satya Rajanand Harsh Raj were the newly elected school
head girl and head boy respectively. In her address the
Principal congratulated the newly invested appointments
competence. The investiture ceremony, presided over and emphasised the role of discipline, dedication and
by the school Principal, Dr Mrs Shakuntla S Jaiman and perseverance to be successful in life. Maam motivated
the Vice Principals - Mr S K Thakur and Mr R K Tyagi, was them to perform their duties by facing the challenges
conducted on the school campus. The event commenced and to treat them as opportunities to grow. She also
with the lighting of the lamp of wisdom followed by emphasised that each and every child can be recognised
Maa Saraswati Vandana by the school choir. Thereafter, inone field or the other. The memorable ceremony
all the appointment holders took oath and pledged to culminated with the rendition of the school song led by
uphold the school dignity and principles of the school. the school choir.

National Festivals...
fQj Hkh fny gS fgUnqLrkuh---
W ith a view to reinforce the value of
Independence amongst the students we
celebrate all National Festival on the campus with
obstacles, we the country as a whole are going to
serve our motherland to the best of our ability to
spread the light of peace, happiness and brotherhood.
great fervor and enthusiasm The celebrations began The skit by the senior students on Independence
with unfurling of the Flag by the Principal Dr (Mrs) Day needs a special mention as it showed the
S S Jaiman followed by the speeches by the Head girl glimpses of what all the countrymen went through
and the Head boy highlighting the importance of the to gain this Independence. Also the Prabhat Pheri
occasions and the sacrifices of the countless martyrs on Gandhi Jayanti filled the atmosphere with peace
The students put up a grand cultural extravaganza and happiness. The national days are celebrated not
expressing their patriotic fervor. This included various just as a ritual but as a reminder to keep the torch
dance performances by students of all departments of freedom burning in all its glory. The programmes
The students pledged that no matter what the concluded with the rendition of the National Anthem.

National Integration Day
Many people, many hearts, many minds, But one thought... 'UNITY'.
Have you people ever seen a bouquet of flowers
having flowers of different colours but having only one
fragrance? This may sound to be a very far fetched idea,
but friends let me tell you that there is a bouquet which
has flowers of so many colours, but it has only one
fragrance. The colourful bouquet is our beloved country
INDIA, and the common fragrance is that of Patriotism.
one poet has very aptly said :

tks Hkjk ugha gS Hkkoksa ls] cgrh ftlesa jl kkj ughaA

oks n; ugha] iRFkj gS] ftlesa Lons'k dk I;kj ughaAA
Can you think of some examples where we see the
beautiful colour of National Integration? We dont
have to go very far as our school itself is a throbbing
example of National Integration. Isn't it like a bouquet
of different coloured flowers. All the children and

G ood Morning Ma'am Principal, Vice Principals,

Registrar Sir, teachers and my very dear friends.
As you all know that we have gathered here today to
staff form the different flowers and give out the
aromatic fragrance of patriotism. Who is bonding
the bouquet together tightly? Our beloved Principal
observe National Integration Day which is the birth who also shares her birthday with Late Mrs Indira
anniversary ofthe first woman prime minister of Gandhi. Happy Birthday Ma'am!! Just as everybodys
India Mrs Indira Gandhi.She was the daughter of the favourite Prime minister Mrs Indira Gandhi had
first prime minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. held the nation together with a string of patriotism,
She played a major role in strengthening the Indian similarly our beloved Principal is bonding the school
democratic structure and tradition.She worked a lot for together.
the democratic socialism and weaker sections.
lkjs tgk ls vPNk fgUnksLrka gekjkA
National integration implies a sense of belongingness
as feeling of togetherness and of unity. It is a process ge cqycqysa gSa bldh] ;g xqyflrka gekjkAA
in which people of a nation are made to know, feel and Look at the Indian Army, Navy, Air force in which soldiers
act as people of one nation. A person should have a set from different states, religions and castes who forget
of loyalties such as loyalty to the state he lives in, to that they are from different areas and backgrounds but
his region, religion, language etc. But national loyalty is vie with each other to lay down their lives for saving the
primary. integrity and honour of our nation.

Another such example is our film industry where muslim ca/ks gq, gS rFkk jk"V dh ,drk o v[k.M+rk dks et+cwr djus
lyricist, music director and singer gave us the most ds fy, lnSo rRij jgrs gSaA
beautiful bhajan on Krishna in Lagaan. And who can
tSlk fd vki lc tkurs gSa fd vkt 19 uoEcj dk og fnu
but forget the national cricket team. When the cricket
fever grips the nation anybody and every body loves
gS ftl fnu Hkkjr dh izFke efgyk iz/kkueU=h Jhefr bfUnjk
the master strokes of Virat Kohli and Dhoni, the swing xkkh th dk tUe gqvk FkkA ,dhdj.k dk okLrfod vFkZ gS
and seam of Irfaan Pathan and Stuart Binny and doosra vyx&vyx Hkkxksa dks tksM+dj ,d cukukA Hkkjr fofHkUu
of Harbhajan the turbanator. Friends the examples are tkfr;ksa] /keksZa vkSj ijEijkvkas dk ns'k gS Hkkjr ds fodkl
numerous DRDO, ISRO, BSF, CRPF and Indian Railways ds fy, bu lc dks tksM+dj j[kuk cgqr cM+h pqukSrh gSaA
where the common bond is the love of nation. 1966 ls 1977 rd vkSj iqu% 1980 ls 1984 rd gekjs ns'k
We should not only learn the national integration from us viuh fiz; izkkueU=h bfUnjk th ds ekxZn'kZu esa fodkl
such organizations but also strive to be a part of such a dh Mksj dks idMs j[kkA mudh fons'k vkSj ?kjsyq uhfr ,oa
movement, starting with our class, school, colony and jk"Vh; lqj{kk uhfr us ns'k dks ubZ fn'kk iznku dhA Hkkjr
city. We must take care not to get misguided by any of vkSj lksfo;r :l dh fe=rk lfU/k gqbZA 1974 esa iks[kj.k esa
the dirty politicians who have their own axe to grind in
ijek.kq ijh{k.k djkdj Hkkjr dks ijek.kq 'kfDr/kj cukus esa
every situation.
;ksxnku fn;kA d`f"k {ks= esa gfjr&kafr ykus esa Hkh bfUnjk
Lets all follow the principle of One for all & All for one th us 1971 ls 1975 rd dbZ dk;Ze pyk,A iafMr usg:
and reverberate the whole world with loudest chanting of mUgsa fiz;nf'kZuh dgrs Fks vkSj og Hkkjr dh Hkh yksdfiz; usrk
,slk nsk dHkh uk ns[kk] dHkh uk lquk jsA FkhaA
nskksa dk ljrkt gS] esjk Hkkjr nsk jsAA bfUnjk th ,d ,slh efgyk Fkh tks u dsoy Hkkjrh;
t; fgUn .. jktuhfr ij NkbZ jgh cfYd fo'o dh jktuhfr ds f{kfrt
ij Hkh og ,d foy{k.k izHkko NksM+ xbZA mUgsa ykSg efgyk
Swarnima Singh XII Hkh dgdj lEcksf/kr fd;k tkrk gSA
bfUnjk th ds fy, dg ldrs gSa fd og fo'okl djrh Fkha
bl ckr ij-------
ygjksa ls yM+dj ukSdk ikj ugha gksrhA
dksfkk djus okyksa dh gkj ugha gksrhAA
vkSj og Lo;a dgrh Fkh fd &
^^dqN djus dk iwokZxzg gS fd & pfy,A ;kstuk dks
NksVs&NksVs pj.k esa ck/kdj igyk dne Lo;a c<k, &&&
lQyrk feysxhA^^
ns'k ds fy, og lnk lefiZr jghA mudk ;g Hkh dguk Fkk
fd & ^^;fn eSa bl ns'k dh lsok djrs gq, ej Hkh tk] rks
eq>s xoZ gksxkA esjs [kwu dh gj ,d cwn bl ns'k dh rjDdh
esa vkSj bls et+cwr ,oa xfr'khy cukus esa ;ksxnku nsxhA^^

; gk mifLFkr v/;kidx.k ,oa esjs fiz; lkfFk;ksa vkt

National Integration Day vFkkZr~ jk"Vh; ,drk ,oa
v[k.Mrk dk fnol gSA gekjk ns'k fofHkUu laLd`fr;kas dk
viuh fiz; izkkueU=h ds tUefnol dks ge jk"V ds lkFk
tksM+dj izfro"kZ eukrs vk jgs gSaA ;g gekjs }kjk muds fy,
,d [kwclwjr migkj gSA
ns'k gS tks lewps fo'o esa viuh ,d vyx igpku j[krk gSA /kU;oknA
vyx&vyx laLd`fr vkSj Hkk"kk, gksrs gq, Hkh ge ,d lw= esa LkYkksuh & nloha

Vigilance Week

I n accordance with the instructions of CBSE we

observed VIGILANCE AwarenessWeek from
31/10/16 to 5/11/16 in a befitting manner to promote
transparency, probity and integrity in public life .
The students from 6th to 12th, under the guidance
of theirteachers, showed their enthusiasm in various
activities like speeches, poster making, essay and slogan
writing. Later these posters were displayed at various
locations in the school .
This has been indeed a great initiative by the Central
Vigilance Commission to create awareness about the
role of preventive vigilance in reducing corruption and
enhancing accountability at various levels. Certainly
this will strengthen our system by making it more
The vice Principals Mr S K Thakur and
Mr R K Tyagi were also there to grace the occasion.
Mr Sachidanand Kumar and Mr Sandeep Pathak
encouraged the young generation to be united and raise
their voice against any kind of corruption. He emphasised
that if we are united, we can defeat all.
Mr Naveen Jha HOD (Humanities) enhanced the student's
knowledge about Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel by throwing
light on his life history and his contributions in India's
Struggle for freedom. The overall programme was a great

A Farewell is Necessary Before you can Meet Again !!!

T he farewell for class XII was organised. on

03-02-2016. It promised to be an exciting day not
only for the guests but also for the organizers -class XI.
programme enthralled the seniors. The individual
experiences of the students about the years in school
were very well conceived and enacted.The dances
The function began with the traditional lighting of were cheered loudly and greeted with a thunderous
the lamp of wisdom andknowledgeto invoke divine applause.
blessings for a bright future for this group of students. After the cultural programme, everyone assembled in the
ThePrincipal, the Vice Principals and other teachers were Old Tennis Court area for dance and sumptuous lunch.
also there to grace the occasion.
Class XII students danced to their hearts content to the
Ma'am Principal blessed the students and spoke music belted out by the DJ. Many were seen clicking
to them about the need to be focused and true pictures of friends and teachers trying to capture
to oneself. A colourful and entertaining cultural memories of school forever.

We are Marching
towards Victory...
NCC in our school was started in the year 1996. We have
boys NCC with 100 cadets and it is associated with 4 Delhi
Battalion, Delhi Directorate. Under this various camps are
organized from time to time and our NCC cadets also take
part . Our 47 cadets appeared for A certificate exam in
2016 and all have qualified.
The teacher In Charge Mr Sandeep Pathak is at
present holding the position ofThird Officer after
completingAssistant NCC Officer (ANO) training. National
Cadet Corps is a movement that envisages instilling
discipline amongst youth.
It is said a fertile and disciplined brain functions when
it is hosted by a healthy body. Keeping this in mind our
school NCC cadets attended a yoga workshop. Yoga is a
fitness regime that India has gifted to the world, which
helps its proponent to remain healthy.

Expressions/Abhivyakti - Language To A Daughter Leaving Home
Subject Club Activity When I taught you
To give vent to students' creative talents in languages, At eight to ride
CSKM Public School conducted ABHIVYAKTI -- English A bicycle looping around
and Hindi language activity-- in its JKJC Auditorium. Beside you
The students from IX to XII actively took part. They As you wobbled away
prepared charts and power point presentations on On two round wheels
various topics like 'Save the Girl Child', 'Women My own round wheels
Empowerment' and 'Green India Clean India'. Students My own mouth rounding
also spoke on many debatable topics like 'Should In surprise when you pulled
we keep pets at home' and 'Odd Even Formula'. Ahead down the curved
The school Principal Dr (Mrs) S S Jaiman praised the Path of the park
student's efforts and also appreciated the teachers I kept waiting
for setting new horizons for students for learning For the thud
languages in an encouraging atmosphere... Indeed Of your crash as I
it was a great step to enhance student's learning Sprinted to catch up
opportunities. While you grew
Smaller more breakable
Madhumita N Pathak, Prem Kohli Teachers With distance
Pumping, poming
For your life screaming
With a laughter
The hair flapping
Behind you like a
Handkerchief waving
Good bye.
Guneet Singh X

What if ????
What if the world was a maze,
And we were lost in our own place?
What if we could not find
The true meaning of our life?
What if?
What if we could not understand
The feel of love and pain?
What if we were caged,
Then asked to fly ?
What if?
What if we were cheated,
Then asked to believe?
What if we were beaten,
Then asked to shine?
What if?
What if we were slaughtered,
It is one of the most beautiful

Then asked to breathe?
What if we were killed,
compensations of life, that no man

Before we were born?
What if?
can sincerely try to help another What if we were locked in a room,
Then asked to explore?
without helping himself. What if we were tied with a rope,
Then asked to run?
What if we lived in a world like this?
Ralph Waldo Emerson How scary this world will be..
Just think, how scary world we will live in?
 Sanaa Roy X

Our Debators
Topic : Modern Living has made the people of India weak, unhealthy and diseased.

For the Motion Against the Motion

Y es I strongly feel that modern

living has made people of India
weak, unhealthy and disease prone.
M odern technology
plays an important role
in our daily lives. It is the
means of communication and
Let us begin with the birth of a child, entertainment. Computers,
here the complexity of modern televisions and smart phones has
medicine saves many foetus from influenced our lives in different
the hands of death. This has reduced the child mortality ways. Nowadays everyone carries a smartphone with
rate to a great extent, but even though getting live babies access to the Internet. Imagine a whole day without your
are great for the parents. It creates the problem of cell phone. Would you be able to function right?
population explosion for the whole human race.
Lets get on with life, the child somehow survives The advancement of many new sciences has made our
infancy and reaches school going age. Unlike the older lives easier and more convenient. As our technology
generations modern day children don't have the space or improves, so does our quality of life. For instance
new health machines have significantly increased the
freedom of moving about and end up cramped in front
average life span for humans as well as household
of their PCs or Play Stations. This sedentary style of living
causes the child to be anti-social and thus making him
socially weak. Today, technology influences our every move. We have
Facebook, twitter, E-mail, whatsapp and many other
Again the child grows he become a teenager who is
social apps that enable us to stay connected with our
influenced by the juicy advertisements of fast food chains
distant friends and families at affordable costs. It has
which makes him an addict and eat these so-called 'Junk
cut down cost of travelling. Online shopping is now very
Foods' 3-4 times a week. In my opinion these should be
popular as there is a huge variety of products. It saves
called Death Food. On top of this he is tortured by peer-
time and money. Moreover this is good for the people
pressure, excessive competition and uncertainties of his
who have no time to shop for themselves. Also now
future. This in turn coverts him into an alcoholic, smoker people use computers for the advancement of their
or in extreme cases a drug addict. knowledge.
Time doesn't stop, so he gets older and his body weaker. Even though it is said that modern machines cause
As results of this vicious lifestyle he becomes diabetic, a lot of pollution and are polluting the environment,
he was obese and now he starts to face cardio vascular scientists have invented machines that have benefited
diseases and spend the rest of his life battling against the environment in various ways. For instance the
these diseases and coping up with the challenges technologies like oil skimmers help make environment
of the world around and at last he dies an untimely cleanup. Also the hybrid technology is fuel efficient and
death due to a sudden heart attack or cancer which no creates lesser carbon dioxide emissions than many petrol
chemotherapy could cure. powered cars.
Modern living means adopting the western culture, Modern living has opened up more choices for health
smoking, drinking, eating pizzas and burgers, etc. Also care and enhanced consciousness of the common man
working at night times in a BPO or a Call Centre is now towards dietary ethics. Basically one can seek help
a days modern living. But this makes you obese and regarding health over the click and move of the mouse
also mentally sick as scientifically it is proved that brain and practice a healthy lifestyle. Yoga clubs, health clubs,
automatically relaxes. Now we see teens and adults gyms at work places, laughing clubs etc. are results of
smoking in shops, in parties and on roads. It is maybe modern living.
because of stress or peer pressure. Smoking reduces
Agreed that it has led to a decrease in physical activities
13.9% of the life span. Isn't this unhealthy? Don't we see
among people, but then people have also started taking
sick and obese people around us? It is because most of
aerobic classes and working out in gyms etc.
them eat junk food regularly.
Now I will conclude by saying that modern living
So with this I come to a conclusion that yes Modern living
has brought all these changes and I do hope that in
has certainly made the people of our country unhealthy, the coming years it will continue the same for the
weak and disease prone. betterment of the future generation and society.
Thank You. Thank You.
Kaushik Poddar (XI/PCB) Vivek Dutta (XI/PCB)

Workshop on E-Waste Management
27th September, 2016 a workshop on 'E-Waste Dr Sandip Chatterjee, Director, Ministry of electronics
Management challenges, prospects and strategies' was and information technology, Govt. of India addressed
organized by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and the gathering and informed about the rules to be
Climate change, Govt. of India at PHD Chamber, New implemented by Govt. in 2016.
Delhi. Mr J P Upadhyay and Ms Suteen Bala attended this
workshop. The technical session was moderated by Mr Krish S
Iyenger, Vice President, Reliance industries, Central
The overall objective of this workshop is to provide an Pollution Control board (CPCB).
insight into various aspects of e-waste management with
respect to the current situation and future scenario. At the end an open discussion on E-waste related
issue held which was an interactive session and all the
The workshop began at 10.00am by a welcome speech participants presented their views to club this programme
by Mr Anil Khaitan, Vice President PHD chamber of with skill development, and how it can be useful for young
Commerce and Industry. The theme was introduced by generation to procure employment. Overall it was a well
Mr N J Singh, Director DCM Shriram Ltd. organized and very informative workshop.

Subject Club Activities Spic Macay - Virasat - 2016
T he first subject club activity for the session 2015-
16 was organized by the Humanities Department
in July. The participants presented various Power Point
I n association with Spic-Macay Virasat -2016
we organized a Rajasthani folk song recital by
Ustad Rehmat Khan Langa and his troupe on
presentations, articles, quizzes and other activities 22th November, 2016.
which are full of their creative and knowledgeable
ideas. These activities were based on social, historical, The programme commenced with the traditional
political and psychological aspects. This was an welcome of the esteemed artists by the school
attempt to encourage and inspire them to explore principal, Dr (Mrs) S S Jaiman. This was followed by the
all opportunities and for their personal growth. lighting of the ceremonial lamp.
The students and the teachers were motivated by Ustad Rehmat Khan Langa enthralled the audience
honourable Principal Maam Dr S S Jaiman. Maam also with melodious, energetic and zestful renditions of
gave us novel ideas to incorporate in other activities. evergreen Rajasthani folk songs, like Morni Baga Ma,
Kesariya Balam, Nimboda Nimboda and many others.
The auditorium reverberated with the lively beats of
Rajasthani folk songs.
Ustad Rehmat Khan Langa also taught the children
his self-composed song, Hanji Re Banni, for the Beti
Bacho initiative for which he had been felicitated by
the Prime Minister.The school Principal expressed her
gratitude to Spic-Macay for upholding the rich cultural
heritage of our country. Emphasizing on the diverse
culture that India boasts of, she urged the children to
appreciate the different cultures and flavours that each
state showcases.

Cbse Workshop
'Classroom Management'
M s Deepika Abrol, Head Mistress and Ms Shilpi
Sharma, PGT, Psychology attended capacity
building programme on classroom management at
the CBSE centre of excellence, Gurgaon. The resource
persons were Dr. Renu Malviya and Ms Usha Anand
who focused on the issues of classroom organization,
management, content management, conduct,
convenant management etc. The teachers were also
made aware about the importance of managing in a
class for effective learning as well as about managing
the transition periods. The role of a teacher as a guide
or facilitator was duly emphasized. A brief presentation
was also made on the inclusion programme in school.
Engaging with and connecting to the child building Our students also attended a workshop on Calligraphy, by
psycho-social environment, optimum and apt use of Dr Anees Siddiqui. It was amazing to see how every nook
rewards and consequences, rules, procedures, routines and cranny is filled with meaningful curves. The students
etc. were also highlighted. It was really a very enriching enjoyed learning the art of forming words and letters in
and informative experience. an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner.
Shilpi Sharma, Teacher

UN Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) Exhibition Trees and Us!
O n 30th September and 1st October, 2016 students of
CSKM Public School visited a very apt exhibition on
United Nations. Sustainable Development goals at Luther
Constantly in flux
King Plaza in India International Centre. Nature
Flowers leaning towards the Sun, the rivers
It was a collaboration of UN information centre and ASN
Sr Sec. School. Growing trees
Breaking through boulders
Students of ASN from Primary to Sr. Sec. had exhibited Tenacious!
models on the 17 sustainable development goals to Truly resilient!
render our world a safe and habitable place for all, for
resources to be equally available to all, especially gender The taller the trees
equality, no poverty, food for all, peace in the world, Towards the heavens
health, green infrastructure etc. The deeper they sink
Into mother earth.
Our students Soumen Shekhar Ghosh (XI) and Live bridges
Angshuman Das (XII) also participated in the Poster- Conversing with the Cosmos.
making competition on World in Your perception-2030.
Divya Prakash and Parth of VII students participated in A continuous struggle-
slogan writing on the Essence of Peace. Striving to win
To flourish like trees
24 students were escorted by our art teacher, Their development embedded with
Mr R K Ojha and Mr Deepika Abrol on different days. The history of struggles, hardships
We were enlightened by the world of wisdom of the And glorious triumphs.
Guest Speakers the moving song by the Primary students Winters under the weight of snow
of ASN, the nukhad-natak on the 17 SAGs by the middle Summers of joyous profusion.
section students.
To this majestic tree,
We would like to thank our school for giving us such a I ask, "Wouldn't you like to go some place else
wonderful opportunity, sensitizing us to the real concerns sometime?"
for global peace and prosperity. Special thanks to our
teacher escorts for guiding and encouraging us to be Swaying, smiling warmly it seems to say, "This is my
better human beings. place of mission".
We made a promise to ourselves to contribute to The great philosopher tree:
the achievement of the sustainable development Awakened to the Truth of the Universe!
goals to make our earth a better peace for all to live Adapted from poetic prose by Dr Daisaku Ikeda, SGI
harmoniously. We, Dhivya, Saumya, Abhinav, Soumen, President
Digvijay and Gaurav Tokas are much inspired now.

Students Express.....

I Saw The Sun I Love Nature

I saw an elephant The sun I love trees and flowers
When I went for a walk So big, I love mountains and towers.
My friends saw an elephant So hot, I love river, lakes and waterfalls
In the park Round like a ball I love God
So big, so beautiful, Hot like fire Who made them all.
Has big body, big ears Up in the sky
Fat legs but a small tail Shining bright Ranjeet Ranjan IV
Small eyes and a long trunk Day in and day out.
Eats bananas and sugarcane
Which makes him big and strong. Shaurya Sharma IV Tom & Jerry
Tom & Jerry
Aman Tiwari IV Tom is a cat
Friends Jerry is a mouse
Friends Both chase each other
Love Trees I have many friends In a big house
Trees Ashish, Amam, Sadia I love Tom
Small trees They are my friends I love Jerry
Big trees We sit together They are my favourite cartoons
Very big trees We play together
We study together Ashish Mishra IV
Short trees
Tall trees We are best of friends
Cut old trees
But plant a few more
Now and forever
Run, Run, Run
Vaibhav Ohlyan - IV Run, run, run
Talk to them, Running is fun
Love them and Read, read, read
Hug them more Reading is fun,
Sadia Parwez IV Play, play, play
Play in the sun
Eat, eat, eat
Eat butter and bun.
Shilpa IV

43 43
In the Garden Rainbow Flowers
Come! Butterfly, come! Seven colours in a rainbow Clouds in the sky
Come! Honey bee come! Each different and beautiful Sun so high,
Listen to me In its own way symbolize, Trees all around,
Trees, flowers in the garden Red for love and bravery, Grass on the ground,
Children and swings in the garden. Orange for health and strength, I love to walk
Colourful butterflies flying in the Yellow for fun and warmth, In this park
garden. Green for life and hope,
Im watering plants in the garden. Blue for peace and calm, Varun Chaudhary IV
Come and see! Indigo for silence and prayer,
Come and see! Violet for power and wisdom.
How colourful and beautiful the Flowers
Komal V rainbow is!
Flower, flower, flower is bright.
Sonika Lamba V And it looks bright
Rose Flower are colourful and
It looks wonderful.
Suppose you see a rose Butterfly sits on the flower
What would you do? Round and Round As if it is on a tower.
I would pick up the rose
Look at it very close Oh! Look what I found Saumya Lamba V
And then I would smell it On the ground
With my nose Come and see
Oh! What a fragrance! Dont make a sound I Love Honey
Under the tree
Aniket Jaiswal IV Lets all roll Rabbits love honey
Round and round. Bears love honey
Working so hard
Manan Sejwal IV Bees make honey.
A King Mommy dear!
Give me some money,
A tall king I want to buy a jar
A tall handsome king A King With a Swing Of sweet delicious honey!
A tall handsome brave king
A tall handsome brave kind king I think I am a king Komal V
A tall handsome brave kind and wise Sitting on a swing,
king. With my diamond rings
And two lovely wings
Ansh Sejwal V Only I can sway
On the golden swing!!
Pritam Jana IV
Talking Tree
See see
What do I see? Our Flag
A man is cutting
Down the tree, Our national flag
And the tree Has three colours
Talking to me. Saffron
Please! Please! White
Save me! Green
Dont let him And a blue wheel
Cut me! I love my tricolour
I salute the flag.
Kartikay Singh Rana V
Tanvi Sejwal IV

My Kite Prayer An Apple
See my kite, see my kite, God makes flowers, God makes trees An apple a day
Its so bright, its so bright God makes whole earth Keeps the doctor away
Some colours are dark in it, God makes people and animals I asked my mother
And some are very light. Dear God you can see me. Please may I have five apples
Dear God please help me today.
If I fly it in the day, You help everyone in time She said, Why?
Sun will show me all the way You are my sister I told her
Its so high, its so high, You are my brother Five apples a day
From me its very far away. God please help me! Will keep five doctors away.
If I fly it in the night,
Can I find way the right? Kanak V Karuna Prajuli V
I will lose it very soon,
With the crazy smile of the moon.
Prayer Time and Knowledge
If I fly it on a cloudy day,
Oh! God please help me! Proper use of time means
It will really touch the ray.
I pray to you God. completing the assigned work at the
When it is above the cloud,
You are my father. right time. Those who leave todays
Oh! then I will feel so proud.
You are my mother. work for tomorrow and tomorrows
Suryaansh Walia IV You are good. work for the day after, invite only
You are kind. problems for themselves
You help everyone all the time
Oh! God please help my friends and Knowledge is not knowledge when it
My Brother me as well. is only an information.
My little brother Knowledge is knowledge when
Swarndeep V
My little cute brother gained through experience.
My little cute smart brother
My little cute smart naughty brother. Learning from Mistake
I CAN So long as you do not learn from the
Karuna V incidents in your life. These incidents
I can jump,
But I cannot fly will reoccur.

A Reindeer I can climb stairs Shubhangi Singh IX

But I cannot climb a tree.
Randolph, the reindeer,
Dilkasha I
Very big,
Very big antlers,
Nibbles grass
Pulls a sledge
Lives in snow land
Ashish Mishra IV

45 45
Books Mother Sister in the House
Books dont have eyes, Mothers are the best
Theres my Sister in the House
But they give you vision. Mothers are every ones best friends
Books dont have tongues, Mothers look after all our needs Shes scared of a Mouse.
But they speak with words They love us, they laugh with us A small little girl,
Books dont have hands Mothers have very good hearts Whos very fond of pearls,
But they help us Mothers can do multiple tasks She will not make a sound,
Books dont have legs, Looking after the family And lay down on the ground.
But they take us around the world
Managing home work happily, She will gaze at the stars
Books dont have brain,
But they are full of knowledge coming home tired And eat chocolate bars.
Books dont have gem, but never ever fired
But they are precious. Always remember that God made You will never know she is there
Thats why I love Books. mothers Very silent is she,
because he can not be everywhere, Unlike loud and noisy me.
Ankit V Mothers are the God of our lives! But she will never say no,
Her impression is never low.
For there is a sister in the House
Nishant Gahlot X
Books Who is scared of a Mouse.
My books Saumya R. Saral
Take a look,
I love my course books True Friendship
I love my story books Friendship is a thing gifted by God
Want to see my picture books? Friendship word sounds good like
Such beautiful stories, gold
Such lovely pictures, Friendship is fun like a cloud with hot
Come, take a look Sun.
My Family
At my precious books.
Friendship is a bond of truth and We have a big family.
Keshav IV more
We live in a joint family.
It is as beautiful as the sea shore
Friendship means caring Our grandparents, parents, uncle and
Books and relates to sharing aunt live together in the large house.
A book is not just a bundle of pages Friendship is a unique relation Shan Khan III
It is test of many stages It is also a very beautiful creation.
A book helps us gain knowledge Friendship is love
Its not only to take to the cottage its as pretty as a white dove.
These are not merely books finding a true friends its never late.
These can be friends who are really Friendship is the only relation youll
Good books attract our interest never hate.
So, we can become wise person  Abhi Dayal X My Smart Class
If we read them sincerely
We see and learn in the smart class
Sunny Tanwar VI
It is so interesting that we love to go
Reading to this class.
In every period, we request Maam
I love reading
I love reading books, story books to take us for the smart class
My mother I love reading English and Hindi We are thrilled as we learn many
books and story books. things.
My mothers name is Mrs Anju
Bhardwaj, Parul Angel III It has improved our revision by
She is very beautiful seeing and learning, we remember
She is tall and slim better.
She is a home-maker. We love our smart class because it is
She takes care of me. I love my mom. making us smart and intelligent.
Ranit Ray and Taqi II
 Aditya Bhardwaj I

Let's get more poesy
My Red Car
Important Rules
Red car is mine
Here are some rules
It is fit and fine
For you and me,
See how important I go for a ride
They can be In it from nine to five
Always be honest, Would you like to
Be kind and fair, Come with me!
Always be good For a ride
And willing to share. In a countryside
These are rules From nine to five.
We all should know,
We follow these rules Mihikaa Singh IV
Wherever we go.
A bright Moon at Nig
Aniket Ashiwal IV

My Red Jacket Light, light, everywhe

re white
esnt have any diet.
My jacket I believe the moon, do
My red Jacket Still it shines so brigh
Wear it in winters On such height, like a
So beautiful, so cozy It looks like pizzas bit
Keeps me warm Am I saying right?
Wear it in a party In the night.
Or in the farm It is so pretty.
Wear it in an outing The silvery white mo
Or in disco dancing! Pritam Jana IV
Meenal Singh IV

My Toy Car My Black Jacket

I have a toy car Mom bought a jacket
It is red in colour My jacket is black
It has four wheels Very comfortable,
I play with it. Very soft,
My father gave me on my birthday
When I wear it,
Siyon Luka I
I look so smart.

bing Words)
Please dont steal it,
Animals (Descri I want it back!
Aman Bhatia IV
Animals are
Wild, domestic,
an d playful.
Mean, smelly My Water Bottle
They are so ener
They are so quic I have a new water bottle
Some ar e slo w
It has a red cap and a blue strap
And some are fa It is made of steel.
Some are w ise
olish. There are pictures on it
And some are fo
It has Spiderman picture on one side.
Some are shy
thy I got it on my birthday
And some are fil
d furry It keeps the water cool all day.
Some are soft an
and scaly Ranak Chawla II
Some are spikey in sky.
, in water and fly
They live on land
yan Ali III
Sh as ha nk , Ahad Khan & Re

My Grandparents
My grandparents love me a lot. They teach me many things. My nani cooks very tasty
food. I like to go at my nanus house in summer vacation because there are lots of
mangoes and litchis in their garden.
Samyak Roy II

My Grandmother EID
My grandmothers name is Mrs Janak Sharma. She is 63 Eid is an important religious festival celebrated by
Muslims world wide. It marks the end of Ramadan,
years old. She can cook delicious dishes for all. She tells the Islamic holy month of fasting. It is a day of
me nice stories at night. My grandmother teaches me gaiety, festivity and fasting. Muslims put on their
many good things. I love and respect my grandmother. best dresses. Houses are decorated. Eid greetings
Raghavpriy Sharma II are exchanged by one and all. It teaches us to
embrace all men as brothers.
Tanuja Thakur III

A Dream Come True Our Houses

My dream came true when we went to Goa for a holiday.
We are reading a lesson about Houses. The lesson is
We stayed in a big hotel. We swam in the sea and made very interesting. Maam Charu teaches us very nicely.
sand castles. We collected sea-shells on the beach. We There are many types of houses. People live in all
bought lots of gifts for everyone. types of houses, big or small, in cities, villages, deserts
Vansh Sethi II or near rivers. These houses are made of bricks and
cement and of mud, too. Some people move from
one place to another, they live in tents. Some live in
houseboats, some in igloos in Iceland. Maam Charu
My Friend showed us these houses in the Smart Class. We
enjoyed watching his lesson on screen.
I am Aarav. My friends name is Aryan. We are in class Aanshi and Samvedha III
I. We sit together. We play together and we eat lunch
I love my friend.
Aarav Chaturvedi I I am Monishka
I am small and cute
I love to make friends
I am my teachers favourite.
Monishka Bhan I
Visit to a Temple
Last Sunday, I went to pray in a temple. It was a big and
beautiful temple with many huge statues of God. It was
very neat and clean. A priest was performing pooja.
My parents and I sat inside and prayed. It felt very My Dog
peaceful to meditate and relax. I will go again to the
My dog is cute. I call it coffee. My dog is clever.
temple next month.
It runs very fast. It is a cute and clever dog.
Khushboo Verma III
Aryan I
Visit to Aapno Ghar
We went for an outing to Water Park, Aapno Ghar in April, 2016.
We had a lovely time in cool, cool showers.
We were climbing up the stairs, sliding down, dipping in the pool and
having a nice time. We had a hearty lunch and tasty ice-cream. We
also danced to DJs music. We enjoyed our picnic with our friends and
Sonia Ishimoto and Maanya Goswami III

Mahatma Gandhi
Mathematics M Man of high caliber
It may not teach us, A Admired by one and all
How to breathe oxygen H Humbly served the poor
and how to exhale carbondioxide. A Active till the last
Or to love a friend T Truth was his life
And forgive an enemy. M Made India independent
It may not even help us, A Avoided personal comfort
find our way to our one true life. G Genius in all respect
But it gives us A Ahimsa he preached
A reason to hope that N Noble were his thoughts
every problem has a solution D Devoted his life to the nation
H Honest life led throughout
Aniket Yadav, IX I Indian he was in all respects
Mohd Fuzel IX

No Child Labour Failure, A Necessary Step Towards

Child labour refers to the employment of children in any
work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes To achieve greatest success, we have to embrace the
with their ability to attend regular school, and which is prospect of Failure.
mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and
harmful. One feels a great sense of achievement when he
conquers what is supposed to be the most difficult. There
Child labour takes place when children are forced to is a saying that One who tries will definitely fail and
work like adults and take part in an economic activity. also, To achieve success, you must try. So, we can say
According to the ILO (International Labour Organisation) that success doesnt come without failure. There are
this is applied to people upto age fifteen, or seventeen many examples in history which proves this fact. One
in case of dangerous work. Even though only about a of them is Thomas Alva Edison, who is most popularly
fourth of the ILO members have ratified the respective known as the inventor of the light bulb. It is said that it
convention, this age limit is generally accepted. took 1000 attempts before he made the first prototype
Child labour is fundamentally different from casual work of a commercial light bulb. I am not a great admirer of
done by children, like guarding other children, or helping him yet I am inspired by his one statement. When he was
here and there. Child labour is forbidden in all countries. asked about the 1000 failures, he answered. The light
There are two kinds of work that minors can do: bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.

1. Some work they do is acceptable, as it is only light, We must not avoid the prospect of failure as it is the
or easy to do. Children can also do it while they are greatest teacher and it is the First Attempt. In Learning.
well integrated into the family. The kind of work can An attitude of no fear is a stepping stone towards quick
be done in addition to education the children are success.
getting. Ritvik IX
2. The other kind of work is difficult to do, or it is
physically exhausting. It may be dangerous, the
children may be required to work for long hours and
in humiliating thing.
In general the second kind of work is usually labeled as
child labour. Estimates are that up to 350 million children
are affected by child labour, eight million of these are
affected by one of the worst forms of child labour. They
are child sellers, they are forced into prostitution, they
are used for child pornography, they are child slaves, or
affected by human trafficking.

Shreyash Singh Tomar X

Cskm Public School A Girl
Pollution, pollution, pollution
Does it have any solution A girl in the pool
One, one, one, CSKM is great fun
Smoke here Is so cool
Two, two, two CSKM is always true
and smoke there She is simple
Three, three, three, CSKM is like a
Spoiling the oxygen and She has a dimple
strong tree
in the air She is tall
Four, four, four CSKM will achieve
Does it have And is going to fall
any solution She is riding a car
Five, five, five, CSKM will always be
Revolution in plantation With the star
The only solution She is eating rice
Six, six, six, CSKM rules are fixed
for pollution With a mice
Seven, seven, seven, CSKM is like a
She loves the school
Sunny Tanwar - VII heaven
Because there is a pool
Eight, eight, eight, CSKM is great
She is eating a pear
Nine, nine, nine, CSKM will always
With a bear
She hates pig
Ten, ten, ten, CSKM teachers are
And she is wearing a wig.
OW! Tanya VIII
Manav Khera VIII

Wow! Wow! Wow
w on de rf ul day,
What a
Wow! Wow! Wow
won de rf ul fete.
What a
The Tiger Two Babies in a house
Fete is a place
May there always be Tiger
I can live my life Two Babies
at dragon ride, In the Jungles and tall grass
Oh! Wow see th Two little babies
etal piece. May the Tigers roar be heard
Hanging in the m Crawling in the house
May his thunder
See the haunted Be known in the land. Look at them
r-c oa ster too
See that rolle At the Forest pool, by moonlight Trying to catch a mouse!
God! He lp ! M e! May he drink and raise his head
Two little babies
The peop le sh out Scenting the light wind.
Singing a song
tin g of people
The shou May he crouch low in the grass
me too. Look at their mamma
Wanted to scare When the herdsmen pass,
And slumber in dark caverns, Dancing along.
But I am a girl When the sun is high,
Who never gets May there always be Tigers. Ryan Singh V
w hy its a place
And that s But not so many that one of them
my life.
Where I can live Might be tempted to come into
By: Tanya VII
my room
In search of Meat!
Sneha Mathew VIII

I am You are
K Keep Smiling
S sincere
I I am not joking
A amiable
R Remain Healthy
T This is the Truth I intelligent
I I am always right.. K kind
Kiriti IV A athletic
Nandini III

The Bear A Deer
Hear! Hear!
My Cat Deer in the forest,
Look who is here? Cat! Cat! Drinking water from the stream
Children come here A very fat cat Spots on his body
Here is a bear! Look at her Look so beautiful
Its a grizzly bear! She is always happy, Sees a lion
For the bear Look at her Or a tiger
Bring some honey She is always hungry Runs as fast as he can.
For the master Her favourite food As if telling them
Bring some money. Is a big fat rat!! Catch me if you can!
Dance bear dance, Swarndeep V
Children clap along. Sonika Lamba V

Meenal Bharti IV
Water Save Electricity
Water water all around Todays electricity
Flows through the mountains Is everydays necessity.
Talking Frog And touches the ground When the day is bright
Evaporates from the sea Switch off the light.
It was a rainy day Save Electricity, daily
And comes down with rain
As I went down the pool, Making one home
A frog was sitting on a rock, Dont waste it, it is precious
Energized easily.
He threw water on my sock Water water everywhere
Save one unit a day
He asked me How is your Waste not a drop needed to drink
Keep power cut away.
school? and share
I told him, Really cool! All the factory wastes Ankit Kumar VII
He asked again, Can I come Come in the water
too~ The fishes die and scatter
I told him, why not? So, give the water
It is the best thing to do! A new future
And save the water
Sara Sharma V For the next generation
Arun Kumar VII

I am
T talented
A active
N nice
I intelligent
S sweet
H honest
Q quiet
Tanishq V

I am I am
N naughty P polite
E emotional I innocent
H humble Y young
A adorable U useful
Neha V S sweet
H honest
Piyush V

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the
thought has found words Robert Frost
Lady Aruna Prasad Poetry
I dont know where my path may lead,
writing Competition I only know the destination I have to reach

T o pay tribute to Lady Aruna Prasad, wife of our

Patron Late Sir Rajeshwar Prasad, we organised
English and Hindi Poetry Writing Competition. It was
Its not the path that matters,
It is the destination that does.
a mass participation event. All students wrote their Farther travelled, path unknown
respective poems on the topics provided to them on Mountains, sand, rocks and stone
the spot. Their talent and confidence was uplifted Some say this road will never end
as they went on to pen down their innovative ideas Without ups and down in your life
which further enhanced their thinking and learning Theres no challenge.
skills. The children participated earnestly in the
Very soon, the blazing sun will fade
competition. They came up with different poems.
Here are few of them which were much appreciated I search trees with hundreds years of shade
and rewarded. People tell me to give up in this dusty heat
I seek gardens with rivers underneath.

Jayant Khemani
They come with lots of joy and blessings.
Bringing smiles to a hundred faces Life of a Hard Working Boy
Continuing their life under their loving parents shade
Over the years understanding the world I am a boy, a boy of 14
Facing problems Who lives in dream and often in reality,
Struggling to become perfect I longed to change them one into another
Taking on the responsibility of a family But many things make it seem impossible.
Taking decisions and fulfilling demands as time passes For the care of my mother, for the faith of my teacher.
But when they need support For the trust of my friend, for the affection of my sister
Sometimes there is no light in the dark
I work even harder without caring for myself
Lucky are they who have support
Spending the rest of days In this big, giant world without losing my hopes
Making youth understand the reality of life I continue to struggle until I achieve my goal.
Finally realizing all their dreams The day I achieve my much awaiting goal
Piyush Kunal, Class XII The credits will go to my sisters at homes
For making me, as strong before
Life Is Yours Just Live It Till day Ill become the purest soul
After clearing all obstacles of the path
Be strong enough to face the world each day,
I, then wanted to be rich to own a car
Be weak enough to know that you cannot do everything.
which is Lamborghini of course and
Be generous to those who need your help,
At least a farm to enjoy
Be frugal with what you need for yourself.
Be wise enough to know that you do not know everything The natural beauty at my home.
Be foolish enough to believe in miracles, I am not so old
Be willing to share your joys, Yet expecting for the gold
Be willing to share the sorrows of others, This story of getting gold
Be the first to congratulate an opponent who succeeds, And becoming an old
Be the last to criticize a colleagues who fails, Will remain forever and forever.
Be loving to those who love you
Om Thakur X
Be loving to those who do not love you and they may
change above all.
BE YOURSELF your true self.

 Anshika Gahlot XII (COM)

My World Mother
Leaving everything aside Dear Mother,
Knowing what I do, The first person I came to know
Standing all alone When I opened my eyes, that was you my dearest,
In the midst of the Sun Loveliest and nearest my mom!
I close my eyes, A single word with a lot of meanings.
Hold my head up high First a daughter, then a wife,
A flash of light comes Later promoted as a mother
And strikes my way A woman.
I realize that I am What a woman! A wonderful woman!
In MY WORLD! The ideal of love. The ideal of respect
The butterfly that flies around me A great homemaker, a grand support
The nightingale that sings sweetly. A true hand to hold in a world so fake
The streams of water flowing that heal the wound A unique character, a lovable actor
It seems Im dreaming A person with a mature mind
And Yes! Its more than what Im dreaming A soft corner in a cruel world
I open my eyes, All I can see With power of forgiving,
Is a bright light that covers me With power of loving all, even when hated by all
I suddenly realize that With power to accept all, even though rejected many a
I am in my world! time
A wonderful world I have never before The one who makes you feel proud to be what you are
experienced!! The one who teaches you not to copy others but just to
Yourself, believing in yourself.
The one who shows you your own identity,
O Lord, Give me the Strength
Give me the strength Lord, give me the strength Yogeesha Negi, Class XII
So that I can pursue whatever is my aim
Your love for me was always there My World
It was just me who was unaware
My world depends on how I see it,
O Lord, the king of Universe
It is amazing because I believe in it.
Look at me I am thirsty for your words
My world has its share of ups and downs
O Supreme creator and destroyer of the universe
Give me the courage to end up all the curse But I make it a point of making it better always.
I am your child and alone in the world My world is devoted to my mother,
Show me the path to overcome all hurdles. Just as she devoted hers to mine.
You are omnipresent but I cant see you My world will work to make her happy,
Give me that purity through which I can feel you Just as she made my world the best place to be.
Give me the strength lord, give me the strength. Akash Aaron
So that I can pursue whatever is my aim.

 Aishwarya XII

Never be Rude to Anyone Once Upon a Time
An American tourist asked a boat man in Zanzibar. Do Once upon a time there was a family of four members.
you Know Biology, Psychology, Geography, Geology and Their names were Somebody, Nobody, Mad and Mind.
Criminology? The Boat man said, No, I dont know any Mad Mother, Mind Younger son, Somebody and
of these. Nobody Twin brothers.
The Tourist was very rude to the boatman and said, One day Nobody went to bring sweets. He was trying
What the hell do you know on this Earth. You will die of to find a washroom but he could not find it. He came
illiteracy!. The Boat man said nothing, after a while the back home and put the sweets on the table and went to
Boat developed a fault and started sinking. The Boatman the washroom door and knocked, somebody was inside
then asked the tourist, Do you know swimology and and called out whose there?, he answered Nobody,
Escapology from Crocodilogy? The Tourist said, No!. Nobody, Nobody. He asked the same question, yet he
said Nobody, Nobody. The boy called Nobody ran away
The Boat guy replied, Well today you will Drownology with the sweets. His mother Mad called the Police. She
and crocodilogy will eat you upology. I will not helpology said Nobody took my something. The police said, Are
and you will dielogy because of your Badmouthology. you Mad? She asked How do you know? Police man
asked Where is your mind? it is in the bath room she
Darpan Kumar VII
said. Ha Ha Ha
 Nevaf Amiri IX
Never be Greedy
Once upon a time there were two thieves Vishal and
Gopal. They both were like brothers. They both stole
many things from many places together. One day they
both planned to steal one of the biggest Banks. They had
planned everything meticulously as to how they would
enter and exit.
When they had stolen the money from the Bank they
went to a secret place which was not known to anyone.
They rested and started dividing their money equally
between the two. After the distribution, they felt very
hungry. Vishal went out to bring the food and then he
thought of mixing poison in Gopals plate. He thought if
he dies, the money will be his. On the other hand, Gopal
thought that when Vishal comes, he will shoot him.
He did as he had planned. Gopal shot Vishal and started
eating the Food from the same plate in which Vishal had
mixed the poison. In this way, both of them died.
From this story, we learn a lesson that we should never
be Greedy. If we are not able to resist temptation and
greed, there will be not a single person left in this
beautiful world.

 Ashutosh Kothari VIII

My Story
I came here in class KG and now I am class 6th. One day
when I was in class 3rd, my father went out of India for
some urgent work. Then my school friends, my teachers,
my wardens took great care of me. Its because of
them I never felt that I was living without my parents. I
celebrated all the festivals with my friends, my teachers
and my wardens. Sometimes I fought and argued with
them but they supported me and always loved me a lot.
Ive never felt that this is a school. I always think that this
is my family where I have lot of family members living
together. It is a home away from home for all.

Simranjeet VI

My Mother, My World
She became known to me!! She was the one who used to be worried when I came
One day a person dies, late from school.
another day he/she takes birth somewhere else She was the happiest person when I gave her my first
Everyday thousands and millions of people die smile
few of them take birth and when I took my first step: She bounced with
The cycle goes on, and on..... happiness.
I too died one day. Another day I opened my eyes in She was overjoyed
this world. Everybody looked different, I cried and When I started to crawl first
shouted but nobody responded to me. Then one of She waved me when I went to school first,
them came to me. She was the one whom I felt would
When I came first in the class and
be able to understand all my gestures. She was the
When I went to my office first
one whom I thought was someone related to me, in
this huge world. She was the one who looked after me She sacrificed all her desires to fulfill mine.
day and night. I felt that something is connected, From And when I was on the top I understood:
her heart to my heart: I slipped the first step of the She is the first and foremost coach of my life
stairs: When I was small. She was the one who lifted And I call her MOM!
me up when I fell down.
(Dedicated to my mother, the queen of my heart)
She was the one who cared for me when I was hungry
and when I got hurt! Nishant Upadhyay IX

Book Review
Author: William Shakespeare only when some
external calamity
Hamlet is a revenge story that is perhaps like any other- a forces him to
son's quest for avenging his father's murder. But it has react. Hamlet is
been said that nothing is new under the sun. All stories not a revenge
are old and familiar, and it is the telling that raises it to story at heart,
the level of a masterpiece. Love, lust and hatred, those it is a quest for
indispensable elements of every story, are discovered identity and self-
anew in this timeless classic. The drama pulls the reader knowledge.
into an intimate engagement and Hamlet's tragedy
becomes the tragedy of every individual. No nation is a Writing Style:
stranger to political intrigues and love affairs. Scandals in
the court are scintillating without being surprising. With It is unnecessary
the words "something is rotten in the state of Denmark". to say that
Hamlet, the prince, comes to know about this and vows the verse is
revenge. superb- the
fact that it stays
Social/Historical context: with the reader
for a long time is ample testimony. Ample use of puns
The story is based on popular legend, but in spite of and metaphors. Is visible. It is interesting to note how
being completely embedded in the 16th century, it is a Shakespeare treats love. Hamlet's love for his mother
tale that has a universal reach- across boundaries of time have been discussed for centuries.
and space. Shakespeare tries to communicate a message-
and thoughts of staging a performance with ease take My Views :
a backseat, which is why this play is regarded as the
ultimate challenge for any actor. Shakespeare takes the Hamlet changed the way I look at life. I cannot explain
old tale of a hero who sacrifices himself in the cause why I fell in love with the most flawed character in
of justice and turns it on its head. Hamlet is hardly the English literature. Perhaps because it is not easy to
popular hero- he is confused and indecisive, he is unable recognize flaws for what they are and accept them.
to act and he procrastinates. He achieves something Mitali IX

Hilarious Moments...
Dholu : Why does Gandhi Ji laugh on every note? A : No, thats bad. The house burnt down.
Bholu : Its very simple! If he cries, the note will get B : Oh! Thats bad!
wet. A : No, thats good! She was in it.!
One day Santa went to a court. Teacher : Which is the best month to study?
Judge : Order! Order!
Student : Octembruary
Santa : 1 Pizza, 3 Idlis, 2 Dosas, and 1 Cold drink
Judge : Shut up! Teacher : Dont be silly! There is no such month.
Santa : No..No.. 7up! Student : Exactly!.
Sir : Raju, why are you late for the class?
A sweet lady: Why dont you share my umbrella?
Raju : Woh Sir Meri Car!!
Sir : Speak in English. Man : No, sister. Its fine. (And he walked away)
Raju : Sir, my car fassing in Kiched. Na hilling na Moral : No Moral or decency as his wife was
dulling only po po Karing. (my car got stuck closely following him.
in the puddle, not moving, completely stuck. Son : Mom, Yesterday when I was in the Bus
Only honking). with dad. Dad told me to give up my seat
A : Hey, I got married. to the lady.
B : Oh! Thats good. Mom : Good, you have done the right thing.
A : No, thats bad. She is ugly. Son : But I was sitting on Dads lap!.
B : Oh! Thats bad.
A : No, thats good. She is rich. Teacher : Why are you sleeping in the class?
B : Oh! Thats good. Student : Your voice is so sweet that is why I am
A : No, thats bad! She wont give me a cent. sleeping.
B : Oh! Thats bad. Teacher : Then why others are not sleeping?
A : No, thats good. She bought me a big house. Student : They arent listening to you maam.
B : Oh! Thats good. Bhavya Kaul VII

Ram : Mom, my friend is coming home A man found Rs. 100. He went to a 5 star hotel for

today. Please hide all the toys. dinner, his bill was Rs. 3000. When he said that he
Mom : Why? Is your friend a thief? had only 100 rupees, the Manager handed him over
Ram : No, he is not. But he will recognize his to police. He gave Rs. 100 to police and went free.
toys. This is what financial management is all about!

Teacher : Tomorrow there will be a lecture on  An ant said that an elephant had killed its family.
Sun. Everyone must attend it. It said that it would take revenge against the
elephant. The elephant was sleeping under a tree.
Raju : No Maam! I will not be able to attend The ant climbed up the tree and jumped over the
it! elephant and said, Mar gaya, haathi.
Teacher : Why? An ant .my elephant, where are you going? The
elephant says I am going for swimming. Ant says,
Raju : My mother will not allow me to go where will you find a swimming pool of your size?
that far!!! Elephant says, I am wearing your swimming costume.
Karuna V Sushmita V

During an English lesson, a teacher notices that Wife: I look Fat. Can you compliment me?
Dhruv was not paying attention. The teacher asked
him to join the sentences I was cycling to school. I Husband: You have perfect Eye sight!
saw a dead body. The teacher, while taking a class notices that Johny
DHRUV (After thinking for a while, he wrote) I saw isnt paying attention. She asks him, If there are
a dead body cycling to School. three doctors sitting on the fence and you shoot
one. How many are left? Johny says None, Because
Q: What do you call a belt with a watch installed in
the shot would scare them off.
Ans : A Waist of Time Jovial IX

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fgUnh dh fdrkc
,d va/ksjh jkr FkhA
gks jgh cjlkr FkhA
oks esjs lkFk FkhA
eSus mls cpkus dh cgqr dksf'k'k dhA
ij ;g fdLer dh ckr FkhA
oks Hkhxh esjs lkFk FkhA
eSa mls ysdj vkxs ys x;kA
lM+d ij dhpM+ dh Hkjekj FkhA
oks fxjh esjs lkFk FkhA
;g Hkh fdLer dh ckr FkhA
eSa mls ysdj ?kj pyk x;kA
mls tkdj ugyk;k mls vkx ds ikl cSBk;kA
eSa Bhd&Bkd Fkk ij gkyr mldh [kjkc FkhA
oks dksbZ vkSj ugha esjh fgUnh dh fdrkc FkhA
rkU;k & lkroha

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Ekpk, 'kksj
Takxy esa Ekksj
Iak[k QSykdj
Ukkpk eksj
o"kkZ vkbZ] ukpk eksj
I;kjk eksj] I;kjk eksj
Lkqanj&lqanj I;kjk eksj!
ehuy & pkSFkh

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,d jkT; esa ,d NksVk lk ?kj FkkA ml ?kj esa nks HkkbZ jgrs
FksA mudk uke jke vkSj jks'ku FkkA mu nksuksa Hkkb;ksa dks
tkuoj cgqr ilan FksA mu nksuksa us mlh taxy esa jgus dk
QSlyk fd;kA og tkuojksa ls cgqr I;kj djrs FksA /khjs&/khjs
tkuoj Hkh muls I;kj djus yxsA mUgksaus unh fdukjs ,d
>kasiM+h cukbZ vkSj mlesa jgus yxsA unh ls eNyh idMrs]
isM+ksa ls Qy ysrs] eqxhZ ikyrs vkSj viuk thou pykus yxsA
fQj ,d fnu ,d f'kdkjh vk;k] tkuojksa dk f'kdkj djus
ds fy,A nksuksa HkkbZ;ksa us f'kdkjh dks ekj fxjk;kA
dkfrZd n;ksy & lkroha

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lw;ZdkUr] jfur dk cl ,d gh dke] ge cSBs Fks vk[ks ehaps
d{kk esa yM+uk nksuksa dk dke] ns[kks okrkoj.k ds lqanj jax
lqcg gksrs gh yM+kbZ] rky ryS;k o`{k vkSj Qwy
'kke dks tkrs le; yMkbZ] budks I;kjs dHkh u Hkwy
ns[kks rks budk dke] fpfM+;k cSBh xkuk xk;s
yM+uk gS cl budk dkeA Qwy Hkh gels eqLdk,
i`'kk feJk & nwljh ns[kks izd`fr fdruh I;kjhA
Tkhou nsrh gedks U;kjhAA
vk'kh"k & pkSFkh
xksy&eVksy] esjk nksLr
eSa gw vfudsr
esjk nksLr xksy&eVksy]
[kkrk yM~Mw xksy&xksy] cM+k gh I;kjk]
eSus dgk eq>s Hkh ns ns] eEeh dk nqykjkA
mlus dgk eSa uk nwxk] dHkh u djrk yM+kbZ]
eSaus dgk] ;kj! dqN rks ns ns] djrk gjne i<+kbZA
mlus dgk eSa FkIiM+ nwxkA tc dksbZ djrk rax]
pk---fg---,---\\\ jgrk u eSa mlds laxA
ruqk & lkroha i<+&fy[kdj]
cpiu gjne vkxk izFkeA
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thou dk ,d VqdM+k]
uV[kV] uknkuh Hkjk cpiuA
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[ksydwn esa tks xqtjk cpiuA
;kn fnykrk gS izfr{k.k]
jax&jaxhyh&nqfu;k esa]
chrk lqanj&lk cpiuA
nksLrksa ds lkFk [ksydwn dj]
jgrk eSa feytqy djA
cksyus esa gS D;k vpdu]
lcls vPNk esjk cpiuA
ikFkZ dqekj & lkroha

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tc ifjokj esa vkbZ yM+dh] mnklh ls Hkjk lcdk psgjk]
lekt dks lUrqfyr cukvks
tc og gqbZ flQZ 5 o"kZ dh] gkFkksa esa Fkek fn;k pwYgkA csVk gks ;k csVh gks
pkgrh Fkh og i<+&fy[kdj dqN cuuk] nksuksa rks gSa izd`fr rsjhA
ysfdu ifjokj ds yksxksa us rksM+ fn;k mldk og liukA D;ksa djrs gks HksnHkko
nksuksa esa fufgr Nfo rsjhA
jksrh fnu&jkr] og Fkh ?kqV&?kqVdj thrh]
vkus nks dU;kvksa dks Hkh
ij dksbZ mls le> uk ik;k] Fkh mldh D;k xyrhA
/kjrh dks ljl cukus nksA
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nsuh pkfg, Fkh mlds gkFkksa esa iqLrd] fNih xa/k dfy;ksa dks er
ij Fkek fn;k >kMw&iksaNkA nQukvks dyh ds vanj ghA
dU;kvksa dh izfrHkk dh gR;k
yM+ds dks i<+k;k&fy[kk;k cuk;k dkfcy] vc er djks xHkZ esa ghA
yM+dh dks ekjk&ihVk cuk;k csdkfcyA dfy;ksa dks f[kyus ls igys
pkgrh Fkh og nqfu;k ns[kuk] er dqpyks] f[ky tkus nksA
fdarq mls iSnk gksrs gh ekj fn;k x;kA vHkh u tUeh tks dU;k,
mUgsa Hkh thou ikus nksA
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jks&jksdj mlus ne rksM+ fn;k] ij le> u ikbZ viuh xyrhA lsgj&eaxy xk;k tkrk gSA
vxj fd;k gksrk mlds lkFk yM+ds tSlk O;ogkj D;ksa csVh tUeh] ;g lqukrs gks
og Hkh gksrh yM+ds ls T+;knk gksf'k;kjA vkSj eu esa 'kksd ilj tkrk gSA
tkoh mnk;u] & NVoha luh dqtwj & vkBoha

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ns[kks l`f"V esjk uke
i<+uk fy[kuk esjk dke
ikik dh eS jktdqekjh
eEeh dh gw jktnqykjh
ugha djrh eSa dHkh vkjke
ns[kks l`f"V esjk uke

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lwjt fudyk feVk va/ksjk]
tkxks cPpksa gqvk losjkA
fpfM+;k us Hkh NksM+k clsjk]
vk;k ehBh gok dk QsjkA
vk;k gekjk j{kk ca/ku I;kjk&I;kjkAA
j{kk ca/ku gS oks R;ksgkj]
ftlesa ut+j vkrk gS HkkbZ&cgu dk I;kjA
cguksa us Hkkb;ksa ds dykbZ ij cka/kh jk[kh]
vkSj f[kykbZ feBkbZ ehBh&ehBhA jax&fcjaxs /kkxksa okyh
vk;k gekjk j{kk ca/ku I;kjk&I;kjkAA
HkkbZ;ksa us cguksa dks fn;k oknk] ghjs&eksrh ls lth
cksys ge djsaxs rqEgkjh j{kk T+;knkA ;g j{kk ca/ku dh jk[kh
HkkbZ cguksa dks nsrs gSa migkj] Tkks esjh dykbZ ij lth
Ckgu Hkh HkkbZ ds fy, ekxrh eUur gt+kjA j{kk ca/ku gS vk;k
vk;k gekjk j{kk ca/ku I;kjk&I;kjkAA HkkbZ cguksa dk I;kj gS yk;kA
HkkbZ;ksa us cksyk ^ge rks 'khry pkn cusaxs] Ckgu us ck/kh HkkbZ dks jk[kh
'khryrk fc[kjk,xsA HkkbZ dks vk;k I;kj
cguksa us cksyk ^ge rks f[kyrs Qwy cusaxs] rksgQs ds tfj, HkkbZ us fn;k ladsr
nqfu;k dks egdk,xsA ;s gh gS esjk nqykjA
vk;k gekjk j{kk ca/ku I;kjk&I;kjkAA eSa rsjh d:xk j{kk
fodkl] _f"k & vkBoha tc Hkh eqlhcr vk,xh
eS Hkh tc gwxk eqf'dy esa
eq>s irk gS rw nkSM+h pyh vk,xhA
rw esjh cguk
eS rsjk HkkbZ
I;kj Hkjh jk[kh
Rksjh eSaus dykbZ ij ltkbZA
mRiy eaM+y & ukSoha

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Hkkjr R;ksgkjksa dk ns'k gSA ;gk ij cgqr ls R;ksgkj euk;s tkrs gSaA
tSls & bZn] nhikoyh] gksyh] yksgM+h] j{kkca/ku vkfnA
j{kkca/ku HkkbZ&cgu ds vkilh I;kj dk R;ksgkj gSA bl R;ksgkj
ij cgu vius HkkbZ dh dykbZ ij jk[kh ck/krh gS vkSj HkkbZ viuh
cgu dh lnSo j{kk djus dk rFkk gj izdkj ds lq[k&nq[k esa lkFk
jk[kh nsus dk opu nsrk gSA Hkkjr ns'k esa lfn;ksa ls ;g R;ksgkj euk;k
tkrk gSA
vk;k jk[kh dk R;ksgkj] lksfudk & ikpoha
lqcg&lqcg gksdj rS;kjA
xhrk&lhrk nksuksa cgusa]
vPNs&vPNs diM+s igusaA
ysdj Fkkyh lth &ltkbZ]
ftlesa Fkh j[kh [kwc feBkbZA
HkbZ;k galdj jk[kh ca/kokrk]
Ckguksa dks Hkh xys yxkrkA
rksgQs esa pkWdysV fnykrk]
HkbZ;k gekjk gedks HkkrkA
lju & nloha

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NksVh lh Fkh eSa dyh ek rw esjs thus dk lgkjk]
rsjh xksnh esa] gw eSa iyh rw gh esjh eafty dk flrkjkA
rsjh vk[kksa dk rkjk gw eSa gj txg rsjh ijNkbZ ut+j vkus yxh]
rsjs gksaBks dh glh gksdj gj vklw esa rsjh ;kn lrkus yxhA
rsjs thus dk lgkjk gw eSa rw gh esjh pkgr gS]
iydksa ij cSBdj rsjs rq>s ns[kus ls feyrh eq>s jkgr gSA
liuksa dk tgk cuk;k gS eSaus gj dne ij rwus eq>s lEHkkyk]
rsjs vk'khokZn ls gh mUgsa iwjk djus cudj esjk j[kokykA
rsjh mxyh Fkkedj gh ek ek rw esjs thus dk lgkjk]
thou dk igyk dne c<+k;k gS eSaus rw esjs thus dk lgkjkA
[kqyh gok esa lkl ysuk rwus gh rks fl[kk;k gS ek bZ'kk dVkfj;k&vkBoha
yM+dh gksus ij Hkh yM+dksa ls vkxs gksus dk ,glkl
rwus gh rks] fnyk;k gS ek ek
gj oDr esjk gkFk Fkkedj
gkSlyk rwus gh rks c<+k;k gS ek ek Hkw[kh jgrh gS]
vklqvksa dks esjs vius vkpy ls iksaNdj f[kykus ds fy,A
lhus ls rwus gh rks yxk;k gS ekA esgur etnwjh djrh gS]
Qjt+kuk mnk;u & uoha i<+kus ds fy,A
lknxh ls jgrh gS]
vPNk igukus ds fy,A
Eksjk ifjokj yky&ihyh gksrh gS]
Eksjk ifjokj
lgh jkg fn[kkus ds fy,A
NksVk ifjokj
[kwu ilhuk cgkrh gS]
Ekkrk & firk
vPNk balku cukus ds fy,A
nks HkkbZ vkSj eSa
gj xe Hkh lgrh gS]
jgrs gSa ,d ?kj esa
cqjkb;ksa ls cpkus ds fy,A
Ekkrk & firk
cM+s gksdj dqN dj fn[kk,]
djrs gSa I;kj
xoZ djus ds fy,A
lc feydj
dgrk gw dsoy esjs fy, ugha]
jgrs gSa ?kj esaA
lkjs tekus ds fy,A
lqjfHk & pkSFkh
luh raoj & lkroha

rhu canj isM+ dqRrk Hkkxk
rhu canj] fiatjs ds vanj glrk isM+] pksj&pksj
[kwc /ke epkrs xkrk isM+] Hkkxks] idM+ks pksjA
[kwc 'kksj epkrs gekjs vkxu esa] yksx Hkkxs
yVd&yVd dj isM+ ij cgqr cM+k vke dk isM+A pksj Hkkxk
iwjs fpfM+;k?kj dks Nk;k nsrk] mlds ihNs
vius flj ij mBkrs Qy nsrk] dqRrk Hkkxk
dksbZ bUgsa crk,] dksbZ bUgsa le>k, lcds eu dks HkkrkA lcus [kwc yxkbZ nkSM+A
'kksj djuk gS cqjh ckrA vke dk isM+A idMk pksj
vafdr & ikpoha vke dk isM+AA iqfyl us
'kQ+d & ikpoha idM+k pksj
tsy esa Mkyk dh fiVkbZA
pksj cksyk
okkZ Ckgknqj dqRrk vc u d:xk pksjh
NksM+ nks HkkbZ
pepe&pepe fctyh peds] eSus dle gS [kkbZA
fjef>e&fjef>e ckny cjlsA ;g ns[kks esjk dqRrk] pyrk gS 'kku ls
Ukgha Mjrk fdlh cnek'k ls 'kgukt+ & pkSFkh
xjt&xjt dj djrs 'kksj]
NkbZ dkyh ?kVk ?ku?kksjA ftruk Hkh rqe t+ksj yxkvks pyrk gh
I;kjh /kjrh dh I;kl cq>kus]
vkbZ o"kkZ gesa fHkxksusA ugha :dsxk dHkh Hkh fxygjh
eSa rks gw mldh nhokuh] djrk jgrk mNy dwn ;g
pksjksa dks ;g lcd fl[kkrkA uUgha lh fxygjh
lcls I;kjh o"kkZ jkuhA isM+ ij p<+rh
lksfudk ykEck & ikpoha nksLrksa dks ;g I;kj fn[kkrkA
ns[kks esjk Ckgknqj dqRrkAA fdruh Qqjrhyh
veu & pkSFkh dqrj&dqrj dj
[kkrh ewxQyh
ns[kus esa fdruh
lqUnj fxygjhA
eqLdku & ikpoha

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[kqf'k;k Hkj&Hkj ykbZ nhokyhA
cPps cw<+s lHkh ukprs]
ukp jgsa gSa ns ns rkyhA
lcls igys ikik us dh]
lkQ lQkbZ jax iqrkbZA
mlds ckn cukus cSBh]
eEeh] xqfM+;k vkSj feBkbZA
'kke <ys tc gqvk va/ksjk]
nknh ek us Fkky ltk;kA
jkew] NksVw] lhek] eksVw]
lkjs nsus yxs nqgkbZA
vkfnR; Hkkj}kt & lkroha

thuk gS rks nhid dh rjg ft,a

tks ckn'kkg ds egy esa Hkh mruh
gh jks'kuh nsrk gSa ftruh fdlh x+jhc
fjrksa dh [kwclwjrh dh >ksaiM+h esa----
iRFkj rc rd lyker gS]
tc rd oks ioZr ls tqM+k gSA
iRrk rc rd lyker gS]
tc rd oks isM+ ls tqMk gSA
balku tc rd lyker gS]
tc rd oks ifjokj ls tqM+k gSA
D;ksafd ifjokj ls vyx gksdj]
vkt+knh rks fey tkrh gS]
ijUrq laLdkj pys tkrs gSaA
vki vdsys cksy rks ldrs gSa]
ijUrq ckrphr ugha dj ldrsA
vki vdsys vkuafnr gks ldrs gSa]
ijUrq mRlo ugha euk ldrsA
vki vdsys eqLdqjk rks ldrs gSa] gksyh
ijUrq g"kksZYykl ugha euk ldrsA
ge lc ,d&nwljs ds fcuk dqN ugha gSa] gksyh vkbZ] gksyh vkbZ]
;gh fj'rksa dh [kwclwjrh gSA jaxksa dh cgkj ykbZ]
djhc bruk jgks fd lc fj'rksa esa I;kj jgs] psgjs ij rqe jax yxkvksA
nwj bruk Hkh jgks fd vkus dk bart+kj jgsA fipdkjh rqe [kwc pykvksAA
j[kks mEehn fj'rksa ds njfe;ku bruh] gksyh vkbZ] gksyh vkbZ]
fd VwV tk, mEehn] exj fj'rs cjdjkj jgsaA ukpks] xkvks] [kq'kh eukvks]
l[r gkFkksa ls Hkh NwV tkrh gS] dHkh mxfy;k] [kwc feBkbZ feydj [kkvksA
fj'rs t+ksj ls ugha] reht+ ls Fkkes tkrs gSaA gksyh vkbZ] gksyh vkbZAA
thou esa T+;knk fj'rs gksuk t:jh ugha] jax&fcjaxh cgkj ykbZ]
ij fj'rs thou esa gksuk t:jh gSA gksyh vkbZ] gksyh vkbZAA
va'kqy ;kno & ukSoha vkpy & vkBoha

esjk Hkkjr esjk ns'k
esjk Hkkjr egkuA eSa ftl ns'k dk oklh gw]
bl dh ufn;k cM+h gh I;kjh gSaA ^Hkkjr^ mldk uke gSA
lcls pk gekjk frjaxk] iwjh nqfu;k esa ftldk]
gedks tku ls I;kjk gSA viuk ,d eqdke gSA
tc& tc fdlh us gekjs] xaxk] tequk vkSj fgeky; ls]
Hkkjr ij geyk fd;kA lth gqbZ ;s /kjrh gSA
ge Hkkjr okfl;ksa us mUgsa lcd fl[kk;k gSAA nsoksa dh bl Hkwfe dks]
gekjs Hkkjr dh j{kk ge djsaxs] iwjh nqfu;k iz.kke djrh gSA
esjk Hkkjr egkuA loZ/keZ dh fu;fr dks]
I;kjk HkkjrA lc feydj Qwy p<+krs gSaA
LoPN Hkkjr] lqanj HkkjrA izse I;kj dk ikB i<+dj]
ge lcdk I;kjk HkkjrAA Hkkjroklh dgykrs gSaA
Lrqfr & vkBoha rhu jaxksa ls ltk frjaxk]
tku ls Hkh I;kjk gSA
bl nqfu;k esa lcls vPNk]
Eksjk >.Mk Hkkjr ns'k gekjk gSA
Pkyks] vkt ;s iz.k ysrs gSa]
Eksjk >.Mk lc viuk /keZ fuHkk;sxsaA
fdruk I;kjk vius frjaxs dh [kkfrj ge]
rhu jaxkas okyk [kqn dqckZu gks tk,xsA
Hkkjr dk frjaxk >aMk Lkw;kZa'k okfy;k & pkSFkh
Ekq>dks yxs I;kjk
Eksjk >.Mk cgqr I;kjkA
gekjh 'kku gS >.MkA
gekjh vku gS >.MkAA
lyksuh & pkSFkh

yxk ldks rks ckx yxkvks] vkx yxkuk er lh[kksA
tyk ldks rks nhi tykvks] fny dks tykuk er lh[kksA
cu ldks rks balku cuks] gSoku cuuk er lh[kksA
fn[kk ldks rks jkg fn[kkvks] jkg Hkqykuk er lh[kksA
dj ldks rks I;kj djks] vagdkj djuk er lh[kksA
f[ky ldks rks iq"Ik f[kykvks] jkg Hkwyuk er lh[kksA
ns ldks rks ojnku nks] 'kki nsuk er lh[kksA
g"kZ izlkn & lkroha

ns'k ds fy, I;kj gS rks trk;k djks!!

fdlh dk bartkj er djks]
xoZ ls cksyks... t; fgUn!!

iqLrd dk uke % 'kCnksa dk ikB
ys[kd dk uke % psru dqekj flag
fp=kadu % ujksRrenkl
iqLrd miyfC/k LFkku % Ldwy iqLrdky;
iqLrd dk lkjka'k %
Lokeh foosdkuUn th vesfjdk esa viuk izfl) Hkk"k.k nsdj
Hkkjr ykSVs rks lc vksj mudh iz'kalk gks jgh FkhA ,d fnu
muds vkJe esa ,d ;qod vk;k vkSj dgus yxk fd ^^'kCnksa
ls dqN ugha gksrkA^^ Lokeh th cksys] ^^ew[kZ] rqEgsa dksbZ ckr
le> ugha vk ldrhA rqe mYyw gks x;s gks] fudEes gks]&
,slk lqudj ;qod HkM+d x;k vkSj cksyk] ^^eSusa rks lquk Fkk
fd vki lU;klh gS] 'kkyhu gSa] vkids eqg ls ,sls vi'kCn!^^
foosdkuUn th eqLdjk dj cksys] ^^esjh ckr dk cqjk u
ekuukA eSa rks rqEgsa 'kCnksa dk egRo le>k jgk FkkA gekjh
ok.kh 'kCnksa ls gh curh gSA 'kCn gh ok.kh gS] ehBh ok.kh ds
fy, ehBs 'kCn Hkh t:jh gSaA^^

f'k{kk% 'kCnksa ls gh euq"; dh ok.kh dk irk pyrk gSA

eghiky & nloha

iqLrd dk uke % ljnkj cYyHkHkkbZ iVsy lc iz;kl foQy ns[k

dh dFkk ckyd us cM+s lkgl ls
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Teachers' Express

Astronomy Club Robotic Workshop

A stronomy club for classes NUR to XII is going to
be established very soon in CSKM by Orange
Education. The motive behind the project is to make
T he Workshop related to robotics was
very fruitfully, organized by Robosapiens
in four sessions, two in a day. The instructors
students aware of day to day changes and achievements Mr Jamil Kumar and Mr Edwin Joy helped us in
in the field of space science, which will be beneficial for the workshop.
the students.
In the first
The activities which will be carried out under this session both the
project are as follows: guides taught our
children about
1. For exposure shows regarding astronomy. all the electronic
2. NGO participation components
3. Large Sundial will be installed in the school used in making
4. Guest lecture by renowned astronomers or the robots by showing some samples of humanoid,
astronauts. and non-humanoid robots like ASIMO, RHEX, BIGDOG
5. Tests/Quiz will be organized quarterly. etc.
6. Web support for students for online support.
7. Prizes will be given for quiz and tests. On the second day, in the third session, they were
asked to operate their robots, on the given track,
The above activities will enhance the scientific temper using sensors. It was a tough task but maximum
among the students and create interest towards space number of teams completed the task. The fourth
science. and last session was a quiz round in which they were
Suteen Bala, Teacher to answers in written. All four teams of our school
qualified for IIT grand finale.
Vandana Singh, Teacher

Understanding My CSKM Family
Human Emotions
I joined CSKM Public School in 2013. I started growing
under the guidance and of our Principal, Dr (Mrs)
Shakuntla Jaiman. Just like a small tree grows under big
tree or grass by a great river. Like a small tree or grass does
not get dew or moisture directly but draws moisture from
river. Likewise, I also started growing as a teacher. Teaching
was never a profession for me, it was my passion.

T he term emotion is often considered synonymous with

the terms feelings and mood. Feelings denote the
pleasure or pain dimension of emotion, which involves
bodily functions. Mood has lesser intensity than emotion.
Emotion is a personal feeling and the experience of
emotions differs from one person to another. There are In CSKM I am learning to be more patient, humble, kind
physiological and cognitive basis for the occurrence of and energetic. I learned innovative ways of teaching like
emotions. Darwin said that facial expressions of joy, syndicate system, team teaching and effective ways of
fear, anger, disgust, sadness and surprise are inborn and tackling the students. CSKM is a reflection of the society in
universal. which we live. Busy Bee Pleasure is our motto and every
In Indian classical dances like Bharatnatyam, Odissi, person is a winner and so am I.
Kuchipudi, Kathak and others the emotions are Saumya Singh, Teacher
experienced with the help of movements of eyes, legs
and fingers. Our Psychology Lab Gallery
Emotions have also been linked to intelligence and a new Psychology came from philosophy.
term is coined as emotional intelligence. Emotionally Psychology is a communication of two Greek words-
intelligent person controls and regulates his/her emotions psyche means soul, logos means study.
Psychology is a social science (systematic study) of
and their expression while dealing with self and others.
human behaviour, internal as well as external.
Mind and brain are different.

The ability to The ability The first Psychological lab was opened by William
perceive emotions to reason with
emotions Wundt in 1879 in Leipzig.
In India the first Psychological laboratory was
established in 1915 in Calcutta University.
EMOTIONAL Hypothalamus plays an important role in regulation
INTELLIGENCE of human emotions and feelings.
Human development involves both growth and decline.
The ability to The ability to The advantage of bad memory is that one enjoys
understand manage
emotions several times, the same good things for the first time.
 Shilpi Sharma, Teacher

71 71
French Poem English Translation
Les jours de la semaine The days of the week
Marco dit Flora Marco said to Flora
Aujourdhui cest lundi Today its Monday
On va lcole ? Lets go to school?
Non, dit Flora No, said Flora
Je suis malade I am not well
Jy vais mardi, I will go on Tuesday,
Mercredi on va passer lexamen Wednesday we have exam
Et jeudi soir on samuse beaucoup And Thursday evening will enjoy
Vendredi on va danser Friday we are going to dance
Quand arrive le samedi When arrives Saturday
On va chez nos grands-parents We go to our grand-parents place
Nous nous amusons le dimanche, We enjoy a lot Sunday
Et nous avons de la chance. And we are lucky.

Mahendra Vikram Shah, French Teacher

Community Outreached... Ek Koshish

E k Koshish is one project I had taken in which we
donated the paintings made by the students of
our school (Class Nur to XII) to Delhis premier cancer
hospital, 'Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research
Centre, Rohini'. I asked for paintings even from my near
and dear ones.
First, I put up an exhibition of all the paintings at the
Annual Fete of our school on 26th January.
Later I received the blessings and support of our Principal
Dr (Mrs) S S Jaiman. Our Senior Art Teacher, Mr R K Ojha
and me along with some senior students visited the
cancer hospital and donated the paintings there. It was a
great success!!!
Walk in the park
Shining sun, birds in the sky,
Shobhana Rustagi, Teacher Lovely trees, river running by.
Houses in a row, grains grow
Across the countryside.
See the hills, far and wide.
Walking on the road,
With Dad by my side
Everything open and clear
God has nothing to hide
Enjoy the bountiful nature
With the Lord in mind
Lord, be praised.
Madhu Kapoor, Teacher

We can not do great things.

We can only do small things
with great love
- Mother Teresa

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fu'kk yksfg;k & v;kfidk lq"kek ;kno &v/;kfidk


We meet as Athletes
T he much awaited Annual Sports Meet was held on
12 December, 2016 in the school playground. The
fantastic turnout from the parents and the pleasant
Chief Guest emphasized on the importance of the
sports in the child's life and added that great aim,
discipline and hard work are very important to attain
weather were the perfect boost for the students on the the fruit of success. In his address, he also applauded
day. The programme started by paying homage to the the school principal for her outstanding achievements
Founder Chairman Col PS Satsangi VSM by lighting the in the field of education.
ceremonial lamp. The chief guest Mr Amit Kumar Saroha
(Paralympian Arjun Awardee) graced the occasion with
his benign presence. Mr Rampal (Rio Paralympian 2016
and National Champion, High Jump) was the guest of
honour. The chief guest, the guest of honour and the
Principal, took the guard of honour of the impressive
March Past of the school students. The sports meet
was declared open which was followed by the Sports
Pledge by all the participants. A peppy and energizing
Zumba dance by the tiny tots set the tone for the rest
of the event. Once the races began, the air was filled
with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young
athletes. Students showcased their unity and will-power
in sports activities. Junior students presented fun-filled
activities like spoon and lemon race, dash race, frog race,
sack race and hurdle race.
The last event was Inter house march past Competition
wherein the squads of all four houses - Chandragupta,
Surya, Krishnan and Merril marched to the drumbeat,
synchronized in steps and spirit.
Our distinguished guests congratulated the winners
with medals, certificates and trophies. On the occasion

March Past (Best Contingent Trophy)

Senior Group - Winner Krishnan
Runner Up Merril
Junior Group - Winner Chandragupta
Runner Up Krishnan

Overall Athletics Championship Trophy

Senior Group - Winner Krishnan
Runner Up Merril
Junior Group - Winner Merril
Runner Up Krishnan

Run for Rio

O ur students participated in RUN FOR RIO event at

Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium which was
flagged off by our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi ji
to express the nation's solidarity to the Indian athletes at

Winners all the way....
Excellent Overall Result: Toppers & Pass Percentage
Heartiest Congratulations to the TOPPERS


Agg. - 94.50% Agg. - 92.75% Agg. - 91.00% Agg. - 90.55%


Agg. - 87.50% Agg. - 86.25% Agg. - 86.75% Agg. - 86.00%


Agg. - 85.00% Agg. - 85.00% Agg. - 81.75% Agg. - 81.25% Agg. - 81.00%





AKASH AARON Eng 95, I.P. 96, Chem 95, Phy 92 JAYANT KHEMANI Bio 90
POOJA KUMARI Eng 95, B.St. 95, Eco 91, Acc 90 YOGEESHA NEGI Eng 95
PALAK PRIYA Eng 95, I.P. 90 JYOTI Eng 92



Total No. of Distinctions 138

Total No. of students in Grades A1 & A2 067
(Top 1/8th rank of the total students passed in CBSE Board Exam)

Boarder / Day Boarder Result Comparison

Boarders have once again shown better performance by a margin of 9.93% as compared to Day Boarders.
(Boarders Result 91.00%, Day Boarders Result 81.07%)

Students who have shown remarkable improvement as compared to their Class X Board Result (CGPA is converted into
percentage i.e. CGPA x 9.5) are also many in number (some names are listed below):

Vasundhara Thapa 24.03% Techi Takar 22.50% Jyoti 17.25% Priyanshi Thakur 10.75%
Leonard Laikhuram 24.00% Manam Waghe 22.00% Akash Verma 14.70% Hamad Anwar 9.63%
Likha Jotam 23.25% Aryan Nihar 19.50% Binx Puthen 13.25% Gaurav Kapoor 8.25%
Yumter Taipodia 22.90% Simran Tanwar 18.75% Vishnu Sagar 12.25% Abhishek Sehrawat 7.29%

An important fact in view of which CSKM results are to be seen is that the school follows the NIL FAILURE SYSTEM evolved by Founder
Chairman Col P S Satsangi VSM. The school allows each and every child to attempt the Board Exam.
The school has evolved a system that caters not only to the high performers but also strives to facilitate under achievers. Therefore the
result of CSKM comprehensively stands very high in ranking as compared to others who only concentrate on result-oriented education system
that tends to neglect and even demoralizes low performers. CSKM is, perhaps, the only school that awards its high improvers along with high
rankers. Thus, the school aims at academic and alround excellence by each child through self motivation, quoted the Principal, Dr (Mrs)
Shakuntla S Jaiman.

CSKM Public School, New Delhi
Excellent Achievement in JEE (Main) - 2016
Estd. 1986 Heartiest Congratulations to all




Excellent Overall PassDelhi
Public Toppers Percentage
Excellen Congratulations
t Achievem all - 2016
ent in JEEto
Students with perfect CGPA of 10 in Board Exam
Heartiest Congratulations to all
Students with perfect CGPA
of 9.6 in Board Exam
Estd. 1986


Students with perfect CGPA of 9.8 in Board Exam


4.6% students with perfect CGPA of 10 A1 & A2 GRADES

A1 - 15
A1 - 13
A1 - 06
A1 - 18
A1 - 24
26.40% students with CGPA above 9.0 IN DIFFERENT SUBJECTS A2 - 32 A2 - 20 A2 - 14 A2 - 15 A2 - 17

What Makes us Stand Apart?
Is it because we are Indias biggest strength residen- Rackets, Badminton, Equestrians, Basketball, Table
tial campus, Tennis, Cycling, Skating, Multigym etc,
Or is it because we have a huge pollution free, Is it because we have an infirmary that caters to all
sprawling campus far from the madding crowd of the medical needs, or is it because we stress greatly
Delhi. on the child being robust, rough and tough so much
Is it because we have, achieved unprecedented so that we have an extremely high level of general
growth marked by a blaze of glory that began in the health and a very low sickness rate,
year of our inception and continues till date, so much Or is it because we are an institution that seeks to
so that we have board toppers each year who score produce goods adults as against the good children,
in the nineties and hundreds, an institution that strives to holistically educate and
Is it because of our belief that each and every child not merely school,
can be improved and groomed through school Is it because we strive to develop up fully grown
education, personality with all essential of life skills to overcome
Or is it because we strive to develop the inherent po- and excel in any kind of situations, that life throws in
tential of each child and cater to the specific needs one's way,
of children, be it developing the critical faculties and Or is it because we have for our students a highly
latent potential of a gifted child at the Institute of qualified resident, academic and behavioral
Gifted Children for the grooming of children for the counsellor to help and guide students,
new world order: or grooming and honing the per- Is it because we have a child guidance clinic that
sonality at the Personalty Assessment and Develop- caters to the physiological and psychological needs
ment Centre. of students and provides guidance,
Or is it because of a result that is cumulatively and Or is it because we have medical tie-ups with leading
comprehensively the best in India, South Delhi Doctors and hospitals with dedicated 24
Is it because of our unusual emphasis on the pro- hours ambulance available in the campus.
cesses of Self Motivation, Self Development, Self Is it because we are an ISO (9001-2008) educational
Analysis, Self Study and Self Learning, on the pro- institution.
cesses of group dynamics and peer dynamics, Or is it because we have separate hostels for boys
Or is it because we work 365 days a year, or is it and girls in each sections (Sub-junior, Middle and
because we go far beyond the normal and stipulated Seniors) with an AC Rest Room for Sub-Junior super-
teaching/learning time for 3400 hours per annum. vised by wardens.
Is it because we have a dedicated faculty comprising We are always willing to learn and daring to dream.
PhDs and University Gold Medalists or is it because Welcome to the CSKM family.
we use rather unconventional methods of teach-
ing like the Syndicate System of Self Learning, Study
Camps, Subject Club Activities and Eminent Person
Contact Programmes, enrichment classes, career
counselling, workshops, supervised after dinner
preps, open book examination, peer group teaching.
Is it because we have an academic block that
boasts of two hundred classrooms, enviable lecture
theatres, conference cum seminar halls, open air
theatres, audio-visual rooms, english language lab,
smart classes, computer labs for each section: Pri-
mary, Middle and Seniors.
Or Is it because we have an excellent mess and din-
ing halls that serve hot, nutritious and well balanced
meals to over 2000 students.
Is it because we have well equipped laboratories for
Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Behavioural Sci-
ences that would arouse feelings of envy in others,
Is it because we lay great emphasis on the All round
Personality Development of the child that seeks
to strike a judicious balance between games, co-
curricular activities and academics and ethical value
development as well,
Or could it be a result of supervised/guided officer
like games including Swimming, Lawn Tennis, Squash

Sky is the Limit..... Winning is Fun

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